Gen IV Chapter 39 - A Mothers Protection

The next day Aerie was eager to hear what news Lilith would bring, and found herself feeling anxious. When she heard them pull into the driveway she opened the door before they even ascended the stairs. “Come in, come in” she gestured as the two made their way indoors.

“Let me just head upstairs and check on the girls” mentioned Aerie as she headed upstairs, I'll be right back. Lilith nodded as she headed into the kitchen, laptop in hand. Aerie peeked into her room to see Calypso sound asleep, as she made her way into Meilin's room the tot was sleeping soundly. “Good good” she whispered to herself as she turned to leave the room.

She stopped when she saw Eowyn in the doorway, whistling a soft tune to herself. “I just wanted to see them too” she whispered, a warm smile on her face. Aerie couldn't help but feel a little down, and it must have shown on her face since Eowyn had a look of concern. “I'm sorry about yesterday” pleaded Aerie, “I didn't mean to reopen old wounds.” Eowyn placed a hand on her shoulder and shook her head, “it's ok Aerie. It comes with my condition. If she's still alive my daughter would be in her 60's right about now. It's just... Hard.. Not knowing where she is or how she's doing...” She took her hand from her shoulder and slid it to her wrist guiding Aerie downstairs. “Come, Lilith has news.”

As they headed into the kitchen Lilith had already made herself comfortable, laptop open and a cup of coffee not too far away. “Ok, I'm not going to stop, hug you and all that. You know it's not really my strong point, and I'm not going to beat around the bush either. So listen up, I think I've got him.”

Aerie almost rushed her on the spot, “you found him!?” she fought to keep her voice low, but her heart felt like it was ready to burst. “Not exactly, you know tech is your area of expertise, not mine. But I've had some friends help me out. And before you blow a fuse don't worry. They only know his name, and have no idea why I want to find him.”

“They've picked up his trail, well, they think it's his trail. So-” “So why don't you tell her the truth. Lilith.” Interrupted Eowyn. Aerie looked at her, over to Lilith who seemed to flinch at the comment, and back to Eowyn. The tension between the two was so obvious Aerie was surprised she hadn't noticed it sooner. Lilith let out a sigh, “fine, Eowyn's wife picked up the trail.” She practically spit out the word “wife”.

It was followed by soft cries on the baby monitor Aerie brought downstairs with her. “Give me a second, I'll be right back” Aerie said with a sigh. “Can you put your prejudice aside by then Lilith? You know this is more important than that.” “Sorry Aerie, but the simgods created Plum & Bob, who got married and began populating our planet. You know, Plum being female & Bob being male.” She shot a glance at Eowyn as she said male. “Plumb & Bob, not Plumb & Beth.” “Lilith” Aerie repeated sternly. “I get it, fine, go get the tot.”

Aerie headed upstairs after making a bottle, a smile plastered to her face. “We might be able to sleep in peace soon” she whispered to Calypso. Laughing a bit to herself, “you're a little disposal aren't you?” She watched the tiny version of herself consume the similk with her eyes closed. “It must be nice to wake up only to eat and sleep again.”

Realizing that Calypso was not ready for sleep Aerie brought her back downstairs with her. The two women were civil, though Lilith was clearly irritated. “Where were we?” Aerie said calmly, a little quiet so she didn't disturb Calypso.

“As we were saying” started Eowyn, as Lilith was glaring into her screen, who seemed to be researching a few leads. “I will need to brief you a little about my condition for it to make sense.” Aerie nodded “my grandparents have your condition as well, so I know about the whole immortal thing.” Eowyn couldn't help but laugh, “what? Do you think we're vampires or something?” She shook her hands laughing softly.

“We would seem pretty close, but no Aerie, not at all. Our heart still beats you know, we're not dead.  It cycles our blood just fine, but our bodies can't produce any new blood at all. We are not by any means immortal, we grow old and die just like anyone else. It just takes us a lot longer to do it. And vampires are said to burn & turn to ash if they come into contact with sunlight. I just walked up your steps at 1:30 in the afternoon on a bright summer day.” Aerie couldn't help but laugh, “ok ok Aunt Wyn, I get it. Now how does this-”

“I'm getting there” interrupted Eowyn. “Our condition also has a predatory aspect. There are a few ways for us to replenish our bodies blood. Usually blood packs, which works just like when you replenish your body's need for water. But there's the vegetarian route, you know, the plasma fruit that Dr. Crimson Goth discovered years ago...” Her eyes lowered as if she was ashamed, “what?” Urged Aerie as she pressed Eowyn to continue. “Then there's the other way.. Taking it from someone else... Which is why people give us the nickname Vampire.”

