Gen IV Chapter 38 - Calypso

Authors Note: Slightly word heavy, my apologies for so few photos.  The situation just doesn't allow for very many, especially since I don't use any cheats or outside programs.  Which means no poser either.

Muffled words, Aerie strained to hear them but could not. She knew the person was panicking, and for a moment she managed to make out one line from the jumble of words. “Just stay with me.” She felt herself being moved and rolling on something, and for a moment she opened her eyes, everything was blurry. She managed to notice a giant cross on a building, and then nothing; just dreamless sleep.

The next time so opened her eyes she was groggy, numb, and in a little pain. She blinked a few times as a face came into focus. Big, green, (and quite worried) eyes glaring at her. “Claire..” she mumbled, her throat dry and voice faint.” “Don't talk Aerie, please” Claire whispered as she slowly propped the hospital bed upward to make her comfortable. “I have a lot to tell you, but you need to eat something first. You've been out cold for two days.”

It wasn't until she finished eating that she noticed, her eyes growing wide as she saw her much smaller and nearly flat belly. She felt a knot rise in her throat as she panicked, her breathing swift & shallow. She started to get out of the bed when Claire jumped up and forced her back down. “Aerie breath, calm down!” It hurt to talk yet she managed to force the words out. “My.. baby... where.. what-” “It's ok Aerie, the baby's alive.” “Alive..” Aerie mumbled as she felt herself relax a little. “She's in neonatal intensive care, but she's getting stronger by the day.”

“She?.. She..” Aerie repeated to herself. “Yes, it's a girl. You were under far too much stress and caused an Obstetrical Hemorrhage, sending you into early labor.” Claire's eyes started to water as her voice dropped to a whisper that Aerie could barely hear. “I thought I was going to lose both of you... Rest Aerie, we have you on a drip, and when you're safe to be released we'll allow you to go home. But as your sister, I'm not letting you leave until I think you're healthy enough.” Aerie raised her hand and gripped Claire's sleeve, “not.. not without her..” she uttered as her hand slipped back onto the bed, her eyes heavy again. A warm smile on Claire's face as she nodded, just before sleep took Aerie again.

The next time she woke Claire was waiting at her bedside with a clipboard. “Don't you ever sleep?” she mumbled at her sister, whom judging by the dark puffy circles under her eyes was clearly pushing herself. Claire laughed and nodded, “naps & caffeine work wonders, and before you freak out again, aunt Eowyn is watching Meilin so you have no need to worry. Now, before you ask me another question, I have an important one for you. We need a name, my co-workers and I can't keep calling her The Miracle Baby.” Claire started to laugh, which dropped very soon as she saw the expression on her sisters face.

“What do you mean miracle? Is something wrong? Did something happen?” Claire wasn't used to seeing worry on her sisters face and calmed her down before she began hyperventilating again. “She's fine Aerie. You were under a lot of stress, you were bleeding internally long before you began bleeding externally. We had to rush you into the OR while you were still unconscious.. We placed you on a drip and made sure you kept sleeping. We needed to perform an emergency cesarean section, and there was a lot of blood in the womb.. We call her miracle baby, because there was only a 30% chance of success at best. But she's here, she's breathing, and getting better every day.” Claire paused and grabbed a tissue and began dabbing, wiping away the tears that streaked down her sisters flushed cheeks.

“You've been through too much” she whispered, she's only a month early and she's recovering very quickly so she'll be ready to go home when you are. We're surprised at how quickly she stabilized, she's transferring out of neonatal intensive care this afternoon.  Now then, first things first, a name.” A long moment passed, Aerie closed her eyes and relaxed. Claire grew uncomfortable and checked her pulse before letting out a sigh in relief. If it weren't for the motion of Aeries chest moving up and down she would have thought she passed away. She was about to stand, thinking Aerie fell asleep when Aerie raised a hand and placed it on her chest. “Calypso.” “Calypso?” repeated Claire, smiling as Aerie nodded. “I thought you were into the whole Chinese thing” she laughed. Aerie opened her eyes and looked at her sister, “I don't need-” she paused to catch her breath, “I don't need any more reminders of him. I have plenty as it is.”

A long moment passed again as just talking seemed to take a lot out of her. “You remember... Greek mythology... Right?” Claire nodded, “I do. If I recall Calypso is the name of the nymph that held Odyssius for several years right?” Aerie nodded, her lip curved into a smile. “Yes.. Just as my daughter has captured me on the island called life. Though I think she'll keep me for a bit longer than several years.” She let out a soft laugh. “Calypso Ryuzaki” Claire repeated as she wrote on the clipboard. “I like it.”

Two weeks later Aerie was discharged on yet another strict medication from her sister. She stood at the doorway for a moment, letting her eyes readjust to the brightness. It had been a long time since she last had fresh air.

She placed Calypso in the stroller and walked slowly, watching the infant more than the sidewalk in front of her. She let out a small gasp as she noticed Calypso's tiny hands moving in front of her eyes. “Oh!” the whispered to herself as she drew the shade on the stroller. “I'm sorry, mama's been through a lot. I'll remember sooner next time.”

