Gen IV Chapter 40 - The Cost of Peace

Two days later Aerie pulled into the parking lot at the beach as the late afternoon sun began to set. She picked up the phone 6 times to cancel, but never went as far as dialing her number. She could not remember the last time she was this nervous. As she made her way down the sandy path, each step crunching along as she made her way to the beach she rehearsed what she wanted to say over in her head. Though she was sure she'd forget it the moment she opened her mouth. She turned left at the beach house when she spotted Ms. Wu. Staring off into the distance.

From the moment Ms. Wu turned and spotted her Aerie could feel her throat run dry as butterflies danced around in her stomach. As she approached Aerie began to feel anxious, she just wanted to say what she came to say and be done with it, but she knew it wouldn't be that easy. “Hello Aerie, it's been quite some time, how have you been?” Ms. Wu's greeting was off somehow, as if she knew Aerie wouldn't give her a genuine answer. “I'm.. I'm ok, I guess.” Replied Aerie quietly, trying her best to avoid Wu's gaze.

Aerie could feel the palms of her hands begin to sweat, “Ms. Wu's sharp” she thought to herself, “always has been, she knows somethings up..” “Aerie” spoke Ms. Wu calmly, “I know you didn't call me all the way out here during my terribly busy week just to make small talk while admiring the scenery.” Aerie took a deep breath, she could feel Ms. Wu's eyes practically drilling a hole in her head. “You're right, I didn't.”

Aerie took another deep breath as she tried to by a few more precious seconds to gather what resolve she could. “Ms. Wu, you know me. You've known me for what? 18 years now? Since I started high school. You can probably tell that what I called you here to discuss isn't easy for me. But please try and understand where I'm coming from. Know that you are important to me, you've helped me, supported me through some really hard times, and have always been fair to me. All I ask is that you don't get too upset with what I have to say.”

Hearing this seemed to soften Ms. Wu's gaze a bit. Even a small smile etching onto her face. “Aerie, you're like a little sister to me, we're a family you know. Whatever it is that's troubling you will be taken care of I assure you. It's not everyday you call to see me, it must be rather important since it required I be in person.”

Aerie nodded, “this is it” she thought to herself, her breath growing shaky. Just then clouds rolled in front of the setting sun, casting the beach in a premature night shadow. “Well this is fitting” laughed Aerie, though Ms. Wu didn't catch the joke.

“Ms. Wu, I wanted to tell you this in person, and I will be more than happy to explain if you want. I called you down here to let you know that I have decided to resign from my position. You've been very considerate of me, and I appreciate everything you've done. A lot has changed for me, and I think it best I quit.”

Aerie's half-smile left immediately as she watched the warm smile from Ms. Wu drop off completely. Her eyes went cold as she pursed her lips in displeasure as she stared at her in silence. “You... Quit?” Ms. Wu repeated as if she hadn't heard her correctly. Aerie nodded in affirmation.

This time it was Wu who could not bring herself to look Aerie in the eye. “Quit?” she kept saying to herself as if she were searching for the meaning of the word. “Aerie” she said calmly, “if this is some sort of joke I don't find it funny at all. Now get to the point and tell me the real reason I was called here. I'm growing impatient.” Aerie straightened her back and stood as tall as she could, “it is not a joke, Ms. Wu, consider this meeting my letter of resignation, but if you prefer me to email it to you, I will do so.”

Without warning Ms. Wu turned on her heel and headed toward the beach house. “You test my patience Aerie, I'm going to visit the ladies room. When I return you will tell me why you called me out here. As well as your reasons for wasting my time with such trash, as if resignations actually exist.” And with that, she was off.

Aerie blinked back her tears of frustration, “I knew it wouldn't be so easy” she sighed as she took out her cell. Calling Eowyn whom she now had on speed-dial. “Yes Aerie, what is it?” “Nothing Wyn, my little meeting is just having a short break and I wanted to call and check on the girls. Is everything ok?”

Aerie's small talk didn't convince Eowyn at all, “Aerie, is everything ok over there? You know the girls are just fine, and don't act like I can't hear your shaky voice. Now tell me what's wrong.” For a moment Aerie was glad Eowyn couldn't see the guilt plastered on her face. “It's just... Hard. Aunt Wyn. My... My boss has known me for almost 20 years now, and she's not happy about me quitting. Not at all.”

