Gen IV Chapter 25 - Tension

The following morning Iris & Claire enjoyed a mother-daughter brunch. “Claire” started Iris, “is Aerie telling you anything? You two have always been close.” Claire's eyes dropped a little as she shook her head, taking another bite from her sandwich. “You don't think she's...” Iris paused for a moment a hint of pain on her face, “you know, involved in drugs and such do you?”

Claire nearly choked at the remark, “mom! Aerie would never do something like that. She doesn't even drink soda because she says it's not good for you. She'd never poison her body with something like that! I'm an aspiring doctor, and even I enjoy a cold glass of Dr. Plumbob.” The two fell silent as they finished their brunch.

Later that evening Ezra arrived a few minutes late to their date. “Sorry Claire, I wasn't feeling very well earlier.” Before he could continue Claire had pulled the compacto-scan from her purse and virtually had him pinned to a seemingly invisible wall. “What's the matter babe? Does something hurt? Your vitals seem to be ok...” Claire's mind seemed to be racing to find and fix the issue when Ezra placed a hand on her shoulder. “It's fine hun, just an upset stomach earlier, I'm fine now.” Claire blushed as the apologized, putting her compacto back in her purse. “No need to apologize sweet, you were just doing what you do best. Caring for others.”

Meanwhile Aerie was on a different kind of date, she had noticed a sim following Claire around on occasion and used her tech skills to find his address, she spent a good while searching the windows to see if he was home.

After searching and knocking for a while the door opened and the sim stepped outside. “Do I know you?” he said, looking slightly confused. “No, but I know you” Aerie said flatly. “You know my sister Claire, and I recognize you, you're the p.o.s. That turned her down when she asked you to prom, then confessed how much you like her when you ran into her at the bar!”

“You're Aerie!” said the sim with a startled smile, “hey! How have you bee-” “Don't HEY me damn it” interrupted Aerie. “I'm here to let you know she is happily engaged! I've seen you creeping around, and you will knock it off hear me? If I catch you following her again I'll break your fuckin' legs myself. She's engaged to be happily married and you will leave her the hell alone. I won't be asking you again either.” Before the stunned sim could respond Aerie was already heading for her car.

Back at the park Claire & Ezra had given up on their reservations at the bistro. After Claire mentioned how it was such a beautiful night out Ezra insisted they enjoy every moment of it, and the two spent a timeless night out watching the stars and chatting about everything from work to children. Though Ezra thought it odd how Claire twitched slightly at the mention of offspring, and seemed to blush intensely.

After blowing off some steam by taking it out on the wooden dummy upstairs, Aerie decided to do the rest of her venting by effectively killing off half of her family tree on TH3 (The Humans 3). Laughing at her creativity, everything from locking humans in a room with an oven aflame surrounded by flammable rugs on the floor; to placing walls around a pool after letting a human dive in.

After a night of watching the stars Claire and Ezra arrived at his home. Just as he turned into the kitchen to offer a bite to eat Claire quickly planted a soft kiss on his lips.

Pleasantly surprised written all over his face Claire never gave him a chance to ask. “You're too considerate, it's adorable. If you don't mind... Can I cook something instead? I'm no 5 star chef or anything, but I've been working at it. I'd love to see how you like it.”

Claire felt his hands follow her every curve upward until they rested on her face, making her body tingle all over. After a deep passionate kiss he whispered, “I'd love to, I'm sure it will be delicious.”

“Did I mention I love you?” Whispered Claire as she hugged him tightly, she knew full well as much as she looked forward to dinner, she couldn't stop thinking about what she wanted for dessert.

After getting a call from Lilith to meet her at the bar to celebrate Aerie saved her game and headed over. “What's the celebration for?” she asked, curious. Lilith stared at her for a moment before that sinister smile Aerie knew well started creeping across her face. Aerie shook her head, “ok ok, who is he? And was the sex that good to call me out to the bar?” Lilith laughed, shaking her head waving it off.