She pointed to her mouth as she bared her two fangs. “These aren't just for show Aerie. We become predators by nature, which is how Vira picked up on Chun-Hao's trail. Before she met me, she had always fed herself... The old way... On other people. Even after we married each other, she made sure to teach me how to hunt.” Aerie's mouth dropped open, but Eowyn raised a hand for silence before she could say a word.

“I don't hunt now, I use strictly plasma juice. But my wife is a hunter by nature Aerie, a damn good one. When I told her about Chun-Hao she disappeared for a few days. When she came back it was like she was obsessed with finding him. It's like he was the big game she was born to hunt for. Not just because I asked her to help me find him, but because she worked in a hospital for decades. She's had to treat rape victims, so a chance to hunt someone who had done such a horrific act really set her off. She has connections with people who were old before we were born. She's rarely spent any time with me ever since..” Her words trailed off, and seeing them become glossy as she fought back tears let Aerie know she wouldn't speak any more of it.

She glanced back at Lilith who was staring at the screen intently, blatantly trying not to comment. Aerie let out a long sigh, “I'm sorry Aunt Wyn, I would never want anything to come between you two.” Eowyn shook her head and shrugged it off, “she's clearly enjoying this hunt of hers Aerie, but don't worry he will be turned in and brought to justice. The council that presides over those of us with my condition have rules. While we are allowed to feed from others so long as they give us consent to do so, it is forbidden to drink too much. It would be the same as 1st degree murder.”

Aerie shot her a look, “no!” she shrieked, her outburst making Calypso jump a little in her arms. “I'm sorry sweetie” she whispered rocking her back and fourth. “No” she said again, quieter, “when you or Vira locate him I NEED to know where he is.”

Her eyes narrowed and her face went blank, “I've got more than words for him, I will be his judge and jury.” Eowyn started toward Aerie as she saw her start to shake. “Aerie” she whispered as she stepped closer, “no!” Aerie hissed as she backed away, “he's mine, and that's all that matters.”

It was then that Lilith let out a gasp of surprise, “what is it!?” Aerie shrieked, instantly excited. Did you find new info on him?” “She might have found new information” she replied, staring at Eowyn. “Well? What is it? What's the update?” questioned Aerie as she made her way to Lilith. Just as she stepped behind her Lilith closed her laptop.

“What the hell Lilith?” protested Aerie, “why won't you show me!?” Lilith turned toward her and glared at Calypso, into Aerie's eyes and back at Calypso. “You know damn well why I can't let you.” Aerie narrowed her eyes at Lilith, as if contemplating what to say. “I can't believe you Lilith, you know how much this means to me. This little meeting is over.” “We'll contact you if we come across any more news Aerie” pleaded Eowyn. “Please don't get too upset, you have two little girls that depend on you. You're all they have.” “I know” Replied Aerie, her voice breaking a little as she fought back tears. “I just want him.. I just want him to pay for everything.” She sniffled a little before stepping through the door and heading upstairs. “Just lock the door on your way out.”

She placed Calypso in the day-crib upstairs as she went to check on Meilin. She cracked open the door and peered in to see Meilin rocking herself back & fourth, talking to her stuffed tiger. “You look tired” she whispered as she picked her up and rocked her. “How long were you up? You didn't make a sound over the monitor” she thought to herself. Moments later Meilin was asleep, and Aerie made a mental note to check on her more often, whether it was quiet or not.

She took a fussy Calypso from the day-crib and headed to her bedroom. “Let's get that stinky diaper off of you.” she cooed.

Just as she placed Calypso in her crib, her cell rang; it was Eowyn. “Did you forget something?” questioned Aerie, wondering why she was calling her half an hour after she left. “No, but we need to talk, and I didn't want to bring this up in front of Lilith.” Aerie sighed, “Aunt Wyn I'm sorry, I know Lilith can be a pain, but she's a good person. She's just really against the same-sex thing-” “I'm not calling you about that” Eowyn interrupted.

“I just don't want her in the loop about this just yet, ok?” “Ok, I'm listening” replied Aerie, but can you give me the short version? I'm exhausted.” “Please understand I don't intend for you to do this immediately Aerie, but I think it's time you left Neverglade.” Aerie's silence must have been the only reply she needed, it was like Eowyn could tell she was standing there with her mouth open. “I know you weren't expecting me to say it, but surely you understand why I'm suggesting it?”

