Gen IV Chapter 34 - The Call

Warning: Contains brief nudity, adult content, adult language.

Authors Note: This was originally intended to be 2 chapters, but as I could not find a suitable place to split them, I decided to publish it as one.  May be longer than usual.  

Months have passed since the day Iris spotted the young man at the window. Aerie had rushed home only to find him gone without a trace, and realizing she was wearing her panic all over her face, knew full well she needed to sit her mom down for another talk. Explaining, while leaving out the illegal parts, that in short, the man she saw at the window was Meilin's father.

“Not a single sign since then” she thought to herself as she exhaled, letting the warm water run over her body. Taking in the warmth from the outside in. After collecting her thoughts she finished her shower and headed downstairs with a smile, “I can't believe she's already a year old today..”

She didn't invite anyone, Iris explained how Claire did the same thing, explaining how the first birthday was very special and oped out of inviting guests. So Iris & Aerie cheered loudly enough for a group of people. They were all so excited that Aerie did not notice when Iris stopped cheering, continuing to cheer for her daughter.

“Mama?” Gurgled Meilin, “mama good?” she said pointing at the cake. Aerie's eyes grew wide as her big smile somehow managed to get bigger. “You hear that mom!? She said it! She said mama!” Aerie cheered, beside herself with pride. “That's right sweety, mama! Yes it's good.” Silently Iris smiled as she clutched her chest, hearing her granddaughter speak for the first & last time.

There wasn't a prouder mother within miles, “see that mom? She's already learning to talk! She's going to be a smart one, just like her mother. Ha!” After a moment of extreme pride Aerie realized Meilin stopped talking. She glanced down to see what her daughter was up to, “what's wrong sweety? Say Mama, what are you-” She cut herself off and her eyes widened, “what's wrong sweety?”

Aerie rushed to the high chair and picked up Meilin who seemed absolutely terrified. “Sweety what's wrong? Tell mama, do you hurt?” Aerie was starting to panic, Meilin was shaking badly and her eyes were so wide it almost seemed unnatural. “Meilin what are you glaring at?” “mama.. Mama! Mama!” Aerie realized that not once had Meilin stopped to look at her. “What are you so scared of?” Aerie turned to see her mother Iris face-first on the floor and not moving. “Oh shit! Mom!” She set Meilin down, almost dropping her from shock, and running to assist Iris. Though despite her efforts, would not start breathing, and no pulse ever returned.

The next few days were a blur, Aerie simply ran on “auto-pilot” taking care of Meilin as well as her own basic needs. It was confirmed that she passed away due to heart failure, but despite her passing at a very old age, it still hurt more than she thought possible. Sitting in the kitchen staring blankly her mind wandered between Iris and Meilin. “She watched it.. Only a year old and she watched her grandmother die a few feet from her...” Fresh tears poured down her flushed cheeks as the sight of her terrified daughter came to mind again. “No child should ever have to see that...”

Aerie would often peek to check on Meilin, who didn't seem as if she was still shaken. She was always playing quietly with her doll. “Too quietly” Aerie thought to herself as she headed to the bathroom so Meilin wouldn't hear.

She managed to get to the bathroom and closed the door just as the hot tears began to fall again. “Damn it... damn it, damn it, damn it!” Falling to her knees and trying to breath through her silent cries. Eventually managing to climb to her feet, hunched over as she felt her chest. “It hurts” she whispered, “why? Why me? Why my baby? She should never have seen something like that, she hasn't spoken a word since!” The tears seemed to refresh themselves and pour all over again at the fact Meilin had not spoken a single word since that day.

After a few more minutes she managed to calm herself down, staring out one of the bathroom windows. “Well dad, she's finally with you again, she never loved another. At least you two can be together again.. I miss you both so much...” She felt fresh sobs and a few sniffles later she headed out to feed Meilin.

Things lightened a bit a couple of weeks later, and eventually Meilin spoke again. It wasn't often, but Aerie was just glad to hear her daughter talking again. “This is backwards” Aerie laughed to herself, “I'm supposed to be your support” she said to Meilin, though meant for herself, “but instead you've become my rock!”