“Right, like I'd call you for that, I'd be to busy enjoying seconds! So, I officially found my dream job! I start tomorrow!” “Really? Where? I can't picture you crammed in an office, you'd give your boss a black eye in less than a week.” “I work with you!” Lilith said with that sinister smirk. At that moment Aerie's laugh died quickly, her face went blank. After a long moment Lilith continued, “I thought so, it really was you..”

“I saw you come in last week while I was being interviewed, you work over on the clean side right? I asked Vincent about you since I couldn't believe you worked there. The Princess of the family eh? Not a bad nickname, but fitting. You've been forbidden from getting your hands dirty and you even grew up being groomed for your position by Ms. Wu herself! I've never met her but I've seen pictures, so that's why you went to China so much...”

At this point Aerie was concerned, “Lilith, we need to-” “No we don't” interrupted Lilith, we work for the same company Aerie, you know damn well I'm not telling a soul. You're my girl Aerie, best friends for life. We raised hell together back in high school, so no worries Princess, I work on the dirty side. I may not know sim-fu like you, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to kick someone's ass. You know I've been in more than my fair share of fights.” Aerie let out a sigh of relief, “you have a point, but don't call me princess.. You're not a co-worker, your my best friend damn it.” The two laughed and had a few shots of the bartenders strongest before leaving.

Just moments after arriving at home she turned to enter the living room, Iris turned her back and faced the window. “The bar again Aerie?” Before Aerie could indulge in the argument that was sure to begin Iris cut her off. “Do you know if Claire left to the hospital again? I know she's always on call but I don't think she left. I called her but she's not answering.” Aerie let out a sigh, “I think I know where she is, I'll go get her.”

Aerie soon found herself at the door to the bathroom, she knocked and spoke softly so Iris wouldn't hear; “Claire, can I come in?” She was answered by the sounds of heaving and vomiting. “Claire, do I need to come in again?” She started to open the door when Claire replied between deep breaths. “No Aerie, I just need a minute.. I'll be out soon, just let me get cleaned up.” Aerie shook her head to herself before letting go of the doorknob and heading into the kitchen to grab a bit to eat and a glass of water, the shots had left her thirsty.

About 10 minutes later Claire joined Iris on the couch, “Claire, we need to talk, it's about the house..” A look of concern grew on Claire's face, “I thought it was paid for? Mom is there something-” “Oh nothing like that Claire, no need to worry” Iris interrupted. “It's not that, the house has been paid for years now.” Iris took a deep breath, looking into her daughters green eyes. “Just like your fathers” whispered Iris. “Mom-” “I know” Iris interrupted, “I won't dawdle about.”

“I'm going to get straight to the point, you're life is blossoming Claire, and I'm not all that young anymore. When the time comes that I'm no longer around, I want you to inherit the house as well as your fathers inheritance as well as my own. I love you both, and it was a tough decision, but you were always the more responsible one.”

Meanwhile Aerie was washing up when she looked at the toilet, shaking her head she made a mental note to clean it before she headed for bed.

She turned the corner to the living room when she heard Iris & Claire at a disagreement about something. Both women growing progressively louder as it intensified. “Mom, I appreciate you wanting to leave the house and everything to me, but Ezra already owns a home and I intend to move in after the wedding!”

“Leave everything to her?” Aerie thought to herself, “I thought she intended to split it between the two of us?” Aerie continued to listen just out of sight, it was clearly a conversation she was not meant to hear. “He can sell the house!” continued Iris, “it would be a great financial addition for the two of you!” “I don't want to sell his house and neither does he! I'm sorry mom but I don't want it! Ezra and I already have plans! Why not just give it to Aerie?”

Aerie raised an eyebrow at the mention of her name. “Aerie!?” Iris shrieked as she threw her hands up “you know she's unreliable! I love both of you to death but she's just not stable! Running off to china all the time, getting involved in who knows what, raising hell all through high school. Even now she spends her days in bed and her nights getting drunk at a bar! Who knows what's going on in that mind of hers! No, she's just not reliable enough for that, she won't even tell me about her so-called job she enjoys so much! She's-” As the rant continued Aerie's head hung lower and lower. “So this is what she really thinks of me, just a failure... A waste of space.”

