Gen IV Chapter 23 - Circle of Life

Aerie stood for a long moment, glaring into what seemed like nothing. Ms. Wu tilted her head and stared at her, a small smile on her lips, which soon turned into a soft laugh. Is it really that surprising for me to want to see you? Your birthday was a couple weeks ago.

Aerie stepped outside and closed the door, last thing she needed was for Iris to get curious. She stood for a moment, looking both ways before replying. “I'm glad to see you, but-” “Aerie?” said Ms. Wu in a calm hushed tone. “Why are you acting so suspicious?” “Because I have no idea how I'm going to explain you to my mother if she sees you here!”

Ms. Wu stared into Aerie's eyes for a moment, “why not tell her the truth? I'm your friend. And why look around like that? This isn't china, as far as anyone here's concerned we're just good friends.” Aerie let out a long sigh, “you're right, I just need to calm down a bit.” “Come” beckoned Wu towards the street, “show me these bars you're so fond of.”

30 minutes later Aerie was already taking deep gulps from her 2nd glass. “Do you always drink so... Quickly?” Asked Wu as she watched Aerie pretty much inhale the tall glass. “Not always” Aerie laughed as she set the glass down. “Let's just say I think I needed a couple of strong drinks, you surprised me today.” Aerie then glanced at the empty cup and thought to herself. “It's not everyday one of the biggest crime bosses in China just knocks on your door and asks to hit the bar with you..”

“Some shuffleboard then” Wu said as she gestured over to one in the corner. “You know how to play?” Ms Wu looked at her and smiled that smile. The one that pretty much said there's more to me than you know. “You think this is my first time to your country?” she said raising an eyebrow.

The two enjoyed several matches, Aerie lost most of them.

After a few more drinks Aerie was starting to feel most of them. “Are you sure you should drink so much?” Wu said with a laugh, hinted with concern. “No worries, I'm fine” laughed Aerie as she sat down at the bar. “In fact I'm feeling pretty damn good right now, barkeep! Drinks all around! On me!” Ms. Wu glared at her a moment before laughing it off. “I can afford it” Aerie assured her, “Mom refuses to let me help with the bills, I'm still jobless so she thinks the only income I have is from her.”

Cheers from the other patrons at the bar only caused Aerie's smile to grow larger.

Once everyone in the bar was finished celebrating the free drinks Ms. Wu pulled Aerie aside. “Something wrong?” questioned Aerie, “I thought you said it was fine since we're not in china.” “That's not it” said Wu in a calm voice, “business then” said Aerie as her smile soon faded. She knew this tone, it meant pay attention, and don't slam that drink either.

Wu waited a moment as if gathering her thoughts, then she stared at Aerie and asked, “have you thought about want you want to do for a career?” Aerie sighed, “yeah, a lot. My sisters in med-school, and mom is starting to give me that when are you getting a job look. I've already ruled out college, but she doesn't know that yet. I thought about getting a degree in business, but I just can't see myself at a desk doing a 9-5 you know?”

Ms Wu smiled, “you know, you've been a part of our family for a few years now. You're a great intel family member, and we've managed to get a branch established here. Nothing to large scale, we want to keep a low profile. If you want I can have a little chat with the one I placed in charge here.”

Aerie's confusion was written all over her face. “I thought I was already-” “Aerie” interrupted Wu, “you were only 15 when you started doing jobs for us, do you really think I would put you in a position on the field?” Aerie nodded, “I understand.” “Good” replied Wu, “This is where it gets serious Aerie, Lu's already nagged me enough about making sure you never do any dirty work. That's her department and she's adamant about keeping you out of it. You're like a daughter to her.”

“You'll be doing the more... Subtle jobs” Wu said with a wink, “and you'll be on my personal payroll. Though you'll have to follow the chain of command here. Your boss has a good head on his shoulders, I'll pay him a surprise visit so he knows not to give you any jobs that involve... No matter. Here's the address.” As Aerie tucked the address in her back pocket Ms. Wu pulled her into a hug, now that that's over I've got to go make arrangements. It was good seeing you again.

After Ms. Wu's Audie pulled out of the driveway and headed down the road Aerie ordered some hot wings and sat down. “Came to visit eh? Yeah right.” She laughed to herself, though she knew Wu wasn't lying about coming to visit her since she missed her birthday. Not at all, she just knew that her birthday wasn't the only reason Wu paid her a visit. “Always business” she laughed as she took her first bite.

After paying her tab Aerie headed to the address on the paper Wu handed to her, her stomach churning as she pulled up to the dark lightless street. “Why am I nervous?” she thought to herself, “I've been doing jobs for her for a few years now.

As she headed into the yard of the seemingly abandoned building Aerie glanced up at the dark broken glass. “She picked one hell of an office” she thought to herself, “she wasn't kidding when she said low profile.”