Meilin just looked at her, “I know sweety, you don't get it but mama does.” She finished dressing Meilin and she gasped “what's that?” Meilin knew that look and she stood dazed, her mouth open, preparing for the dreaded claw to attack her again.

Fresh giggles spilled through the room as the claw attacked, more for Aerie than it was for Meilin. “Your smiles and laughs are the only thing keeping me together” she whispered to herself.

Once the claw retreated Aerie kissed her on the cheek, “let's get some breakfast.” “Nana?” questioned Meilin, “banana?” corrected Aerie as a question, “uh-uh, Nana!” shouted Meilin with excitement.

“Ok, ok, I'll open a jar of nana's for you" replied Aerie.  Meilin could be stubborn when she really wanted to.

As she sat Meilin in her high chair, Aerie's cell went off as she was heading to the fridge for the jar of Herber Bananas. “Unknown number?” she let out a sigh as she answered it, “Lilith, you're going to get your ass chewed if you keep calling me during work, what are-” “This is not Lilith” answered a familiar voice, cutting her off. Aerie stopped dead in her tracks. Her smile dropped instantly.

“Chun-Hao! How did you-” “I can't believe you! How can you betray me like this!?” he interrupted. “What are you talking about?” questioned Aerie cautiously, “I never-” “You think I can't see you with that fucking kid? Yeah, I see you. Kid's playing in the high chair with you grabbing her some grub right?”

“He's outside..” she thought to herself, taking a step back to turn on her heel to catch sight of him. “DON'T even think of turning around” he said though what sounded like gritted teeth. “You wouldn't want anything to happen to that kid of yours.” Aerie froze, “Chun-Hao, she's!-” “You think I care if it's a kid? I'm pretty sure that window isn't bulletproof, thank the simgods for silencers, heh, it would be all to easy.” Aerie felt her heart skip a few beats, the taste of vomit swelled into her mouth. Her feet felt bolted to the floor, refusing to twitch, lest he do something to Meilin thinking she was turning.

“Much better love, So who was it? A friend? Some local you fucked when you left China? No, you know what, it doesn't matter. I loved you Aerie, and you went and fucked it up! Just had to go spread your legs somewhere else didn't you? Thought I wouldn't find you? I came here to be together with you just to find you with a baby!

Playing house like not a damn think happened between us! I'll find him, and when I do I'll take care of him. Oh yes. You listen, and you listen well you unfaithful bitch. I will have you again, and you will love me. I know where you live, and I know where the kid sleeps. If you even think of running off with that kids fuck-up of a father, I'll slit both their throats, got me? Now I'm going to hang up this phone. When I do I want you to count to 10, slowly before you turn around. Don't jump the gun, I would not risk that, I'm pretty accurate from a distance. Especially on a pretty little target that's stuck in a high chair.

After the phone clicked and the line went dead Aerie just stood there in silence. Not even counting to 10, not counting at all. She glared into nothing, her eyes wide, warm tears streaming all over again. Nausea crept from her stomach to her throat, yet her feet remained very still, despite a few minutes passing. She didn't want to risk it, and for the first time in years, she was genuinely terrified. Not for herself, but for her daughter.

After roughly 5 minutes had passed she turned slowly, very slowly, to see Meilin looking at her curiously, completely oblivious to the fact her very life was threatened moments ago.

After looking out the windows and not seeing a trace of him Aerie's legs gave in as she cried. “Mama? Mama tummy hurt?” called Meilin from her highchair. “Yes sweety, mama's tummy really hurts” she said between sobs.

Aerie made a quick bottle and set in on the highchair, “no nanas?” questioned Meilin, sounding disappointed for a moment. “No nanas” replied Aerie flatly, still trying to regain her composure. But it was pointless, she was shaken. She turned and glanced at her daughter again, “no no Meilin, don't do that. It will burn your eyes, remember last time?” Meilin ignored her, trying to stare into her bottle anyway.

Hands still shaking she called Lilith, only to get her voicemail. She hung up and dialed again, and again, and again still; until Lilith answered. “What the hell is it Aerie?” questioned Lilith, can't I get laid in peace-” “Get dressed, we need to talk.”

