Gen IV Chapter 45 - As The Wheel Turns

Authors Note: This is a bit longer than normal, and there are a few more photos than normal as well.  

“How did she talk me into this?” Aerie thought to herself as she made her way down the steps. Allaine called that morning insisting she come to a little get together at her place. Aerie knew it was a rarity for Allain to have any kind of get together at all so she accepted. Though now she was starting to regret her decision. She worried about how many people would be there. She enjoyed her very small circle of friends, and didn't want to stand out too much.

She peeked in her office where she had allowed Meilin to use her desktop to work on an essay for school. “Your sister is sleeping upstairs, I turned the monitor on so if you hear her wake up I want you to call me right away. Ok?” “Ok mom” replied Meilin, her eyes never leaving the screen. “Your chair's on fire” Aerie said calmly with a smirk. “Nuh-uh, I'll call you if she wakes up mom” replied Meilin in the same tone. “Glad to see you're paying attention” Aerie said with a soft laugh. “Just making sure, and don't sit so close or your eyes will go bad.” “Ok mom” she replied, not moving an inch.

“You made it!” Greeted Allaine as she let Aerie in, “I'm so glad you came!” Aerie hadn't seen her smile that big in a while, Aerie was instantly glad she came after all; she'd feel terrible if she had let her only friend down.

“You thought I wouldn't show?” jested Aerie raising an eyebrow. Though seeing Allaine's face fall took the fun out of the gesture. “I didn't know, it wouldn't be the first time someone up and abandoned me...”

Aerie must have been wearing her heart on her sleeve, because before she could say a word Allaine shook off the notion and put on her best smile. “Let's save that for another time, there's someone I want you to meet.” She tilted her head in the direction of the only other house guest, Aerie took one glance at her and her gaze darted back to Allaine.

“Is she your mother?” Asked Aerie in whisper, not wanting the woman to hear her. Allaine seemed hesitant for a moment, a pained expression flashed across her face for a second. “It's... It's complicated, I'll go prepare some herbal tea.” With that she was off before Aerie could object, her question masterfully dodged.

Aerie approached the woman who was staring at a photo on the wall, she turned with a smile. “Hi, I'm-” “Mrs. Ryuzaki” the woman interrupted. “Little Meilin looks so much like you.” “That would be Ms.” Aerie corrected, “I'm not married, but yes, I'm Meilin's mom. You must be-” “Yes, I'm Maggie's mother. Not biologically of course, but she's one of my adopted children. You can call me Grandma Lily, everyone else does.” The woman's smile was warm and inviting, she felt more secure seeing who was looking after the girl her daughter had grown so attached to.

As Aerie conversed with her she couldn't help but notice how Allaine looked so much like Grandma Lily. Though she made sure not to bring it up, Allaine avoided the question and Aerie had always done her best to avoid questions about her past. The last thing she wanted to do was press on someone else's.

As the evening progressed Aerie checked her watch and found it was getting late. Though Meilin had not called her yet she knew it was only a matter of time before Calypso woke. After bidding Grandma Lily farewell Allaine approached looking saddened by her friends departure, but glad she had attended. “Thank you again for coming” she said with a smile as she pulled Aerie into a hug. “It really meant a lot to me.”

The close hug seemed a bit longer than Aerie expected, but she knew there couldn't have been many people Allaine could, or would be willing to hug. With a sigh Allaine relented and Aerie gave her the most encouraging smile she could muster. “You know where to find me. Either home or at the bookstore. But one of my little monsters will be waking up any minute now so I-” “You don't need to explain to me, I know little Lin isn't old enough to watch after Calypso. Aerie laughed a bit and gave her another quick hug before heading out the door.

Her instincts were accurate, not even 5 minutes after she stepped into the living room she heard Calypso waking up over the baby moniter. She headed into her office to see Meilin gone, and confirmed as she peeked into her room to see Meilin with her face inches from the book. “Did you finish your report for school?” Meilin answered with a nod, her eyes not leaving the pages. “Don't stare so close” laughed Aerie, noticing Meilin's nose was so close it almost touched the pages, “keep that up and you'll need glasses.” She headed into Calypso's room and tied her hair up again, dressed, and brought her a bottle. Though she discovered it was pointless since the tot fell asleep for the rest of the night after playing for an hour.

