Gen IV Chapter 48 - Courage

Meilin and Calypso didn't see the boy at the park for the rest of the week and things were finally returning to normal. Aside from the small bump on the back of her head Meilin was back to her quiet, secluded self. The start of the weekend was finally here, and if she wasn't in the middle of brushing her teeth, she'd be wearing a big smile. She was looking forward to working on her story for school, and of course playing with Maggie.

By the end of the day as the sun set, Meilin never made it to Maggie's house. Calypso sat alone at the park with tear-stained cheeks, both scared & confused. A cool breeze blew through her hair as she rocked slowly back and fourth on the swing. The sound of the rusty chain creaking as she did so. Thinking to herself, trying to figure out if she should keep the secret? Or tell her mom...

As the sky grew darker Calypso decided to head home, and keep Meilin's secret as she promised. She would do anything for her sister, even if her stomach hurt thinking about it.

As she stepped inside she could hear a door close upstairs just as Aerie ran up the stairs. She may be a kid, but she knew what it was about. She decided against going upstairs to her room, so she sat on the couch instead with her knees drawn up to her face as she sat curled up. Listening to her mom knock on Meilin's door.

“Meilin? What's wrong sweetie?” Called Aerie as she knocked on her daughters door. She never saw her daughter bolt like that, she merely walked into the living room and Meilin took off the moment she saw her. “Meilin? Can I come in?” She called and asked but it was just a courtesy, the door didn't have a lock and she could go in anytime she wanted.

After not getting a response Aerie tapped lightly on the door as she opened it, to find Meilin laying in her bed with her back faced towards her. “Meilin what's wrong? Did something happen? I can't help if you don't tell me..” Aerie's heart hurt at the sight, she could hear her daughters soft sobs from where she stood.

She slowly took a few steps toward her, wanting nothing more than to just run over and pick her up. To wipe her tears and find out what happened, and if it was Calypso she would. However she knew better, Meilin was not as open, and Aerie knew she often came across as bold or rough. She had always been this way, even growing up. She was always up-front and straight to the point. Meilin was much more delicate, if she rushed over the girl would probably fall off the bed trying to get away from the shock of it all, closing up inside even more so than she was now.

Aerie took a few more steps, and was close enough to see her daughter crying into her pillow. “Just tell me what happened, please?” Whispered Aerie, “Let mommy help you.” Meilin shook her head with a little sniffle. “Mom?” “Yes baby?” Replied Aerie, a hint of hope in her tone. “Can I just go to bed? Please?..” Meilin's voice quivered like a small bird in the cold, ready to break at any moment. Aerie could feel her heart break as she whispered “yes baby, but if you want to talk I'm here. You know I'll always be here.”

As she headed downstairs and finished dinner she looked over at Meilin's plate. She covered it to keep it warm but knew her daughter wouldn't be coming downstairs. Her gaze fell to Calypso, who had been abnormally quiet and avoiding eye contact since they sat for dinner.

“Calypso? Is there anything you want to tell me?” It didn't take Calypso 2 seconds to shake her head quickly. “You know, I told you how I have a sister too right? A twin sister, your aunt Claire. We shared all kinds of secrets, so I know what it's like.” “I know mom, you said you're going to get her to visit us since she lives far away.” “That's right” replied Aerie as she nodded, so I know what it's like to share secrets that we don't want our moms to know about.” She said with a wink.

She took a few more bites from her plate before speaking again. “Calypso, can I ask you a question?” Calypso nodded, still trying not to make eye contact. “Did Meilin tell you a secret today?” She nodded, and Aerie could see her start to squirm in her chair. “Did she make you promise not to tell me?” Calypso nodded again, and this time a tear followed. Moments later she began to sniffle before putting her food down.

“I want to tell you mom, but I can't... She said she won't talk to me again if I tell.. But my stomach hurts when I keep it in..” Aerie kept a straight face but her mind was racing, she knew her girls kept all kinds of harmless secrets. Granted they didn't know she knew about them. She knew the girls snuck into each others rooms after bedtime and chatted, sometimes played. She knew all sorts of their so-called “secrets,” but the fact it bothered Calypso to keep this one really had her concerned. “Ok sweetie, I'll ask Meilin tomorrow ok? Maybe she'll tell me her secret too.”

Throughout the next morning Aerie thought of how to get Meilin to open up and tell her. She could always just make Calypso tell her, but she wanted Meilin to open up to her herself.

When the girls came home from the park Aerie caught sight of something that made her look twice. “Meilin, come here for a second baby.”

Aerie's eyes widened as her gaze focused on the bruising on her daughters face. “Simgods! Meilin! What happened!? Your face is bruised!” The shock on her daughters face told her that she didn't know, she hadn't seen herself in a mirror all day. Meilin took a step back slowly, trying not to look Aerie in the eyes. “Meilin you're not in trouble sweetie, just tell me what-”

“I'm fine..” Replied Meilin, her voice quivering as she took another step backward before bolting up the stairs again.