“I'm only saying this for your safety Aerie, he knows where you live. You have to start thinking about their futures, not just yours. Those are your babies, and their safety has to come first.” “I know” Aerie whispered, “I've been thinking about it too, but it feels like running. And I-” “Swallow your pride Aerie” interrupted Eowyn, “It's not running, it's called protecting your family. I'm not saying up and move right now. I know a good real estate agent that can help you prepare to sell the house, take some time and find a nice place to raise the girls you know?” “I'll think about it ok?” Replied Aerie, feeling much more tired now. “That's all I can ask for, get some sleep ok?” “Ok” she nodded as she hung up the phone.

The next day Aerie woke and called Claire, “can you come over for a bit today? We need to talk.” Claire agreed and Aerie let out a long breath as she hung up. She didn't need to think about what Eowyn suggested, she knew she was right, she couldn't stay in Neverglade.

As Calypso began to stir Aerie picked her up and held her close. “Shhhh...” she whispered and hummed a lullaby as the infants cries softened. “I know baby, I'm all you have, and I'm not letting anything happen to either of you.

Later that evening as the sun began to set Aerie had just put Meilin down for a nap as she heard the doorbell ring. Claire stepped inside looking like the world was going to end, “is everything ok?” Aerie stood there looking slightly confused, “yeah, everything's fine. I need to invite you over more often if you think somethings wrong just because I called you over.” The two laughed a bit over the misunderstanding.

Claire's eyes drifted to Calypso as she relaxed in Aerie's arms, “she's looking much better” she whispered, “oh she's good” laughed Aerie, “you should see the girl eat!”

After making small talk Aerie decided to get down to the point. “Well, you know I didn't call you over after your 16 hour shift just to talk about the kids, so I'll get to the point. I'm selling the house and moving, I thought you might want to come with me.”

Claire burst into laughter, covering her mouth a bit so she didn't startle Calypso who had started to fall asleep. “Oh you're a riot Aerie! Where did that come from? April fools day isn't for another month! I needed that though, oh, my that was a good one!”

She stood there with a giant grin waiting for Aerie to finish with the punch-line. “What a beautiful smile” Aerie thought to herself, “but why does she think I'm joking?” Feeling slightly insulted Aerie just stood there, silent. Claire's smile began fading as she started to realize that Aerie wasn't joking at all.

Aerie's eyes narrowed as she forced a smile on her face. “Claire... What part of that sounded like a joke?”

Realizing her mistake Claire let out a long sigh and tilted her head back. “You've got to be one of the most spontaneous people I know Aerie, I assume you have a reason for blurting out that nonsense?”

Aerie felt her throat tighten as her sister awaited her reason. Her eyes lowered a bit and she felt exposed. Knowing she would have to reveal pieces of her situation. “Why would you call something like this nonsense?” she questioned. “This is mom's house... Do you think I could even consider selling something like this on a whim? Do you really think I'm that shallow? I may not talk about it for obvious reasons, but you're not just my sister, you're my doctor too. I know it's in my medical file, you know I was... You know I was raped.”

She said the term quietly, as if Calypso could understand such a term. “I...” She stopped and thought carefully for a moment. “He's still on the run Claire, he knows where I live and I can't risk him showing up here. I have to think about the girls safety, and there are too many painful memories here.. I was hoping you might want to come too, you know, you're my sister and all.”

After a long moment of silence Claire looked as if she was completely at a loss for words. “Aerie... I really don't know what to say...”

“You know I would do anything I could for you, even move cities with you if need be, but I can't just up and move on a whim. I know that it will take a year or two before you finish selling the house and finding another; but still, I just can't.”

“I don't mean to sound harsh, but you're single Aerie, you can do things like that. I can't. You have a family just as I do, but I also have a husband and career to think about. This is a major life altering decision for you, and it would be twice as big for me. Besides, I know you've been through a lot, but Neverglade is beautiful to me. I love it here.”

“I hope you understand where I'm coming from Aerie, I know you've never really been comfortable here, I knew that when we were back in high school all those years ago; but we're not all that young anymore. I'd never admit it to the rest of the staff, but we're 36 years old Aerie, I can't just go skipping into my home telling my husband we're moving just because my sister wants to.”

It took every drop of Aerie's willpower not to break down and cry on the spot, she was hoping Claire would at least consider talking to her husband about it. She wanted to at least know one person when she moved. After a long moment she managed to respond without her voice breaking, though it was a little shaky. “It's ok Claire, I understand completely, really I do.”

Aerie paused and grabbed a bottle as Calypso began to fuss. “See? Again with the appetite, she really does eat a lot.” She forced a laugh as she tried to change the subject, though the tear that streaked down her cheek gave it away. “I wouldn't want to come between you and your husband Claire, you know that. It was just a question, that's all. Though did you really need to remind me of my age? Trust me, I know.”