“Well of course she's not, especially if you've known her for that long. But you never mentioned where you worked, perhaps I can help?” Aerie paused before replying, she knew Eowyn couldn't know what kind of people she worked for. “It's... Complicated, but don't worry, I'll take care of it.” “Then stop stalling and go take care of it” laughed Eowyn as she hung up the phone. Aerie stood for a moment cell in hand when she realized Ms. Wu hadn't returned yet. “This isn't good” Aerie sighed, “she didn't have to use the restroom at all. She just didn't want to raise her voice in public.”

Surely enough the moment Aerie stepped into the ladies room Ms. Wu was waiting, and she was furious. She took long strides as she stopped just before stepping on Aerie. “What the hell do you mean by you quit!? Don't take me for a fool Aerie, and don't waste my time! Explain yourself!”

Aerie raised her hands defensively as she back away a step, “Ms. Wu please! I don't have a choice! You've always been fair to me, but I have my babies to think about! I know my work is confidential, and you've known me long enough to know that I won't say anything to anyone. My family doesn't even know who I work for!”

Ms. Wu sneered at her, Aerie could feel her seething in anger. “And you think this is acceptable!?” shrieked Wu, tossing her composure out of the window. “People don't just up and quit the family when they see fit! Had you learned to keep your legs closed this never would have happened!” Aerie felt her hands clench into fists at the mention of such things. “Ms. Wu” she said in as calm of a tone as she could, though the fact her voice was shaking didn't help. “You know that neither of my pregnancies were planned, and insulting me does not help things.

“You don't get it do you!?” Raged Wu, I was preparing you to work with me Aerie! You are the one person I trusted to be my right hand! My 2nd! And you're telling me you quit just because you're starting to feel all motherly!?” Aerie was starting to see red, thoughts of putting Ms. Wu's face through the bathroom mirror flashed before her eyes. Then she began to think of her babies, her girls asleep at home. She felt herself calm down, her tight fists relaxed as she let her hands open at her sides.

Aerie stopped mid sentence and stared at Ms. Wu remorsefully. Waiting a moment before turning towards the door. “Where do you think you're going!?” hissed Wu, “we're not finished here!” Aerie stopped walking, but refused to turn back around. “I've always looked up to you, respected you Ms. Wu. All I ask is that you show me that same respect. Yes, we are done here.”

As Aerie headed toward the door Ms. Wu continued in a low and chillingly cold tone, “no, we're not done. No one walks away from the family Aerie, and I mean no one.” A corner of Ms. Wu's mouth turned up into a wry smile as she noticed Aerie paused for a moment when she said “no one,” but then continued out of the door. Moments later Wu was on her cell, tending to business, and arranging for a flight back to China, there was much she needed to do.

When she made it home Eowyn intended to ask her all about the meeting, but the look on Aerie's face told her to just leave her be. “Meilin is asleep, but Calypso is upstairs in the crib next to your bed.” With a nod she was out the door, and Aerie slowly made her way up the steps to her bedroom. She stopped and stared at Calypso for a long moment, “I did it Calypso, mommy stood her ground and did it...”

She thought about calling Lilith, staring at her cell for a long moment, but she decided against it. “She still works for her” thought Aerie, “I don't know if I can even talk to her again...”

Blinking back tears she dialed Claire's number, hearing a sleepy Claire pick up moments later. “Aerie? What's up? She stopped to yawn, “It's not like you to call this late.” “Can you talk to me for a bit?” her voice clearly shaken, all of her willpower and resolve was spent. It took all she had just to stand up to Wu. “Aerie what's wrong? Do I need to come over?”

Aerie smiled at her sisters alarmed tone, “no Claire, it's ok. I just need you to talk to me so I don't have a break down or anything. I just quit my job.” “You what!?” Claire shrieked over the line. “But the house won't be finished for another two years!” “Claire, moms house has been paid off for years, and I have enough in my savings to be ok. Besides, it should be finished in about a year and a half. Can we just talk? About anything? Please?” Claire let out a sigh, and the two began chatting well into the night.

As weeks rolled by Aerie would check in with Claire and keep her posted on the homes progress.

As months went on Aerie managed every detail, and dealt with the stress of selling her mothers home.

