Gen IV Chapter 35 - Victim

Warning: Contains nudity, adult content & strong adult language.

She stirred, groaning with discomfort long before she opened her eyes. “Warm” she thought, “how am I warm?” Moments later her eyes opened, slowly, as if they weighed a ton.

Then she remembered, for a moment her eyes grew wide as she sat straight up in the bed. Though the pain quickly caused her to slow her pace. “This is worse than a hangover” she mumbled to herself, trying not to stand up too quickly. It took a few more moments before it hit her, coming in short flashes at first, but soon hitting her in full force. “Where the hell am I!?” she whispered sharply to herself.

She stood up slowly, her legs wobbly and unsure of themselves. “Where the hell?” she whispered to herself again. She stopped and listened, the house was silent, too silent. “Whoever brought me here is long gone..”

She walked slowly through each room trying to find an exit, all while straining to remember what happened. “I never hit the ground” thought Aerie as she recalled her last sip of the drugged beverage.

“Something smells familiar” she thought as she opened the door to a bathroom, looking about for any clues. Then a flash hit her, a hand; a hand feeding her and forcing down water. As she strained to remember her body ached badly then she remembered the hand again, it was his hand! “Chun-Hao!” she said in a loud whisper, her throat dry & itching.

That's when she realized the familiar smell, like a spice of some sort. His smell, she would remember it anywhere. Aerie's eyes began to water, hot tears welling as she realized it wasn't just his smell she noticed, but sex. The smell of it was strong as it lingered from the room with the bed into the bathroom.

Aerie's legs gave out as she hit the floor. “Fuck” she said with a cracked voice, now turning into sobs. Realizing now why her body hurt so much, “it's not my fucking period” she said in a cracked voice, sliding a finger in to verify. “Fuck.. fuck..” she sobbed, she was sore; very sore. It hurt badly just sliding the single finger in, and there was a substance there as she pulled it out. Not blood, but remnants of semen.

Before she could even say it aloud Aerie stood up and bolted for the nearby toilet, vomiting food she didn't even remember eating. Her stomach emptying itself at the mere thought of what went on while she was unconscious. “He drugged & fucked me” she gurgled out loud before vomiting again. Droplets from her tears joining her stomach bile as she hovered over the toilet. Breaking down and holding on to the toilet in tears, crying as quietly as she could manage in case he was still in the house.

There was no sense of time to be had, unsure whether her tears were of anger or sadness she stood again once her stomach was thoroughly empty. She washed out her mouth with water and washed her face. She stood and looked around the bathroom. “Where the hell is this house? How long have I been here?”

She then stared at herself in the mirror. “The hell am I wearing?” she thought as she looked at the underwear & bra. “How did he-” She cut herself off as she ran to the toilet again, dry heaving until stomach acid burned her throat on it's way out of her mouth and into the toilet. She knew how, though her nausea grew worse as she thought about it. “He would have had to strip me and dress me.. Meilin!” she said aloud, “oh simgods! Fuck!”

Not knowing how long she had been in the house she frantically searched for an exit. “How big is this damn place!?” she hissed, opening a door to what looked like a patio. It was dark out and the wind had a chill to it. As she looked out she saw nothing but trees and a pond. “Please be ok” she whispered aloud, the first prayer she had said in her life. Stepping down the patio to search for a nearby road, hoping she was still in Neverglade.

The yard was not as large as it originally seemed and she could see a road. Not just any road, but one she recognized. “I'm only 20 minutes from my home?” She shivered, a chill ran up her spine; “how long has he been this close?” She kept her feet moving as she kept praying, “please be safe, mama's coming home.”

She stuck to the side roads to avoid being seen running through town in underwear, a massive sigh of relief hit her when she turned on her street to see her home with it's lights on. “Oh thank god someone's there!” Her heart began to race as she approached the driveway. She looked around and noticed the babysitters car was gone. Her heart skipped a beat, thinking what she would do if Chun-Hao had already paid Meilin a visit. The thoughts quickly passed as she recognized Lilith's car in the driveway.

She burst in the door, her eyes frantically looking for Meilin, the dining room was empty. “Where the fuck have you been!?” questioned Lilith, who was clearly pissed. “What have you been-” “Where's Meilin?” interruped Aerie, “is she ok? Tell me she's ok! Damn it Lilith tell me my baby's-” “She's fine” replied Lilith, she's sleeping in her room.

Aerie nearly dropped to her knees, “thank the simgods, oh.. oh thank you...” she barely managed to keep standing, wobbly, holding her heart just to make sure it was still beating. Trying to wipe away the tears that flooded her cheeks.

After a short moment Lilith pressed her again, “care to tell me what the fuck you've been doing!? Where were you!? What-” Her words were cut off as Aerie ran and held her tightly, not saying a word. Unable to form a single word as she cried hard, gasping for breath between cries and dousing Lilith's shirt in tears. Lilith could only stand there, stunned and speechless.

After a while Lilith tried to speak to her, but to no avail. She didn't think it possible for a person to cry so hard, Aerie's tears never ran dry. She tried to question her again, softly, but Aerie just shook her head slowly her cries growing quieter as she struggled to breath between them.

When it seemed like Aerie was all cried out but still struggling to breath Lilith stroked her head slowly. “Shhh... Aerie” she said in as soft a voice as she could manage. “Aerie what happened? Take your time, but please, tell me what happened to you.”

It took a long moment, but Aerie hesitantly let go, struggling to control her sobs. “It's ok Aerie, you're safe, whatever happened won't happen again. Please, tell me what happened, you're safe now.” “-hao” she replied, her voice all but gone, a shaky whisper the best she could manage.

