Gen IV Chapter 27 - Wedding, Life, Tears and Deception

While the party itself was a blast, Aerie's fling with the stripper was anything but. Seemed all he was good for was his body, because it took a week to convince him it was a fling and nothing more. Aerie brushed the random memory from her mind as she looked herself over one last time. It's been 3 months since then and the big day has finally arrived.

“I'll be done in a minute” called Claire in response from the knock on the bathroom door. “You said that an hour ago” laughed Aerie, you look gorgeous now come on! I'll not have my sister late for her own wedding! You'll go into labor at this rate!” “I'm not due for another week” laughed Claire, “don't give the baby any funny ideas.”

After a slow drive with a fussy Claire they arrived to see Iris in full mommy-mode. Despite Aerie's worries of Claire's unstable preggers emotions turning her into a bridezilla, it seemed it was Iris who needed to be watched. She ruled the wedding planning with an iron fist and watched everything like a hawk.

“Can't believe she let “him” attend thought Aerie, no matter, I'm watching him...” The sim looked nervous as he noticed Aerie watching him through narrow eyes. “Let me feel her” laughed Aerie as she felt the now large baby bump. “Why are you so confidant it's a her?” laughed Claire, “we won't know until the birth.” “Simple” said Aerie with a wink, “because you're too girly to handle a boy.”

After satisfying her urge to chat with her sister and the baby bump Aerie drifted over to chat with Eowyn.

It wasn't long before Iris was calling everyone to take their positions, and as Aerie headed over to hers she couldn't help but look at her sister and Ezra. “They look so good together” she thought, “she's damn lucky to find a good one.”

While everyone else walked into their positions Aerie's stomach growled as the scent of the food behind her drifted into her nose. “I should have eaten, I'm so hungry...” Soon the music started and the wedding was underway.

After the priest of plumbob called for the exchange of the rings Aerie could have sworn Claire would break down crying from happiness, but surprisingly she held firm.

“You may now kiss the bride” called the priest, and no sooner had her lips touched Ezras, her tears started to fall.

Rice and confetti flew and everyone was all smiles, such a lovely view, two sims in love wed in front of the water.

As Ezra and the guests started heading over to cut the cake Eowyn & Aerie noticed Claire wasn't moving. Ezra turned to take her hand and stopped in his tracks. “Claire? Hunny? What's wrong?” His eyes widened as he noticed the fluid pooling at her feet.

Struggling to start her breathing exercises Claire managed to call for help between breaths. “Ezra... No... Cake... Mom... Car... Aerie... Help...” Aerie ran to her sisters aid, “holy-” “I'll start the car!” shouted Iris, instantly keeping things calm and in order. Aerie helped keep a panicky Claire calm until Ezra joined them and helped her through her breathing. Helping her toward the car while Aerie stayed to wrap things up at the wedding with the guests.

The labor was long, and from the moment they stepped into the hospital neither Iris nor Ezra left her side. After 19 hours of labor the newlyweds welcomed little Erin into the world. “Mom, you've been going for almost 24 hours straight, you should go home, Ezra can drive."  "Nonsense, you've just given birth! You can barely keep your eyes open, I'm driving the three of you home.” As they stepped out of the car Claire mouthed a silent “thank you” to her mother while snuggling the sleeping newborn. A smile rested on Iris' lips as she watched her daughter follow her husband into their home. A single tear streaked down her cheek.

The next few weeks were awkward in the house, Aerie and Iris spoke very little and the tension was so thick it could be cut with knife. As Iris prepared a snack she closed the refrigerator door, “Aerie, see me tomorrow after you wake up. We need to talk.”

Aerie took a long sip of her hot chocolate before responding, “will do.”

Aerie unknowingly started cleaning the kitchen out of irritation, “I'm not looking forward to this” she whispered to herself.

As the sun started to set Aerie woke and showered before sitting to watch one of her favorite zombie flicks. “You're up early” commented Iris as she stepped into the living room, “I don't work tonight, what's up?” Iris turned off the TV as she sat, Aerie's body tensed, “why ask her what's up? She thought to herself, I already know damn well what's up.”

“I'm sure you already know what this is about” started Iris, “I'm not going to sugarcoat it either, you know this is about the house as well as your father & I's inheritance.”

“I know you haven't forgotten the chat Claire and I had, but I need you to try and see things from my point of view Aerie. Owning a home is a huge responsibility, and there are many tough decisions that need to be made. Even though the house itself is paid off there are still many financial responsibilities that need to be met constantly.”

“I know mom, and I think you already know that I do. Just like you don't tell us every detail of your life, neither do we. I have a stable job that is financially secure, and I have plenty of opportunity for advancement. They helped support me when taking care of your medical bills, so of course I can handle things financially.”

Both fell silent for a long moment after that, “so that's her excuse?” thought Aerie, “why not just out and say it? Just tell me that your beloved, perfect daughter turned down your offer to inherit the house and everything, and now you're shoving it on me because I'm the only one left? This is such BS..”