After a year she discovered that Eowyn and Vira had decided to move to the same town, a rush of relief running over her. Two weeks later, Calypso learned to crawl.

After a year and some months, more birthdays were celebrated. Meilin would be starting school soon.

6 months later...

After finishing a long and stressful phone call with the school principal, Aerie headed up the stairs. She did her best to avoid it but she couldn't. The principal made it known that even though they would be moving 3 days after school started, Meilin would still be required to attend. Skipping 3 days would transfer over to her new school and it would look bad on her attendance. She rubbed her temples as she made her way up the stairs, peeking into Meilin's bedroom. “It's time for bed hunny, need to wrap things up ok?” “Ok mom” replied Meilin, her eyes never leaving the pages, “can I finish this chapter first?” “Go ahead, but after that, bedtime.” Meilin nodded as Aerie smiled and headed downstairs.

Making short work of her cup of coffee, Aerie sat and relaxed as she turned on the nine o' clock news. “and now for another report” chirped the TV. “Don't they ever have good news?” Complained Aerie as the headline read Body Found Behind Dive Bar . “Today was a shocking day across the globe as the body of a Chun-Hao Sun was discovered in the alley behind Axis Radius. The ambassador of China's eldest sun was immediately confiscated by the Chinese Embassy and taken out of our custody. Pathology reports leaked information that proves his death to be unheard of, his entire body completely dry of all blood shocking forensics and autopsies everywhere-”

Aerie turned off the TV as the news rolled on, her eyes were wide. “It couldn't be!? How?” She tripped as she stubbed her toe on the coffee table, biting her lip to keep from waking the girls with her curses.

She nearly dropped her cell twice and her hands couldn't stop shaking. A mix of anger and confusion overloading her senses. She finally managed to dial Eowyn's cell. She'd been calling Aerie for days, worried sick because she hadn't heard from Vira in over a week. “Aunt Wyn, you need to get over here, NOW.” “I'm already on my way!” shouted Eowyn just as Aerie heard her car pull into the driveway. For a moment Aerie was glad she literally lived down the street.

Eowyn stepped in without bothering to knock, taking long strides towards Aerie. “We need to calm dow-” “Don't tell me to calm down!” hissed Aerie as she stomped towered Eowyn, fighting to keep her voice down. Have you seen the news!? They found Chun-Hao's body! What the fuck happened!?”

Aerie, just try and-” Eowyn stopped herself from saying calm down again, to say Aerie was pissed off was a major understatement. She was seeing nothing but red.“I don't know! I didn't know eith-” “Don't give me that shit!” spat Aerie through gritted teeth. Aerie stepped into Eowyn shoving her hard, “don't fucking lie to me Wyn! His body didn't have a drop of blood in it! Now tell me what the fuck happened!” she shouted, shoving Eowyn again, harder.

Will you just hear me out!?” shouted Eowyn defensively, “hitting me isn't going to change anything!” Hearing this seemed to keep Aerie at bay, for a moment at least. Eowyn tried to read her face, it was as if Aerie was thinking over whether she should attack or not. “How was I supposed to know? I was watching the news just as you were!”

I don't buy it!” grumbled Aerie, “your precious wife is the only person on this planet who could do something like that! You said so yourself, she was hunting him! She got greedy! I was the one he raped! I wanted to end him myself!”

It was then that Eowyn's face distorted with disapproval, “excuse me?” she said calmly, throwing Aerie's hostility off. “Did you say... greedy?”

Eowyn shut her eyes and hissed through clenched teeth, baring her fangs in the process. “Don't ever accuse her of being greedy Aerie. Ever. Have you forgotten I've been worried sick for over a week about her!?”

It wasn't until then that Aerie realized Eowyn's glossy eyes, rimmed with tears she was fighting not to let fall. Though a single streak flowed down her cheek as she pointed at Aerie. “You! She did it all for you!” she whispered in a raspy shaken voice. Her hands starting to tremble.

Don't you remember what I told you, we are forbidden from taking too much from someone. It's the same as committing murder! And she did it anyway...” Her shaken voice trailed and she began to sob. “Now I know why she hasn't come home, why I haven't heard from her.. She's gone Aerie, my wife, the love of my life gave her very life so you and your babies could live in peace!”