As she made breakfast the phone rang, and she was more than happy to call Meilin downstairs for it once she heard Maggie on the line. The large smile on Meilins face gave it away before she could even ask. “She can come over and play Lin, does she want breakfast?” Apparently she had already eaten and Meilin made short work of the pancakes before her friend arrived.

When she did arrive Meilin looked at her stunned, with her mouth hanging open. “It's ok Mei” laughed Maggie with a pained look on face as she forced a smile. “But your hair” whispered Meilin, looking as if she was in pain. “I woke up yesterday and there was a bunch of dried bubble gum & peanut butter all over my pillow and in my hair. Granny Lily tried to get it out but it was too dry and hard, so she had to cut it...” Before Meilin could say a word Maggie gave her the look. The one that reminded her not to tell. “They would only get madder..” she whispered.

As they made their way to the sandbox Meilin couldn't help but fall silent. Her stomach felt weird, and she didn't like it. She thought about how long and smooth Maggies hair used to be, and she didn't have to say a word, Meilin knew exactly how the bubble gum and peanut butter got on her pillow. “Play with me” she said in almost a whisper, she didn't understand why the other kids Maggie lived with were so mean to her, and she had no idea how Maggie could smile after so many mean things happened to her.

“Wanna go to the park” Asked Meilin as they grew tired of the sandbox, “I have a better idea” Maggie said with a smirk. Meilin stood and looked at her confused for a moment, trying to figure out what she meant.

“You're it!” shouted Maggie as she tapped Meilin on the shoulder and ran for it, turning to see Meilin right on her heels. Neither needed to say it to the other, but they both knew. Each needed the other to keep them smiling, they simply could not make it through the school day without the other.

Meanwhile Aerie was in town after putting Calypso down for her afternoon nap. She wasn't expecting Allaine to invite her out, but since she needed a few things from the store she decided it would be good to get out for a bit before Calypso woke.

“We need to do something about your clothes” Allaine said with a look of concern. After seeing Aerie's confusion she continued, “should I say good afternoon first?” “Maybe?” joked Aerie as Allaine apologized again. “I'm just giving you a hard time, you should know that by now Allaine.” “I know, I just-” She stopped, seeing Aerie's “you're apologizing again” look.

“I think your clothes are nice” Allaine said with a smile, but you kinda look like a tourist here. At this Aerie nodded, she had a habit of wearing the same styles she wore back in Neverglade. “I won't go picking outfits or anything, but I do know this nice store. Maybe you can pick up a few things? Promise I won't pick anything.”

Aerie laughed, “ok ok I'll go. But I know you haven't done the whole girls day shopping thing. You're supposed to help me find stuff. So I'll do it if you at least help me pick out an outfit.” Allaine nodded as she smiled again. The two heading just around the corner to a quaint little shop.

The moment she stepped in front of the mirror she began having doubts. “Are you sure about this? Do I really look like a tourist?” Allaine was already onto her game, “I think this is the first time I saw you scared of anything” she said with a rather sinister grin. “It's almost like those people who wear the flower shirts to hawaii... Except they lived there.” Aerie let out a sigh, “ok, enough teasing, I get the point.”

Aerie kept fidgeting even after they found clothes for her to try on, her eyes always on her tummy. “You have got to be kidding” laughed Allaine, “what?” Aerie said with a start, “is it that noticeable?” Allaine let another laugh escape her lips, almost a giggle, the she raised a finger and pointed at Aerie's stomach. “You're a mother of two and you have a better figure than I do!” Aerie finally let out a laugh and Allaine smiled. “You're almost as self-conscious as I am.”

As Aerie began taking her clothes off in the dressing area she paused when Allaine turned to leave. “Where are you going? It's like gym class all over again, besides, what if need help squeezing into these?” She didn't ask, but if she didn't know any better she could have sworn Allaine's cheeks were flushed. “Aerie you won't have to squeeze into anything, I'm sure there are women who would kill for your figure. Besides... Gym isn't a memory I would want to remember.. If.. If you need anything just call for me. I'll be checking out some skirts.

