Gen IV Chapter 21 - Sunset on School Days

As Aerie turned the corner to her street her eyes locked on her house, “I knew it was her!” she shrieked as she hit the accelerator. She tried honking the horn but the girl in the pink jacket had already headed into the house.

Practically flying out of her car Aerie jumped over the steps and ran inside, as she turned into the living room she saw a sight that caused her own eyes to water. Iris held Claire tightly, her mascara starting to run as she let her tears fall. Between the her mothers sobs Aerie could hear her saying the same heartfelt lines over and over. “I've missed you so much honey.. Oh how I've missed you, so very much...”

After a long and seemingly endless embrace Iris let Claire go and looked her over from head to toe. “You've grown so much..” “Thanks mom” replied Claire, blushing at all the attention her mother was giving her. Hearing sniffles coming from the entryway Iris and Claire turned to see Aerie trying her best (and failing) at hiding her tears.

“Hey” started Aerie, thinking of nothing better to say at the moment. “Don't hey me” replied Claire as she walked toward Aerie, grabbing her for another long hug. The two shared their tears for a long moment. “Both my babies are back...” whispered Iris as she watched them, feeling her heart would burst with love.

After a few hours of catching up Iris came downstairs suitcase in hand. The conference in Sunset Valley is only for tomorrow girls, I should be back by tomorrow evening. They shared their hugs and Iris headed out the door.

Claire glanced to see Aerie texting furiously on her cell before disappearing into the den. Returning shortly after with a bottle of nectar, “what are you doing?” laughed Claire, “what's with all the glasses? “What do you think?” replied Aerie, “I've been waiting for a chance like this, and this is the perfect time to throw a party!”

After setting the drinks on the table a screech could be heard outside as a car pulled into the driveway. “What?” questioned Claire as Aerie started laughing, “you'll see” replied Aerie as she started counting down. “5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..” “Party!?” shouted Lilith as she burst in the door just as Aerie reached zero.

Footsteps could be heard shortly after as Sari came in, “you're throwing a party Aerie!?” Though her face dropped as she saw Lilith standing in the living room. The two girls staring at each other a long moment before their silence was interrupted by another arrival.

“Let's get this parting rolling!” yelled Lilith as she turned on the stereo and grabbing a glass. “How many people are coming?” asked Claire, looking at Aerie nervously. “Just a few” she answered with a sinister smile, “just look out the window and see for yourself.” Claire's eyes widened as she looked out the window to see a group of sims heading up her stairs.

As the party hit full swing everyone was having a great time, Aerie's only rule she announced once everyone arrived: “you break anything, I break you” worked like a charm and everyone had a blast. Goofing off, dancing and enjoying the drinks Aerie made sure never ran dry.

Around 1am a firm knock on the door sent multiple glares in fear towards Aerie. “Back door!” she whispered loudly gesturing everyone toward the back patio as Claire handled the officer out front, apologizing for the loud music.

“We're so screwed!” panicked Joel as he started having a freak out. “Just get your ass out back!” hissed Aerie as she shoved him out the back door with the others.

“Well?” questioned Aerie as Claire came back from the front door, “everything's ok, she already left, so it's ok for everyone to come back in.”

Claire retreated to the kitchen while Aerie ushered their classmates out of the front door, “what a party” she thought, “I would have invited him I had known..”

Having cleared the house of the party-goers Aerie sat in the den and enjoyed another glass to unwind. She let out a long sigh of relief, “nothing broken and nothing spilled. Good.”

Aerie was sleeping soundly until that dreadful sound she knew so well woke her from what was a great dream. “Already?... Ugh...”

She stopped by Lilith's only to find out that she had already left, “the hell” Aerie remarked to herself, “at least text me these things, gas isn't cheap you know.”

While heading to school Aerie couldn't help but wonder why Claire decided to leave so early. “Where did she have to go so early in the morning?”

Her questions were answered as the final bell rang and class was over. She passed Claire on her way to swim practice. Laughing, and what looked like flirting though clumsily, with the new kid. Aerie raised an eyebrow as she watched the two leave school school together. “Ezra Campbell?” Aerie asked herself, “hmmm... Guess it makes sense, he did come from Snobbersworth around the same time Claire came back...” Putting the pieces together Aerie laughed quietly, “I guess she found more up there than just books.”

While Aerie was at swim practice Claire finished her homework and headed over to Ezra's house. The two not only walked two and from school together back at Snobbersworth, but were also great friends and study partners.

