Gen IV Chapter 30 - Spark. Part 2

It was still dark out when Aerie finished her shower and headed out, her mind swirling on her thoughts of Chun-Hao. The sun barely starting to rise as she knocked lightly on the door. Moments later Chun-Hao answered and wasted no time embracing her in his arms.

“It is technically tomorrow” she whispered in his ear, feeling her heart skip a beat as she caught the bamboo scent of his hair. “Are you hungry?” asked Chun-Hao, “I can make breakfast if you'd like?”

Aerie held his hand gently, “I would like that, but I can be a kid at heart at times, I want a treat first.” Chun-Hao caught the look she gave him and held her close, “I thought you would never ask.” He pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss; neither willing to give the other a chance to come up for air.

As the kiss turned into something much longer the breaths deepened as their hands began exploring each other, Aerie's mind was a blur. She was always thinking, processing, anticipating. “Not with Chun-Hao” she thought as she felt the firmness between his legs, “I can just let it all go when I'm with him.” As Chun-Hao felt Aerie begin untying his pants he guided them over to the couch, bending Aerie over the arm of it while gently lifting her skirt; both enjoying the pleasure they wanted so badly the night before.

Once both were content Chun-Hao let out soft laugh, “breakfast?” Aerie nodded with a laugh, “of course, but I'm going to want seconds later, I'm greedy.” She couldn't help but watch him as he cooked, “how have I never met him before?” she asked herself, “I've been coming here for years and I've never even caught a glimpse of him.” The two devoured the waffles, laughing and joking as to how they seemed to have worked up the appetite.

As Chun-Hao finished washing his hands in the bathroom he turned to see Aerie come in. “Your hands nice & clean?” Aerie joked, “no more butter and syrup?” Chun-Hao laughed, “yes, come to check up on me?” “Maybe, though I think we should shower. You know, to make sure you don't have any syrup anywhere else.” Catching her wink he started to object, but feeling her curves as she pressed herself against him with another kiss he quickly gave way to what would be a very long shower indeed.

Giving the other enough time to get dressed they soon found each others mouths attracted to each other like magnets. “You have a lot of spirit” he mumbled between kisses,” “mmhmm” was all Aerie could muster in reply as their tongues explored the other.

Their deep breaths and heavy groping were interrupted by Aerie's cell, she recognized the ringtone and would not have answered for anyone except for 2 people. Iris, or Ms. Wu. Knowing Ms. Wu probably caught wind of her arrival in China Aerie braced herself for the inevitable. “Yes, yes that's fine. I'm busy now, I will meet you tomorrow afternoon.” Without waiting for Ms. Wu to respond she quickly hung up the phone. Knowing full well Ms. Wu would have wanted to meet today.

“Sorry about that,” she apologized, though Chun-Hao nodded as if he understood. “Now where were we?” “I believe we were on our way to the bedroom” he laughed, practically undressing her with his eyes. “I like your style” Aerie said with a smirk as the two began wondering why they even put their clothes on to begin with.

The two spent the entire day in the others embrace, enjoying conversation of martial arts and each other between their few breaks.

The two drifted to sleep well into the night, both falling into deep sleep. As the sun began shining through the window Aerie woke facing Chun-Hao who was still asleep. Her eyes began tearing up as a calm smile spread on her lips. “Who would have thought I would fall for someone so hard” she thought to herself, watching the man who had her heart continue sleeping.

After five minutes or so Chun-Hao also woke, seeing Aerie gazing into his eyes as he opened them. “Good morning love” he whispered, his warm, sweet breath carrying a hint of her own scent. “Morning love” Aerie whispered, her smile growing wider as he traced the side of her cheek with his hand. “I have to go” she said, almost a whisper. “I have something I need to take care of.” Chun-Hao nodded, I know, it is about the phone call yesterday isn't it?”

Aerie nodded and started to get out of bed before stopping as she felt Chun-Hao's hand brush her arm softly. She turned to find him leaning up to kiss her, his arms pulling her down on top of him. Each kissing the other hungrily, as if trying to make up for all the years they hadn't known the other. They found themselves enjoying the pleasure of the other for another two hours before they showered and Aerie headed to the market.

