Gen IV Chapter 19 - Flight

The rest of the evening went by in a flash, and several thousand $imoleans later Aerie closed her laptop with a smug sense of accomplishment. She had spent the night upstairs in the the bookstore storage room, wrapping up the last of the family business she had to do before setting off to Ms. Min's private training place.

Reaching into her pack to enjoy an apple she snagged from the orchard just outside of the market Aerie entertained a few ideas about what kind of place it would be. “Someplace fancy?” she thought, “or some hole in the ground? Hmmm...”

“Only one way to find out” she said aloud, heading down the stairs and onto the rental bike. After nearly an hour of riding she pulled over to check her directions. “How far out is this place?” she wondered, wiping the sweat from her brow, only to get back on the bike to ride further into the hills.

After arriving to the destination Aerie stepped through some brush and for a moment thought she was toyed with. “This is a dead-end” she thought, “it's not leading anywhere except more-” her words cut off as she entered a clearing. “Wow” she whispered, “that's a lot of stairs...”

After ascending what seemed like countless flights of stairs she turned and opened the door to enter what was a very simple room. “Not so much on the fancy” she said to herself as she looked around the area. “No TV, hardly any furniture, not much of anything really. I feel for the person who lugged it up these stairs.”

She headed for what seemed to be a patio door and poked her head outside, all the training materials the school used were also here. Placed neatly at the corner of an ornate veranda.

It wasn't hard to find the quaint little bedroom either, and before she knew it the toll her body took on the 2 hour bikeride and stairs from hell hit her. “She said make myself at home” quoted Aerie as she grabbed her pack and changed into a nightshirt. After a 3-hour nap she made the bed and headed into the kitchen to make a ham & cheese sandwich.

After a nice stretch she headed out to the veranda. “You can see half the village from here...” she said breathlessly, “and the view...” Her awe was interrupted as her phone vibrated from a text message. Aeries face contorted from a smile to pure disgust as she read it. “Why ignore my calls? Stop being stubborn with yourself and be mine. I know it's what you want.”

“Seriously? Tch!” spat Aerie as she tossed the phone inside her pack. “Xiang...” she whispered with a cringe, “how the hell did he even get my number to begin with!? He's been calling for weeks and he still doesn't understand what the hell no means? I'm changing my number as soon as I get home. Damn stalker...”

Feeling her anger stirring at the sheer thought of him Aerie headed back to the bedroom and changed into her gui. “Bastard was telling the truth about that at least” she said to herself as she headed for the training dummy. “Don't know about seers and all that bullshit, but I do know somethings up.”

She felt the cool wood of the dummy as she began her regimen, calming herself and striking the dummy in it's pressure points. Moving slowly through her motions, thinking about the last few weeks. Xiang was right about her controlling something. She knew two things, one twitch that felt good. The one what made her smile and fingers tickle, which usually led to her snagging something.

Then it was the other feeling... The one that made her stomach churn, the one that just felt wrong... She had accustomed herself to suppressing it before she did something stupid. She hadn't blacked out since she nearly tried to kill Xiang, though there were times when she wondered if she should have done it... Maybe then her cell would get some peace.  Still, each time the feeling has been weaker and weaker, she rarely even had to consciously try and suppress it anymore.

Feeling satisfied with her forms Aerie moved to the board breaking stones near the dummy. She checked the nearby board storage area only to see stone blocks and what looked like rocks; very old hard rocks. “Stone slabs it is” she said laughing to herself, “this is definitely Ms. Min's place. She's probably the only one crazy enough to try and break something like that.”

Roughly 2 hours passed and Aerie had managed to break 4 stone slabs out of dozens of attempts. “Better stop and clear my head before my hand breaks” she thought as she headed inside for some water.

After taking a warm shower she headed into the main room and sat in the center. Taking deep breaths and focusing on nothing but clearing her mind. “Time to clear some old skeletons from this closet” she thought. “I've had too much on my mind lately” she lipped as she exhaled, followed by more slow, deep breathing.

Aerie's eyelids fluttered as they cracked open slowly, and for a moment she felt light as air. The cool breeze caressed her body as she stared to stand, only to realize she couldn't tell how long she'd been meditating. It wasn't until she stepped toward the bathroom and nearly tripped on clothes that were apparently folded behind where she was sitting that she realized it.

“Someone was here!?” she said aloud as her eyes scanned frantically around the room. “I was so focused I could hear a pin drop!” she said to herself through clenched teeth, but there was no denying that someone had to be here to leave those so close to her. “It couldn't have been Xiang” she said to herself, “only Ms. Min know about this-” she stopped as she saw a note sticking out of the fold of clothes.

She picked it up and a smile spread across her face before she was halfway through it. “I haven't seen anyone fall asleep while meditating since my sister Min was locked in the bathroom for 6 hours. Though it was good to see you slipped right back into meditation without realizing it when you woke up. I think you've earned the honor and privilege to wear these. Enjoy. “

                                                                             Your favorite opponent,

“Biyu” laughed Aerie, shaking her head. “That woman is too quiet for her own good. She's gotta teach me how to do that.” Aerie strolled into the bathroom and changed, smoothing out the wrinkles as she stood back in the main room. “It's comfy, but why do I feel so light?”

Focused more than ever before she made easy work of the stone slabs, breaking 12 consecutive slabs before giving it a rest.

She opened the back door to feel the sun shining brightly down on her, “how long was I sitting there!?” she said aloud, "it was sunset when I started!” Laughing, Aerie realized she could also hear much clearer, she felt her focus shift towards the dummy at the end of the veranda and could have sworn she heard a voice. “Work it.”

Moments later she was running towards it, connecting with a series of punches and kicks. “So light” she thought as she made a few spinning kicks on the dummy. Each hit Aerie could feel a mountain of stress melt away and she wanted the dummy to carry it all.

Before she even had a chance to really think about it she kicked the dummy several more times, causing it to spin violently as she ducked and countered with more. Next thing she knew she had snapped out of her trance, though it felt like she was still in one. Time seemed to slow as she looked down, realizing she was almost 2 meters off the ground. Her body twisting smoothly as her feet prepared to land squarely on the dummy. Aerie then realized what Min mentioned in the e-mail.

Aerie had spread her wings for the first time. She had taken flight.

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  1. That last pic is classic! Love the imagery invoked by the words. What a wonderful place for self reflection and growth. I can't wait to see how the rest of her journey unfolds.

  2. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. I loved that little training home. I didn't even know china had them! I initially found it by mistake, it really was the perfect place for self reflection. :)

  3. That was awesome. I love the privacy of it all. Wonderful place to concentrate. Great read and love the pictures. Her incense next to her mediation, great touch.

  4. wow brilliant! this has been a fun afternoon reading all this :D

    1. Thanks Rach! I am glad you are enjoying it, looking forward to your future comments. :3


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