Gen IV Chapter 31 - Shaken

“How did everything turn out like this?” Aerie whispered to herself as she stared at the bright blue sky, feeling the cool breeze kiss her face and flow through her hair. “What am I going to do now? I don't even know what to do.” She could feel her eyes start to water as she took in a shaky breath, staring once again at the sky. “Would you be mad at me dad? I've made some pretty stupid decisions you know. Would you be proud of me?” Her words seemed to leave her as she sniffled, wiping her tears away. “Damn it I miss you so much..”

Aerie began to think back over the last month, pausing for the occasional sniffle.

Flashback - Aerie's P.O.V.

“That was some bug, I couldn't even keep water down. It wasn't until grandma Jodi paid us a visit that I realized something was really wrong. After hearing me dry heaving again for the 3rd time within the hour she headed upstairs by herself and asked me how long I had been sick. Her whole facial expression changed when I mentioned how it wasn't just nausea, but my chest was really sensitive too. She even made an appointment at the hospital for me, though she threatened to drag me in herself if I didn't go.”

“Definitely a night I won't forget anytime soon, stepped out of the hospital in tears and scared out of my mind. First thing I saw when I stepped toward the door was her eyes staring right into me, she wasted no time either. Before she could ask I nodded, mouthing a yes but no sound came out. I don't know why I couldn't stop crying.”

“What really made it weird was that despite the fact I was so scared I could have passed out right there, yet I managed to force a smile on my face. I couldn't feel anything yet, but rubbing my belly seemed to make it more real to me.”

“I think it was the first time we had spent so much time together alone, she shook my hand like it was something she was obligated to do, but pulled me into a long hug afterward. I was a little nervous, especially since she kept telling me everything would be fine. I know damn well everything will not be fine.”

Present Day

As Aerie took another deep breath her eyes lowered back to the street, following the ice cream truck that strolled by it's wheels turning slowly while it's music tinkled throughout the neighborhood. While she would normally be annoyed by the music, Aerie spoke to her belly; “will you really want to chase after that?” She laughed softly as more tears welled in her eyes, “I can't believe this..”
After trying to get a hold of Lilith and receiving only her voicemail she picked up her cell again, her fingers shaking a little as she called Ms. Wu's personal cell. “Is everything ok? What's wrong?” Ms. Wu's voice carried open concern, knowing Aerie rarely called her directly. “I'm ok, for now” Aerie replied, as calmly as she could without giving away the tears that trickled down her cheeks. “But I need you to come see me, I can't... I can't board a plane in my condition..”

There was a long pause, Aerie chose to remain silent, knowing she was asking Wu to put her entire schedule on hold. After a bit longer Ms. Wu responded, “I see. You don't need to say anything more, I will be there in 3 days.” “Thank you” Whispered Aerie, “I really-” “Aerie,” interrupted Wu, “wipe the tears from your eyes, whatever the problem is we'll fix it.” Before she could respond she heard the line click as Wu disconnected. It was then she let out a soft laugh, “not only Lilith, but Ms. Wu too? How do they know when I'm crying?” Then she remembered Wu's last words, “don't worry, we'll fix it.” Aerie looked at her belly & rubbed it again, “she clearly has no idea does she?” she whispered, “there's no fixing this one.”

It was then that Aerie stepped inside, Iris was still at Claire's and she wanted to get some reading done before she came home. “Last thing I need is for her to figure it out before I tell her” she whispered, pulling the book “first time parenting” off the shelf.

Though a book tucked in the corner caught her eye and she quickly put the other back, her eyes widened a little before closing as the title nearly caused her eyes to water all over again. “Single parenting: for the widowed or divorced.” “Oh dad.. She really did give it everything she could.. Aerie took the book and blew dust off the cover, sitting down to read it's contents. “I'm not widowed or divorced” she thought, “but he's not exactly wanting to be found either.”

She sat reading page after page for a couple of hours until she heard Iris pull into the driveway. Aerie let out a sigh as she stood up and put the book away, heading to the kitchen to make some tea. “I can't put this off any longer” she said to herself, “might as well get this over with..”

As Iris finished washing dishes Aerie stood and approached, “mom, we need to talk.” Iris looked at her daughter with a whimsical smile, “Ok Aerie, what's on your mind?” Aerie stood silent for a moment before repeating herself, making it known it was much more than a simple talk. “No mom, really, we need to talk. You might want to sit down for this.”

Iris' face changed, while she wasn't angry, it was more as if she hardened her self to prepare for what was coming; obviously growing concerned for her daughter. “Aerie, I have dealt your fathers death, your accident and nearly passing. I have raised to wonderful young women, dealt with all the calls from my co-workers at the school from your numerous pranks. I have dealt with rigged toilets, whoopie cushions, my own computer scaring the hell out of me and washing hair dye out of both Claire's hair as much as my own when you rigged our showers. Trust me sweety, I can handle whatever you have to tell me standing right here.” It was faint, but a thin smile edged on her face as if hinting “no matter what you tell me, I can handle it.”

She was silent for a long moment, her heart felt like it was going to burst through her chest. She kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other, her eyes filling with water, and her throat burned from crying so often. The tears began streaming long before she could say it.. “Mom, I... I'm pregnant...”