Aerie arrived at the market with what she thought would be a permanent smile. Her heart felt as if it would burst with what she felt, even her legs felt as if they would give way at any moment. As she turned and found Ms. Wu her smile quickly dropped into a look of concern. As they stepped close Ms Wu glared at her, “why.. why did you hang up so quickly? I NEEDED to see you yesterday!” Her voice was as if it were coated in poison as she hissed at Aerie. “Come. SIT.”

As the two women sat Aerie got a good look at Ms. Wu. Her eyes were bloodshot, it was painfully obvious that she had been crying for a very long time, and not even her iron clad composure could hide it.

“Before you ask me Aerie, no, I am not ok. I wanted, needed to deliver this news to you yesterday. I also..” Her words trailed off as if it pained her to continue, “I needed you.. I needed you to comfort me..” “Wha-” “please” interrupted Ms. Wu before Aerie could utter a word, her voice beginning to shake.

“I've trained you, raised you up all these years.. And this is the hardest thing I've had to do, so please, remember that we cannot make a scene. I need you to remember that.

Aerie simply nodded, this was a given. Ever since she became part of the family Ms. Wu had drilled her on the importance of composure. “Aerie, I..” She let out a long shaky sigh, “I'm not going to make you suffer in anticipation, so I will just come out and say it. Lu... Lu's body was found yesterday.. Murdered.”

The world itself stood still. Aerie could almost feel her world shatter as the words reached her ears. By the time Aerie realized Ms. Wu was calling her name she was almost yelling. “Aerie! AERIE!! Please, I know it's hard, but compose yourself!” Nothing, Aerie could see Ms. Wu's lips move but could not hear anything. Her vision blurred as hot tears streaked down her cheeks. After realizing that Aerie either couldn't or wouldn't hear her, and seeing that she wasn't making a sound much less a scene, Ms. Wu just sat.  Letting her grieve and wait until her shock passed.

After soaking herself in her tears Aerie managed to choke them back, seething anger overwhelming her sadness. She snifled, a hard frown bolted to her face as she slowly lifted her eyes to meet Ms. Wu's. “Who... Who? Who did it?...” She hissed through clenched teeth, her words practically coated in blood.

It didn't take Wu long to know where Aerie was going with that question. “Aerie, NO. Don't even think about it! We will find them and they will be dealt with, I know you two were close. Besides we don't know” Ms. Wu whispered, trying her best to cover her own sobs. “But she was an old woman, a crippled old woman! She couldn't even defend herself!” “Aerie!” Wu whispered harshly, “keep your voice lowered!”

Ms. Wu took another deep shaky breath. “It was most likely the work of a rival family, considering how she was mutilated-” She tried to cut off her words, but too late. Aerie's eyes widened before they closed as fresh tears began to flow. “I'm sorry” whispered Wu, it wasn't the Hong family, they're not that... Nevermind, it couldn't have been them, my best guess is the Sun family. They can manipulate just about anyone and have no respect for human life.

Aerie tried her best to conceal her shock at the mention of the name Sun. Though the fact Ms Wu's eyes narrowed a bit as she flinched in shock suggested she caught it. “How do you know that name?” she questioned, “you seemed surprised, though I'm sure I've never mentioned that name to you before.” Aerie shook her head as she sat in thought, “no, it just seems I've heard it before somehow, but it was years ago while I was doing a job.” She could feel her stomach churn, Ms. Wu was as sharp as a knife, and wasn't sure she'd buy the lie.

Ms. Wu simply nodded, “possibly, their family has been bold enough to tap into our territory before. I caught wind that the head of the family's son, Chun-Hao, was in the province. A snake like that would have no problem murdering an old woman. We've heard the rumors and seen some of his handiwork, women are his specialty. Old, young, even little girls..” Ms. Wu shook her head and shuddered, “how someone could do such things to a child?”

Aerie suddenly shot out of the chair, “it couldn't be him, impossible” she thought to herself. “She's not talking about my Chun-Hao, he was with me all day yesterday!” “Where are you going Aerie? It's not safe for you to be alone, come stay at my place.” Aerie shook her head, “there's something I need to do, I'll be in touch.”

“Aerie, stop right there damn it!” Pleaded Wu in a low but desperate tone, stopping Aerie in her tracks. Aerie stood stunned, she had never heard Ms. Wu swear, no matter how angry. “We're a family damn it, not even I know what I would do if something happened to you.”

