Gen IV Chapter 13 - Surprise

Ever since Claire left for private school I've been feeling anxious for no reason. She was literally my closest friend and now she's who knows how many miles away. So I turned to the one person who could help me somehow. Mom.

I'm not sure if it's because Claire was gone, or because she just wanted to spend time with me, but she didn't even put up a fight when I asked her to give me driving lessons! I was tired of the subway, and I was almost 16 ½ already! Almost everyone in class already had their own cars! Still, in a way, I almost didn't want it. I'm glad I got it over with, but we worked each others nerves to the brink.

To top things off, with Claire gone I now had to do my own homework. It's not that I can't, I'm not stupid or anything, I just don't want to. It's such a pain...

It didn't take too long for me to slide into a routine that worked out well for me. I refused to join a club, I needed the extra time for family business. Though after discussing some minor details Lu started hounding me about my training.

I'll admit I didn't feel like it, but she mentioned testing my improvement next time I pay them a visit so I had no choice but to make time for the gym. After some a nice toning workout I started for the showers when I stepped on one of my shoelaces that had apparently untied themselves... Damn it that hurt, I just hope no one saw me.

I'm already in a bad mood and falling on my face pretty much set me off. After cursing my laces I decided to skip the showers and just jog home. The air isn't as nice or refreshing as it is in China, but the jog would still help me calm down a bit. I don't know why I feel so on edge, but it's getting on my nerves...

Come back down for dinner once you've changed” called mom from the kitchen the moment I stepped in the door. “Talk about ninja senses” I whispered to myself as I headed up the stairs, which was surprisingly answered with “I heard that!” I just shook my head laughing quietly to myself as I headed up to shower. Mom and I have become kinda close, and I like it.

I was enjoying the fried fish and fries when she came and sat down. “I need you to get plenty of rest tonight Aerie” she said as she played with her hair, looking like college student. Tomorrow's going to be a big surprise. I managed to mumble an “Mmmhmm” as I nodded while eating.

I woke up the next morning way too early, though I decided to go ahead and get dressed anyway. I found myself staring at my crown from prom on my dresser and started thinking about Claire. “Wonder how she's doing?” I thought to myself as I reminisced about prom night and how completely drunk she was.

Screw it” I whispered to myself as I thought about hacking a little, but I was still tired. Next thing I knew I was back on the bed half-sleeping. At least until I got a txt from mom telling me to meet her in her bedroom.

She was wrapping up what looked like an itinerary when I stepped in. “What's up?” I raised an eyebrow expecting her to suggest some sort of mother-daughter workout. It's been a while since she had gone to the gym.

Pack your bags and say your goodbye's hun, we're moving tonight.” I stared at her before it registered to me what she just said. “Ok- wait, WHAT!?” I stood there with my mouth open, trying to figure out what she meant by that.

I know you girls aren't happy here in Bridgeport” she started, “I pay more attention than you think, I know this isn't a place to raise a family, I work at the school remember? This year we had a graduating class of 8! Don't worry, Claire knew for a while now, and you probably would have known if-”

She cut herself off but I knew what she was going to say. “If I hadn't run off to China for all that time...” “So where are we going?” She paused for a while and smiled at me, “Neverglade.” No explanation, no description. She just said it was greener and had more of a suburb feel to it. She then shoo'd me off to wrap up our transportation plans.

After spending the day calling the very few people I found worth saying goodbye to I found myself standing outside. I couldn't help but feel depressed for some reason, I know mom didn't have a “favorite” but it was true that she always seemed to tell Claire everything. Yet when it came to me she just kinda threw it out there at the last minute, if at all... As mom was grabbing the keys I made one last phone call to Shang-Simla. As Ms. Wu answered the phone I simply spoke monotone, “I'm moving... I'll call you again soon with details...”

The taxi ride from the airport was gloomy for me, mom had been so busy on her cell with arrangements, transfers, and everything that she didn't say a word to me. To top it off we arrived very early in the morning so it was still dark out. Guess I'll have to check the place out during the day.

