Gen IV Chapter 29 - Spark. Part 1

WARNING: Adult Content

Authors Note: This chapter will be a bit longer than normal.

After a 13 hour flight of mixed emotions Aerie finally arrived back at Neverglade. Torn between anger toward those that would do such a thing to Ms. Wu & Lu, and sadness because of how it happened, leaving Lu crippled. Though she was supposed to work Aerie knew she wouldn't be able to focus on much of anything. She spent the night driving around aimlessly.

Aerie tossed and turned for most of the next day. So much so she barely made it through work, her eyes felt as if they weighed a ton. “Vincent, isn't there something we need to talk about?” He turned, though he didn't stop. “Not now Aerie, we'll talk about it later. Go get some sleep.” Aerie's head drooped at his cold tone, it stung.

“He's been avoiding me all night” thought Aerie as she headed up the stairs to her bed, “I'm tired but not stupid Vincent. I swear he'd better have kept his promise.”

Early that morning Iris headed out to visit Claire & Erin. She had been visiting often, and loved doting on her only grandchild.

Though she always paid Eowyn & Elvira a visit afterward, the three women had grown quite close over the years.

“I must have been exhausted” mumbled Aerie to herself as she noted she was still in her work clothes from last night. She crawled out of bed and wasted no time dialing Vincent's number. After a few rings he answered and sounded grumpy, “what is it?” “I told you we need to talk” replied Aerie, her voice growing agitated at his procrastination. He let out a small sigh before responding, “you're right, we do. We probably should have had this talk sooner, meet me by the pond. You know, that pond.”

Feeling butterflies swarm in her stomach Aerie jumped in the shower and headed out. “Finally” she thought to herself, “he'd been dragging this divorce on longer than I thought possible, I was starting to have my doubts.” She knew what he meant by that pond, a smile spread across her face as she pictured the two of them when they slept together for the first time, it was at the very pond she was headed to. “He's finally available... And mine.”

Meanwhile back at home, Iris had returned and was working on her latest children book, “Spot: A puppy's tail.”

As he arrived 15 minutes late, Aerie didn't care. Her mind full of images of the two together, as he approached so close she could smell him.

He kissed her softly on the lips, though it was much shorter than she expected. “Were done” he mumbled as he turned to leave. Aerie let out a soft laugh, “right, last time you said that I ended up with a major rug burn.” She watched with a smug grin expecting him to come ravage her like last time. Hungrily kissing and enjoying every inch of each other. Though this time he was walking further, and he wasn't stopping.

Once he had gone several feet without stopping Aerie's smile dropped quickly. “Wait, you're serious!? Just like that? The hell do you mean?” It was then that he stopped and turned, staring at her, his face void of emotion. “Look, I got carried away all right? I'm not getting a divorce, I'd hoped to keep things as they are but it's obvious you actually expected me to divorce my wife. You're fun as hell in the sack, but I'm not looking for more than that.”

“So you just lie to me to you can get me in bed!? Are you fuckin' serious!?” Aerie sqeaked, her voice cracking mid sentence. “I'm not some sack of meat you can fuck when you want! You can't be serious! You can't-” Her voice cut off as he closed his car door and sped off. Leaving her at the pond without another word.

It was then that Aerie fell silent, her mind tossed between rage and sadness. “All this time... all this time...” she whimpered to herself. Too angry to cry, yet too sad to pursue him and ring his neck like she wanted. She sat in the grass with her head between her knees for a long time. Crying, and asking herself questions, trying to figure out how she didn't see it coming.

After quite a while she stood up and called Iris. “Mom... I'm going to fly to China for a little while, it's not work, it's for personal reasons.” “Aerie? Aerie what's wrong? I know that voice, hunny have you been crying?” Iris proceeded to question, though Aerie only had one answer. “I'll be fine. Really mom, I'll see you in a week or so. Don't worry, I just need to go vent for a while.”

She hung up before Iris could try to question her more. “I'm not running either” she told herself, “I just need to find some peace, I haven't taken a vacation in a while anyway.” She wasted no time calling the concierge at the airport and made plans for her flight. Not bothering to tell Ms. Wu of her arrival.

After landing Aerie made sure to call Iris, letting her know she landed safe and sound. Ever since she made that promise she had always kept Iris in the loop. She'd never let her get into that worried state again.

