Gen IV Chapter 26 - A Party to Remember

It took Claire another 2 months with constant pressure from Aerie before she worked up the nerve to tell Ezra. Who was so ecstatic drove them both back to her house, bolted up the stairs and shared the news with Iris. Both fiance' and mother were beyond excited to hear the news.

It's been 3 months since then and the day of the bachelorette party has finally come. With Lilith unable to attend because of “work” Aerie wasted no time getting dressed up and taking the roll of 1-woman bartender army. She jumped straight into mixing drinks, though leaving some without nectar for Claire to enjoy.

Aunt Wyn arrived early to help set up, and as the first car pulled into the driveway Claire pulled both Eowyn & Aerie aside. “I know these things always have some kind of speech or something, but can you guys spare me on this one? I look like a whale and I don't want that kind of spotlight on me.” Aerie sighed a bit, “Awww and I had such an embarrassing story to tell. Just kidding Claire, but everyone's gonna want to feel your belly anyway. You know that.” “Still” interrupted Eowyn, “we understand, no one will do any speeches.”

As the first guests arrived Aerie decided to dance with her aunt to get people in the mood for dancing. “She's gorgeous” thought Aerie, “mom always told us how she resembled our grandma on dad's side of the family. Must have been quite a sight.”

As more guests arrived it seemed the party was almost at full swing.

Until that much anticipated knock on the door.

It didn't take long for the guests to figure out what he was there for, and as the lights kicked on there were cheers and plenty of onlookers. Even Claire glanced at him a few times, blushing out of embarrassment.

With multiple shots of liquor in her system Aerie was feeling a bit devious. Telling Claire's friend Angie how her boss Vincent's wife had been checking her out all night. Angie, also a bit drunk, believed her.

Though his wife Lisa clearly had no idea and awkwardly rejected the drunken woman's advances. Much to Aerie's amusement.

It was only a matter of time before the stripper caught Aerie's eyes as well, but unlike the guests, she wanted to do much more than watch. She wasted no time introducing herself.

Just as she finished introducing herself she heard a “pop” right behind her and turned to see her aunt Elvira tapping into yet another bottle of nectar, soaking Lyndsey in the process. This surprised both Aerie & Claire, aunt Vira rarely attended family events and didn't smile much. So seeing her heavily buzzed, laughing and spraying other guests in nectar was definitely a moment to remember.

As the party began to calm down it seems some had already passed their limits and were in drunken slumber, making the floor their personal beds.

As others began leaving Aerie was saying goodbye to Lisa when she noticed Lisa's eyes widen as she looked behind Aerie. Confused Aerie glanced behind her for a moment before looking back at Lisa with a smile. “Don't mind them Lisa, those are my aunts and that's not just because of the nectar. They've been married to each other for years.”

With Claire already in bed and the rest of the party asleep or on their way out of the door Aerie made sure to offer the stripper a few of the leftover drinks as she helped him pack. Making sure to press her body firmly against his as she hugged him before heading towards the hall by the door. Boldly allowing his hands to explore where they wished. “A girl has needs too” thought Aerie to herself as she took his hand and turned from the door towards the stairs, all too happy to lead the hottie to her bedroom.

Until next chapter...


  1. Yay for Aerie.

    I wonder what will come of her one night with the hot stripper. Will he be a permanent fixture in her life, or was he a one time offer? Somehow she doesn't strike me as the settling down type.

  2. This is true, Aerie isn't exactly the type to tie herself down, but who knows? Only time will tell. ;)

  3. lol Love it.
    She does not seem the settle down type does she? He is nice lookin though and as she said... a girl has needs xD!

  4. She's quite the free spirit, I just hope Iris didn't catch the stripper leaving the next morning... O_O


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