“Well?” Aerie questioned as she stepped down, her eyes lowered. It was obvious she was being self-conscious again. She stopped as she noticed Allaine who's mouth hung open a bit, and her cheeks seemed flushed again. “I..-” she took a moment to clear her throat, “you look great! I have to admit I'm a little jealous..”

Aerie gestured for Allaine to come closer as she leaned in and whispered in her ear, “let's grab you an outfit or two, it'll be on me!” Allaine jumped back as if repulsed, “no no no.. I'm fine, really. Thank you for the offer, but someone like me really isn't into the new clothes thing.”

Aerie laughed with Allaine out of kindness, but she was far from finding that comment funny. “What does she mean by someone like her?” Aerie knew she was referring to her appearance, and that was one thing she could never agree on with Allaine. She allowed her skin to become her handicap.

Back at home the sun was setting, Maggie gave Meilin a long hug before heading home. “I really had fun today,” “me too” replied Meilin. Her eyes tearing up a little, knowing she was going home, to where the mean ones were waiting.

As the sun set Aerie was glad she had taken Allaine's advice and called a babysitter Allaine referred to as trustworthy to watch Calypso while they were out. They were able to enjoy the day and have more fun than she had in a long time. A part of Allaine reminded her of Lilith, and though she still had her number she hadn't called her since she lived in Neverglade. She missed her, as well as Claire, and it hurt.

Once home she thanked the young woman for watching the kids and headed upstairs to give Calypso some much needed tickles. She was only gone for most of the day and she missed her youngest. As she headed downstairs into the kitchen she spotted Meilin, inches away from turning on the stove. “Meilin Ryuzaki! Don't touch that!” She shouted out of surprise, sounding harsher than she intended. 

Seeing Meilin jump with a start gave away the fact that the girl never even heard her coming. She put Calypso into the high chair and pulled a shocked and now scared Meilin into her arms and hugged her. “I'm sorry baby, but you scared me. You can't touch that ok? I know you're my responsible little helper, but you're not ready for that yet.”

“But it doesn't look hard, you just put the food on until it's hot right?” Aerie stood for a moment and thought before responding. “It's not as easy as it looks baby, but more importantly, it's very dangerous. You could hurt yourself really badly, and not just you, but if you're not careful you could hurt more than just yourself.” Aerie's heart went out to her as she watched Meilin's eyes drop at the sound of this. “-to help.” “What's that sweety? I didn't hear you?” Meilin looked up and repeated herself, “I just wanted to help..”

“I know you do baby, and thank you. I'll tell you what, I'll see if I can't find one that you can use ok? And since you've been on honor roll for a while now I'll get you your own computer too. I know you've been sneaking on mine to do research on authors.” Aerie smiled as she watched Meilin blush; “of all the things to sneak onto a computer for, she does it for research on various authors?” Aerie thought to herself, she just could not get upset at her daughter for that.

A week later the house was filled with the smell of burnt muffins. Two weeks after that the house was filled with the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins. Aerie stood silently with Calypso as she watched her little girl go to work on the child-safe oven she bought. “Guess she's like me, definitely not a natural, but with hard work she's gotten a lot better.”

Over the next few months Calypso made sure to give Aerie a hard time in the talking department. She had been eager to walk, even trying to run before she could walk, but talking was a different story. She was more than old enough to be talking just fine, but flat-out refused to do it. It was more heartbreaking then upsetting for Aerie.

When she could convince Calypso to say something Aerie cheered, which always turned out badly. “Oh don't give me the pouty face!” pleaded Aerie, “I know you can understand me, why are you making mommy sad?” Her attempts at guilt failed as Calypso shook her head. “Don't like talk” she replied, before falling silent again.

It wasn't long before Aerie began to regret getting Meilin her own computer. She was already holed up in her room with her books whenever Maggie wasn't over, but now she pretty much lived in her room, typing away for a big project for school. Aerie was happy her daughter wasn't like her back when she was in school. But a part of her missed playing with her, they were still close, but she was becoming more and more distant by the day.

The following morning Aerie woke with a bittersweet feeling. She smiled as she strolled toward her bathroom, glancing at her favorite photo of Iris. “2 days mom, my youngest will be old enough to start school in 2 days. I wish you were able to meet her..”