Calypso had begun tiptoeing into the kitchen when Aerie turned and was standing in front of her within seconds. “Calypso. What happened yesterday?” “Mom I promised I-”

“Calypso Marilyn Ryuzaki you tell me what happened! Your sister is hurt! This is not a game and I am not going to repeat myself! Now you will tell me what happened to your sister yesterday! NOW!

Calypso's hands flew up in shock, her mouth hung open as she tried to start talking but no words came out. Her eyes were locked onto Aeries for a long moment before they began to water.

Before Aerie could get a word out Calypso had broken down. Closing her eyes tightly as hot tears fell. “To me...” Aerie struggled to understand her since she was doing more sniffling and sobbing than actual talking. “She... She won't talk to me again mom... I love.. I love Lin.. I love her mom..” Aerie remained silent as she tried to remain firm. Despite the fact her heart was crumbling at the sight. “I'll tell you.. I'll tell you mom... But she won't talk to me again.. What do I do mom?..”

Aerie took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down. “Calypso... Look, I'm sorry baby ok? I'm sorry I yelled at you. But your sister is hurt, and keeping this secret is not helping her feel better. I'm going to talk to her later, but you need to tell me what happened first ok?” Go jump in the bath and come downstairs afterward, we can talk after dinner and get comfy on the couch then ok?”

Calypso nodded and trudged upstairs slowly. As Aerie turned and watched her daughter rise up the stairs completely deflated she was nearly brought to tears herself. “This is serious” she thought, “whatever happened Meilin must have drilled her not to tell a soul...”

As they were called to dinner Aerie didn't waste a second, “Meilin, I need you to come straight home after school ok? No library. I need to talk to you about something important.” Meilin nodded with her eyes lowered. Aerie didn't want to press her girls too much for fear of pushing them away, but seeing Meilin with a black-eye and bruised cheek crossed the line. She knew Meilin was the last girl on the planet who would get into a fight, and she intended to find out what the hell happened.

As Calypso came downstairs after her bath to eat she and Meilin stared at each other for a long moment. Aerie watched silently, watching them both.

Calypso looked saddened as Melin mumbled to be excused and left the table before Aerie could even give an answer.

After dinner Aerie enjoyed a quick shower before putting on her PJ's and heading downstairs. It wasn't long before Calypso came in slowly, obviously dreading their talk. “Come on sweetie, sit down” Aerie said softly, patting the seat next to her.

“Before you tell me anything I want you to know you're not in trouble, and I promise not to yell and I won't get mad at you or your sister no matter what you tell me. I know you don't want to baby, but your sister was hurt and I need to know because I am mom; and mom's need to know when something happens to their babies.” Calypso nodded and made herself comfortable. “Any time you are ready” Aerie said with a smile, making herself comfortable in the process.

Calypso sat for a long moment staring at her, “promise you won't get mad at me?” “I promise” whispered Aerie, “pinky promise?” Aerie took a closer look at her little girl, “she's really worried, and dead serious” Aerie thought to herself. Calyspso's eyes were locked on Aerie's and she couldn't help but smile. “Ok, I pinky promise, I won't get mad at you.” It was then that Aerie began to pay close attention to what Calypso had to say, for her daughter to be that worried meant whatever happened was a lot bigger than fighting over toys or something.

~Earlier that day~

After brushing her teeth Meilin met Calypso downstairs. Calypso kept asking to go to the pool, though Aerie couldn't take her since she had to go to work. Finally she caved, “you can go if Meilin goes with you. Just remember what I showed you and be careful. Meilin, look after your sister.” Meilin smiled & nodded, the one thing she enjoyed just as much as books was swimming.

Calypso had just learned a couple weeks ago but was a very weak swimmer. So much so she was never allowed to go unless either Aerie or Meilin went with her. The girls loved every bit of it, the water was nice and Aerie had given them a few $imoleans for snacks and juice!

After an hour or so it was getting a little hot outside so Meilin climbed out of the pool. “I'm gonna go get some juice for us ok?” “Ok!” yelled Calypso as she piddle-paddled her way along the pool. She was halfway back to the pool when she heard Calypso yelling. “Stop it! I said stop!” Knowing her sisters voice Meilin ran to the pool to find Calypso struggling to stay above water. Her face being splashed and her hair being pulled by a boy. Meilin remembered from the park, the one who threw rocks at them. “Hey! Stop it!” Yelled Meilin, “Calypso, come out of the pool!”

Calypso climbed out slowly, coughing and holding her chest. “I'm ok” she managed between coughs, “I swallowed some water.” “We're going home” said Meilin flatly, her eyes never leaving the boys who had just followed Calypso out of the pool.

As Calypso got dressed she watched her sister walk up to the boy and start yelling. “You leave my sister alone!” Shrieked Meilin, her voice straining; even when she yelled her voice was on the lower end of loud. “She can't swim that good! You can't do that!”

“We were just having fun! And who do you think you are telling me what to do Mud-Lin? You woodsies need to go back to your trees and dirt! You're not my mom, and you're not my friend either!”