Ironically enough the sun was rising as we arrived at our new house. Apparently we lived on the OPPOSITE side of town from the airport! Ugh, I'm going to hate that later. When she finally hung up her phone and pointed out the window sounding like an excited teenager, “there it is!” I looked out and my mouth fell open. It was HUGE! “Mom!” I shouted, a little louder than I intended, “you said we were downsizing! How is this house smaller?” She then gave one of those smiles again, “it is smaller, it's only a 3 bedroom.” I just shook my head smiling, when did my mom become such a smart-ass?

First thing I did of course was flop on my bed, I LOVE the wallpaper she chose for my room. Though I think I should have taken this photo before I belly-flopped on my bed. Heh, still, mom earned points with me for this one.

The dual bathroom was linked to the bedroom across from mine, which I'm thinking is for Claire if she decides to live with us after school. I'm not a girly-girl, but I love the fact this bathroom is pretty big.

Mom's bedroom is so f-ing huge it's ridiculous! I swear she does that to spoil herself. She admitted she downsized on the furniture for budgeting reasons, but I could tell she didn't skimp when it came to her bed!

I have no idea what she's planning to do with this room, but I know EXACTLY what I'm going to do with that bar if she ever leaves me home alone for a night. Hehehe

I don't know how she did it, but mom managed to dirty up the kitchen before I could even take a photo of it! Ugh, I swear, she redefines what it means to be a slob. I need to talk to her about that...

I managed to convince her to let me use the attic for my martial arts equipment, which I am quite proud of.

After getting settled in Mom decided to celebrate by cooking Ratatouille. Which threw off my focus since I could smell it drifting all the way up to the attic where I was trying to get a little practice in.

After bruising my hand from a lack of focus I decided to retreat to my room to finish pre-entrance exams. Yeah, pre-entrance! I hadn't even been to my first class here and they already had homework! I swear I'm regretting the fact that mom a teacher at my high school.

I was enjoying some pancakes before the bus arrived to pick me up for school when mom came and stopped by the table. “Aerie hun?” “What's up mom?” I looked up to see that she looked a little concerned, and a little depressed. “Mom? What's wrong?” I was starting to feel a little worried, why was she looking at me like that? “Nothings wrong, I'm fine. But I want you to know that things at this school will be different from what you were used to at Bridgeport High.”

I know” I said, nodding as I ate. Though I could still see her staring at me. “I just want you to know that you shouldn't let it bother you, once the kids here get to know you I'm sure you'll fit right in. I know it's hard finishing your Junior year in high school somewhere new.” “Ok mom, thanks.”

The bus pulled up as she walked away and I stepped on board. There was a guy already on, but he went waaaay out of his way to avoid eye contact with me. I got the hint and sat a few seats behind him, “what's his problem?” I thought, I didn't even say anything to him.

The next stop another guy got on, I saw him look at me and then stopped dead in his tracks. He veered left and sat with the first guy, they were avoiding me like I was the plague itself! “Great” I sighed to myself, I could already tell that the first day at this school was going to be a blast...

Until next chapter...


  1. Oh wow! A new home - a new school. Cool. I hope she does well there and the kids are not too mean to the new comer! Love the house, very awesome. Can not see the picture very well because it is so dark but looking closely - that is cool wallpaper in her room lol! Great update.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, her room is just dark overall so I couldn't get a very clear shot. I'm hoping she does well there too, I should have the next chapter written soon. ;)

  3. Wow, the house is gorgeous! <3
    It's a really great story so far, and I absolutely love her personality! :D
    The chapters are a little long for my liking, but it was still a good read.

  4. I wish her luck at her new school in Neverglade.

  5. wow they moved didn't expect that =P that house is awesome! was that pre-built or did you make it? either way its freaking awesome wow! i wish her all the best with school going to a new place isn't easy =d

    1. The house was already there, the creator of Neverglade built them. I like it, it's pretty spacious. :)


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