Aerie's eyes widened, “they killed her for it? But the body was just found-” “It doesn't matter!” interrupted Eowyn, “a major offense like that is unheard of. There is no court date, no judge, no jury... They kill you on sight...” Aerie was steamrolled by this news, and she wore it on her face. “Wyn.. I-” She cut herself off as Eowyn put her hands up. “There's nothing we can do about it” she sobbed. And both fell quiet.

They both stood there for a long moment in silence, each not sure what to say to the other. Just the occasional sob from each person. Both stood with bloodshot eyes and tear-stained cheeks.

Eowyn took a deep, shaky breath, breaking the silence. “We both lost Aerie” she said quietly, “please, look at me..” Aerie turned her head to see two grey, nearly silver eyes pleading in front of her. “By law I'm not even allowed to give her a proper funeral” Eowyn sobbed, but you have to think of those two girls upstairs. You can sleep without worry of him popping up... You can be safe, you can... You can...” Eowyn's voice trailed off as her mind started to race.

Without warning Aerie reached out and held her. Eowyn didn't fight it, she just stood there and cried. She reminded Aerie of herself during Iris' funeral when she cried harder than she ever had. Back then Eowyn did what she could to be there for her, and now she would do the same. Her words were inaudible, and Aerie's top was soaked before Eowyn pulled herself away.

What am I supposed to do Aerie? Our house is in it's final stages already! I can't do it alone, I can't...” “You won't be alone” replied Aerie calmly, placing a hand on her hip. “We will do this, together. We just... We just need to get some sleep. Stay over tonight, please.

I know it sounds girly but let's be honest with each other.” She took a moment to let out a shaky sigh, blinking back tears. “We're both going to cry tonight, so we might as well be here for each other while we do it.” Eowyn nodded silently as she headed for the couch where Aerie joined her. Both women holding on to each other as they cried. Cried out their losses, their pain, their frustrations. Both hoping that somehow, someway, things would be better when the sun rises again.

Until next chapter...


  1. oohhwooooow. I know Ms. Wu is planning something, and it can not be good, but I really hope Aerie does not get hurt in that. She is already taking a lot more than she wanted in life. Meilin looks great, very cute. Eowyn lost her love over this :( not cool. Though, perhaps she did not? There is not any sure sign of that yet...
    I am glad the two of them spent the night, being there for one another. Great update. Can not wait to see the next!

    1. Sim Girl - Ms. Wu didn't take the news very well that's for sure! Meilin grew so fast! (I keep aging on at all times) It didn't seem like it was time for her birthday, but next thing I knew her days as a toddler were up. :) She & Eowyn have really gone close, despite their arguments. Glad you enjoyed it, and as always your comments are appreciated! Thank you for reading. ^_^

  2. I was almost done reading this chapter when my iPad died. Back on my PC to leave a comment.

    Damn, so much to process in this chapter!

    First Ms Wu scared the crap out of me, but I was so proud of Aerie for standing her ground. I'm just so afraid her actions may come back to bite her in the worst possible way, like her former boss said, no one quits the family.

    Second, I was heartbroken for Wyn. What a sacrifice her wife made. And she's right, she and Aerie both lost in this situation, there are no winners.

    Third I felt cheated for Aerie, I knew how much she wanted to kill him herself, and I think that's the closure she needed. And now now she'll never have that. But at least now she can sleep easy at night knowing her children are safe.

    Meilin looks like a perfect mix of her parents.

    1. I know what you mean, it was originally supposed to be 2 chapters, but I could not find a decent place to stop. Definitely a lot going on in this one. Ms. Wu is, well, Ms. Wu. Lol. Aerie definitely did the right thing, all she can do is hope Ms. Wu accepts that. Aerie definitely wanted to finish him herself, but I think Lilith & Vira may have been working together.

      After all, Lilith did find some new clues, but she also had her reasons for not showing Aerie. Lilith may not be the "lovey maternal" type, but she knows responsibility. And she's too good of a friend to risk letting Aerie doing something that would jeopardize her two girls.

      Meilin is a sweetheart, and I'm surprised she inherited that hair! I didn't know genes transferred that far down family lines. Not sure if you remember, but that's Amy's hair from the 1st Gen! Her grandfather had it as well. Hmmm... It's shown up every other generation... I sense a pattern. Thanks for reading! ^_^


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