Gen IV Chapter 33 - The Visit

As Aerie slept Iris took Meilin downstairs, loving the giggles of the infant as she played. “It's been so long since I've held one as small as you I almost forgot how it felt” laughed Iris as she put Meilin in the living room's crib while she prepared breakfast.

While she was content for about 15 minutes, it didn't take long for the infant to realize she was alone, and she made sure to voice her opinion about it. Her tiny cries verifying her need for someone to be nearby.

Mere moments later Aerie was downstairs, fully clothed, and playing with Meilin. Her cries turning to laughter. “You're going to spoil her” called Iris from the kitchen, “you can't always pick her up the moment she-” “I thought it was the grandparents job to spoil her” interrupted Aerie. Laughing as she gave Meilin's tiny belly a kiss, the giggles spurting from the infant as Aerie's hair tickled her nose.

After breakfast and a bottle for Meilin, the two headed for a stroll to the nearby park. Though they ended up being out & about for most of the day. Aerie laying Meilin down for a nap when they returned later in the afternoon.

As the sun set Aerie answered the familiar knock on the door to see a face she hadn't seen in months. “Lilith!” she shouted as quietly as she could, thoroughly shocked, “where the hell have you been!?” “Work stuff, I can't say, can I come in?” “Of course!” whispered Aerie, urging Lilith to step inside.

As they stepped inside Lilith tapped Aerie on the shoulder, “why are you being so quiet” she whispered. “Is your mom sick and sleeping or something?” Moments later a small cry came from the living room, Aerie let out a sigh, “guess I wasn't quiet enough. That answer your question?”

Liliths eyes grew so wide Aerie thought they'd pop out, “you're babysitting!?” Aerie laughed, shaking it off, “hell no, you know me better than that.” She stepped into the living room and picked up Meilin, playing with her a bit. “Meilin, wanna meat auntie Lilith?”

The tiny giggles turned to shrieks of joy as Aerie blew on her little belly. “Auntie?” questioned Lilith, “Aerie? Is that?-” “Yeah” Aerie interrupted, “it's my daughter, Meilin.” Before Lilith could find the words for her mouth which was now gaping open, completely dumbfounded, Aerie continued. “You've been gone for months Lilith, 11 months. Shit happened.”

Lilith cracked her knuckles and let out a shaky sigh, “I'd never believe it. If I didn't see you here with the kid with my own eyes I'd never believe it.” “Tell me about it, but I love her, despite the lack of sleep, among other things.” “Enough of that, who is-” “sit” said Aerie flatly, cutting off the question she was expecting the moment Lilith saw Meilin. I'm not happy about it, I hate thinking about it, but before I tell you, know that he disappeared long before I knew I was pregnant.”

Aerie spent the next half hour cradling Meilin & snuggling her as she explained everything to Lilith. Though making sure to leave out the part about his possible connection to murdering Lu. Even if she was her BFF, Aerie didn't want to risk intel getting back to the family from anyone other than herself.

Once she finished Lilith shot up, “want me to break his legs? We can find him Aerie, you're the tech person here but I can do some searching my own way. I can leave him conscious so you can-” “Lilith” Aerie shook her head while waving her off. I don't want you do do that.

“And why the hell not!?” Lilith hissed, throwing her hands up in frustration. “Aerie, he used you! You were played! He wanted in your panties, got what he wanted and bolted!”

Aerie closed her eyes for a moment and let out a long sigh. She glanced down at Meilin who looked ready to resume her interrupted nap and turned to place her in the crib. “It's not like that Lilith” continued Aerie, not breaking her gaze on Meilin. “Shit happened, serious shit. So serious I can't tell you all of it, not yet anyway. I still need to figure some stuff out. He was accused of something big and most likely left to avoid getting caught up in something he didn't do. Well, something I pray he didn't do... We had a real connection Lilith, we both have a past, but I want to believe he's innocent with this one. He didn't even know I was pregnant, if I can just find him and contact him...”

Clearly Irritated Lilith took her leave, but not before drilling Aerie for a name. “Chun-Hao” sighed Aerie, not giving his last name. After Lilith left Aerie headed upstairs for some sleep, but after an hour of tossing & turning she crawled out of bed in a terrible mood.

“Oh dear, I know that face” Iris said with a frown and look of worry. “What happened hun?” “Life” replied Aerie as she made a cup of tea. “It's nothing big mom, don't worry about it.”

Iris followed Aerie back to her seat, “are you sure it's nothing?” her face said it all, she was worried. “Really mom, I'm just tired & can't sleep, I'll deal with it.”