After changing into something more fitting for her location Aerie stood in the market in deep thought for the moment. “The hell do I even want to do?” she thought to herself, “I need to relax and clear my head.” She thought of paying Ms. Wu a visit, but she wanted to get away from work, and she knew even a casual visit would lead to something work related.

“Maybe I'll pay Lu a visit...” Though the thought passed as just thinking about Lu's condition made her angry. Aerie let out a long sigh and stared at the ground, “I really need to wind down, I'm too stressed about everything.”

It was then that she heard a familiar voice, though not one she wanted to hear at all. “Aerie? Is that you?” Aerie looked up and nearly cringed as she instantly recognized him. Xiang? Xiang Li?”

You've finally come back!” he cheered, his eyes practically undressing her, “and you've grown into quite a woman. How ha-” “Back off!” Aerie interrupted, remembering the vile, conceited excuse for a man. “One more word Xiang, on more and I'll be taking both arms from their sockets, taking out one of your knees and I sure as hell won't help you to the hospital. I won't hesitate to put you in the dirt if I even think you're following me.” With that she left the market, revolted, leaving Xiang speechless for perhaps the first time in his life.

I need peace & quiet” thought Aerie, “but not the school, I'm pretty sure I'll run into people I know there.” She then thought of the orchard, it was always quiet there and the smell of the fruits and vegetables gave the place a very serene feeling. Aerie could feel her mood lighten and her head start to clear moments after arriving there.

Within minutes Aerie was picking a few fruits to enjoy with a smile on her face. “This place was just what I needed” she thought as she turned toward the back of the orchard, her favorite place to snack and relax. She was so indulged in the juicy apple she plucked she nearly walked into a sim who's back was turned reading a book, she noticed moments before colliding with him.

Oh!” she said with a startled look, both sims saying “I'm so sorry” at exactly the same time. “I-I'm sorry about that” repeated Aerie, the young man laughing softly. “I was enjoying the apple, and thinking about stuff and-” “It's ok” interrupted the young man. “I didn't even here you coming, I was so into my book, I guess we were both just distracted.”

It took Aerie a few moments before she really started to notice the person she was talking to. A single word forming in Aerie's mind, “smitten.” His dark hair that was dyed red on the tips, his gentle face with eyes the color of jade, Aerie thought she might need go take a cold shower. “Gorgeous” she thought to herself, swearing her heart skipped a couple of beats.

Trying not to get caught gawking at him with her mouth open, Aerie stumbled to start a conversation. “So what brings you out here?” she asked, hoping she didn't sound completely stupid. “It's peaceful” he replied, “not too many people visit the orchard, so I usually come here to clear my head and enjoy the beauty of it all.”

One subject led to another and Aerie learned quite a bit about him. Both had a love for sim-fu, computers, and healthy living. Though the thing Aerie made sure to imprint in her memory was his name. Chun-Hao, Chun-Hao Sun.

Without realizing it, Aerie let her words get away from her when Chun-Hao brought up the beauty of the orchard. “Orchard isn't the only beauty here-” she placed a hand over her mouth but it was too late, the damage was done. She felt the heat in her cheeks from blushing so much, but Chun-Hao simply stared at her for a moment, Aerie losing herself in his eyes. A smile formed on his lips as he spoke in a soft voice, “isn't that my line?”

As the day went on, Chun-Hao and Aerie roamed around the orchard, growing closer by the minute. As they continued on Aerie could feel her heart ready to burst from her chest. “He's so easy to talk to” she thought to herself, "I've never believed in love at first sight, still don't. But damn it I'm close to believing it..”

So how often do you snag the fruits here?” he asked, causing Aerie to blush with embarrassment. “Well, I try not to too often, just when I need to you know?” Her embarrassment faded when Chun-Hao laughed, explaining that he did it all the time. They continued to enjoy each others company well into sunset.

So are you from this village?” asked Aerie, “I've never seen you here before” Chun-Hao lowered his eyes a bit. “My past is... Complicated, you know?” Aerie simply nodded, “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-” “no, it's ok” he interrupted, "it's just not easy to talk about. “I understand, trust me on that one.” The two exchanged a look of mutual understanding, neither asking about the others past again.