She doted on Calypso the entire morning, she was too heavy to carry around but Aerie did it anyway, she knew her days of toting Calypso around were over.

Later that afternoon she received an unexpected phone call from Claire. “I've missed you! Why haven't you taken some vacation time to get out of the city and come up here!?” The two spent the next hour catching up, and it didn't feel like it was even close to enough time.

Though their cheerful conversation quickly dropped Aerie's smile when Claire thanked her for the smiles and laughs. “What happened?” Questioned Aerie, she knew Claire was cheerful by nature, so for her to thank someone for making her laugh or smile meant something was very serious.

“It's Ezra” started Claire, he-” “Is he cheating on you!?” snapped Aerie, “don't tell me laid his hands on you, he didn't seem like the type.. I swear if he so much as harmed a hair on your head-” “Aerie calm down” Claire said with a laugh. “That's why I love you sis, you're ready to fly down and beat-up my husband for something he has never done.” Aerie let out a long sigh of relief, “you know how I am, I'm sorry. What is it?”

Now it was Claire who let out a long, shaky sigh; and Aerie knew it wasn't one of relief. After a long moment of silence she could barely hear her sister say it. “He was diagnosed with cancer last month... We're doing what we can but he's fading fast...” The muffled sobs over the phone had tears welling in Aeries eyes in moments. “Oh Claire... I am so sorry... Meilin's school has vacation soon, maybe we can come down and-” “no Aerie, but thank you.” The long pause in conversation was nearly deafening. “I can do this” Claire continued, “he doesn't want family seeing him like this, and I can't. I just can't...” “Ok ok I won't press you Claire. But I want you to call me whenever you need to talk, I don't care if it's 3 in the morning, you hear me?” Claire agreed as the reluctantly hung up, leaving Aerie with more on her mind than she had expected after a call from her sister.

Not 30 minutes had passed when she received a call from Eowyn, whom had been silent since they moved to Valenwood. “Can we talk?” “You called me” laughed Aerie, “no I mean in person. Can you come to the bookstore?” Aerie looked at the clock for a moment. “Ok, but I can't stay too long.” She called Allaine who thankfully agreed to watch the girls while she was out.

She approached the bookstore to see Eowyn by a bench, she stood and didn't even look in Aerie's direction. “It's ok if you hate me, I know I've been distant.” “You know I don't hate you aunt Wyn, why wouldn't you just come over?” Eowyn stared at her with those stunning eyes again, it had been so long Aerie forgot how beautiful her aunt seemed, refined and smart. “I'll be brief and to the point Aerie. I called you out here because I had to, if I came to your home, I know I would end up changing my mind.”

“I know I've been a stranger to you since we arrived here, and I haven't even taken the time to see your girls. I'm a complete stranger to them. I didn't call you out here for this, but to let you know that I have finished my grieving. But I am not satisfied, it was our home that was built and I can't stand it. I know I could move into a smaller home but I just can't, everything here reminds me of my lost love. So I have decided to move back to Bridgeport.”

“Bridgeport? Why?” Questioned Aerie, “we don't have any family there.” “But I do” countered Eowyn. “I had a daughter, and I am well aware that she passed away years ago at the age of 72. I've done my research and discovered that she did marry and have children, so I intend to go watch over them. I won't tell them right away of course, I'll watch them from a distance as I have with you. But they are of my blood Aerie, I feel compelled to go see my grandchildren, and possibly my great-grandchildren as well.”

Aerie nodded, “I understand aunt Wyn, you know you can call me if you need anything.” Eowyn let out a soft laugh, “I think that's my line, but thank you. I won't be leaving right away, but I still wanted to let you know. We are family after all.” Eowyn hugged her briefly and headed home, as Aerie headed to the usual convenient store to get changed. She had brought her pack with her jogging clothes, she knew she would need them.

One of the best things Iris taught her growing up was the love for running outdoors. First the news of her brother in-law being diagnosed with cancer, and now the only relative for thousands of miles was moving away. She needed this jog, to clear her head and help her think.

By the time she made it home the house smelled like one giant chocolate cookie. “She made them for you” Allaine said just quiet enough so Meilin wouldn't hear her. “She said you looked sad when you left and wanted to make you feel better.” “I'll have to thank her then” Aerie said with a smile, walking Allaine out as far as the front porch before heading back inside.

