Gen IV Chapter 20 - Home Sweet Home

Authors Note:  Special thanks to Seaweedy, Anettesb, Omri, and all the simmers who's amazing sims were placed into Neverglade.  Making it a beautiful and diverse suburb.  

Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead, neck & shoulders. Her mind was clear and focused, satisfied and in control Aerie let out a deep breath and began to calm her breathing. “I've got it” she thought to herself as she headed for the shower.

As she stepped outside to clean up the training equipment her cell rang, a smile spreading across her face as she instantly recognized the number. “Meet me at the garden,” “alright” replied Aerie, “see you soon.”

A smug smile spread across Lu's face as Aerie approached. “You have grown much since we first met, I am so proud to have been your teacher.” “Why are you saying that in past tense?” questioned Aerie, feeling a bit uneasy. “I have nothing left to teach you, just look at you Aerie. Your chi is practically glowing, I can tell you have flown for the first time. Your happiness is written all over your face.”

“Here, I have something for you.” Started Aerie as she reached into her pack and handed Lu a gift, I found this Sapphire gem deep in the mountains while I was training. It reminded me of when I first saw you training in your blue gui.” “For me? Oh you shouldn't have!” replied Lu with the biggest smile Aerie had ever seen from her teacher. “Now come, go get changed, we do not have time for the match you want, we need to talk before you go.”

Back at the garden Aerie and Lu enjoyed a slow match of chess, focusing more on conversation than the game itself. “Your summer is over Aerie, and there is nothing more for me to teach you. I will not press you on your training anymore. It is your responsibility to maintain your fitness and skill now.” “Well I still need to stop by and say-” “Ms. Wu is out on business right now” Lu interrupted, “I am sorry.”

“She wanted to say goodbye as well, but some things could not be avoided, she did go ahead and send you an early birthday present. It should have already arrived at your home by now. Know that we will be busy here for a while, and we want you to focus on your school. So it will be a while before you return here. I'm sorry, but I have to go as well, I am to meet Ms. Wu soon.” After a hug and smiles Lu departed from the garden.

Aerie made her way to a nearby bench and sat down, taking a deep breath. “Has it been three months already?” She looked around for a while, staring at the clear starry sky, the green grass and flowers. “I'm going to miss this place” she whispered as she stood up. Taking out her cell phone and sending a text to Iris. “See you soon mom, on my way to the airport.”

13 ½ hours later...

As the taxi drove Aerie home she stared out of the window at the sky, clear, shining stars shone overhead. “I think I can like it here” she said to herself, “much better than Bridgeport.” It was then that she realized she hadn't really given Neverglade a chance, it shared the same cool weather; yet it wasn't nearly as dirty as Bridgeport. And the beautiful night sky was nostalgic, reminding her of the land far to the east she had just flown from.

Aerie groggily made her way to the front door when she noticed a note covering the key hole. Puzzled, she lifted it, throwing away the tape that held it there. “for me?” she said as she noticed it was addressed to her. She wasted no time opening and reading it:

I am sorry I could not say goodbye, there is urgent business I needed to attend to and it could not wait. You will be turning 18 soon and even though I have only known you for 2 years, I have seen you grow so much. The next time we meet you will be a young woman Aerie, but for now I want to say Happy Birthday. I do not know if you noticed it, but take the key enclosed in this envelope and stand in front of your house. I am sure you will see something different. Please know that I had my people speak with your mother about my gift, and she is aware that it is there. We love you Aerie, our sister, happy birthday.”
                                                                                   Sincerely yours,

Taking the key from the envelope Aerie made her way down the steps to the front of the house.

Though she didn't need to make it to the sidewalk to figure out what was different. Her eyes grew wide as she stood there in shock, her mouth hanging open. “Are.. you... SERIOUS!?” she shrieked, “no way! No way!! No way!!!” For a moment Aerie forgot who she was and sounded like the overly-hyper cheerleaders she hated so much.

