Gen IV Chapter 12 - Farewell!? Part 2

If I had a simolean for every dress I tried on I'm sure I'd have a good chunk of cash. Still, I won't complain, especially since I didn't have to pay for the dress. The past few days have been busy, far busier than anyone here would realize. I quickly set into a schedule between school, my social life, and “family business.”

Things between Claire and I never skipped a beat and we're as close as ever. I can tell mom enjoys the brief time we spend together, and even I have to admit, I enjoy it myself. I had just finished wiring the money I hacked to one of Ms. Wu's international bank accounts when I realized it was time to get ready.

I don't think I've ever spent this much time in front of a mirror, I didn't bother asking anyone out to prom. Despite my good grades I haven't been to school much recently, and no one there caught my interest to begin with. I feel bad for Claire though, she asked her crush only to find out that he was going with someone else.

A smirk flashed across my face as I finished the final touches on my hair & makeup. I was going to transfer a nice chunk again after prom and I was getting my “family allowance” transferred in at midnight. It's only common sense that I already have plans for every last simolean.

Claire's P.O.V.

* sigh * “Even after trying on over 30 dresses I still think I should have gone with something different... Maybe I shouldn't even go, I can't bear to see Josh dancing with another girl...” Claire continued whispering thoughts to herself as she stared drably into the mirror, fidgeting with every fiber on the spring style dress.

Thoughts of not going to prom skipped through her mind as she made her finishing touches, only to be wiped away by the memory of her mom's smile these last few days. “I'm glad she's doing better” she thought to herself, “I was seriously getting worried. I wonder why Aerie goes to China so much, and how does she even afford to do it?”

Looking over herself one last time Claire pushed these thoughts aside. “Today is about enjoying ourselves one last time... I'm sure mom's waiting for me to break the news to her, I'll have to do it after prom...”

Aerie's P.O.V.

Both girls headed downstairs dressed and ready, spotting Iris on the piano playing a beautiful sonata. “It's been days since she's touched the piano” whispered Claire. I felt my heart hurt a little, pricked by the knowledge that I caused her to stop doing something she loved so much.

We were able to enjoy listening for a little while until she realized we were there. “Oh... Oh my...” Gasped Iris as she sat speechless. I tried to catch the words before they slipped but it was too late, “mom, don't cry yet, it's not like we're getting married!” My words were fruitless as she had already started tearing up.

She gave each of us a careful hug and took out a camera neither of us even knew she had. After several soon-to-be-embarrassing photos she shoo'd us outside where the limo was parked and waiting.

The ride turned out to be a nicer than expected and the two of us found ourselves chatting while eating & drinking everything in sight. Though the short ride was over faster than either one of us expected it to be.

As we stepped out of the limo and approached the school Claire grabbed my arm and stopped me. “Hey Aerie, I... Well I... Umm...” She was fidgeting and looked dead serious. I let out a short sigh and placed my arm around hers. “Whatever it is on your mind just let it go” I started with a laugh, “first we need to enjoy this night. Let's dance our asses off!” She smiled and let out a laugh and we strolled in arm & arm.

That was the craziest 5 hours I've had in ages! I'm glad my class contact “smugglin' Sam” came through with my request. None of the faculty noticed me pouring the bottle of vodka in the punch bowls. I was nice & buzzed until that snobby Jenn STOMPED on my foot while we were all dancing. I wanted to break her nose, but I knew it wouldn't be worth it, even though a part of me thought it WOULD be.

I saw Claire dancing with some new kid, I guess he was kinda cute, but I noticed once she finished her first cup of the now “special punch” she finished each cup faster & faster and kept going back for more... At this point I spent my night keeping an eye on her, I knew she was drunk.

This of course was thrown off when they announced this years prom Queen. I was already heading for the punch bowl so I wouldn't have to see little miss perfect's face when they announced her name. Except they didn't... They called MINE!

I stood there dumbfounded for a few moments before everyone looked at me and made my way to get my crown. How the hell this happened I have no idea, I definitely didn't want it! Though seeing miss perfect's face as I stepped up to get it made it worth it.

I stepped outside and stretched, such a nice buzz... If only I had a cute date, my night wouldn't be over just yet.

As I stepped in the door I held it open for Claire who pretty much stumbled in, simgods was she smashed. I'm just glad she's not a loud or violent drunk. She stood there for a moment smoothing out wrinkles on her dress that weren't really there. At this point I called her over to the couch.