“Seems you're more like me than I thought” said Iris, breaking the silence. You're a lot like my sister, though she may still be living in Bridgeport you certainly do act like us both. You're as reckless as she was when we were your age, but you also tend to spend a lot of time in thought, just like I do.”

Aerie could feel her stomach twist, her throat going dry as a heat seemed to rise in it, and before she knew it her eyes were starting to water from a hurtful combination of pain & anger. “Why don't you just say it for what it is?” she questioned, her voice growing shaky, no longer able to hide the hurt. “Whether you want to admit it or not, we're only having this talk because Claire turned you down. It's a matter of trust.”

No longer able to hold it in, tears began streaming down her face as she lowered her head. “Just admit it mom... You don't trust me. Even though I've done nothing wrong, my grades were fine, and I didn't go running around like a slut, I did the best I could and it's still not good enough for you-...” Her voice choked as she sat and sobbed for a short while.

Iris sat stunned, yet silent. Aerie managed to gain some control of herself and continued, “it won't matter what I do, it'll never be good enough... But I accept it, I accept the fact that I'm not your perfect daughter. I do make mistakes, I have no intention of become a doctor, lawyer, or aspire for a high-paying position like that. It's not what I want, but I'll tell you this, I am more capable than you give me credit. I make tough decisions everyday at work, and I'll never be financially strained. I'm more stable than you give me credit for. You may not approve of how I act, I'm sorry, we may be twins but I'm not Claire. I'm my own person damn it and you'll have to live with that. I get it, I'll take the burden you didn't want to give me in the first place, and I sure as hell won't drop it.

With that Iris nodded with a half-smile and headed upstairs to her room. Aerie cleaned up her face and gathered her composure before picking up her cell and calling her boss Vincent. “I'm coming in today, I need to keep my mind busy before I go crazy.”

The night turned into early morning as Aerie stepped out of the warehouse, her frantic attempts to keep her mind off the things at home kept her extremely focused, so much so that she received a promotion. As she headed out the door she waited for Vincent, she stopped him in their usual meeting place just outside his office and mentioned she needed to see him after work, she didn't want to go home just yet.

They had become quite close over the last couple of months, and had crossed the line multiple times in the last few weeks. Aerie welcomed him into her car and without a word pressed her lips to his, kissing each other feverishly, hungrily. They wasted no time scrambling into her backseats, both groping one another roughly.

Their breaths deepened, “how much longer?” asked Aerie between kisses, Vincent had been having major marriage problems for a while now. “In the next week or two, then we can make things official.” His kisses led lower to her breasts, as he unzipped her pants he whispered promises to make their relationship official after the divorce.

The next day Aerie received a call from Vincent to meet her at the park, Aerie wasted no time heading over since it sounded urgent. He was already waiting for her when she arrived. Aerie hesitated and thought it best to simply wave instead of hugging him. Their flings were always in the early morning when there weren't many people awake just yet. “Is this business? or-” “business” interrupted Vincent.

He began explaining how Ms. Wu called him about a big job, and he was to relay the details to Aerie immediately.

After hearing the details Aerie questioned him, she knew full well that Neverglade didn't have that kind of payload.

“That's because it's in China...” He replied, lowering his head as his voice trailed off.

“Does that mean you're going to miss me?” Aerie said, raising an eyebrow. He gave her a sheepish look, “I thought so” she whispered. “I'm guessing everything will be settled once I return then?” “It'll be done Aerie, let's not talk about it now. Business remember?”

With that she gave him a tight hug, though keeping it innocent. “I can't wait to have these arms all to myself” she thought, “then I won't have to let go of them.”

After calling Iris and letting her know of her business trip (though keeping certain details to herself) Aerie made her flight plans right then over the phone. She no longer needed to go through the details, Ms. Wu made sure her connections available to Aerie which cut a lot of corners.  Aerie was on her way to the airport in just over an hour. It's been nearly 8 years since she set foot in China, and things wouldn't exactly be the same.

Until next chapter...


  1. I'm glad Aerie and Iris finally talked, a little too late but it was needed. Beautiful wedding pictures.

  2. They've been needing a talk for a long time now, I'm sure they both feel a bit better. Though things are still a little rocky between them. Thank you for your comments & input. Glad you enjoy the family's story. :)

  3. Aerie is one of my favorite characters! She is so complex. It is going to be interesting watching her navigate young adulthood and adulthood. I'm not digging the current love interest though. But I don't wish her heart-break either. The girl does need someone to love her unconditionally in her life.

  4. Thank you! She's definitely not a simple girl, I'm glad you like her. :D Thank you for your comments & feedback, I always enjoy them!

  5. love the wedding shots and congrats on the boy!! Erin, good name. I am glad Aerie found someone to spend intimate moments with, but why do I get the feeling that he will not divorce his wife for her?

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's nervous about Vincent, he just seems too shady for me. But she kept getting wishes so she does what she wants.


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