As Iris continued on Aerie's sadness was replaced by anger, coming from her hiding spot she stormed into the living room. “What!?” Shouted Aerie, “am I not supposed to be here?” “Oh shit” mumbled Claire to herself, seeing full well that Aerie was furious. Both women stood up, Iris cleared her throat. “Nonsense, Aerie you know full well you not restricted from anything in this house, you know that.” Iris' eyes narrowed as they stared into Aerie's, I'm sure you have something to discuss with Claire as you always do. I'll leave you two to it. Claire, think about what we've talked about, we'll sit down at a more convenient time.

Before Aerie could lash out Claire interrupted, “Aerie.” By the time she turned back around Iris had already gone upstairs. “Aerie” Claire repeated, “not now, just let it go.” Aerie closed her eyes for a moment before approaching her sister.

“Let's not talk about it ok?” Whispered Claire, just like I let you go vent the other day, let me-” “I know” interrupted Aerie, “I won't press you on it, I heard most of it from the kitchen anyway.” Aerie looked at her sister for a moment, “I know you're the upcoming doctor, but you don't look too good.” Claire placed her hand on her forehead as she let out a long sigh, I know, I feel terrible.”

Aerie stepped a little closer and glared into Claire's eyes for a long moment. “What?” questioned Claire, “why so observant?” “When are you going to tell her?” asked Aerie, “you know damn well what I'm talking about.”

Claire sat down before answering, “I will... In time. I haven't even told Ezra yet.” “You haven't told him yet!” hissed Aerie, “Claire it's been weeks! The hell are you waiting for?” “I don't know... I just, I don't know.” Said Claire in a whimper. “Look, I'm sorry I raised my voice Claire, but they need to know. You won't be able to hide it forever, hell the wedding is 8 months from now, you won't have that long before everyone notices. What about after the party?” “Sure” whispered Claire as she nodded, “Wait, what party?” She stood up at the remark as Aerie whispered into her ear, “you know what I mean.”

After seeing Claire's confusion Aerie looked at her in surprise, “wait a sec... You mean you didn't plan on having a-” “A what?” demanded Claire, “what are you talking about?” A large grin spread across Aerie's face as she pulled out her cell. “Aerie, I know that face, Aerie what are you up to? Aerie?” Ignoring her sisters questioning Aerie called Lilith.

“We have a few months to plan something huge! Call the girls, oh! And start thinking of a good mix cd to make! Hmmm... I heard police uniforms are nice, but I've always wanted to see a hottie in one of those fireman uniform speedos!” Aerie looked at Claire's beet red embarrassed face and laughed, “oh you know what I'm talking about dear sister, strippers, yes. Whether you like it or not you're getting a bachelorette party!”

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  1. This chapter just broke my heart. Poor Aerie, overhearing that conversation. I don't know if I like Iris right now, and I think she's seriously deluding herself when she say she loves the girls equally; clearly Claire is her favorite, and Aerie has seen it.

  2. Agreed, and Aerie has had a lingering suspicion of it for years. Even a couple arguments with her as a teen. It's a good thing Claire managed to keep Aerie from getting in another argument, I doubt it would have ended well. Thank you for reading, your feedback is as always, much appreciated.

  3. Dr. Plumbob! I love it! LOL! Nice defense of the sister Aerie, I love the pic of her looking in that window.
    Ohhh well at least Aerie has someone to talk to about work. Of course, always being on the lookout, I guess she should not share toooo much huh? lol
    Geeessh Iris... that may have been a bit harsh. I feel sad for Aerie that her own family thinks of her that way.
    Glad someone knows about Claire and her secret lol Awesome! A bachelorette party! Woot! bring on the photos! lol

  4. Oh yes, considering they're twins and grew up together, there's no way Claire could hide her mourning sickness from Aerie. Lol.


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