As instructed on the paper Aerie headed to the back of the building where she found a door. “Damn, the building looks worthless, but that's one hell of a security system.” After a short moment the door opened and both Ms. Wu and a Man stood in front of her. “This way” beckoned Wu, “we'll get you your security code.”

The next morning Aerie groggily rolled out of bed, “when's the last time I was up this early?”

She showered and stomped her way into the kitchen, definitely in a foul mood. Her new so-called boss wanted some documents hacked and funds transferred by mid afternoon in order to test her skills. And she was far from happy about it.

Meanwhile, over at Sacred Plumbob memorial hospital Claire was wrapping up a phone call. “Tonight? Ok, I'll see you then. Love you.”

As the sun began to set Claire found herself arriving 30 minutes early, her heart skipping a beat when she heard his voice. “You're 32 minutes early” Ezra said with a smile. “And yet here you are already, so you're at least 35 minutes early” replied Claire with a grin. “Because I know you, love” Ezra mouthed without a sound as he beckoned Claire towards him. “This way.”

As the two strolled through the park Ezra pulled her close, “I don't think there's a word in simlish strong enough to express how much I love you.” Claire didn't reply with words, she just held him tighter, taking in his smell, and the feel of his hands around her body.

After a while the two stopped in front of the fountain. “It's beautiful” Claire sighed, “the way the moonlight casts off the water-” “Pales in comparison to your beauty” interrupted Ezra. Claire turned with a smile to see Ezra staring deep into her eyes. “I love you” he whispered, “I love you too.”

After a moment Ezra whispered, “I think I found something strong enough to express my love for you, but it's not in simlish.” Claire blushed, “not that either” Ezra laughed, knowing full well why she was blushing. Without waiting for a response he knelt down on one knee. Claire's eyes widened as her mouth opened but no words were able to form. “Claire Anastasia Ryuzaki, would you give me the greatest honor of becoming your husband? Will you marry me?”

Knees wobbly and about to give out at any moment Claire nodded until she could find the words. “Yes, yes I would love to!” The two stood and held each other for a long moment, though it never felt long enough.

Ezra reached into his pocket and handed her a handkerchief, though Claire didn't take it. “I don't want to wipe these tears away just yet” she whispered.

Back across town Iris was downstairs reading while Aerie wrapped up her conversation on the phone. “Come on Lilith, let's hit Axis Radius for some drinks, then hit the gym!” “You're crazy” replied Lilith, “that's why I love ya! Hell yeah let's do it!” Before Iris could turn her head Aerie was already outside and peeling down the road.

It didn't take long, one spark. One piece of kindling hit the rug in front of the fire and flames spread lashed up and grew before Iris could even realize what had happened. Nearby books fueling the flames as they lapped at the furniture and hardwood floors. Iris fell over the chair as she limped toward the bookshelf, trying her hardest not to panic.

“Damn it, it's sprained” she thought as the pain shot up from her ankle to her leg. The sound of alarm piercing her ears like needles. “Claire's extinguisher” she thought as she reached behind the bookshelf. Grabbing the extinguisher she had used to put her daughter out whenever one of her ideas dramatically failed.

The flames only continued to grow, feeding on the bookshelf and spreading quickly. Iris' vision blurred, it was growing too fast and she knew she couldn't run for the door with her ankle badly twisted, she could barely stand on it as it is. She stumbled as she tripped on the end table by the sofa, struggling to get up her vision worsened; blurring before going completely black as she lost consciousness, blood slowly pooling from her head as she hit the ground.

Down at the beach Ezra and Claire packed up the late dinner they brought. Staring at the engagement ring Claire started tearing up all over again. Kissing Ezra a bit longer she stood up to stretch her legs a bit as she stared at the ocean.

A small glow caught her attention as she turned, all color fading from her face as her smile quickly turned into a frown before her mouth dropped open completely. Her eyes widened as she tried to speak but no words. Paralyzed with fear Claire saw the glow from the flames as smoke billowed from the windows of her home.

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  1. Oh Ms Wu, I knew she was trouble when I saw her at the door. Still, I can't believe how easy it was for Aerie to slip into her old life.

    I'm so excited for Claire and Ezra.

    Keep the updates coming. I love this.

  2. Valpre - Ms. Wu is rather charismatic, she's always up to something and has taken quite a bit of interest in Aerie. I think she took advantage of Aerie's indecisiveness. I'm excited for Claire & Ezra as well! Thanks again, comments are encouraged & welcomed!

  3. Oh, dear, I hope Iris makes it out but it doesn't look good. Meanwhile, congrats to Claire and Ezra and here is hoping Aerie is able to keep a low-enough profile to stay out of trouble.

  4. OH MY, a fire! Hope she comes out alright.
    Congrats to Claire, that was so sweet. Ms.Wu is always up to something is she not lol Love her. I am also excited to see where Aerie goes in her new job.

    Sorry I have not been keeping up, busy busy woman with two babies lol I am reading as often as I can. I miss being able to keep up with you!


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