Gen IV Chapter 46 - An Unlikely Friendship

A year has passed & Aerie made sure Calypso knew very well not to shout for her unless she was needed. Especially not at 2 in the morning when she should be asleep herself.

As she was getting ready for the day Aerie's eyes traced the strands of her hair. Silvery-grey strands had begun to make themselves known and she thought about dying it. “They'll only multiply if I try to hide them” she thought to herself as she finished touching up her makeup. It was bound to show it's ugly head sooner or later. Mom had a full head of grey.

This morning was bittersweet, while she was always glad to hear from Claire she couldn't help but ask how Ezra was doing. Even if she received the same answer every time. “He's fine, he's doing what he can.” Though what troubled Aerie was the fact that despite the usual “report” Claire seemed to sound more and more exhausted. Yet refused each and every time Aerie made an offer to visit.

“Meilin!” Called Aerie from the kitchen. Meilin flinched as if she was struck by something, before her mom finished her sentence she knew what was coming. “You've been in the house too long, go play at the park with your sister!” “Park!?” Called Calypso from upstairs, excitement building from just hearing the word. Meiling closed the book slowly as the trudged outside as Calypso bolted down the stairs and ran for it. Clearly excited for play time.

“I know she doesn't like it, but playing outside with her sister should liven her up a bit.” Aerie's thoughts wandered as she browsed the net on her ipad in search of a good recipe for dinner. She was expected at Allaine's later for a small birthday get together.

Once at the park it didn't take much for Calypso to convince Meilin to play with her. The two were best friends and Meilin always held a soft spot for Calypso. Aside from Maggie, Calypso was the only other person who could convince her to put the book down & play, even if she didn't feel like it.

“Come on up Lin!” Called Calypso from the treehouse. Trying her best to coax her sister. Meilin stood and shook her head, “you know I'm not a good climber!” “But it's fun! Prodded Meilin, finally admitting defeat as her sister headed for the swings.

Meanwhile Aerie had dressed and headed over to Allaine's get together. Meeting a bubbly, good-natured woman by the name of Stella. “She's my eyes on the road” laughed Allaine. “Smartest taxi driver in Valenwood, whenever she gets a fare that clearly drank too much or is hurt she takes them to their needed destination.” she said with a wink. “My wing of the hospital.”

Aerie laughed as she shook her head, “I'm sure you'd drag them in kicking & screaming if you had to.” Allaine blushed and gave her a bashful little grin, “wouldn't be the first time. You would be amazed at the people she's brought me. Grown men, well built and look like bouncers! Yet they are like large, muscular children, scared to death of going to a hospital!”

“I bet” laughed Aerie as she approached her. “Speaking of hospitals, I'm going to put you in one if you try to hide important days like this from me. I shouldn't have to find out from my laptop that it's your birthday we're celebrating!” Allaine blushed and took a step back, “how did you-” “My previous career dealt with a lot of PC work, I know where to look.” she returned the embarrassed smile Allaine gave her earlier. “Happy birthday Allaine.” Allaine couldn't keep her smile hidden any longer as she thanked Aerie for the generous gift.

It was then that Allaine read Aerie like a book, “you can't stay longer can you?” Aerie gave her a pained smile as she pulled her into a hug.

“I would if I could. But the girls should be heading home soon and I have dinner in the oven.”

As she started to leave she called the house to see if the girls were home yet, not getting an answer Aerie made a mental note. “Ok, guess I won't stop by the ice cream shop on my way back then.

Both girls were playing in their own way when Meilin jumped off the swings. “We're late!” “Nuh-uh!” called Calypso from the tree house, only to see Meilin bolting for home. “Wait! We are!?”

“But-” “No buts Calypso! We have to go, mom won't get ice cream if we're late!” With that both girls ran home, Calypso then sprinting past and arriving a good distance before her sister.

