Gen IV Chapter 14 - Summer in Simla

Authors Note:  Despite being a very short chapter it's quite heavy with dialog.  My apologies for the lack of balance between dialogue & photos.  Much needed to be said and explained before the chapters that follow, and I didn't take as many photos as I had planned.

“Has it almost been a month already?” Aerie wondered to herself as she headed out of the theater. Time seemed to breeze by quickly as she continued to settle in to the suburb of Neverglade. She tries to keep in contact with Claire only to realize that they will rarely get to speak.

Her mind drifted to the last e-mail she received from her sister almost 2 weeks ago. Most of it was asking how she was and trying to play catch up since they only hear from each other every other week. If there was one thing that Aerie soon learned it was the fact that Claire HATED her new school. Though she hasn't really mentioned why.

Aerie's thoughts were interrupted as she caught a familiar glimpse as she was leaving the theater. She glanced over the large rock she took cover behind and spotted a familiar face. “Grams?” she whispered to herself, “since when was she in town?” She was talking to a man dressed in a lot of white with a beard to match and they seemed to be having a lively conversation as they entered for the upcoming symphony. “I thought grams didn't come out during the day because of her condition?” she thought to herself as she made her way to the car.

As she drove away she was confused about a few things, “why the hell did I hide in the first place?” she said aloud as she grinded into 4th gear. “Damn it” she cursed while cringing at the sound of the grinding gears, “sorry mom!” she hissed loudly to herself. She hadn't had her license for 2 weeks and still had the occasional issues with shifting.

She soon found herself in front of the Pleasant's home, a sinister smile crept on Aeries face as she parked the car. School was ok now, but her first day was pretty much hell. Everyone kept their distance because of her appearance. Dark broody clothes and dark eyeliner, most assumed she worshiped satan or sacrificed cats or something. The usual stereotype given to gothic/metalheads around here.

At least until the break between 5th & 6th period. Aerie was at her locker when a voice from behind her bounded from silence nearly making her jump. “Wicked band sticker! You listen to Dir en Grey too?” She turned to see a redhead with purple highlights, pinstripe top and a top hat. “Yeah? You know who they are?” Aerie was a little shocked yet cautious, she wasn't sure if the girl was serious or not, though she quickly found out she was when she started spurting how much she loved the last concert and how she'd totally bang the lead singer Kyo if given the chance.

“What's your name anyway?” asked the girl, “Damn she's blunt” Aerie thought before giving her name. “Yours?” she asked, wondering who this girl was and where she bought that top, she liked it. “Name's Lilith, Lilith Pleasant.” The rest of the day and every day after became one to look forward to. They became best friends within days.

“HELLO!? Earth to Aerie, the hell are you spacing out about?” The sudden tapping on the car window snapped Aerie out of her memories and the two headed to Lilith's yard. “So you ready for tonight?” she asked, giving Aerie that devious sneer. “Seriously? You're asking ME?” Aerie replied with a smirk, the two laughed and spent the next few hours chatting about everything from pranks to boys.

As night fell the two stepped outside to make preparations, though Aeries eyes were on the other redhead that stepped outside after them. “Don't worry about her” Replied Lilith catching Aerie's eyes, my sister wouldn't DARE say a word.” Emphasizing on the word dare with a threatening tone loud enough for Angela to hear her, “I swear she belongs in that preppy school with your sister.”

That was another thing Aerie liked about Lilith, the fact that she was also a twin, the two had shared countless stories with each other about their siblings. Though in the back of her mind Aerie was shocked to realize how abusive Lilith was to her sister Angela.

After goofing off Lilith grabbed the carton and motioned Aerie to follow her. “Why so close?” Aerie whispered, “it's practically your neighbor!” Lilith gave her that classic smile, the one that pretty much meant “fuck it, we're doing it anyway.”

“Bonus points for the sweet splatter effect!” hissed Lilith as Aerie continued to take aim and bombard the door and siding of the house. “Genius Aerie, I would never have thought about using rotted eggs!” The two laughed exchanging throws until they saw the door handle move. “Shit she's fast!” Whispered Lilith as she turned to run, only to see Aerie was already back at her lawn already. “Wait for me damn it!” she cursed as she ran for it.

“You left me!” yelled Lilith as she arrived back on her lawn gasping for breath. “No I didn't!” Defended Aerie, “not my fault you're slower than 3rd period!” Both girls broke down into laughter, “perfect way to start summer break!” They said in unison, completely ignoring the commotion the neighbor 3 houses down was making, wishing she'd seen where the pranksters ran off to.

Laughter, hanging out & a half-bottle of stolen vodka later Aerie arrived at home. “Think I should've passed on that last drink...” She thought to herself as her eyes grew heavy. She had a flight to catch in 4 hours and knew she should have slept, last thing she wanted was to miss her flight.

It took her almost 2 weeks to convince Iris to let her go. She almost fell over when Aerie brought up wanting to spending most of the summer in Shang Simla. Iris was against it until Aerie brought up the fact she had great “friends” there, and the extended stay would really help her perfect her simnese. After much consent (and a few calls to Ms. Wu) everything was set.

Grabbing her laptop off the coffee table and heading upstairs Aerie almost rescheduled her flight, but decided against it just in case her mother had a change of heart.

14 hours later...

“It feels good to be back!” Aerie thought to herself as she took a deep breath, taking in the clean air, bathing in the crisp breeze that enveloped her. A part of her was glad she didn't sleep much, it allowed her to pretty much sleep the entire 13 hour flight. “Better get this over with” she said to herself as she took out her phone and sent her mom a txt.

This time she played it smart, not only by getting permission, but even sending a txt letting Iris know of her safe arrival. A warm smile spread on Aeries lips, “I'll never worry you like that again” she thought as she read the reply from Iris.

She received a call from Lu shortly after, telling her to head to the school as soon as she was settled in. Aerie stood for a moment thinking long and hard about Lu's last words to her just before she hung up. “you're finally ready, and you'll spread your wings for the first time soon enough.” Aerie didn't know what Lu meant by that but one thing was certain, this was her last summer before her 18th birthday, and she's going to make damn sure it's one to remember!

Until next chapter...


  1. Ah, the Pleasants! <3
    How I miss them from TS2 days... This chapter brought back so many memories of them!

  2. I still don't know why EA hasn't included them in a neighborhood yet... They're classic characters!

  3. Very cool, looking forward to the next update. I am glad Aerie and her mother are doing well. That IS quite a way to start break xD! I have yet to do that actually... hmm.

  4. I am glad she found a friend in Lilith and I am looking forward to finding out what the 'first time' refers to. Hope this message finds you well, Tai!

  5. Lilith is definitely a kindred spirit for her. I'm looking forward to writing as their friendship blossoms. All is well here, I hope the same goes for you as well!

  6. Oh my god the Pleasant Family! I love the Pleasant Family! O.o sounded like Omri then, i made the Pleasants! i was over the moon that there was the same ish hair in game from what they have in TS2! its nice that they have made friends :D

  7. Dir en grey! I love that band. Anyway, this town is seriously cute, and the pleasant family too?

    I'm so close to being all caught up. I'm loving this story so far.


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