Lilith stood closer and focused to hear as Aerie tried again. “-hao, Chun-hao.” Lilith almost pounced on her for details, but bit her lip to keep from speaking. She had never seen her best friend like this, a total wreck, her eyes bloodshot and weary. No matter how hard she glared at her, Aerie refused to make eye contact. Focusing on the floor instead. She stood patiently, giving Aerie time to finish what she was trying to say. “Chun-How... I was drugged... drugged and ra-... rap.. raped...”

Liliths mouth hung open for a moment but she quickly gathered herself in time to catch Aerie as she nearly fell to the floor. Fresh tears welling up as she managed to say it. Before Lilith could get a word out Aerie quickly cupped her mouth with her hand and ran for the bathroom, vomiting more stomach acid.

“Stay in there until you feel well enough to stand” whispered Lilith from the door. “Drink some water and meet me in the den when you think you've thrown up enough.” Her voice was low, soft, and she chose her words very carefully. She didn't even want to repeat what Aerie said to confirm, it would only send her best friend to dry heaving and vomiting again. Instead she sat at the PC in the den and began searching for anything and everything on Chun-Hao. “That sick bastard is going to pay” she whispered to herself. The very idea of what Aerie told her made her nauseous.

As she heard the footsteps approach Lilith turned her head a bit without taking her eyes off the screen. “Talk, you know I'm listening.” “What do I do?” started Aerie, her voice still broken and cracking, “he could have killed me.. I got your text message about changing the location to the Wraith. I had a drink while I waited... The bartender gave me one on the house from the owner I think... But it was drugged.. All I remember is the room going black and waking up in some house, my body aches from … From...” Her words trailed off into sobs again, but Lilith turned to look at her. “Aerie, I can't imagine how hard this is, but you need to tell me as much detail as you can. I never sent you any text message about a changed rendezvous.” Lilith paused and let out a sigh, “the fucker hacked my cell's line. I'll be changing it today, that explains why you never showed up at Axis Radius. Still, I need as much detail as you can give me.”

“Details!?” Aerie shrieked, her voice cracking badly, and Lilith was sure it hurt her to yell. “What details do I fucking have!?” Lilith could see Aerie was still in shock, her breathing was erratic at best, and despite her obvious anger tears kept rolling down her cheeks. “I don't have any fucking details Lilith! I was drugged, he fucked me who knows how many times!  I wasn't even conscious so how the hell can I have details! I wake up dressed like some skank and I'm so fucking sore I'm probably going to cry when I take a piss!”

“Aerie! Please!” pleaded Lilith in a harsh whisper. “Meilin is sleeping remember? I know you don't want to wake her so she can hear this. I'm pissed too but I have to ask! You know that..” Lilith stopped talking, it pained her to see her best friend like this. She had many questions but kept them to herself. Aerie was seething with anger.

“How many days?” whispered Aerie, her voice shaky. “Look at me Aerie. Aerie, look at me.” Lilith knew she needed to calm her down before she did something too crazy, but her pleas were ignored, Aerie's eyes remained away from hers, but were focused on something distant as she asked again. “How many days Lilith?” “Aerie, I-” “How.. many.. fucking... days!?”

Lilith looked to see Aerie was shaking, her lips quivered as she struggled to wait for an answer. Taking a deep sigh Lilith closed her eyes. “Three days... You've been gone for three days Aerie.” There was no verbal response, just a fresh stream of tears followed by silence.

“I stopped by to check on you when you didn't arrive, I waited for two hours. I thought something was up since you never replied to my messages and your phone was off when I tried to call. I showed up to find a pissed off babysitter. When she told me you left hours ago I knew something happened, I just didn't know what. I told the sitter to go and I've been here ever since. I swear to the simgods, one more day and I would have called Ms. Wu.”

Aerie closed her eyes for a moment, a hard scowl formed on her mouth. Despite her anger the tears just wouldn't stop. “Find him.. I'm going to find that son-of-a-bitch, I'm going to kill him myself.”

It took all Lilith had to keep from protesting, she knew full well that despite the cracking voice and tear stained cheeks, her best friend was dead serious. “Go shower Aerie” whispered Lilith, almost to herself. “The sun will be coming up soon, and I'm sure you... feel dirty. Besides, you're shaking. You can't take very good care of Meilin if you get sick.

Aerie nodded quietly, not because of the possibility of getting sick, but because she wanted out of those clothes. The underwear with the sickening memory. As the hot water ran over her body Aerie scrubbed. Though not as hard in some areas, she couldn't. She scrubbed at her legs, her arms and breasts. She noticed hicky's on her nipples, causing her to scrub harder.

This continued on for an hour, but it was never enough. She could still feel him, and it made her sick.
She finally gave in as the thoughts of what he did to her crept back in her mind. She covered her face to muffle her cries, her tears mixing with the water as she cried silently..

Until next chapter...


  1. Wooooooooooooooow.... That was quite an episode that she went through. I wonder if a baby will come of this. Also when they will confront one another, what will happen.

    1. Traumatizing to say the least. I don't know what might happen if they meet, but I'm sure another baby is the last thing on her mind right now. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Just started reading this, poor Aerie. I have a lot of back tracking to do but very much enjoyed this chapter, i gotta go back though so it will all make sense, may take me a while, will comment as i read, good stuff...edenz~

    1. Thank you & welcome! I hope you enjoy it.

  3. This was just heartbreaking. I don't see any other explanation or how it can't be true, but I so want Chun-Hao not to have raped her, I so want this to be a horrible nightmare she'll soon awaken from. If it's not a nightmare, and he did rape her, I don't know what Aerie will ever tell Meilin about her father. Great, emotive writing. A powerful chapter!

    1. I'm sure Aerie's hoping for the same thing, she hasn't even had time to properly mourn Iris yet. There's no telling what she'll do when Meilin get's old enough to ask such a question. Thanks for the comments Valpre, they're always welcome!


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