Gen IV Chapter 37 - Complications

Eowyn finished her phone call with Claire moments before the heard the door close. She enjoyed babysitting her neice (technically her grand-neice), though she wished it was under brighter circumstances. “Well? How was it?” she asked brightly, hoping for good news as Aerie trudged into the living room. Though Eowyn's smile quickly faded as she noticed Aerie's eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks tear-stained. “Aerie?” she called calmly, hoping for some sort of reaction, but nothing. She drug her feet as she walked right by her, ignoring both her aunt and her daughter as she curled up on the couch and fell fast asleep.

Aerie woke to the sound of Meilin singing. A small smile twitched on Aerie's face at the sight, her daughter knew some words, but none of what she was singing made since. It was cute enough to keep a smile on Aerie's face for about 30 seconds, which was a record these days. Aerie still couldn't figure out why the dolls name was Spice. Even after trying to explain that spice is something you cook with, Meilin always screamed for Spice when she took the doll to clean it.

What remained of her smile quickly shattered as she entered the bathroom, stopping in front of the mirror. She just stood there for a long moment, gazing at herself in silent disbelief. The appointment at the hospital confirmed her greatest fear, she was indeed pregnant. Her left hand still hurt from squeezing her grandmother Iris' hand as the results were read to her. She had no idea how long she sat in the chair next to her crying uncontrollably and soaking her grandmother's blouse.

Seeing her distress, the doctor tried to mention the option of abortion. Though she quickly regretted making such a suggestion. Though Iris tried to intervene she wasn't fast enough as Aerie jumped from the chair and slapped the doctor so hard she fell to the ground. Recalling the hurt in her own voice as she shouted “I would never murder my own child! How could you bring up such a thing!”

Iris had to take her to another room to keep her from kicking the poor doctor. Aerie could hear her grandmother apologizing to the poor woman and assured her that abortion was not an option. Another smile twitched on Aerie's face at the memory, her right hand still stung a little from it. She couldn't remember the last time she slapped anyone that hard.

She made a call to Claire asking if she could watch Meilin for about an hour. After she pulled in she stopped at the sight of her sister, “please don't ask, I'll tell you. Just not right now.. Please..” Her voice was shaky, and she was grateful that Claire didn't press her, she just nodded and headed inside to play with her neice.

Multiple thoughts stirred through her mind, and she found it difficult to focus on any single one of them. She was cried out, she couldn't cry even if she wanted to. She just wanted to get away, from Chun-Hao, Neverglade, everything.

Eowyn was waiting for her outside when she arrived, Aerie agreed to come and talk, though she didn't know what it could be about. “I'm glad you could make it” Greeted Eowyn with a smile, “come in come in.”

She had invited her wife Vira's older sister who worked in a hospital back in Bridgeport. Aerie merely glared at Eowyn in confusion. “I'm sorry Aerie, but you can't carry all of this on your shoulders alone. You don't have to ask, I'll tell you, as if you haven't already figured it out. I took it upon myself to tell Jodie what happened to you, she needed to know. We often spend time with each other because we share the same... Condition.”

“This is Rita, Vira suggested inviting her here to speak with you. Don't look at me like that Aerie, I am married you know, of course Vira knows about it. Who do you think kept me from snapping?” Aerie opened her mouth to speak but the doctor from Bridgeport stepped in front of her and interrupted.

“No need to fret Aerie, while I'm guessing whatever you two are talking about is unpleasant, rest assured that she didn't give me anything but the barest of details. Let me start by saying congratulations, and I can already tell by the way you're carrying that it's a girl, I'm sure of it. Now then-” “Why did you invite me here?” interrupted Aerie as she looked past the doctor as if she wasn't even there.