“Please mom?” Pleaded Calypso for the 7th time in 4 minutes. “I told you two already, no ice cream tonight, you were late.” “But I promise I won't be late next time” “No sweety.” “But mom-” “Calypso.” Aerie said sternly, making it clear not to ask again. “No.”

It pained Aerie to use that tone with her girls, though Calypso was really the only one who kept trying to the point that she needed to set her foot down. Seeing her energetic and rather loud daughter fall silent with that deflated expression was like a slap in the face to Aerie. But the girls needed to learn responsibility, and she knew she couldn't cave in to her feelings.

The following day both girls stood stumped on their homework.

“Does it get easier when I'm in your grade Lin?” questioned Calypso, looking at her homework as if the math caused her pain.

Though Meilin's only answer was to rest her head on her hand as she fussed over her own. Calypso doing the same once it became pretty clear that it was still going to be just as hard.

“At least we have another story assignment in writing class!” chimed in Meilin, who always looked forward to a reason to get involved in stories. Whether they were reading them or writing them.

“You're the only one who get's excited over those, I can't wait to bake cookies in cooking class!”

That night Aerie received a phone call while she was making dinner. It was a little painful, but she knew it was going to happen sooner or later. She waited until the girls were sat down for dinner before she mentioned it. “I'll be taking you two over to Allaine's after dinner ok? I have to take care of something important and I don't know how long I will be out.

After getting dressed & dropping the girls off Aerie pulled up to the train depot. Eowyn stood by the gate, a small pack at her feet. “You know you don't need to take the train to the airport, I can take you myself.”

Eowyn gave her a warm smile as her eyes seemed to search Aerie's for relief. Not with that pained expression all over your face. I'm sorry Aerie, I know we don't have any other family out here, but I know you're a strong woman and will be fine. And you can always call me if you need anything.”

Meanwhile, back at Allaine's Meilin was soaking up every word that streamed from Allaine's lips. “So magic is real!?” Allaine smiled and nodded, “yes, very real. But you have to know how to see it! And most importantly, you must believe.” she said with a wink. “So you can make your house fly!? And, and, and turn your vegetables into ice cream!?”

“Nuh-uh Lin, you can't. Cause magic's not real” interrupted Calypso. “You can't do any of that stuff.” Allaine turned to Calypso with a raised eyebrow. “Oh really? And how do you know magic isn't real?” “Because.” “Because?” said Allaine with a soft laugh, “that's not an answer.” “Because everything happens for a reason. My teacher says there is an explanation for everything. The water on the beach goes up and down because of the gravity from the moon. Not because of magic.”

“Yes, that is correct” answered Allaine, “but we weren't talking about the water on the beach.” “It's the same thing” pressed Calypso shaking her head. “In the old days people thought it was magic, but that's because they didn't know any better. So everything has a reason, and they only call something magic if they don't know the reason yet.” Allaine let out a sigh, “that's only half-right but I'm glad to hear you listen to your teacher.” She gave her a smile but turned to Meilin who was still wide-eyed and tugging on her sleeve.

Back at the depot Eowyn gave Aerie one last hug and held her close. “You know I'll be out of touch for a while, but I will be checking up on you.  I don't know how long, but I will be back. You're doing great Aerie, not many people have been through anything close to what we have. Your girls are lucky to have someone like you to look up to. I don't like long goodbye's, so just do me one favor.” Aerie took a leather-bound journal as Eowyn handed it to her.

“What is-” “This is the most sacred thing our family has, and I'm trusting it with you. This is our families history. Not all of it, obviously. Just photos, letters, and names. Our family tree, dating back over 100 years at least. Back to when our family lived in Twinbrook.” “We lived in Twinbrook?” Aerie repeated puzzled. Eowyn nodded; “Yes, your great-grandmother Amy started it. If I don't ask for it then you'll have to give it to one of your girls.” Before Aerie could say another word Eowyn placed a finger to Aerie's lips and shook her head. “Another word and I might not have the willpower to leave.” She picked up her bags and headed into the depot where the train for the airport had just arrived.

