Gen IV Chapter 15 - Defeat.

Enjoying the cool breeze Aerie decided to walk instead of riding a bike to the school. She was in deep thought, trying to figure out what exactly Lu meant. “Maybe she's finally going to spar me seriously” Aerie wondered, knowing she would love to see Lu fight seriously. “Well, not too seriously” she though, smiling. “I wouldn't want to be on the other end of those attacks.”

She received a txt as she approached the school, she raised an eyebrow as she read it. “Prepare yourself, and do not underestimate your opponent.” “The hell is this?” Aerie wondered aloud, she was sure Lu was going to spar with her. She went to the bathroom to change into her workout clothes and waited on the nearby sparring platform, looking around, waiting for Lu's arrival.

20 minutes past, an hour, 3 hours. Aerie called and sent dozens of messages, and not a single reply from Lu. “Something has to be wrong” she thought as she took out her cell to call Ms. Wu, only to see a message from Lu when she held it. “Stay there, and show patience.” “And do what?” protested Aerie as she stood there. Finally she sat down and read a book she had in her pack.

It was getting late when she finished, the sun had long set and most of the students had already left. She looked up as she closed her book to see Biyu Shen standing a couple feet away glaring at her. “What?” snapped Aerie, who was clearly irritated. “If you're finished playing little miss bookworm, can we get started? This is a challenge.”

Aerie nearly declined until it hit her, “Lu wants me to spar with you? Why!?” “Why so upset?” Biyu sneered, a smirk playing on her mouth. “You think you can actually take me? Just because I'm in a lower belt class than you?” That did it, Aerie flung off her clothes and threw on her gui. “I'm gonna knock that smug look of your damn face.” Aerie said coldly, walking up and stopping inches from Biyu's face. “I accept your fuckin' challenge.”

“KYAAAAAA!!!” Aerie let out a menacing cry as she threw a kick trying to knock Biyu's head off. Biyu easily dodged and countered. Every attack Aerie threw was fierce and full of rage, she couldn't figure out why but just looking at Biyu pissed her off. Her thoughts were shattered as Biyu landed a kick firmly in her stomach, lifting Aerie to her tiptoes as it hit.

She let out a sickening gurgle that tasted like vomit. She struggled to get back on her feet as Biyu circled her slowly. “You're not finished already are you?” Biyu said calmly, “I know Lu didn't send me here to kick some kid's ass. Don't make me waste my time.” Aerie was furious, though it felt like Biyu's kick went through her stomach and hit her spine. “Damn you...” She managed to utter as she struggled back to her feet.

“Oh? You can stand? Good, good. You really are Lu's prime pupil aren't you? So full of energy!” Biyu's face brightened as she prepared to attack. Trying not to cradle her stomach Aerie let out another scream as she swung wildly for Biyu's face. Growing irritated with her opponents behavior, Biyu caught Aerie's arm mid-punch and flung her to the ground. “Show some respect” she said coldly, “you're disgracing the woman who taught you, badly.”

Aerie jumped up and resumed her attack fueled with anger. Every attack being blocked and countered easily. “Why?” the thought to herself, “why is she able to avoid everything!?” Biyu's arms felt like they were made out of stone, hurting Aerie more and more each time she blocked her attacks. In one smooth motion Biyu threw Aerie off balance, “shit” spat Aerie as she tried to counter but it was too late as Biyu's rock-solid fist dug deep into Aeries stomach, lifting her off the ground completely.

Struggling to keep breathing Aerie laid on the ground for a few moments before being pulled up to her feet from Biyu. No one had pulled her to her feet since Lu did it back when they first met. She knew the reason why, the fight was over. She stood and bowed respectfully as she was supposed to. Her vision was blurry, it was taking everything she had not to vomit right there, and she knew she wouldn't be able to keep from crying much longer.

