Gen IV Chapter 47 - Bad Dreams

As Aerie woke she was surprised to find Calypso in her bed. The only times Calypso ever sneaked into her bed was when one of two things happened. Either she was terrified of something, which was rare. Or she had an accident, and she was long past having those. Still, Aerie let her sleep, she'd ask her when it was time for school.

As Aerie showered and headed into her room to check on Calypso she found her just getting out of bed. “Wake up sleepy-head or you won't have time for breakfast.”

She didn't mention it, but Aerie noticed Calypso's eyes were a little dark around the rims. “What's wrong sweety? It's been a long time since you slept with me.”

Calypso's eyes started to water as she told Aerie about her dream, and how real it was. “You were gone, I yelled and called and looked and you were gone mommy, gone!”

Calypso's voice continued to rise as she explained it all and Aerie pulled her into a hug as she started to look panicky. “Shhhh.... I'm not going anywhere baby, I would never leave you like that.”

With Meilin at Allaine's and Calypso at the park Aerie dressed for work. While she was happy that Allaine and Meilin got along so well, she only wished Calypso had joined them. She laughed to herself, shaking her head. “If it's not outside or active, that girl wants nothing to do with it.”

It was then that her cell rang, as she took it out and glanced at the number her eyes widened. Despite changing her number and deleting most of her contacts she would recognize that number anywhere. It belonged to the one person she had thought was out of her life for good. Ms. Wu. As it rang Aerie pondered all of the reasons she might call after all these years, finally deciding against it and hanging up on the pending call. “I don't even want to know” she said to herself, feeling a bit uneasy at the fact that woman tried to contact her.

It was then she remembered to call the architect again, she had finalized the plans for the basement installation and wanted to confirm a few things.

Over the next two weeks Aerie woke to find Calypso in bed with her again. Each time explaining how she had the bad dream again.

Though throughout the day she was her usual energetic self. Often interrupting Meilins calls to Allaine, trying to make her join her dino-army. Though Meilin did her best to shoo her sister off, Aerie noticed Meilin was almost spending more time with Allaine than her own sister. Until the park was mentioned, then she would speed off after Calypso, when it came to the park; those two were inseparable.

Still, Aerie often wondered what it was that Allaine & Meilin always talked about. Even Allaine refused to tell her, “it's our little secret” she always said with a wink. “No need to worry Aerie, you know we wouldn't do anything illegal, and I wouldn't dream of putting your daughter in any danger.”  Aerie knew she wouldn't do anything questionable, and it was getting Meilin to go out more often, so Aerie really couldn't complain.

Once the basement was completed Aerie wasted no time buying the equipment she wanted in order to keep in shape. Not just so she could do so at home, but also because she had a feeling Calypso would be joining her in a few more years. She was already asking questions about how to run faster, and what she could do to swim better too. Aerie had just taught her to swim, and while she had loads of fun doing it, she was still a very weak swimmer. So much so that Aerie wouldn't let her go unless she or her sister went with her.

After the third week Aerie finished her workout, stepping into her room after a hot shower to find Calypso already in her bed. She let out a sigh as she rubbed her temple, “I need to talk to her, this can't keep on every night.” As much as she loved her, she needed to get Calypso to sleep in her own bed. Not because she wanted her bed to herself, she didn't mind at all. She encouraged both her daughters to come to her if something bothered them no matter what time it was. But three weeks straight of having the same nightmare? Aerie had a feeling her daughter had other reasons & simply refused to tell her.

Still, she wasn't going to wake her up and make her go to her room, she snuggled up next to her and fell asleep just like she had for the last few weeks.

As they sat down for breakfast Aerie braced herself for what she had to say. She needed Calypso to understand what she meant, without pushing her away in the process.

As she started things seemed to be going fine, she was careful not to complicate things and keep them simple. For being a perceptive 10 year-old, she was still just a 10 year old child. “I don't mind sweety” Aerie continued, “but you know you can talk to me if anything else happens ok? We may all have our own rooms, but you can come talk to me anytime you want. I'm just down the hall, you know that.”

It was then that Aerie realized her mistake, tears were already welling in Calypso's eyes and she looked like she was going to burst. Her little hands were shaking as she put the spoon down. “You.. don't believe me do you?” Aerie reached to hold her hand but Calypso yanked it back. “It's real mom, whenever I close my eyes you're gone again. I don't know if I'm sleeping or not, but if I get in your bed I know you're there... But I won't if you don't want me to..” Before Aerie could object Calypso jumped off her chair and ran out to the backyard.