“A car! It's even my favorite color! Oh, Lilith is going to flip!” Aerie heard the door open and turned to see Iris leaning on the rail of the deck, smiling. “I figured it was you” she called, “I take it you found your friends present? I don't know how you found a friend with that kind of money but I won't complain, but don't think I'm letting you drive around in the dead of night tonight. You just came from a 13 hour flight and I haven't seen you in 3 months. At least come to bed first.” Aerie laughed and nodded as she headed inside.

The next morning Aerie was dressed, gulped down an apple and on the road to school long before the bus arrived. She didn't even want to see that school bus, she could finally drive to school herself, in her own car for once!

After class she let out a yawn and stretched, “I guess one night's rest wasn't enough” commented Iris as she stepped out behind her daughter. “I may not be your teacher, but don't stay out late tonight. I don't want you being sent to my office for falling asleep in class on my first day as assistant principal.”

Hungry, Aerie decided to stop by Out-and-Go burger for a bite to eat. “Wow, guess everyone's thinking the same thing I am” she said to herself as she parked in front of the packed diner. “Half my class is here!”

“Hey Hannah, what's up?” asked Aerie as she greeted her classmate, the two hadn't spoken much, but they enjoyed the occasional chat.

Seeing that familiar smile Aerie headed over to greet Hannah's sister Josephine, though she was just starting her sophmore year Aerie got along well with her. Always sharing a few laughs.

A quick bite to eat soon turned into hanging out and goofing off while stuffing her face. But it was fun, there were some friends she missed hanging out with over summer vacation.

A couple of them Aerie didn't see at the diner and decided to stop by for a quick visit, though both lived in the same house they were both adopted.

Sari Green, if Aerie hadn't met Lilith she was sure Sari would have been her best friend. Even now she was a good friend, and was always willing to hang out.

Then there was Ivy Green, probably the only person Aerie knew who was as good with computers as she was. Though a bit of a loner, the two did enjoy the occasional nerdy chat.

After a night of catching up with friends Aerie did take Iris' advice and headed home early, she was still feeling the jet lag and wanted be a hermit in her bedroom for a while. Her eyes shot open as she heard glass break. It wasn't loud like shattering, but it wasn't like a dropped cup either. “Something's wrong” she thought, and after peeking to see Iris sound asleep Aerie could feel her heart beat begin to race. “Someone is in the house...” She stepped down the stairs quietly, calming her breath and trying to keep her heart from bursting. “Remember your training” she thought to herself, as it soon became a chant.

She turned her head just in time to see someone run around the corner into the next room, setting off the alarm in the process. Aerie quickened her pace, taking long silent strides toward the back of the unknowing burglar. “I'll have to knock him out quickly” she thought, “I don't know if he has a weapon...”

She turned toward the living room and stopped, face to face with the burglar himself. “Thought you could sneak up on me girly? Aerie noticed it from the corner of her eye, as he slid the knife out of his pocket, it's sharpness gleaming in his left hand. “I think you need to just do what I tell you to-”

Before the burglar could finish his sentence the door burst open as the officer tackled him, knocking the knife loose as is slid across the floor. “What's going on!?” shouted a panicked Iris as she ran down the stairs. “Oh my simgods!” “Calm down mom” spoke Aerie quietly, trying not to raise her voice feeling as though it would crack. Iris turned to see her daughter smiling as she seemed to be watched and enjoying the fight.

It was over quickly, the officer made short work of the burglar. “Thank goodness you're safe!” yelled Iris as she stared at her daughter. “How could you be so calm?” she asked, laughing nervously.

She wasted no time thanking the officer for getting there so quickly and saving her daughter. Until she then realized she was barely wearing any clothes, at which point she made a hasty retreat to her bedroom.

Aerie watched from the window as the burglar was hauled off to jail, “how did I choke at a time like this?” she asked herself as she grabbed her hand with her other. It wouldn't stop shaking, not from fear, but from excitement.

It wasn't that she couldn't attack the burglar, but she chose not to. For the first time in over a month THAT feeling came back... Whispering for her to take his life... Telling her “he didn't deserve to live... He's going to rape and kill you...” It took all of her focus to keep from letting it take over, and the officer's timely arrival had kept her from possibly making a critical mistake.

