Gen IV Chapter 49 - Aerie's Hunt

The next morning Aerie woke to find the other side of her bed vacant. “No Calypso today?” she thought, while a part of her was relieved to see her daughter comfortable enough to sleep in her own bed, another part of her hoped she hadn't pushed her away. Still, her agenda was set for the day and she refused to be swayed from it.

She checked her messages to find them empty as usual except for one. “Wu called again?” she thought as the number sat on her missed call list. “I must have been worn out not to hear my phone go off, but I'm glad I missed it.” While she was relieved to have missed it, the fact that woman tried contacting her a 2nd time disturbed her.

Pushing back the thoughts of her to the back of her mind Aerie enjoyed a quick shower and short breakfast. She wanted an early start on the day, she needed to find that boy Justin's parents, and she had more than a few words to give to them.

It was child's play hacking into the school listings, and while it didn't take long to find Justin's registry in the school, it did not list his parents contact information. “Well his last name is Roman, that should narrow things down a bit. She was hoping to find his parents contact information, though this didn't matter since it held something even better, their home address.

As Aerie stood she paused for a moment to calm down, she was ancy and she knew it. “As much as I want to I can't just walk in and beat them both to a pulp. Chances are the don't even know...” She let out a frustrated sigh as she rubbed her temples. “Just talk to them Aerie, parent-to-parent. Just talk to them” she chanted to herself as she headed out the front door.

After ringing and knocking several times it was pretty clear that no one was home. “Damn it” Aerie cursed to herself, “of all the times for them to be out....” Determined to find their whereabouts Aerie headed into the shopping district to ask around. Valenwood was not a full blown city. A larger town for sure, but the people knew each other to a degree, surely someone knew who the Romans were.

As she passed the local journalism company one of the workers seemed to be heading out on some sort of errand. “Excuse me!” called Aerie as she jogged toward the woman. She looked to be somewhere around Aerie's age with short dark hair tucked under a ball cap. “Yeah? Can I help you?” sighed the woman as she stretched into a yawn. “I'll tell you now, if it's one of our paparazzi I can't help you, they have the right to-” “It's not that” interrupted Aerie, I just have a question.”

“I'm looking for someone” started Aerie, “It's not a police matter... Yet. Do you know the Roman family? I need to get in contact with them, it's really important. Their son's been giving my daughters a hard time, and it's become rather dangerous..” Aerie paused for a moment to compose herself, she could feel herself grow angry at the thought. “He nearly drowned my youngest two days ago, I need to speak with them.”

“The damn Romans” whispered the woman as she closed her eyes, a pained expression crossing her face as her eyes watered a little. Aerie stood and waited silently, it was obvious that this woman knew who they were, and there was definitely a history there.

“Mrs-” “Ms” interrupted Aerie, “Ryuzaki, but just Aerie's fine.” “Aerie” continued the woman, “I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. That... That boy is a dangerous little ruffian.”

“I'm afraid your girls aren't the first to be harassed by that boy Justin. We all know kids are kids, and it's no secret that there are a few bully's at school, but every school has them. Justin's different, he doesn't do anything as school, he always picks on kids outside of it.

My daughter Rachel, she was his most recent victim of bullying. She was at the park when he pushed her out of the treehouse...” Aerie's eyes widened as she started to speak, though the woman shook her head and motioned for her to wait. “She's fine now, she only broke her arm, but she was lucky. A fall from that height could have killed her had she landed on her head or neck.

Of course that boy denied it, claimed to just be playing with her when she fell out. I know my baby, she's never lied to me about anything, she told me he had been picking on her. She was avoiding him the whole day when he cornered her in the treehouse and pushed her out. I was left with no choice but to transfer her to a boarding school for her own safety.”

“Surely you called the police!” Snapped Aerie, though she struggled to quiet back down. “What about his parents!?” “I paid them a visit all right, I even scraped enough together to bring a lawyer with me. The husband had no idea, he was clearly shocked and was more than willing to pay for the hospital bills & everything. Even made sure to send him to counseling before hauling him off to military school to straighten him out.”

“Then what happened?” questioned Aerie, “it sounds like he had the right idea.” “His wife happened, that's what. That vile woman showed up just in time to hear her husbands idea. She snapped, I thought she was going to hit me. She insisted her little boy would do no such thing, that my daughter had made it all up.”

“Of course the husband didn't agree, but she pretty much jumped down his throat over it. They broke out into a huge argument right there in front of me. Though it was pretty much a one-sided fight, that woman is vile. It's clear she has that man wrapped around her little finger.. In the end nothing was done about it, and when I took things to court she had an entourage of lawyers with her. Had to cost a fortune, I scraped every $imolean I had just to get the one, I never had a chance.” Aerie's heart went out to the woman, “you don't have to say anything” continued the woman, reading Aerie's expression. “But if you speak with them, I would make sure to try and get a hold of that boys father.”

“I would avoid that wife of his entirely, I'm pretty sure she's the one that boy gets it from. His father is a good man, kind, and respected around here.” “Thank you” said Aerie with a smile, “you've really helped me out. Maybe we can get coffee sometime? Mrs...?” “Ms Aerie, Ms.. But Jacky's fine. Here's my cell, but I've got to go. Work work work.”

After grabbing a bite to eat Aerie headed home and dressed for work. While she was tempted to take the day off she knew it was a bad idea. Hearing Jacky's story had damn near set her off, wanting to do nothing more than to slap some sense into Justin's mother. Literally.

Meanwhile, at the park Meilin was turning to leave when she saw a face she hadn't seen in almost a week. “Maggie!” she shrieked as the two ran into each other with a big hug. “How was mini camp? Was it fun? Did you catch any butterflies? Was there ice cream?” “Uh-huh! Laughed Maggie with a nod, “but I missed you Meilin.”

