Gen IV Chapter 18 - Darkness Calls

“Is there a problem?” asked Xiang, showing a glint of impatience on his face, “can we get this over with? I don't want to sound rude, but I simply hate the idea of rearranging your pretty face. Still, a challenge is a challenge, I'll get over it.”

~ Aerie ~

I blinked a few times as his words hit me, was this guy serious? He sounded like fighting me was a chore he was obligated to do. Hearing him talk painted a pretty good picture, sure he was hot, I'll give him that. Nice too, despite his tone at least he was polite. But he was just as cocky and conceited as he was attractive.

~ end of POV ~

Nodding in response Aerie left to the bathroom and returned moments later in her gui. Both martial artists taking their respective stances.

“Stay calm” Aerie thought to herself, “don't let my anger fight for me...” She could feel that twitch in the back of her mind, almost becoming a whisper. For a moment she thought she heard a voice, “he's looking down on you.. Break his knees, then he'll never train again..”

Aerie shook the weird thoughts from her head as she started to bow, ducking moments later when Xiang tried to kick her instead of bowing. “The hell!?” Aerie thought as she countered, landing a clean, forceful chop to his throat with her right hand.

Forgetting for a moment to keep that brooding feeling in check Aerie immediately formed a tight fist with her left as the chop landed, following through with a solid punch and sending Xiang to the ground. By the time she snapped out of it she found herself mounted on top of Xiang, clenching and choking him with one hand while her other was in a fist so tight it hurt. Moments from a potentially lethal punch.

Her eyes widened as she came to, jumping off of him, shocked at what she almost did. “I'm sorry!” she shouted, helping him to his feet.

He stood for a moment, rubbing his neck while not taking his eyes off of her. “Well, this is a surprise” he said calmly, “you're quite the little firecracker aren't you?” “I didn't mean to go that far” started Aerie, “I don't-” “It's fine.” Replied Xiang, cutting her off. My family has a history of seers, we're used to all things spiritual. You seem to be learning to keep your darkness in check.”

“Huh?” replied Aerie, “the hell-, I mean, what are you talking about?” “All people have both good and bad, light and dark" started Xiang. "Some have more of one or the other, but it can be quite confusing. You are one of those who seem to be more aware, it would feel like a bit of an itch or something. But I am glad to see you have control over it.  When I first met you in the scholars garden I felt so much murderous intent I thought you were a vile person, until I spoke with you.”

He then stood smiling with a smirk, “what?” asked Aerie, as she could feel him practically undressing her with his eyes. “Why are you staring at me like some piece of meat?” She stood clenching her teeth, “I can't stand guys who do this...” she thought to herself.  “Nothing” replied Xiang, “I just can't wait to make you mine.” “Excuse me!?” snapped Aerie, feeling disgusted. “I like the way you act, I deserve someone like you.”

Without so much as responding Aerie turned and headed for the bathroom, she could feel her hands clenching into very tight fists and didn't want to let that feeling take over again. “I'm not some piece of meat to be claimed as some reward!” she hissed to herself in the bathroom, “and I thought that self-centered, conceited prick was hot?”

Irritated, she washed her hands and headed for the gym area of the school. “Maybe some weights would help me calm down” thought Aerie as she worked out well into the night.

As the weeks passed, things seemed to settle down and Aerie was enjoying each and every day.

Though she made sure to keep in contact with Claire and Iris, she made sure her mother knew she was doing well.

She also found herself on a first name basis with the bookstore owner. She made sure to frequent the quaint little shop often. “May I use the storage room upstairs to study for a few hours?” she asked, as the shopkeeper took a photo of her as she often did. “Sure, you are such a diligent student” replied the shopkeeper, “you study so much!” With a smile and a nod Aerie headed upstairs.

Taking her laptop from her pack Aerie took her usual seat at the desk in front of the window. The storage room was quiet, secluded, and by all means perfect. “Time for a little work” Aerie thought to herself, “no way I'm going to enjoy myself without making a little something on the side..”

On occasion Aerie would receive an e-mail or phone call from Ms. Wu to run a few errands for the family. Despite Aeries complaints about not helping the family enough Ms. Wu made it clear she would get plenty of that once she was a little older. For now she wanted her to enjoy her summer vacation.

Though after being her persistent, stubborn self, Aerie did receive multiple errands to help out in the family's black market dealings. It was never anything too important or risky, as Ms. Wu was exceptionally careful and cautious with Aerie. Mainly using her as an assistant and occasional messenger to Dragonmaw peak.

Though Aerie loved every trip to the peak, everything from the intricate carvings on the walls to the lush greenery.

Once inside she was always taken back at how beautiful the hideout was. Though it was legally a safe habitat for the bird wildlife, it was also the home of Sun-Mai. Wealthy businessman on the surface, while in truth one of the family's biggest opium distributors.

As Aerie was browsing her overseas account she received an e-mail from an unknown user titled "flight". I hope this message finds you in good health. After speaking with my sister Biyu and after much thought I believe you are ready. At the bottom of this message is an attachment, please read and follow it's directions. No one knows of this place as it is mine and mine alone, though I want to share this place with you. Please do not tell anyone of this place but feel free to use it as you wish. The time is right and soon you will spread your wings for the first time. Fly well young one.

Aeries eyes widened as she read the e-mail, “Biyu? Sister?” she thought to herself. Then it hit her, “grandmaster!?” she whispered to herself in shock, the pieces came together as she read the attachment. “It has to be her!” she whispered. Remembering how the grandmaster touched her shoulder that day at the school. Mentioning how she had made her “sister” work a little. “The only woman I sparred with at that time was Biyu!”

A rather devious smirk on her face Aerie noted the instructions and closed her laptop. “My lips are sealed” she thought to herself. “I have no idea what she means by spreading wings, I'm not some bird, but if someone like her wants to let me use her private place I'm all for it! Aerie returned to her campsite and packed up, “I doubt I'll be using this site again..”

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  1. Hmm. That guy could mean either danger or love, not sure what to think yet. (And if previous chapters hint about it, I'm sorry that I haven't read them.)

    I wonder what it means to spread her wings...

  2. That conceited prick was rather forward huh? lol! I do not have a doubt in my mind that he will pursue her.

    HMmmm interesting email, looking forward to the next chapter! I love your writing.

  3. Fru - Perhaps, he's definitely a prick. I'm sure a part of her really did want to end his life, but I'm glad she snapped out of it. Feel free to play catch up while you wait for the next chapter, everything would make a lot more sense. ;)

    Simgirl - Thank you! A new chapter will be up soon!

  4. I should read this last generation at least from the start. (I'll be working on that the next time I find myself with some extra free time!)

  5. Phew, *lets out a giant, giant breath* I can't believe I'm all caught up, after a marathon of reading yesterday and today! This was such a wonderful way for me to pass the past two days. You've created one of the best challenges I've cone across recently. Great job, and kudos to you for making it to gen 4, I don't know where you find the patience!

    Now, on this latest chapter, I sense something intense between Aerie and Xiang, and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

    Great chapter, looking forward to more!

  6. Congrats on getting caught up! Thank you for taking the time to read it all. It really means a lot to me, I know 3 previous generations is a lot of ground to cover!

  7. Hello! One of my favorite chapters ever. The action sequence was incredibly well-written and even if this guy is a jerk, I like the tension between him and Aerie.

  8. Aw i thought that chap would of been alright then he went weird O.o i hope Aerie doesn't come across him again =s


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