“Go.” said Biyu flatly as she gestured with a nod towards the bathroom. “I admire you determination, but you needed a wake up call.” As she started to turn and leave Aerie lifted her shaky arm. “Wait...” Aeries eyes widened when she spoke but no sound came out. It took all of her strength to lift her arms and form fists. It was weak, shaky, and barely audible, but she looked Biyu straight in the eyes and said clearly... “Again.”

Biyu lifted a hand for silence and shook her head. “You would like that wouldn't you? Another chance, but no. I know how hard I hit you, and you can barely stand.” By this time the tears had already begun to run down Aeries face and she hated it. Not being able to maintain her composure, and that smile.  Biyu's smug, irritating smile.  She wanted to wipe it from her face.

As Biyu left Aerie couldn't hold her body's need any longer and bolted for the bathroom where she convulsed and threw up her dinner. She sat slumped in front of the toilet, a mixture of sobs & whispered curses. The nausea had passed, but her stomach still ached and her chest hurt. Her arms were tender from blocking Biyu's attacks.

“This is bullshit...” she whispered to herself between sobs, her hands were fine & untouched as she looked at them. “I didn't land a single fucking punch...” It didn't take long for Lu's words of warning to pop into her mind. “So that's what she meant by that txt” she thought as she remembered how Lu's message told her to prepare herself and not underestimate her opponent.

Aeries sobs grew silent as she stood up on shaky legs and went to clean up her face. She looked at the shower and thought for a moment before shaking her head and heading out the door. “No” she thought, “I'm not done yet.”

When Aerie stepped back out into the training grounds she saw Ms. Min, the schools new owner. It was then that Aerie remembered the old woman that she met back on the mountain and led her here. “Crazy old woman was a grandmaster and owned the school” Aerie whispered to herself. Remembering when Lu told her who the mysterious old woman was. She passed away a week after she met her and she left the school to Min in her will. The school was long emptied and it was almost midnight, and there she was. Training hard as she attacked the wooden dummy relentlessly. “Beautiful” sighed Aerie as she watched Min's flawless movements.

She settled herself at a board breaking station and pulled out a couple slabs of pine wood. After a few breaths she struck, the wood shattering easily at her strike. “Too easy” she thought, “I need to push harder.”

She then took a couple slabs of hardened oak from the board station. Again it shattered beneath her first strike. A surprised smile spreading on her face from the satisfaction. Her smile quickly faded as her small laugh was cut off from the sharp pain in her stomach, reminding her of how she was badly beaten earlier.

Feeling her anger seething all over again Aerie headed back into the storage and walked past all the wood boards. “This is crazy” the thought, but quickly washed it from her mind. “Fuck it.” She grabbed a thin stone slab and placed it on the board. She placed her trembling hand just over it and took several deep breaths. “Need to focus...” the thought, trying to calm her erratic breathing. As angry as she was, she wasn't stupid. She knew she could seriously injure her hand if she wasn't careful.

She didn't feel the single pair of eyes watching her from a distance. Her breathing calmed, her hand stopped shaking. “KAAA!” She yelled as she struck the stone, surprised at the small dusty landing it made as it hit the ground in pieces. “It broke!” she celebrated out loud, forgetting she wasn't with anyone.

She grabbed another slate and with a smile struck it, a sharp pain shooting up her arm. Surprised, she shook off the pain. “Ok, maybe a I was a little hasty...” she consoled to herself.

Once the pain had subsided she tried to calm herself again. Focusing on the stone, again she struck and again the pain shot up her arm. This time making her eyes water. She let out a shaky sigh as she headed for the showers. “I'm too tired” she thought as she walked slowly to the bathroom. “But I did it once... I know I can do it again...”

As she stood in the shower letting the warm droplets sooth her aching body she let a couple of tears fall and blend with the water. “Never again” she thought to herself, taking the soap and starting to bath herself slowly. “I'll be sure to find her tomorrow... She's gonna pay...”

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  1. oh wow! What a whooping! I am sure she will not stand for that for long lol looking forward to the next xD!

  2. she can do it! i know she can! *shakes fist* You go girl! show her who's boss! Aerie could whollop me O.o i can't do anything like that


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