Aerie watched Iris' eyes widen as her mouth hung open, “pregnant? Aerie you're, you're pregnant?” she repeated as if she didn't hear her properly. Aerie nodded, “I'm sorry, I didn't even know-” she choked on her words as the sobs grew. It wasn't long before she could no longer speak, her emotions taking full control.

Iris grabbed her by the arms and steadied her, “Aerie, sweety there's nothing wrong with being pregnant.” Her voice was soft and comforting, Aerie knew her mother was smart, she didn't need to ask why she was upset. She knew full well her daughter did not plan this. “Everything is going to be just fine, we will make it through this together. I was starting to wonder, you've been so sick, and you've been putting on weight. But I thought that was because you stopped training, now I know.”

“Ok, so who's the-” Aerie put a hand up as she shook her head, growing even more distraught. “Yes, I do know who the father is, but it's complicated. He disappeared before I even knew I was pregnant, I've been trying to find him but I can't.” For a moment Aerie could see the pained look in her mothers eyes, knowing what it's like to be a single parent; though she quickly managed that smile, that reassuring smile.

“Please don't make a big deal out of this” Aerie pleaded, “can we keep this between us?” Iris' smile vanished, “you know I can't do that Aerie, we're a family. Family can't help each other if they're left in the dark. You know I won't go telling just anyone, but I'm inviting your sister over tonight. As well as your aunt Eowyn and my parents.

Before heading to the den Iris made sure to feel her daughters belly, “I look forward to meeting you little one.”

There was no talking her out of it, Aerie tried napping on the couch to no avail, settling for the book she found earlier instead. She could hear the clinking of glass in the den as Iris prepared a few drinks for the family members. Making sure to leave a couple nectar-free juices for Aerie.

Aunt Eowyn and Vira were the first to arrive, it wasn't often that Iris called them on such sort notice.

Behind them, Claire stepped out of the car and made her approach. She was more concerned than curious, her mother never made such a request before. Telling her to take a night off to come over, something happened, and she was worried.

Not 30 seconds later Grandma Jodie & Grandpa Tai arrived, straight faced as usual. Though Jodi knew the reason behind the get together, hiding a smile behind pursed lips.

As Aerie sat, her face flushed and her eyes lowered as Iris made the announcement, the shock rippled through the room. Music was turned on and the family started to celebrate, Iris in particular was quite happy, though the glasses of nectar definitely helped.

“Congratulations Aerie” whispered Eowyn as she hugged her neice, Aerie nodded, wiping yet more tears from her eyes. “She's hauntingly beautiful” thought Aerie to herself, but the look in Eowyns eyes hinted that she knew how unhappy Aerie was about it. Aeries shoulders slumped as she made her way to each family member, receiving congratulations, before she made her way upstairs.

Iris knew it was coming, she could feel her daughters worry long before she approached. Claire's face was wrought with concern, “where is he mom?” Her voice a whisper, making it clear her question was meant for Iris' ears alone. “She never even mentioned she was seeing anyone, so who's the father?”

“Life can be complicated young one” answered Vira from behind her. “Not everyone get's to marry their high school sweetheart.” Claire felt a chill run up her spine, she hadn't even heard Vira approach, let alone wonder how she heard. “Your aunt has a point” Iris said with a pained smile, “it's not my place to give you details, you'll have to ask Aerie yourself.”

It was then that Claire realized Aerie was nowhere to be found. Growing more concerned she headed for the stairs only to feel a hand on her shoulder, she turned to see grandma Jodi, shaking her head. “Leave her be for now hunny, she's been through a lot, save it for later, yes?” Claire nodded, she often called grandma Jodi, and the two were quite close. She trusted her word, though she knew she would ask Aerie for details once she settled into her pregnancy.

Meanwhile upstairs Aerie could feel the soft bump of the music which made her head ache. Her tear-stained cheeks flushed as she threw on some oversized pajamas and settled into her bed. Her heart hurt and her mind simply would not, could not settle down. “What am I supposed to do?” she whispered to herself. Laying on her side with a hand on her belly, “how can they say everything will be ok? It's far from ok, I can't even work like this..” She started rubbing her belly in a circular motion, as if trying to sooth the unborn child, “if they find out where I work we're in a lot of trouble, but if Wu finds out who your dad is I may be killed.. Don't worry... Don't worry...” she began chanting to herself, trying to calm her shaking hands, “I'm going to take care of you somehow, I just don't know how yet..”

Until next chapter...


  1. That's quite the dilemma, but I know Aerie will work it out somehow.

    1. True, but it's definitely easier said than done. Though I agree, she'll make it through somehow.

  2. I am all caught up...very nicely think she was falling in love with him..Poor Aerie just having her heart broken with one betrayal she falls into the hornets nest..I don't know how everything is going to be ok either but I can't wait to find out what happens when wu shows, drama

    1. Congratulations on getting caught up Connie! I know there were a lot of chapters, and it means a lot knowing that a fellow simmer/reader took the time to get caught up from the beginning. Things are definitely going to be tough for Aerie, I look forward to your future opinions/comments. Thanks again for reading! ^_^

  3. I'm sure she'll figure a way. But it won't be an easy path. Poor girl.

    1. It's never easy being a single mom, but if anyone can do it, I know she can.

  4. I am glad the family is accepting, but of course they do no know the full story behind the little infant. I am glad thought that Aerie is going to keep the babe. I can not wait for Ms. Wu to come. Next...


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