“Can you teach me!?” pressed Meilin back at Allaine's house. “Can you teach me magic stuff?” Allaine looked at her a moment, as if considering how to answer.

“I--- don't know!” she said with a whimsical look, it's not very easy! Not everyone can do it you know, and it would have to be our little secret” she whispered with a wink. “You can't just wave a wand around and expect things to happen, it's hard work, just like school.”

“That's ok! I'm good at school!” “Tell you what, you keep getting good grades, and I'll start teaching you little by little.” Meilin nodded eagerly, Allaine smiled brightly, she'd never seen her so excited about anything else. She peered down at her and gave her a wicked smile, “you want to learn the spooky stuff? Like spiders and snakes too?” Meilin took a step back as if expecting something to jump out at her. “I wanna learn everything you know.” Returning Allaine's bright smile with her own.

Just then there was a light knock on the door as Aerie opened it. “I'm not interrupting too much fun am I?” “Mom!” the girls chimed in at the same time. “Thanks Allaine, you really helped me out.” “Anytime Aerie, ok girls get your things, I'm sure your mom's tired.”

“That means you too my little pupil” teased Allaine as she stuck her tongue out, Meilin teasing her just the same.

Back at home, after dinner and a bath Calypso tossed and turned for hours.

Gasping for breath she shot up in bed, her heart beating fast as she shivered. Cold sweat beading on her flushed face. She didn't scream like she wanted, but she was terrified.

“She has to be here, she wouldn't leave us” she whispered aloud, trying to convince herself. Though she wasn't sure if it was a dream or not.

Aerie rolled over in her bed as the light turned on. A long sigh of relief escaped Calypso's mouth without her even realizing it. Though her little heart continued to pound in her chest.

“I knew she wouldn't leave, mom would never leave us.” Calypso whispered to herself as she climbed in bed next to Aerie, wanting to feel the comfort and closeness of her mother.

It wasn't long before she fell asleep, taking in the smell of of her mother in the pillow and blankets. Her breathing back to normal again, her heart calming down. She knew it was just a bad dream, it had to be.

Until next chapter...


  1. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who puts grey highlights in as they age xD!
    Great update! Learning about magic = awesome lol! I wonder what that dream was all about though... did not sound good!
    It was so cute to see her climb in bed with mommy though.

    1. Aerie's not all that young anymore, she's getting up there. It's good to know I'm not the only one who does that! Allaine & Meilin are really two peas in a pod, they get along great. Though I think it's safe to say that a 12 year old girl and a 36 year old woman have two very ideas of what "magic" is. Lol. Great hearing from you Sim Girl, glad to see you're enjoying it as much as I am! As for Calypso's dream? Definitely did not good, but whether it actually meant anything remains to be seen. ;)

  2. Interesting development with Calypso, even if they are just nightmares. I'm particularly fond of Lin but Calypso opposite personality is interesting to see work in conjunction with Lin.

    1. I agree, Meilin and Calypso are like oil and water. Lin is soft-spoken, likes to stay inside & read books. While Calypso is an energetic, vocal girl who likes to run around and play. The only common ground they seem to have (aside from their looks) is the fact they both love the park.

      As for Calypso's newest development, I'm sure Aerie will be in for a surprise when she wakes up to see Calypso in her bed.

  3. Aw, that closing shot was so sweet, I'm glad Calypso realized that her fears about Aerie leaving them were unfounded. It's amazing what goes on in their little minds.

    That departure scene between Wyn and Aerie was bittersweet, for some reason I thought she was gone Wyn was gone already. I hope she finds peace and happiness where ever she goes.
    Great chapter!

    1. Hmmm... No, Eowyn hadn't left just yet. Lol. Though she has departed now. I find it bittersweet as well, she's been alive for over a century now, it will be a little odd not having her in town. Thanks for the comments Val, they are always welcome. :)

  4. its ashame that Eowyn has gone, she does seem to have been around for over. The girls are sweet I like they way they have totally different personalities.


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