Hearing the call to come in from multiple people Claire felt her heart skip a few beats as her eyes locked on to Ezra. “Calm down Claire” she thought to herself, “you should be used to hanging out with him by now.” She took a deep, shaky breath as she took it all in as if meeting him for the first time. His gentle eyes, his soft chestnut hair that she loved to touch, everything.

“Hey” she managed to say without stumbling for words, “hey back” he said with a laugh. The two didn't get to talk long before the rest of the house came to see who was at the door. “Oh? Little bro's finally brought a girl home?” “Well well, never thought he'd get a girlfriend!” “Damn, she's a cute one, she got a sister?”

Claire could feel herself blushing so much she thought her face would turn beet red. “Just ignore them” Ezra said kindly, shooting his brothers a look that caused them to go back to whatever it was they were doing.

The two enjoyed a few shows on TV and chatted about getting used to Neverglade after coming from “snob central” (Snobbersworth). While laughing about the ambush from the brothers Claire stared raised an eyebrow while asking, “girlfriend eh?” Ezra laughed it off, “nah, that's just the way they are. They assumed just because I brought you over that we we're going out or something. I'll straighten that out later.”

Feeling her butterflies swarm her stomach Claire felt a little saddened, seeing her smile drop a little Ezra caught on that something was bothering her. “Is everything ok Claire?” “Oh! Everything's fine” she replied laughing nervously. Eza's look said it all, he wasn't buying it. After a long moment of silence Claire continued, “well... It's just that.. I don't know. Maybe you don't have to correct them.. About me being your girlfriend.”

Seeing Claire start to blush Ezra's eyes widened a bit. “Oh, really Claire? I didn't know.. but, are you sure?” his voice perked, though he'd hoped he didn't sound as hopeful and excited as he felt. His heart beating so quickly he swore she could hear it. “Yeah” Claire answered, “I would like that, a lot actually..” Ezra slowly held Claire's hands, “then you'll go out with me?” Claire nodded, her gaze never leaving his. “Gladly” she whispered as she hugged him, never wanting to let go.

After swim practice was over Aerie met up with Sari at the park, “so what are you doing after grad?” she asked. “No idea, but whatever I do it better pay me some serious cash!” The two laughed and chatted, sharing goals and dreams.

Hanging out on the seesaw Sari had started probing Aerie with boy questions. “Come on Aerie, I know someone has to have your attention. You're always on your laptop! Is it Bobby?” “no” “What about Aaron?” “nope” “What about Joel?” “Are you serious?” laughed Aerie, “did you see how he panicked at the party? No way in hell.” Growing tired of the probing, the two headed for a burger before heading home.

After school Aerie had driven Claire back to the restaurant, “it looks expensive” stated Claire with a look of concern. “Don't sweat it Claire, it's on me! I'm telling you, the burger I had last night was so good I thought I would die from happiness!” Looking around Claire couldn't help but ask, “is it always this busy?” “Yup, but I'm tellin' ya it's worth it!”

After dropping Claire off at Ezra's Aerie headed over to Liliths to hang out for a while.

After hanging out and enjoying a few good TV shows Aerie shared her plans for her prank tomorrow for the last day of school. Laughing hysterically Lilith agreed, “oh that's perfect! I want full details after you do it, assuming they don't kill you!”

The next morning Aerie was awake, showered and dressed by 6am. Grabbing a salad for breakfast she had began wondering to herself. “What do I want to do after graduation?” Hearing Claire's alarm go off upstairs Aerie ran to her room and grabbed her car keys, she knew her mom's alarm was set for the same time.

“AERIE!!!” Smiling fiendishly Aerie pulled out of the driveway as she heard her name being screamed through the house from both her mom and sister. “Perfect” she thought as she sped toward the school. 

“It's finally here” she thought to herself, “last day of high school.” Looking in her rear view mirror at herself thoughts danced across her mind. “No use stressing out over it” she said to herself, “guess I'll take it one day at a time...”

Until next chapter...


  1. So glad to see the girls reunited. I am very curious to see what direction Aerie goes in next.

  2. I agree, many roads and options lay ahead for her. One thing is for sure though, whatever direction she takes, I know she's the type that will stay true to herself. :)

  3. Seems like she is doing well at home, it is lovely to see her with friends and family. Great read

  4. its so nice that the twins are back together again :D

  5. hahaha :') awesome Prank

    Is that our Ezra? :D (and i know i know, im so late on catching up x.x)



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