“Claire, listen to me. I need you to be very quiet, mom can't know we've been drinking ok? Let's just sit down for a minute and I'll take you to your room. Sound good?”

Claire narrowed her eyes and gave me a very... Weird look. Then she stepped closer to me, quite a bit closer than I expected and she gave me some sinister smile. “You wanna * hic * take me to mah room eh? Mmmm... That sounds fun, whatcha got in mind?” I stared at her blankly, her breath was almost pure alcohol, how much did she drink!?

She gave me what I thought was a hug until I felt her hands drift waaay to far south and grabbed my ass. It wasn't until then that I realized what she had meant. “Claire” I whispered, “why are you grabbing my ass? C'mon let's get you to bed.” She pulled me closer as I started to walk away and held one hand on my ass while groping my breast with her other. “You don't wanna warm up first?” she said slurring every word.

Claire!” I whispered harshly, trying not to wake mom “stop touching me and let's go to bed!” She smiled and leaned in to kiss me, this was the last straw and I slapped her hands off of me and backed away as she tried to tongue lips that weren't there. “Aerie what's wrong? Let's go to my room and get out of these dresses, let's have fun!”

Claire! I'm your sister!” I whispered sharply, though louder than I meant to out of frustration. “No! You're coming with me now!” I grabbed her arm to take her to her room when I heard familiar footsteps.

Everything ok in here girls?” I turned to see mom coming from the kitchen, and this time I knew it was cocoa, I could smell it heating in the microwave. “Everything's fine mom, we were just heading to bed.” She nodded and headed upstairs. I grabbed Clair's hand as soon as she was out of sight, “come with me and don't say a word! And do not touch me!”

After going through hell trying to get Claire undressed and into bed without her trying to molest me in the process I finally made it to my room and locked the door just in case she got any funny ideas. “She's completely smashed” I whispered to myself, “she's gonna feel that tomorrow.”

My thoughts were interrupted by a scream coming form mom's room. I shot up and ran down the hall when I stopped in my tracks. That's when I remembered what I had done before I left. “She just now triggered that prank?” I thought to myself. I peeked in through the cracked-open door to see for myself.

She was clutching her chest as she closed the horror prompt I set up on the computer. But before I left for bed I saw her browsing what looked like a real-estate site. “What's with that?” I asked myself, but I was tired, buzz was wearing off and I needed sleep.

The woke the next morning to find my mouth tasting like old alcohol tainted with nausea. “Not cool” I thought as I showered and headed downstairs, I needed to eat before my body decided to throw up yesterdays food.

I didn't see anyone in the kitchen so I finished my pancakes before heading up to mom's room. She had a rather large smile that I recognized, it was the one she always had when she was up to something. Her finger was cutting through the air as she seemed to be calculating something, she was seriously too smart for her own good sometimes.

Have you seen Claire?” I asked, thinking for sure she was hungover beyond reason somewhere in the house. “She's outside at her workbench” she answered before going back to her own world of equations.

I headed downstairs and heard the familiar clinking that was always Claire at work. I stepped outside to see how she was doing only to find out she was fine! How the hell did I have a hangover when she drank much more than I did? I even asked if she remembered anything and she doesn't remember a thing after getting home! Feeling a little jealous of her hangover immunity I retreated to my bedroom for some “family business.”

3rd Person P.O.V.

While Aerie was upstairs, Iris was fine-tuning the family budget. She had big plans in the coming weeks and needed everything in order. Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar scream, just as she stood up to see what was wrong she turned to see Claire come bursting in the living room with her clothes on fire.

MOM!!!” she shrieked as she bolted towards Iris, who reached for an extinguisher tucked behind the bookshelf. “Put it out! Put it out! PUT IT OUT!” screamed Claire as she hopped around franticly. “Stop jumping!” shouted Iris as she continued to spray down her singed daughter.

How many times is that now?” she asked, putting the extinguisher back behind the bookshelf. “Four...” Mumbled Claire, her voice low and deflated. “I think it's time you work on a different project” sighed Iris, “I'm familiar with the saying 3rd times a charm, but 4?”

Claire started towards the shower when Iris stopped her. “Have you told Aerie yet?” Claire simply shook her head, “then you had better do so tonight. In fact, come back down here after you get cleaned up, I'll call her down.” Claire nodded and made her way to the shower.

Later that evening Aerie was learning the basics from the chemistry set Iris had purchased. “This is a great way to pull off some epic pranks” she whispered to herself, ecstatic at the potential. “Aerie!” shouted Iris from inside, beckoning her into the living room.

