Excerpt - A Night With Grandma Iris

Authors Note: This is not the "next chapter," it is merely an excerpt from the time between chapters 30 & 31.  Consider this a "mini chapter" or chapter 30 ½.  

Meanwhile, in the not too distant future..

“Hi Grandma” smiled the boy as he opened the door, staring into the familiar face of the sim that always smelled like books & cookies. “Hello Erin, may I come in?” The boy glared at her expectantly, “You know you can grandma, I'm not that little anymore. I know not to answer the door to strangers.” Iris nodded, smiling brightly.

As usual Ezra was working late and Claire was called in to the hospital, and Iris was all to happy to spend time with her grandson. “So what are we gonna watch grandma? Can we go to the store? Or to the park?” “Oh that's a nice try Erin, but you know it's almost your bedtime. You're smart but grandma is still smarter.” Iris eyed him from head to foot, “oh you look just like your father! Just look at you, turning in to a little man already, but those are your mothers lips.” Iris' eyes beamed, overflowing with pride.

“So tell me about your day at school!” Erin's excitement made Iris smile that much more, the two chatted about everything from the homework he finished to all the adventures during recess; even what he wanted to do for the science fair.

Though it didn't take long for them to start goofing off, as much he enjoyed school Iris knew he wouldn't be able to talk about it for long.

After a while Iris found herself doting on him again, unable to get enough. “You're just a little darling! You're going to be a heartbreaker when you get older.” “Grandma, people can't break hearts, their not toys. And I don't want to break any hea-” His words cut off as face was pinched, “and those cheeks!” Iris squealed, pinching them, “just look at them, adorable!”

Erin cringed, he knew it was coming. She always, always pinched his cheeks when she came over. “Gramma, why do you-” “You definitely have your mothers cheeks! You just have the best of both of them don't you?” Iris' smile was stretched across her face, her happiness practically glowing.

“Ok ok Erin” Iris laughed, seeing his look of irritation which was cute in itself. “Here, look at these!” Iris beaming as she slid the photos out. “Who are they?” asked Erin, his curiosity getting the better of him. “This is your aunt” pointed Iris, “and this one is your mom when she was your age, and this is a photo of me when I was in grade school.” She continued showing and sharing the stories until she could see his eyes growing heavy, knowing full well he'd never admit it.

“Storytime?” asked Iris, knowing he would say yes long before the little head started nodding. Once he was all tucked in she grabbed his favorite book. She had his full attention, his eyes wide, listening to every word. Though it only took 14 pages before he was sound asleep. “Just like your mother” Iris whispered, “fighting sleep with all you have.” As she was putting the book away the door cracked open slowly and silently, Claire peeked in with a smile. “How was work?” Iris whispered as crept out of Erin's room, “hectic as usual, I had a few emergencies to take care of. Thank you for looking after Erin.” “Anytime sweety” she replied as she gave a hug before heading out of the door.  


  1. Aw, Erin is such a cutie! Loved seeing grandma and grandson spend some quality time.

    1. I couldn't help but squeeze them in, they actually spent quite a bit of time together but I forgot to take photos. I didn't even know sims could pinch their cheeks! I found out by accident. ^_^

  2. That was soooo cute! I love it. I have not seen some of those actions before, (like pinching cheeks) so adorable. Thanks for putting this in!


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