Gen IV Chapter 41 - Home At Last

Authors Note:  Calypso's bedroom was still in progress and was not "photo ready."  No worries, it will be shown in the next chapter.  

When the two women woke, it was as they had feared. Things were not much better, but they were both cried out and knew that with time, things would get better. Since then time seemed to have flown, and before Aerie realized it, Calypso was crawling all over the house and was a job in itself keeping tabs on her.

Next thing she knew, they had begun packing what little they were bringing with them. She had sold the house for a price that would make Iris proud, much of it going towards the house she was having built over all this time. Before she knew it, the day before they made the drive to their new home had arrived.

The sun was coming up and Meilin would have been up and about already. “She's pouting” sighed Aerie to herself as she knocked lightly on Meilin's door before entering. “Time to get up sleepy head, I know you don't want to go to school today, but you need to. Now come on, breakfast is ready.”

She'd caught up with Calypso, who was determined to get away. “Oh no you don't you little speedster, you need breakfast too!”

Aerie spent the afternoon packing the last of their essentials. As the sun started to set Meilin had come home and immediately headed to her room and hadn't been seen since. As she began preparing the last dinner she would ever have in the house she began to feel a little sad. “My last night here..” she sighed to herself as she proceeded to make dinner. She had pretty much grown up in this house, so many memories were starting to flood her mind, it was hard knowing she had to let it all go.

As she called Meilin downstairs for dinner she couldn't help but think about how quiet the girl was. All she heard was the door open, followed by the faintest of steps. She thought back to when she and Claire answered that same call. “We weren't nearly as quiet, maybe it's because we were older..” She shook off the thought, she knew that wasn't it. Meilin just preferred alone time, always off by herself.

As she headed into the kitchen Aerie was making the finishing touches. “Could you clear the table for me?” “Ok mom” she replied, in her usual quiet voice. “Always soft-spoken” Aerie thought to herself. “Is it normal for kids to be this quiet?”

With dinner finished and Calypso taking a nap the two began their last dinner in the house. As they prepared to grab their plate Meilin stopped. “Something wrong Meilin? I thought you liked casserole?” “Mom?” Meilin paused, as if considering whether or not to ask. “Yes?” “how come you never talk about d-. Never-mind.”

Aerie froze, a large knot forming in her throat out of nowhere. One thing she had learned is that kids bring questions out of nowhere, and she knew what Meilin wanted to ask despite the fact she cut herself off. “what is it I never talk about?” she replied, trying to hide the shakiness in her voice by masking it behind a subtle laugh. “Nothing mom, Mr. Robinson says we're supposed to think about questions before we ask them. So I want to think about it more.”

Aerie felt a rush of relief, “well that's good, we're always supposed to think about the questions before we ask them.” If she ran into this teacher she'd have given him a hug for saving her from having to answer such a question so soon. She needed a lot more time to think about how to go about telling her.

She sat and ate, but spent more time watching her daughter. “She's quiet, soft-spoken, and keeps to herself; but she's a smart kid.” A small, pained smile spread on her face as she thought about Chun-Hao. “Of course she wants to know about him, it's natural for any kid to want to know about their parents... I hope she gives me a few more years before springing that question on me.”

The following morning she woke Meilin early, she needed to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure to make sure their car was docked onto the plane for transport. She sat Calypso on the potty just before heading out the door. It was a 6 hour flight north to their new home in Valenwood.

It had only taken Aerie one visit to make up her mind that Valenwood was just what she needed. It was old, and had history. She had initially considered moving back to Bridgeport where her family had moved from. Until Eowyn informed her of how it was the worst possible place to raise a family. It was actually a travel brochure that caught her eye.

Valenwood was an old place, but it had recently become a hotspot for the rich. Apparently being a great resort location, many sims from “old-money” to the rich, to those seeking a new life had taken a liking to it. She quickly found out during her visit that Valenwood was split in two. There was the ritzy side of town, where the rich built their houses, resorts & spas. Then there was the woodsy side. While Valenwood was very green to begin with, the woodsy side was very subtle. Many of the homes looking more like cabins than actual houses.

This reminded Aerie of her days in China, when she raided the orchards for fruit and camped under the stars. She loved it, and despite being pretty well off she didn't want to mingle with the rich. She wanted to keep a low profile. It was perfect. She found herself snapping out of a daydream as the plane landed. The weather was much cooler here, but she loved it. As they drove toward their home, she turned down a dirt road. She loved how the woodsy side didn't even pave their roads. It felt so natural. As she stopped in front of the house she looked at Meilin who's eyes were wide, and would have bored holes through her windshield if they could. “Yes sweety, we're here.”

As she approached the house she took in a deep breath. She thought the air in Neverglade was good, it didn't have anything on the air here in Valenwood. It was just about as clean as the air in China! As she stood in the front yard she made a mental note to call Claire later. The architect she referred had really outdone himself. He noted every detail Aerie wanted, and he didn't miss a step.

The Entryway

Living Room

Aerie's Office


Dining Room

Sunlight Floor

Meilin's Room

Kid's Bathroom

Entrance to master bedroom



The Backyard (with view of ocean)

She may be the quiet, soft-spoken type, but she was still a child, and Aerie could see her fidgeting the moment she stepped out of the car. Practically ready to break the door down herself. Aerie stepped over to her and whispered in her ear. “Go ahead sweetie, the doors unlocked.” By the time Aerie heard the faint “thanks mom” Meilin was already halfway through the front door.

She took Calypso out of her car-seat and placed her in the stroller. “Let's go, your sister already beat us through most of the house most likely.” In her excitement Meilin didn't even think to ask where her room was.

Meanwhile upstairs, Meilin had ran through most of the house, but had found her bedroom. Opening the door to find Spice on her bed, she spent the next half-hour snuggling & playing with it.

Once inside Aerie stood for a long moment with Calypso in tow. Looking around and feeling a large weight lift from her chest. New home, new town, new beginning. “We're finally here Calypso, we're home.”


  1. Whoa! What a gorgeous house, I love the entrance to the master bedroom. It's stunning. I really, really hope, they find happiness in their new home. The pictures of Meilin playing with her IF are too precious!

    1. Thank you! That makes two of us, and with Chun-Hao gone it shouldn't be too hard to relax and get settled in. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love the house! Totally awesome, it suits the family to a tee. I hope it is as she says, new home new beginnings. Altough old shadows always end up hauting or appearing a little bit.
    Great update, the girls are so adorable!

  3. Wow Tai, more please!!! lol

    Loved it :)



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