Mom, I just thought of this great formula! It might-” my words were cut off by a hand politely asking for silence. “Claire” started Iris, “I think it's past time you tell your sister.” My eyes followed mom's over to Claire, who went a little pale and looked nervous.

Tell me what?” I was staring at her, expecting an apology for something I didn't notice or know about. “Aerie... I... I'm...” Tears were already welling up before she said a sentence. I couldn't help but get a little worried. “Claire, what's wrong?” I stared at mom for an explanation, begging with my eyes to just tell me so Claire wouldn't have to. It was obviously something painful.

My smile quickly faded as Claire struggled for a while, finally letting tears stream as she found the words. “I'm leaving... Tomorrow.” “You're what!?” I shouted, “what do you mean by leaving? What happened? Where are you-” “Aerie.” Mom interrupted, “let her finish.”

I stood glaring at Claire, I could feel my anger seething, how could she not tell me something this important sooner? “I was accepted into snobbersworth private school, I'll be finishing the rest of my junior and all of my senior year there... Possibly even the first half of my college too.”

I stood there in a bit of shock, I looked over at mom who's eyes had dropped. It was obviously something that hurt her too, one of her daughters was already leaving the nest, and not for some short vacation either. Before I could say a word Claire wrapped her arms around me, a muffled voice coming from her as I felt my shirt become wet from her tears. “I'm going to miss you.” I couldn't find the right words, the always-composed twin sister whom I loved was breaking down. What could I have done?

The sun was up faster then it should have, I swear it was plotting against me. I heard Claire's closet door slide open as she got out of bed and I lay there thinking. What's it going to be like after she's gone? She's the closest friend I have here, what am I going to do?

It wasn't long until I heard the shower, and since we share the same one I had to wait until she was finished. Though I swear she was taking a lot longer than usual. “You finished in there!?” I shouted through the door, “Almost! Just a minute!” Her reply was a little... Off. She never sounded so... Determined.

When I finally heard her unlock the door and enter her room I took my shower. I could feel all the stress melt away with the hot water and I cleared my head as much as I could. I just closed my eyes and let it all go, though I'm sure I'll be venting with mom later. We've been getting closer bit by bit lately and we're pretty much friends. I'm sure she'd like to vent with me too.

As I stepped out of the shower I began to dry off when I felt something sticky. I ran my fingers through my hair thinking it was extra conditioner or something when I realized the palms of my hands were neon pink. “The hell?” I said to myself, “what is? No.... No no no!”

I stared in horror as I had a head full of neon pink hair! “Claire! You shady little-” I cut myself off as it hit me. “That's why she did it...” I said to myself, “she can't leave yet! I have to say my goodbye's!” I jumped back in the shower and rinsed as much of it out as I could.

This is taking too long!” I shouted to myself as I jumped out of the shower. Just then I heard a horn honk out front... “No!” I shouted as I threw my clothes on, I noticed half my head was still neon pink as I bolted out the door, hair dripping wet.

I flew down the stairs and flung the door open just in time to see Claire running across the street. The driver had just finished putting her bags in the trunk and she was running for the door. “Claire! Wait!” I yelled but it was clear she was doing her best not to look back. Then I remembered what she told me at dinner before we went to bed.

Don't worry, I'm all cried out. I'll say my goodbye's properly tomorrow without a tear.” “That's why she set her first prank on me...” I said to myself as I stopped in the middle of the street, “the prank was her way of saying goodbye, that's why she won't look back... She's crying..."

Next thing I knew the door was closed and the limo started to leave. That's when I saw her face, waving at me with her mascara running horribly from crying. A quirky smile on her face as she passed me by. Not knowing how many years it will be until I see her again...

Until next chapter...


  1. I do not know how I missed this post. Actually I think I do but no worries.

    AWwww! She has left?? I know Aerie will be a little lonely. That was a lovely way to leave though LOL Love it. Poor Claire, yes she might need to find a different project xD!!

  2. Thanks for reading & commenting! Ah, it was a double release so it would have been easy to overlook.

    I'm sure Aerie feels a little lonely, but I get the feeling she's now trying to figure out how to get out of doing homework since she always snuck in and copied Claire's. lol.

  3. I have missed these updates as well, glad to get caught up--this chapter had some hilarious moments but it is bittersweet that the sisters are separated. I love the name of the Boarding School.

  4. Aww Claire's leaving D: and already? this has really turned the tables hasn't it? now Aerie is going to feel so damn lonely D: i hope everything is going to be ok D:


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