The next few days were nothing but a blur, she had noticed Iris on the phone a lot. It had to be business related because she didn't smile much and never mentioned what it was about.

She also holed herself up in her room, studying. Books on public speaking, psychology, and speech were all she saw her read. “What is she pushing for?” Aerie thought to herself, though the thoughts quickly pushed to the back of her mind when her cell went off.

After chatting with Lilith and Sari for a while she decided to take care of homework, which soon became to much of a hassle. Especially considering she had bought the newest of the Speed Demon II series. Compared to the essay she had to write, Speed Demon II sounded like a much more interesting way to end the night.

The next week was more of the same, and Aerie wanted to jump on the first flight back to China, but she knew it would be months; possibly years before she returned. Feeling her “blah” mood worsen Aerie realized she had been gazing into the mirror brushing her teeth for 10 minutes.

Iris on the other hand seemed quite content, looking seemingly happier each passing day. “She'd better tell me why she's so damn happy” laughed Aerie to herself, “at least share some of it.”

Months passed and Aerie could feel her depression weighing on her shoulders. “Things are going ok but... I just don't know.” she said to herself as she washed her hands. “Our birthday is next month and I haven't heard a word...”

She took out her cell phone and stared at the call history. “Why won't you answer?” she said to herself, looking at the totals. 56 outgoing calls to Claire's cell, 0 answers. “You haven't e-mailed me in weeks...” She let out a long sigh and felt tears welling up, “I miss you damn it.”

Almost as if it were on cue Lilith called, “It's cool Lilith, I'm fine” replied Aerie. “Bullshit, something's wrong, now go touch up your eyeliner and meet me at the park in 20. I know you're about 5 seconds from crying, and I'll be damned if I sit here and let it happen.” Aerie couldn't help but laugh, “she won't even let me throw my own pity party” she thought to herself.

Aeries cell went off as she pulled out of the driveway. “I'm not even down the street mom, you miss me already?” Iris laughed on the other end, “I just missed you at the door, don't be gone long, I need you here in a couple hours.” “Alright” replied Aerie, shaking her head, “just admit that you miss me.” she laughed to herself.

“Isn't he a little old to be playing hopscotch?” Laughed Aerie, “dunno” replied Lilith, “but he can come play with me anytime he wants!” Aerie raised an eyebrow as she turned to face her, “seriously? He's a little old don't you think?” “You kidding? Replied Lilith, look at those arms! You can't tell me he isn't sexy, hell, keep your type away from me” she laughed, I'll take someone like him anyday.”

Laughing, they headed toward the snack bar. Aerie was watching the oncoming traffic as she waited in line on the sidewalk when she took a double-take. Her eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of the passenger in the taxi. She broke into a dead sprint toward her car, “gotta go Lilith! I'll call you later!” Before she could even protest Aerie was across the parking lot headed for her car, “damn she's fast” laughed Lilith.

“It had to be!” Aerie gasped, fighting to catch her breath as she fumbled her car keys. “Come on damn it!” the more she thought about it the more she was sure of it. That cheesy pink jacket, hair tossed up lazily into a pony-bun. “It had to be!” she said to herself as she pulled out into the street, “it had to be her!”

Until next chapter...


  1. Wow, so much happened in this chapter. I can just imagine Irisis' joy at having Aerie home again. But I can also feel Aerie's sense of nostalgia and yearning for China. I hope she settles in again and get used to being back.

    This was great.

  2. As much as Aerie wants to go back I'm sure she understands Mrs. Wu and Lu want her to try and "settle in" in her new home. :)

  3. I am laughing so hard! I never expected to see Junior here and he looks so funny playing hopscotch.
    Meanwhile, wow, a car! What a generous gift.

  4. I think she may have grown enough to feel good anywhere she goes. Once you find the peace within, you have it wherever you live. I do understand her missing it, I would too.
    funny hopscotch picture LOL! It is nice to see her at home.

  5. Seaweedy - Me neither! When the girls went to the park he was there playing hopscotch! I simply had to mention that. lol. Much of the town is populated by sims from fellow simmers, so there's no telling who's up to what. ;)

  6. xD Junior playing hop scotch! i am loving this :D


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