Gen IV Chapter 16 - Threat

Aerie spent the next few hours tossing and turning, her mind filled with thoughts of blood and Biyu's lifeless body mutilated at her pleasure. She could feel herself smile at the thoughts when her eyes flew open and she shot up out of bed. “The hell?” she thought, her body covered in cold sweat. She climbed groggily out of the tent and headed towards the school to shower.

She found herself at the scholars garden shortly after, the images in her dream still clearly visible in her mind. “I really need to clear my head” she whispered to herself. So there she sat and meditated, until she couldn't even notice the annoying paparazzi that stood a mere two feet from her.

Once her mind was clear and she could again focus on putting Biyu in the hospital she stood up and stopped suddenly. A short gasp of surprise on her lips though she concealed her surprise. There was a young man, no more than 20-21 years old a few feet from her, staring at her. Normally she would have gone off and given him a piece of her mind for staring so intently like that, but only one word floated through her mind... “Hot.”

After staring back at him for much longer than she intended and forcing the many, many x-rated thoughts from her mind and approached him. “Can I help you?” she said raising an eyebrow, trying her hardest to look annoyed.

“Ah, I am sorry” the man began to apologize. Aerie cut him off before he could continue, not wasting time and getting right to the point. “There are a lot of things you could watch, like the clouds or something” she said, gesturing at the sky, “why were you watching me of all things!?” The man took a small step back, as if feeling her hostility.

“I am sorry miss” he continued apologetically, with sorrow on his lips. Lips that made her think she needed to take another shower, another long... hot shower... With him...  While trying not to look like she was checking him out (which she knew she damn well was) she managed to find out his name was Xiang Li. A name she made sure not to forget.

“You just looked so upset” Xiang continued, “I've never seen someone so focused yet even more angry. A blind man could sense the murderous intent in your chi a mile away.” Aerie could feel her mouth twitch when he said it, “am I that transparent?” she thought to herself, “I know I'm pissed and I will put her in the hospital... But how can he tell?”

“I am sorry for bothering you and taking your time” he said as he backed away and headed towards the market. “I hope we will meet again when you are free of your burden.” He took a few more steps before stopping and walking back towards her, stopping so close to her she could almost feel his breath. “I know it is not my place, but whatever happened to make you feel this hatred, let it go. It will not end well if you hold onto it.” With that he turned and left, leaving Aerie flustered and feeling all too warm. She didn't know if she should be pissed for his audacity to tell her what he thinks despite not knowing anything, or if she should relish in the fact of being so close... So close she could smell him.

With each passing hour Aerie could feel herself coming closer to snapping on the first person who even looked a little like Biyu. “That bitch!” she hissed under her breath as she headed back towards the school for the 8th time. “I know she didn't take off out of the village!” She passed through the training grounds scanning over each student.

She was crossing the sparring platform when she heard a door shut, she looked over and sneered. “BIYU!!!” she roared, causing many of the students to stop and look at her for a moment before deciding it best to leave. “There it is again” Aerie whispered to herself as her eyes narrowed, “that smile, that damn smug smile of hers!”

Clenching her fists so tightly her knuckles went white Aerie prepared to attack when Biyu stopped in front of her still smiling. “Get into your gui first. Child. We are not street thugs.” Fuming, Aerie relented and changed.

As they bowed Biyu's smile left and her face went cold, “you still haven't learned have you?” she whispered. And for a moment Aerie swore she saw a bit of disappointment, but Biyu quickly resumed her cold stare.

Aerie prepared to block Biyu's first attack, ready to pounce on her the moments she saw an opening. Biyu didn't throw a punch however, she grabbed Aerie by the arm firmly and kicked her behind her knees, hard. The blow brought Aerie to her knees and before she could even begin to stand up she felt Biyu's hand wrap around her throat.

With a short grunt Biyu ran, dragging Aerie in front of her by the throat. Clenching her teeth she slammed Aerie against the railing, Aeries head bouncing off the hardwood. Aerie's eyes grew wide with horror as Biyu didn't let go of her throat, feeling Biyu's grip tighten.

Aerie flailed her arms at Biyu, clawing, hitting, trying her best to kick her off; doing everything she could to loosen a grip that only grew tighter. She could feel something wet & sticky run down the back of her neck after the blow, blood...  Only one thought passed through Aeries mind, “I have to make her let go, she's going to kill me...” With a frighteningly cold expression Biyu stared at Aerie, knowing full well the girl in her iron grasp couldn't breath.

“Listen to me, and listen to me well. Child.” Started Biyu, as she stared into the horrified eyes of her victim. “You are NOT to approach me until you clear that hatred out of your head. You hear me? It WILL get you killed.” Aerie's eyes were already tearing up, it had been about a full minute now that she was held there, her vision getting blurry, and feeling lightheaded.

“I'm going to let you go now, you're going to get up and head to the showers. And you will not so much as speak to me until you can do so without anger. Or I will be sure no one finds your body, you mother Iris' or your sister Claire's.” With that Biyu released her grip mere moments before Aerie lost consciousness. Aerie doubled over onto the floor gasping violently for breath between coughs and sobs.

5 minutes had passed since then and Aerie could still feel Biyu's fingers around her neck, still she found herself gasping slightly, taking long deep breaths. She felt the back of her head, the blood was coagulating.  It must have been a small wound, but her head throbbed.  Then she heard that voice, HER voice. “Do as I told you and LEAVE.” Said Biyu coldly, she stood a few feet away with her back towards Aerie.

Weak and shaky Aerie stood on her feet, nearly loosing her balance. Slowly she made her way down the stairs to the bathroom. Had Aerie only glanced over her shoulder at the woman whom nearly killed her, she would have noticed the tiny droplets of moisture that fell at the woman's feet. Tears.

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  1. OOooooo. That is true, you can not get anywhere - nor beat your opponent until you are centered. Feeling anger so much is not centered. Not balance. Find that balance Aerie! Then you shall whip her hiney!! Great update!

  2. I cant believe I managed to catch up! great story as always. you can bet I will be a regular from here on out!

  3. Congrats on catching up! Thank you again for reading, it really means a lot to me knowing that my fellow simmers are enjoying the family.

  4. wow she right O.o you can't do anything right if your angry =d


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