After trying (and failing) to reconcile with Calypso three times Aerie finally gave up and headed downstairs into the basement to work out. “I need to find common ground with her” she thought to herself as she ate an apple.

It wasn't until she was peaking during her workout the at the idea came to her. “She's a little young, but maybe I can teach her the basics... Sim-fu helped me out a lot during high school, she's a lot younger than I was but it would keep her mind off those dreams.”

The next day Aerie managed to get Calypso to play catch with her. It was a beautiful day outside and she wanted nothing more than to share it with her daughters. Though Meilin refused to come outside, she was nose-deep in her books again. Though Aerie didn't recognize the book she was reading this time, and the only answer she got was “Allaine gave it to me.” “Great” thought Aerie, “feeding the habit, but at least it's a healthy habit.”

Lost in thought, Aerie found herself winding up for a hard throw.

By the time she realized it she had already let go of the ball, hitting Calypso in the arm.

“Are you ok sweety!?” shouted Aerie as she ran over to her daughter, who rubbed her arm but didn't look ready to cry. “I'm ok mom, I'll try really really hard to catch it next time.” “You won't have to, I would never throw it that hard at you sweety. I'm so sorry.” She continued to apologize as she took Calypso's arm and examined it herself, thoroughly convinced she hurt her baby.

“You're strong mom, will I be as strong as you when I grow up?” Aerie took this moment to make the suggestion she thought of the night before. “If you work hard and never give up, I think you can be even stronger than me” she said with a wink. “Want me to teach you?” It was like lights lit in Calypso's eyes, “really!? You mean it!?” “I do” Aerie said with a laugh, “we'll start in a few days ok?”

The next day had come and gone and the girls were once again at the park. As usual they didn't stay together long, Meilin was content and Calypso had gone off exploring. Until she head shouting, and hearing her sisters shouting was something Meilin had never heard before, at least not like this.

“This is my park, I was here first!” shouted the boy, “you woodsy people should just go play in the trees.”

“It's everyone's park!” Shouted Calypso with a glare, “I don't know what a woodsy is, but you can't make me do anything! I will play here if I want to!” The boy clenched his fists as he stepped a bit closer. “I can make you leave if I want to.”

As Meilin ran to her sister she noticed the boy standing close with his hands curled into fists. She didn't recognize him as one of the bullies, she had hardly even seen him at school. Even so, she knew she was the big sister and could not let anything happen to Calypso. That was her responsibility, Aerie had sat her down a while back and told her that. “Keep an eye on your sister, since you're older it's your responsibility to make sure she doesn't get hurt.”

She ran up and stepped between Calypso and the boy. “You leave her alone!” she shouted, who are you and what are you doing to my little sister!?” The boy was shocked, he didn't see her coming and stumbled with his words. “Th-this is my park woodsy, I can do what I want!”

Meilin took a half-step back as the boy made fists again, “you're her sister huh..” repeated the boy as his glance went from Meilin, to Calypso and back. So little Lin Lin thinks she can stand up for her sister... Hearing one of the names that the bullies at school always used, what courage that had built up was instantly gone. She grabbed Calypso's hand, “come on, we're going home.” “But-” “We're going home Calypso, I don't want to play anymore.”

“Yeah, you better leave woodsy!” Shouted the boy as he began to pick up and throw rocks at them as they ran home. He cheered as he saw Meilin flinch and almost fall, “got one! Yeah!”

As they made it home Meilin kept running, “wait!” yelled Calypso, “we should tell mom-” “Nuh-uh” interrupted Meilin. “Don't tell mom.” “But she said to tell her if something-” “Don't tell!” yelled Meilin, turning to give Calypso a smile as tears continued to stream down her face. “I'm ok...”

As she made it to her room she grabbed her jammies and went to take a bath. “Don't tell mom...” Meilin whispered to herself, “She'll get mad cause I ran away instead of being strong big sister...” She muffled her sobs as she sat in the tub, she rubbed the back of her head a little where it stung. Flinching when her fingers touched the spot where the rock hit her. Her fingertips were a little red from the open wound and her head hurt. “I wish I was strong” she sobbed to herself, “I would turn him into a frog and make him my pet..” Rubbing her head again she cried softly as she whispered to herself, “it hurts mama, it really hurts..”

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  1. The growing up is never easy

  2. Awww! That was a fabulous chapter. Sorry it took a while for me to read. Oh my, this town seems to be full of harsh kids... poor girls. They should tell their mom though, I know Meilin thinks that mom will consider her a scaredy cat, but that is so not true. Moms are more understanding. I hope she eventually goes to her with problems.
    I do not like that the bad dream happens all the time! How sad. I know she is scared by that.

    Looking forward to the next!


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