As she made her way to the taxi she smiled as Calypso seemed to be trying to take in her surroundings. “If I didn't know any better I'd think you liked being out here” Aerie thought to herself.

Her thoughts drifted to Meilin as the taxi rounded the corner to her house, it had been nearly a month since she'd seen her daughter. She missed her terribly, her arm cradling Calypso a little tighter. “You'll meet your sister soon” she whispered.

The door opened as she approached and she smiled as Eowyn held a finger to her lips. “She's sleeping” she whispered. Aerie mouthed a silent thank you as she headed to the kitchen. “Her name?” whispered Eowyn as she stared at the infant with eager eyes. “Her name is Calypso” whispered Aerie as she approached. “And I want you to know that I'm sorry.. For everything. I just-” “You don't need to apologize to me” interrupted Eowyn, “I can't imagine the stress you were under, and your emotions are not just your own when you're preggers.”

Aerie fought back the tears that were glossing her eyes as she nodded. “Here” she whispered as she motioned for Eowyn to hold Calypso. “May I? Really?” questioned Eowyn, it was obvious she wanted to holder from the moment she laid eyes on her. Aerie nodded, “It's time for me to feed her, I need to make a bottle.” Eowyn nodded and held her close, humming a soft tune that Aerie couldn't recognize.

When she returned with a bottle Aerie looked at Eowyn curiously. “You look like you've done this before” she said with a wry smile. Eowyn nodded as she handed Calypso over to be fed. “Yes..” she whispered as her eyes lowered. “A long, long time ago, I had a daughter..” Aerie could see the concern on her face, “I didn't know, is she ok?”

It didn't take 5 seconds for Aerie to regret bringing up the subject. It looked like someone had just broken Eowyn's heart all over again. “Last I saw her.. She was fine.. But I need to go, I'm sure you'll settle back in just fine. If you need anything just give me a call.” Before she could object Eowyn was past her and out of the door. But not before Aerie heard her sniffle as a tear streak down her cheek. Aerie then closed her eyes as she fed Calypso, wishing she hadn't brought up such a painful topic.

She then placed her in the crib placed in the entryway to the living room as the infant drifted off to sleep. “Night night Calypso, it's time I checked on your sister.”

After a much wanted shower Aerie made her way into Meilins room. “Mama!” Shrieked the toddler as soon as she laid eyes on her. “Hey sweetie!” Laughed Aerie as she scooped her up and held her for the first time in what seemed like years. “I've missed you” she whispered as she hugged her close. “You've gotten heavier” she teased as she tickled her. She could hear Calypso stirring over the baby monitor and sat Meilin down to feed her. “I'll be right back sweetie” she said, sitting Meilin down and giving her a pre-prepared bottle, courtesy of Eowyn.

The cries were very soft, and Aerie could barely hear them over the monitor. “Someone's a light sleeper” she whispered, cradling Calypso slowly as she ushered her back to sleep.”

As it was getting late Aerie headed upstairs and threw on her PJ's before swinging Meilin up onto her hip. “Let's go downstairs for a bit, I need to get your sister to bed.” She was exhausted, though not just from sleep alone. She had spent the entire day trying not to think of the possible danger and it was taking it's toll. It wasn't safe here, he could show up at anytime, and she knew it.

She smiled, slightly shocked at the sound of Meilins voice, though most of the words still made no sense. “Since when did she start singing to Spice?” she thought to herself. She was getting bigger and developing her own little personality. It pained Aerie to think of what else she might have missed during her roughly 3 weeks of hospitalization.

“There we go” she whispered as she lowered Calypso slowly into the crib next to her bed. “You'll be sleeping with mama.” Her eyes watered as she looked at the tiny face, the delicate features as the little eyes fluttered shut. The tiny chest rising up and down, as well as that baby smell she loved so much. “At least you don't look like him” she whispered as she made her way to her own bed. Laying on top of the blanket in thought for a while, recalling the phone call she received an hour ago. Lilith was back in town and had news for her, news she did not want to discuss over the phone. She made it known she would be stopping by tomorrow, and Eowyn was coming with her. Aerie's heart beat a little faster as she thought of the possibilities of what it could be. Whatever it was, she could only hope it was good news; and for the first time in months, she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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  1. :'D! Love this post. I do not know how I missed it though. Wonderful name, with a wonderful meaning, Calypso.

    It is sad to have reopened an apparent wound with Eowyn, but she did not know.

    1. I don't think you missed it, I just posted it roughly 12 hours ago. :) I'm glad you like her name & meaning. And it's true, Aerie didn't know, but I'm sure Eowyn doesn't blame her at all. Your comments are very welcome as always, thanks for reading!

  2. Meilin is the cutest thing ever! I love that shot of her playing with her imaginary friend. And yay for Calypso.

    1. Every time I turn around Meilin's playing with it, she won't even touch her other toys! I'm excited to see how they develop & grow. (I don't "peek" with CAS) Thanks for reading. :)


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