To Aerie's surprise the chocolate cookies were much better than she expected, and they were already pretty good. “She's getting better at this” she said to herself. A smile growing on her face as she came to a realization. “I just finish a jog to keep the weight down and here I am stuffing my face with my daughters chocolate cookies.”

Once she finished a few cookies Aerie went and found the girls.  “It's almost time for bed Meilin, say goodnight to your sister.” “Ok mom.”

Aerie watched from the entrance to the kitchen as Meilins little “goodnight” somehow turned into her sitting down and starting a game of peek-a-boo. It was too cute for Aerie to interrupt as she let them play a while longer.

She took a seat in the dining room and closed her eyes for a bit. Seeing her girls play like that quickly brought memories with Claire back, as well as the situation her sister was in. “She's a strong woman, but she's pushing herself too hard” Aerie thought to herself. “I hope she's ok...”

Calypso's birthday arrived before Aerie even knew it, “ok come on out of there” laughed Aerie as she stood in front of the toy chest. Calypso knew her mother was looking for her and took to her favorite hiding spot; and Aerie was well aware of where that spot was.

She decided on just having family, though it was just herself and Meilin. Eowyn never showed.

As Calypso ran downstairs to play with the blocks she had a quaint block house built in minutes. “MOM! Mom come look what I made! MOOOOOM!

Groggy, and waking after only having fallen asleep 20 minutes ago, Calypso's relentless calling roused her from the bed. “Well... I guess she's over giving me the silent treatment... And she's definitely not quiet like her sister.  She's loud enough to raise the dead...”

Until next chapter...


  1. Loved the update Tai!! Little Maggie's story though breaks my heart! and i hope Ezra is okay! YOU CANT KILL OFF OUR SPAWN YOU HEAR ME MISTER?!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it Mally! Lmao! Yeah, not even peanut butter could get dried bubble gum out, but Maggie seems to be really good with putting on a smile. As far as Ezra goes, well, I'm hoping for the best just as you are. Claire didn't even tell Aerie what "kind" of cancer he's fighting. Still, good to hear your comments as always. Thanks for reading!

  2. Loved it too! Awesome! Cancer = not cool, I hope maybe he can fight it. Also yeah Maggie and her hair, that is sad. I wish peanut butter would have worked! Sorry to hear that Aunt Wynn is leaving, but it is understandable. At least there is always a phone to keep in contact. Can not wait for the next update.

    Oh, and I am glad Aerie got herself a new outfit. Those two are really growing fond of one another are they not?

    1. I think Eowyn wants to stay, but seeing Aerie with her kids is tugging at her heartstrings. She wants to meet the family her daughter raised, and yes, there is always a phone. Who knows? It may not be the last time she's seen. ;-)

      It was definitely time for Aerie to update her clothing, Allaine called her out on that one. They are indeed great friends, as neither of them really have anyone else they can trust as much as they do. It's good to read your comments Sim Girl, thank you!

  3. Oh man, that's so sad about Ezra, my heart is so sore for Claire. Calypso is such a cute little girl, what am I saying, both girls are cute, and so is Maggie. I'm glad Eowyn found some form of closure. I hope Bridgeport will be good to her.

  4. I really enjoyed the simplicity of this chapter. Obviously Aerie still has to work through supporting her family members; simple isn't always easy. It is nice to see her in a more "normal" moment. I do have to say it is different seeing her in pink, but by the end of the chapter it looks totally natural. Did you have a hard time picking pink or did you just go with it?

    1. Aerie is usually in darker colors, but believe it or not her favorite color is actually pink. Heh, so I just went ahead and let her outfits reflect that a bit. It was odd at first for me too, but now I'm completely used to it. :) With Chun-Hao deceased and Aerie working a "normal" job, life is starting to settle down for her. So things are calming down a bit. :) Love hearing from you, glad you enjoyed this chapter!

  5. Calypo saying "dont like talk" with that pout - was too cute!! I am glad she has found her voice now she has aged up. Its a shame Aunt Wynn is leaving!!
    Nice chapter :)


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