“Aerie she specializes in complicated pregnancies, she's here to give you tips-” “tips for what!?” Aerie shrieked, her voice cracking. Her heart was pounding and she was beyond pissed off already. “Aerie please, just calm down-” “Don't tell me to be calm! Tips!? What, should I have bent over and taken it willingly? Want to give me tips on spreading my legs more elegantly? Let someone drug & rape you in your sleep and see how calm you are about it! Then find your you're pregnant because of it!” The doctor stepped between her & Eowyn, her eyes focused on Aerie. “Aerie, listen.. You need to calm down for the baby. You are in a very high stress situation, it could endanger you as well as the-” The doctor didn't have time to finish, or to duck, as Aerie swung and landed a right cross straight to her mouth. “How's that for calm!?” she shouted as she slammed the door behind her.

Aerie refused to answer another call from Eowyn, and over the next few months refused to socialize with pretty much anyone. Lilith was overseas with work, she refused to speak to her grandmother since she was almost always with Eowyn these days. Claire was really the only one she could talk to, but her recent promotion at the hospital made her nearly impossible to visit. So she spent most of her outings at the grocery store, since she was constantly dealing with cravings.

At home things were not much better, Meilin had started her terrible two's and was quickly making that term an understatement. Aerie already had a lot on her plate, and Meilin was just as stubborn as she was. It made the term “miserable” seem too light.

As months rolled on and she entered her 3rd trimester, ironically enough Meilin seemed to be her saving grace. It was as if she understood that her mother was hurt in more ways than one. Their time together became Aerie's only chance to smile. But the constant kicking and back pains often took that away. The migraines that came later nearly hospitalized her.

As she put Meilin down for her afternoon nap her cell rang. “Yes, yes Claire I know. I haven't forgotten my afternoon appointment. I know!” Aerie could feel herself getting agitated again, her heart was beating hard, and she could feel another migraine starting up. “Look, I'm coming ok!? I'm going to walk so I can calm down. I don't want to drive! I need some time to chill out ok!? The babysitter's here, I'll see you in an hour!”

She chucked the cellphone into her purse harder than she should have and paced the room a few times before waving a silent hello/goodbye at the babysitter and slammed the door on her way out. It didn't take long for her to regret choosing to walk to the hospital. Though it wasn't a matter of distance, but of patience and stress. It was too hot outside, she was already irritated before Claire called, and her constant worrying only pissed her off even further.

“I'm not a child for simgods sake!” she hissed to herself. She was already halfway there when her migraine started pounding. “Great, just fucking great!” she growled out loud. Her steps became heavy but firm, and she could feel her heart about to burst through her chest. “Why can't I just have a normal fucking life!” she muttered through gritted teeth. Her pace quickened for a moment, until she nearly tripped on the curb as she crossed the street.

“I need to just breath” she reminded herself, holding a hand to her head as she slowed down catch her breath. “Why am I.. even.. breathing hard?” She stopped for a moment and placed a hand on her heart. It was beating furiously, “too fast” she thought, and a hint of fear mixed in with her irritation. She walked slowly, very slowly, trying to calm down.

“Why is it so hard to breath?” she thought to herself before she stumbled; taking all of her strength to control her fall. Making sure to fall on her back instead of forward toward the street on her stomach. “Just.. breath” she told herself over and over as she tried to get up. Staring at the blue cloudy sky as she fell back again, losing focus until everything was blurry and faded to black. The last thing she heard was the screeching of tires and someone panicking, screaming her name.


  1. Oh no! I hope she is okay! Yes this is a highly stressful situation, truly. I do hope everything works out for the best <3 Can't wait for the next update.

    1. The mess she's going through with Chun-Hao, being violated, impregnated, AND mothers death all at once? Yes, this is about as stressful as it gets. No worries, the update should be posted before the weekend. ;)

  2. Like Sim Girl said I really hope she'll be fine. Things are so rough on her right now, I'm surprised she held herself together for so long. She really needs a friend, someone she can count on, all this is too much her to carry on her own.

    Wonderfully executed as always.

    1. She really does need a support. While Meilin can put a smile on her face, she needs more than that. Wounds will heal in time, but there are some things she just can't handle alone. One way or another, time will move on, and I'm sure she will make the best of it. :)

      Thanks for reading!


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