The two spent the next hour playing and catching up, only heading home when it was dark for a little bit.

Back at home Aerie had made it home from work and was starting on dinner.

Once finished she called the girls downstairs to eat. “So, what did you guys do today?” Expecting Calypso to chime in and start her usual conversation, Aerie was surprised when Meilin chimed in first. “Maggie's back, we played at the park.” “Oh? That's good, I'm glad your friend is back from camp.” With that fell silence, Meilin was Meilin, quietly eating the rest of her food.

As they continued to eat Aerie kept waiting for Calypso to say something. She was always the conversationalist during dinner, her loud demeanor resulting in a lively dinner. But as they ate the silence was deafening. It saddened Aerie as she glanced at her daughter time & again only to see her look completely deflated. As if everything in her little world had died.

“Calypso? Is everything ok baby?” Questioned Aerie as she finished her food. Calypso nodded after a moment, “I'm ok mom.. I'm just sleepy.”

Not believing a word of it Aerie sat for a moment and studied her two girls. It didn't take long for her to catch her girls stealing glances at each other. “So that's what it is...” she thought to herself. She let out a small sigh as she stood up. “Calypso, are you sure?” Her only answer was a small nod.

She then turned in Meilin's direction, remember Meilin, I need to talk to you after dinner ok. Jump in the bath and meet me downstairs ok? Meilin nodded as she replied, “ok mom.” With a smile & a wave Aerie headed for the shower herself.

Once Aerie was upstairs Calypso put her fork down and stared at Meilin, whom continued to eat slowly.

“Meilin why won't you talk to me?” Questioned Calypso, only to be ignored as Meilin continued to eat. She asked a few more times only to get the same response, leaving the table teary-eyed to go to bed. Sniffling as her pillow soaked in a few tears before falling asleep.

After her bath Meilin sulked her way downstairs where Aerie sat waiting. She stood for a moment before Aerie patted the seat next to her without a word.

After hesitating for a moment Meilin took a step slowly towards the couch. Aerie sighed as she crossed her legs. “Meilin you know I don't bite, come have a seat sweety.”

Once she sat down Aerie simply looked at her daughter silently for a moment. Thinking of the right way to break the ice, she knew Meilin was smart, and was probably thinking she was in a world of trouble. “Meilin... You know you are the big sister right?”

Aerie could practically feel her daughters anxiety as she sat there nodding. “Calypso told me what happened baby, and you did exactly what a big sister is supposed to do. You did the right thing Meilin, why would I be mad at you for that?”

Meilin sat for a moment before her mouth opened. “Because... because I didn't, I only got picked on more. Then... Then he- he- he hit me...” she paused for a moment as she sniffled, wiping away small tears before they could fall. “He wouldn't stop, he wouldn't stop mom..” Reaching onto the coffee table Aerie pulled out a tissue and wiped Meilins tears, “I know baby, I know that too” she whispered as she leaned over and hugged her daughter.

Once Meilin seemed to calm down a bit Aerie continued, “but the important thing is that you tried. You stood up for your little sister and did everything you could to protect her.”

“You're not in trouble at all Meilin, I'm proud of you. I really am proud, you saved her from what might have been very very bad. I don't know why you think you're in trouble just because you got in a fight. Mama's been in a few fights herself. Who won isn't important, but the fact you did what you had to do to protect your sister. That's what's important.”

“Really?” questioned Meilin, “Yes baby, really.” Aerie gave her the best smile she could, it wasn't much, but at least Meilin was opening up about it.

Meilin sat for a moment with a smile, Aerie didn't say anything, she simply watched and smiled herself. “I don't know what she's thinking right now, but she's smiling, that's a good start” thought Aerie.

After a while Aerie continued, “you know, you're a lot like me when I was your age.” “I am?” questioned Meilin as she stared at her mom, “yup, you know when something is not right, and it bothers you. So you do what you feel you have to do to make it right. I was always protecting my sister Claire from bullies at school. After a while they stopped trying because they knew I would get them.

You're a lot quieter than I was, I was more like Calypso, always loud and rambunctious, but you have mama's heart. When you see something wrong, you feel like you have to stop it; and that's a good thing.” The two sat staring at the other for a bit before Aerie leaned over and kissed Meilin on the forehead. “You did good baby, you really did. Now off to bed, you have school in the morning.”

Once the house was quiet and both girls asleep Aerie headed into her bedroom, smoothing her sheets as she prepared for bed. Tired, but eager to start the next day. She had Justin's parents name and home address, and was more than ready to meet them. “To hell with the husband” Aerie thought to herself as she fluffed her pillow, “won't do any good if what Jacky said was right. I'm going right to the source, that wife of his is definitely the problem. I've got a few words for that bitch...”


  1. Justin definitely needs stopping before he does kill someone - horrible child!!! I can't wait to see what Aerie does!!!

    1. I agree, his idea of "fun" is dangerous to the other kids & he doesn't even know it. Something definitely needs to happen.

  2. What a chapter, I'm so looking forward to meeting his mother! Aerie will give it to her!

    1. It's going to be interesting that's for sure. ;)

  3. Go Aerie! I have a feeling she's going to have a stren 'talking' to to that woman :P

    1. Oh yes, words will be shared. Let's just say: "mama's not happy."

  4. I hope Aerie sorts out that boy Justin, he's a big meanie.

    1. I just hope she doesn't "sort him out" with her hands, she's not known for being gentle.

  5. YEAH! Talk to the wife! Ooooo Nice update. Looking forward to the next one.

    1. Almost finished with it, it's surprisingly tricky to write.

  6. Is everything alright on your end? Doing okay? I hope your legacy has not ended, I hope to see more!

    1. Shhh... Not to worry. Life has... "stalled" me, but this is not the final chapter. ;)


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