Ms. Wu stood up and held Aerie tightly, “I'm sorry Aerie, but please, take care of yourself.  You are very dear to me.”

After reassuring Ms. Wu that she wouldn't go looking to find the person who murdered Lu, Aerie bolted. “I need to talk to him” she thought, “he was with me the whole day, it couldn't have been him..”

Not even taking the time to knock Aerie let herself in, only to be approached by an angry old man. “Who are you to come in my house!? Come to finish robbing me blind!?”

Aerie stopped & glared at him, “look, I'm sorry for not knocking, but I need to speak with Chun-Hao, where is your nephew? It's important!” “Chun-Who? My family's dead! I don't have a nephew. Let a young man stay over a couple nights ago, crafty viper!

Drugged my food he did! I woke up in my bedroom and come down here to find my money gone! Even my my deceased wife's jewelry! Not even an hour later you come bursting in like you own the place! You his tramp or something come to clean up the rest?” Aerie froze up and glared, repulsed at the old man. “The hell? The hell you just say to me?”

Aeries fists tightened so much her knuckles turned white, “I am not some tramp sent here to clean up anything! Are you telling me there is no one else here!?” Sensing her hostility the old man backed away putting both hands in the air.

“L.. L-Look, I don't want any trouble ok?” Seeing the fear written on the old mans face seemed to snap Aerie back to her senses. “Look, I'm sorry for not knocking, but someone I know claimed to be staying here with his uncle. Let me at least check his room before I go.” The old man nodded, eager to be rid of the intruder. Aerie checked the bedroom, bathroom, even the kitchen. “Nothing” she whispered to herself. “Just.. gone...”

She walked slowly back to the kitchen, trying to call his cell phone. After leaving several voicemails she called a taxi to take her to the airport, not even stopping to visit Lu's grave.

Aerie couldn't sleep the entire flight, “there has to be a reason he left, he was with me so he couldn't have been the one who did it. Maybe he left because our family mistook him and tried to kill him..” Her mind wandered as she thought of everything, none of it making sense.

A few weeks had gone by since she'd returned home and not a single clue to Chun-Hao's whereabouts could be found. “Doesn't help that someone gave me the damn stomach flu” mumbled Aerie as she stepped into her bathroom after work to take more bepto pismol. A bug had been going around the office and she'd noticed she hasn't been feeling very well.

Aerie took a deep breath, “I'm missing something” she thought, “I need to calm down and thin-” Her thoughts stopped to a halt as stepped out of the bathroom only to go bolting back, emptying her lunch into the toilet.

“Damn it...” she mumbled, hugging the toilet, followed by another surge of nausea as she released more fluids as well as stomach acid into the toilet again. “I'm going to get that little shit” she mumbled between catching her breath as she heard hissing outside the bathroom window. That damn stray's been shredding papers and leaving a mess all week.

Aerie managed to make it to her bedroom and change into her PJ's when the thought hit her. Her eyes widened a bit as she remembered when she headed over to Chun-Hao's place that morning. “I was up damn early” she thought, "and he was wide awake by the time I arrived there, as if he had been up for a while...” Her mind raced, as her eyes watered, remembering how adamant he had been about her not coming over that first night. “The night she was killed.. He couldn't have been out that night.. I was only away for a few hours.”

Her mind raced as her eyes began to water again, her headache causing the ever-present nausea to slam her again. Aerie raised a hand to her mouth, almost certain she wouldn't make it to the toilet in time. “I can't... I.. I'll figure this out once I'm rid of this damn bug-”

Until next chapter...


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    1. My thoughts exactly, there's no telling what's going to happen now.

  2. Damnit, you the next update has got to be in the works. OMG, Chun Hao. What a twist!

    I can't wait to see the results of Aerie's bathroom trips in a few months.

    Wonderfully done!

    1. Oh yes, I'm actually working on it now. I have all the photos, just working on the written portion. ;) Thank you for reading & enjoying!

  3. I think Jenn hit the comment on the head xD! Oh snap! LOL
    Awesome update.... omg is she preggo ???

    1. Who knows? (Well, I know the answer, but I never give spoilers. ;) ) You'll just have to read & see. She could very well have a bug. Vomit doesn't always mean preggers. Hehehe


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