“You've never been the type to settle down Aerie, I envy that about you.” She took a tissue out of her purse and motioned to wipe the tear from Aerie's cheek, but Aerie stepped just out of reach. “It's ok Claire, I'm just... I don't know. I'm moving, and was just hoping to know more than one person. But you know I'll call you and all that.”

“Are you having a home built? Or buying one?” Claire questioned. “Built” replied Aerie, but her expression gave away the fact she had only come to that decision 10 seconds ago. “I'll email a reference to you when I get home” replied Claire. “He's a friend of Ezra's and I've seen his work, he truly builds beautiful homes.” Aerie nodded, smiling as Claire kissed her on the cheek and headed out the door. “I love you” she called as she headed down the stairs. “I love you too” replied Aerie just before she closed the door, locking it. Her eyes watering all over again, knowing it was most likely the last heart-to-heart she would have with her sister in person.

Sure enough Aerie found the email the next day and began making plans with her brother-in-law's contact over the next week. Often smiling when she peeked into Meilin's room to find her playing as usual. She didn't become distant, but Aerie noticed that her daughter enjoyed her time alone. She found it odd, but she was happy, and that's all that mattered.

Over the next few weeks Aerie was planning, taking anything and everything into consideration. Only one fact nagged at her conscience. It wasn't for a few more weeks that it started to grow and worry her, until one morning when enough was enough. With her second maternity leave expired, she decided to use all of her vacation time to extend it; but it would be over soon, she had procrastinated as long as she could, but she needed to find her resolve soon.  She knew what she needed to do, but it was no easy task.

“Mama tired?” Hearing Meilin call her snapped her out of her daydream, “no, mama's not tired Meilin.” She shook off the rest of her daydream as she placed Meilin in her crib for her nap. “Potty” called Meilin, “I need potty mama.” “That's a good try” laughed Aerie as she kissed her on the forehead, “but you just went potty, and mama knows you won't need to go for a while. Nap time.”

Aerie called Eowyn and arranged for her to come watch the girls for a few hours later in the evening. She was grateful that her aunt was always willing to watch the girls. She knew Aerie could no longer risk hiring a babysitter, she only trusted family. Still, Aerie dreaded making the arrangement, for she was certainly not looking forward to the reason behind it.

She headed into her room to check on Calypso, and she stood there, watching the tiny infant sleep soundly. Watching the tiny chest rise & fall under the blanket as she slept peacefully. “For you” whispered Aerie, “I'm only able to do this for you and your sister...”

She took a deep, shaky breath as she took her cell out and held it silently. She knew she was in town, she always was this time of year. It took another five minutes for her to gather the courage to dial the number, hanging up before it could ring. “Get a hold of yourself Aerie” she whispered to herself, her hand still shaking, “you need to do this for your babies..”

She closed her eyes for a long moment, for the first time feeling genuine fear since she woke up in the strange house. She opened her eyes and looked at Calypso again, and pictured Meilin who was sleeping soundly in the next room. “Ok” she sighed as she dialed the number again. It needed to be done, but she knew that she wouldn't take what she had to say very well at all. Still, she needed to see her, she needed to meet and discuss it face-to-face. It has to be done, for the safety of her babies.  Despite not knowing how Ms. Wu would react...  

Until next chapter...


  1. Moving, yes good idea. And no, it is not running. She was right there - it is protecting.

    Can not wait to see what Ms. Wu has to say about all this, and wondering where Aerie and family will move to. Love the update.

    1. Aerie is a very prideful person, she would rather stand & fight for what she wants. But she is learning that it's not just about her, she's starting to learn how to put her babies first. Maternal instinct is starting to take over. Glad you liked it!

  2. Her decision to move cities must have been a very difficult one, but at the end of the day it boiled down to her little girls, it's really not just about her anymore, she's got two precious souls to think about. It's sad Claire can't come with her, but they are both grown women on two different paths. I have faith they'll be reunited at some point, after all they are family. Have I ever told you how much I love Lilith's personality?

    1. Agreed, the girls have become her top priority. Aerie's shifting into full "mommy mode" thanks to her maternal instincts kicking in. I would have liked Claire to go as well, but she's a borderline workaholic; her job is like a 2nd husband. Lol. I'm glad you like Lilith, she's one of my favorite neighbors for this family. No worries, you haven't seen the last of her. ;) Thanks for reading Val, it's always nice hearing your thoughts.


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