“Ok Aerie, but if you ever feel like talking about it I'll be right here.” She turned and smiled as she headed to wash the dishes.

The dishwasher began an unfamiliar clanking noise, followed by Iris cursing under her breath. Aerie stood to go see what the issue was but Iris was already taking it apart, fiddling with the dishwasher. “Mom, that's not safe, just let me call the-” “oh nonsense” interrupted Iris, “I've unplugged the thing Aerie, I'm old but I'm not useless, I can figure something like this out.” Aerie shook her head and headed upstairs. “Stubborn as ever” she whispered. “I heard that!” snapped Iris from downstairs, causing Aerie to laugh. “Damn she hasn't changed at all.”

Aerie woke for what she now knew as 2nd breakfast, Meilin's appetite was increasing as she grew and Aerie was now used to giving her a bottle, getting 2 hours of sleep, and then giving her the second. “Can I sleep now? She laughed, if you're not going to pee or poop now, give me a few hours will ya?” She said with a smile.

Aerie tossed and turned but felt restless, something was off, she didn't know what but it felt like she could feel a pair of eyes glaring at her. “Impossible, I'm on the 2nd story” she thought to herself. After a few more minutes the feeling increased, so much so that she turned sharply, as fast as she could at her window, hoping to catch whatever was giving her the feeling of being watched. Only to see nothing in the empty window. Just a sunrise, and nothing more.

Moments later Meilin started to cry, and Aerie started to get out of bed. “Just couldn't hold it could you?” she laughed, just as Iris stepped inside to see to the crying infant.

“I've got her Aerie, you can go ahead and get some more rest. I know you had trouble sleeping.”

“Thanks mom, I'll take you up on the offer this time, but I can't go to sleep. I have a few errands to run, can you keep an eye on her for me?” “Of course, I planned on stealing her from you for an hour or two anyway.”

As Aerie showered and headed out the door Iris held Meilin close, “don't worry sweetie, grandma Iris is going to spoil you every chance I get.”

About 45 minutes later Iris called Aerie, “Aerie? Sweety were you expecting company?” “No?” “Well there's a handsome young man here it seems, I'm guessing it's one of your friends from China?” There was a long pause before Aerie asked, “who is it? I'm not expecting anyone.” “I don't know” replied Iris, “he hasn't even come up to the door yet, but he's looking through a window to see if you're home I think? Is that a custom over there?” She said with a laugh.

“Mom, this is serious, they don't do that there, what did he look like?” “Oh he's a handsome one, he's in one of those outfits they wear over there in China, a black one with red trim. He has dark hair but it looks like he dyed the tips red.”

Aerie felt her hear stop for a few moments, “mom is he still there!?” she shrieked, losing her composure. “This is very important!” A small smile played on Iris' face, “is this a special someone?” “mom!” shouted Aerie, losing all politeness in her tone.

Realizing her daughters sense of urgency Iris headed to the window, “oh... Oh my he's gone Aerie. I don't see him anywhere, my goodness he's fast, he was just here...”

Until next chapter...


  1. Oh wow! HMMMM he has come around again yeah? I wonder if he heard the news somehow? Lilith was pretty shocked. I know that Aerie hopes that he is innocent... but all signs point the other way.

    Oh and I just LOVE her slippers xD! SO cute. When Aerie mentioned that it was dangerous to fix the dishwasher I got nervous. I have had so many electrocutions! I am glad it went well.

    1. Oh he's around, that's for sure. I already have the photos for the next 2 or 3 chapters, so it's just the writing that I need to catch up on. Lilith was gone for a while so she was definitely shocked. I love her slippers too! :3

      The dishwasher made me paranoid, if something unexpected happens to a sim I never load the game, I just let it happen. So I was relieved to see Iris finish fixing it ok. The wait for the next chapter shouldn't be as long. :)

  2. Eager for the next chapter. Mama Bear Aerie will be an interesting character. I can practically feel her fierceness through your writing.

    1. Shouldn't be long, photos are already taken, just working on the written portion. :)

  3. Kmsim15

    Nice chapter, I like how it ended in such suspense. But Im afraid for Iris, I hope that he doesnt hurt her to get the baby.

  4. I think you are having too much fun with these cliff hangers. Bad, bad, you! Hurry up with the next update already. I can't wait to see Aerie's reaction when she finally comes face to face with Chun-Ho. It's gonna be EPIC!

    1. Thanks Valpre! lol. Oh things are going to be... Interesting. ;) Wrapping up the written, should be finished in the next day or two. We'll see.


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