Chun-Hao slowly reached for her hand, Aerie, who wanted to reach for his ages ago, let him. “Aerie, I know it's getting late, but would you want to enjoy this night sky with me for a little while? If we get hungry we can always snag some fruit.” Aerie let out a soft laugh, startling herself at how girly it sounded, though she knew she couldn't help it. “Sure, I would like that. A lot actually.”

Glad to see I'm not the only one to get that twitch” she said in jest, raising an eyebrow. Chun-Hao made an adorable pouty face before responding, “and here I thought I was the only one who got that twitch, I thought I was special or something.” Aerie smiled and laughed as his pouty face turned into a smug grin. “Who knows, you might just be more special than you think” she said, pulling herself closer to him, placing her arm in his.

As they both stared at the stars for a long moment neither spoke a word to the other, the night was truly beautiful, and the dark clear sky was dotted with many stars. “Beautiful” Chun-Hao said with a sigh. “Yes they are” replied Aerie.

I wasn't talking about the stars” whispered Chun-Hao, they almost pale in comparison. Aerie smiled, she couldn't think of the last time she felt this good. She'd never felt like this with anyone before, and the thought made her nervous but happier than she'd been in a long time. As they continued to sit and watch, she gently placed her hand on his. “So warm, firm yet gentle” she thought.

As the night grew later both of their stomachs grumbled, but neither moved an inch. Neither wanting the moment to pass. Aerie whispering to herself, “if only this could go on forever..” “Maybe it can” whispered Chun-Hao. Seeing Aerie's face blush, “sorry, but I have really good hearing.” They both laughed a bit, pressing closer to each other, snuggling under the moonlight.

As it grew late into the night both knew it was time to grab something to eat. “Let me see your phone” sighed Aerie, taking his phone and adding her contact info. “I hope I can see you tomorrow, though I don't really want to call it a night.” Chun-Hao smiled and cupped his hand on her ear as he whispered, “we can finish our night at my place if you want?”

Aerie thought for a short moment, every bone in her body saying yes. The very thought causing a little moisture between her legs. “Not tonight” she laughed, “besides, we've only just met.” Chun-Hao's smile grew as he looked into her eyes. “I'm glad to hear that, if you agreed I would have been disappointed. I respect a woman who respects her body.” Hearing this made Aerie's heart swell, she couldn't remember the last time a man was happy to hear her decline. Though she knew she really didn't want to.

After a few moments the two stood for a moment. They held each other for a long moment, Chun-Hao giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. Smiling warmly. As he started to leave Aerie grabbed his hand, turning him around and placed her lips firmly on his. It was a deep, passionate kiss, neither stopping for air as their tongues explored each other thoroughly.

Not wanting the moment to end Aerie grabbed his hand and placed it on her thigh, sliding is slowly higher until it began to explore her body. Firmly grabbing her from behind for a long moment before sliding toward the front of her skirt. Their kisses deepened as their breaths grew heavy, moisture building between her legs. Loving the feel of his hand on her breast as the other remained between her legs, pleasuring her as his fingers entered. Her moans of pleasure only driving them deeper into the moment. Aerie held him firmly, letting out a long shaky moan as she reached her climax. She reached into his pants to take what she wanted, only to feel him take her hand back out. “What's wrong?” she asked between breaths, “we can't, not here.” he replied, “I meant it when I said I respect you, but tomorrow will be a different story entirely.” They kissed once more as they said their goodbye's, Aerie watched as he made his way to the road and toward his uncle's house where he was staying. Only moments later did Aerie notice how cold her hand was, already missing the warmth of the man that held it moments ago.

Until next chapter...


  1. OMG! Awesome. lol Sorry her hear was broken slightly by Vincent, but looks like it may heal quickly. I guess she found something she really needed on this trip yeah?
    Fabulous writing.

  2. OH! lol I just realized I do not have anymore to read :-( ! Guess I am all caught up then... anxiously awaiting the next.

  3. Looks like it, she found the peace she wanted at the orchard, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting to run into anyone there. Let alone someone who would make her heart skip a beat. lol. No worries, the next chapter will be published in a few more days. ;)

  4. WHOA! What a dog Vincent is! Unbelievable. I'm glad Aerie has a good friend in Chun-Hao. I hope they'll take things slow, she's been through a lot with Vincent, the last thing she needs to do is jump into another relationship.

  5. I'm glad she didn't go jumping in head first either, she can't afford to fall for just anyone. Especially in her line of "work."


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