HE was just here, and threatened to kill Meilin... I couldn't do anything-” Fresh sobs & tears caused Aerie's words to cut off in what sounded like a choke.  “Holy fuck...” gasped Lilith, after a few moments, “I'll meet you at the usual place in an hour.”

Aerie called a babysitter and picked up Meilin to take her to her room for her usual nap. She stared at her daughter for a long moment. “Don't worry baby, mama's right here” she whispered, “I'll never let him touch you, ever. I will always protect you, I'll kill that son-of-a-bitch first.” Tears swelled all over again at the mere thought of her daughter being hurt.

While doing her best to keep a straight face, Aerie could feel herself slipping into sobs again. “What would you do dad? How would you handle this?  I could use a little help here damn it..”

Back in Meilin's room she changed her into her pj's, though the toddler seemed to fight it. “You know it's naptime, come now, don't fight me today; not now."

“Mama out?” she said softly, “yes sweety, mama's going to go out but I will be back very soon.” She kissed her on the forehead and left to get dressed.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes Aerie could hear Meilin calling for her. “She's really not ready for a nap” Aerie thought to herself as she let out a sigh, “I'm not up for fighting with her today.”

She stopped inside Meilin's room and picked her up, “just this once, but tomorrow you're taking a nap.” She changed her and brought her downstairs as the babysitters car pulled into the driveway.

She handed her a bottle to tide her over, “now you be a good girl for mama ok? I'll be back very soon.” Meilin simply nodded as she started on her bottle.

Just as the babysitter opened the door Aerie's cell buzzed with a text-message from Lilith. “Too much heat at the usual place, meet at The Wraith instead.” “The wraith?” sighed Aerie, “we've never gone there for business, but it can't be helped.”

“I'll be back in about an hour, no longer than two” she called to the babysitter as she headed for the door. “You got it Ms. Ryuzaki.”

As she stepped inside she scanned the place for Lilith, “not here yet? Come on Lilith this is important..”

She made herself comfortable at the bar, “I'll take a double-screwdriver, no rocks.”

“That rough of a day miss?” said the bartender with a laugh, though he fell silent and started cleaning glasses, not expecting a reply.

She kept her eyes on the front doors as people came & went, but still no Lilith. “The hell is taking her so long? This isn't like her.”

“This one's on the house, courtesy of the owner” said the bartender with a smile. “Thanks” Aerie replied, giving the best smile she could manage. It wasn't the first time a bartender used that excuse to hit on her, but this one was far to old to even consider flirting with.

It had a bit more tart to it than she expected. By the time it was halfway finished her eyes were heavy. Too heavy... Her arms felt heavy, and the room was growing dim & blurry. “Shit, what did you put.. in my...” But it was too late, the laced drink had taken it's toll. Aerie fell back off of the barstool as the room went black..

Until the next chapter...


  1. Damn!

    I.. wow.. Yeah and by the way that was not long lol I did not want it to stop there are you kidding?

    SO he does not know then? Hmm okay well I wonder what will happen when he does find out. I do hope Aerie is going to be alright, as well as Meilin! She has been left alone with that babysitter for goodness knows how long! ... When is the next update?!?

    Lilith... I hope she is okay, but it makes me wonder if she was part of the scheme...

    1. No, he has no idea. I can't say how long Aerie will be gone (if she's even alive for that matter) but I can say more than 2 hours will pass... It won't be long until the next update. Photos are already taken, just working on the written portion now. Will definitely be up before the weekend. :)

  2. I can't believe Iris died and on her granddaughter's birthday too. It's so sad. I wonder what Chun-Hao will do and say when he realizes the child whose life he was threatening is his own flesh and blood.

    This was a great chapter and I'm looking forward to more.

    1. I was thoroughly shocked as well! No sooner had they blown out the candles, Iris died. That was terrible timing. I'm sure he will have quite the reaction, thank you again. Comments are always appreciated. ^_^

  3. I just reread this, and realised that I did not put in my comment before how sad I was to see Iris pass. That was shocking! It is pretty upsetting that Meilin witnessed it. I am glad she started talking again, and yes I am sure that she is a steady rock for Aerie.


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