Gen IV Chapter 24 - Curiosity

Two weeks in ICU under critical condition, major concussion, multiple lacerations from broken glass, severe smoke inhalation, not to mention all of the 2nd and 3rd degree burns.. As her mind recalled the gruesome details from the fire Aerie could feel her breath quicken. “Just one foot in front of the other” she whispered to herself as her feet hit the pavement.

“Ironic” she thought, “the one thing keeping me sane is the one thing she said I would love.” A small smile spread on her lips as she recalled the times Iris insisted she tried running outdoors as opposed to a treadmill. “So much to do” she thought briefly before pushing the thoughts to the back of her head. “Gotta clear my head first” she said aloud to herself as she focused on steadying her breathing.

Back at the house Claire was scrounging through papers & files. “I know I know Ezra, but I don't know where she's getting it from! I cringed when I called the financial department at the hospital, I was prepared to hear the sum of all the medical bills. So to hear them tell me that everything was paid for? I know mom's medical insurance wasn't that good, she's a high school principal, not a lawyer!”

“I feel bad for sneaking around Aerie's room, but I just don't know how she did it. Sure she's been working a lot lately, but I know she couldn't afford that much on whatever salary she makes. I'm just concerned that's all.” On the other end Ezra simply told her to leave things be, and be grateful for the outcome. Claire nodded, it was 6 weeks of hell, but she was forever grateful of the fact their mother survived such a horrific fire.

“Another day at the office” Aerie laughed to herself as she stepped into the warehouse. “Pretty sure they would disown me if they found out.” Strolling past several cutthroats as she entered, “no bloodstains today? You guys are getting better!” she laughed as they looked up with cheesy grins as they sharpened their knives & guns. Her “office” was pretty much split in two, clean & dirty. She was strictly on the clean side, Ms. Wu was very strict on those orders, she never wanted Aerie to get her hands “dirty.”

Still, she tried convincing her boss Vincent to let her do a couple dirty jobs. She could have used the money, paying for all the medical bills emptied both her domestic and Chinese bank accounts. He simply gave her a look and shook his head every time.

Ms. Ryuzaki you know your daughter could have someone do this for you- “no.” Iris cut off the fireman, “I let the renovators take care of everything else, and I thank you for checking in with me these weeks since I've returned. But the living room floor, I can take care of it. I want to take care of it myself.” Her change of tone relayed a clear message to him, back off and let me do it. He nodded and took his leave. “Refusing to let anyone other than yourself clean the spot where you damn near died... That's one tough old bird” he whispered to himself as he left.

After she heard the fireman pull out of the driveway Iris let out a long sigh, tears welling in her eyes all over again. “I have to... I just have to” she kept whispering to herself. Looking at the charred mess of a living room floor where she remembered falling. She looked back at the rest of the living room. “Those girls of mine” she spoke quietly to herself, “I'm going to give them an earful for buying that new furniture when I told them not to.” Despite her words her heart ached and she could not help but smile, she was so proud of her baby girls..

Claire stepped out of the hospital later that day to quite a crowd, before she could even make for the parking lot a group of them gathered around her.

“Autograph my test!?” squealed one of the girls, “you're like one of the smartest interns here, you'll be a resident in record time!” Claire simply laughed sheepishly and signed it, for some odd reason the new interns took the liberty of attaching themselves to her. “You can do just as well if you apply yourself” she said with a smile before making her way home.

As she stepped in she looked into the kitchen and seeing Iris cornering Aerie she decided to stay out of it. She sped into her room, changed, and headed over to Ezra's house for dinner. Back in the kitchen Iris continued pleading with Aerie, “why didn't you let me help!? Neither you or Claire touched a dime in my account. I gave you both access for a reason!”

“You nearly died!” Shouted Aerie, though realizing her tone and calming down. “Claire brought it up but I told her not too, I took care of it mom, no need to worry yourself.” “Aerie, I can only imagine how much of a bill that was, how could you handle it when you've only just started your job?”

There it was, she was hoping to avoid this question and she was sure her mother cornered her in the kitchen for this very reason. “Well, I've been..” she paused to think for a moment “I've kinda been interning for this company for a few years now.. It's how I've been able to travel to China so much during high school.” So I had some money saved up, so I just set up a payment plan with the hospital.”

Iris' eyes narrowed as she stared quietly at her daughter. “Shit” Aerie thought to herself, “she caught it.” “Aerie, don't you think I checked with the hospital? There is no payment plan, the whole bill was paid for.” “Well not with the hospital, with my company. They footed the bill on a big advance with my salary and are taking the payments back in percentages on each payday.”

Iris didn't buy it... Completely, and Aerie knew it. “You look tired mom, let's get you to bed, I love you.” Iris laughed, “get me to bed? I'm not that old yet!” She pulled her daughter into a hug.

“No, really mom, I love you more than you know.” Not a day went by that Aerie wasn't worried sick about her mothers condition. “I know sweetie, I know.”

As Iris headed upstairs Aerie headed for the living room when Claire caught her in the hall. “You survived?” Aerie laughed, “yeah, no thanks to you. I saw you pass and duck out of the house.” “So..” Claire seemed to hesitate, “I know you didn't want us to use mom's account for the bill but I called and they said it was paid for completely. What did you-” “I just finished getting grilled by mom about this” Aerie interrupted. “Sorry Claire, but some other time.”

Not waiting for Claire to respond Aerie stepped out the door, “so many questions” she thought to herself. “I already felt bad about lying to mom, now Claire's all over my case.” She let out a sigh as she stepped into her car, “there has to be a way to get them to stop asking questions, especially when the truth could get me in deep shit..”

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  1. Anyone recognize the couple in the living room photo? HUGE Kudos if you do, I may even visit your wishlist. ;)

    1. I can see Amy Bull there and... Kaze? :P

  2. Well done Omri! That is a photo of Kaze & Ami Ryuzaki! The original founders of the family! :D

    1. Yay! I noticed it's Amy right away... (I have a special "gift" for pre-made sims... and she has her own eccentric clothing style...) and thank you for the gift! :D

  3. I did lol! I love looking at family photos, it is nice to see them again. Loved this update, I hope they do not catch on to too much about Aerie (since she does not want them too). Also I am glad that she came out of the fire alive! That was really great of Aerie to pick up the bills, what a woman.

  4. I was worried when the fire started! The fireman were taking forever and I was getting very concerned, Iris isn't a young sim!


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