Meilin saw the boy clench his hands into fists again, and she felt what courage she had start to melt away. She took a step back, but turned when she heard Calypso coughing again. Seeing her sister like that made her stomach feel funny and she didn't like it. “She swallowed a lot of water because of you! This isn't your pool, we can swim here if we want! And you're right, I'm not your mom, I'm not ugly enough!”

The boys face showed shock, turning beet red at the insult before he stomped toward Meilin. “You take that back Mud-Lin! You take that back right now!” “No!” Shouted Meilin as their faces were only a few inches apart, her eyes glaring at the boys. “I will not take it back!” Her face was flushed and she was tearing up from the frustration of it all.

All Calypso heard was the boy yell “take it back!” one more time before he swung, hitting Meilin in the face and knocking her down before jumping on her. A small tuft of dust rising as the two swung at each other.

Hearing her sister scream made Calypso's heart beat faster, faster than she'd ever felt it before. She looked around frantically for someone, anyone who could help. Hearing another scream caused her to jump and look, only to see Meilin on the ground with the boy pulling her hair with one hand and hitting her the face with the other. Scared, she ran, she ran as fast as she could. She had to find help!

By the time she made it back the boy was standing behind Meilin yelling at her to get up. Calypso felt herself start to cry as she saw her sister struggle to get up, crying and holding herself up as best she could.

“You take it back!” Yelled the boy again, shouting as Meilin cried as she tried to stand on her own two feet.

“You take it back or I'll-” “Or you'll what?” Replied the man. The boy turned to see a man standing next to Calypso. She didn't come back alone, she had found Mr. Glitch the science teacher down by the juice machine.

“I think it's time you went home young man before I call your parents.” The boy mumbled something under his breath before spitting on Meilin's face. “Hey!” shouted Mr. Glitch but the boy ran off afterward. “Call his parents!” Pleaded Calypso, but Mr. Glitch shook his head. “I can't, I am your teacher, but we are not at school. I know it doesn't make sense, but I'm not allowed to do so. The best I can do is help clean her-”

Before he could finish Meilin had ran over and grabbed Calypso's hand before running off. Not stopping until they got to the park. “You pinky promise me! Pinky promise you won't tell mom!” Meilins eyes were wide and angry, “pinky promise me or I'll never talk to you again!” Confused and scared Calypso nodded, “I pinky promise...” Meilin wiped her face, though the tears kept falling and made her way home, dragging her feet the whole way.

~Present Time~

After a long pause Calypso raised her hands with a half-shrug. “That's what happened yesterday... Really mom, that's all of it. I promise.”

Aerie sat dumbfounded, her mind processing multiple things at once, all while trying not to explode in front of her daughter.  She was somewhat relieved, “who knows what might have happened had she not gotten help” she thought to herself.  On the other hand she was proud of Meilin, as quiet as she is, she still stood up for her sister.  Causing Aerie to think back to when she was growing up, all those times she had to stand up for Claire.  “She might have lost that fight, but a part of her doesn't take shit from nobody, just like her mama.”  

A smile spread on her face at the thought, “I believe you baby” Aerie finally managed to respond. “I do... It was really brave of you to do what you did. You did the right thing by finding a grown-up, I'm proud of you.” “The boy” questioned Aerie, “do you know his name?” Calypso nodded slowly, he's in our math class, I know his name is Justin, but I dunno his last name.” “That's fine baby, thank you” Aerie said with the warmest smile she could muster.

It wasn't long before Calypso's eyes started to water again, her bottom lip starting to quiver. “What's wrong?” Questioned Aerie, “don't worry, you did the right thing by telling me.” Calypso stood up and wiped her eyes, though tears streamed anyway. “Uh-huh, but she's still not gonna talk to me again...” She sniffled as Aerie stood up and pulled her into a hug.

“Don't worry baby, she'll talk to you again, I promise. Even if she's mad at you for a little bit, she'll talk to you again. That's what sisters do.” Aerie held her youngest tightly, her small shoulders shaking as she cried. She would talk to Meilin tomorrow, and get this all sorted out. “I'll figure out who this Justin's parents are” Aerie thought to herself, “bet your ass I have more than a few words for them...”


  1. Wow, that was intense. Poor Meilin, and just when I thought Aerie was getting pretty docile. Can't wait to see if she just tries to talk it out with Justin's parents or if she whoops some ass.

    1. Considering she's in her 40's it's only natural that she's "calmed down" a bit. It should be interesting to see how much she can restrain herself, this is the first time either of her babies have really be put in danger so there is no telling what's going to happen. As always, thanks for reading!

  2. Awww poor Meilin. Aerie is going to get all momma bear on that kid. I can't wait to find out how she deals with this.

    1. I'm sure it won't take long for her to find the parents, her old "job skills" should come in handy. ;)

  3. what a nasty little boy!! He could have drown calypso!!!

  4. :-( Wow. I am so glad Aerie knows about this... turd. Reading the next one !

    1. Aerie was hellbent on getting to the bottom of it, especially seeing her little girl come home with a bruised face.


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