Gen IV Chapter 11 - Farewell!? Part 1

When I arrived at the Bridgeport airport it was well after 10pm. “Another starless night” I thought to myself as I looked at the sky. I had only just landed and I already missed Shang Simla, the skyscrapers made it nearly impossible to see any stars.

I headed straight to my room and called Ms. Wu letting her know I arrived safely. She gave me a few brief instructions as to what she wanted me to do over the next couple weeks. As well as reminding me to keep my new family secret for what seemed like the 1,000th time.

After finishing my phone call I decided to raid the fridge for a bit, grabbing a bowl of moms notorious chili-cheese stew. I turned to head for the table when it happened, mom walked right by me. She didn't even stop to say a word, I didn't even hear her coming which was weird since she was in boot-heels. I expected a lecture or something, but not even a look?

I sat down opposite of her to eat, expecting her to ask me where or why. I glanced at her while I ate, no way was I going to talk first, and the house was so silent it was eerie. She just sat there, sipping on her hot cocoa, looking off into nothing. I stopped and stared at her, she wasn't even trying to make any eye contact! Just staring into the wall as she drank. I stood up and cleared my dishes as I headed upstairs.

I headed into the bathroom and started thinking out loud as I stared at myself in the mirror. “Ok, she's completely snapped” I told myself in a whisper. “She's going to kill me, she's never done this before.” I continued to have a minor freak out before convincing myself that nothing will be solved by sharing my thoughts out loud with myself and headed for bed.

I was completely K.O.'d when I felt something brush my blanket. I awoke but kept my eyes closed trying to figure out what it was. I was expecting Claire to wake me up with welcome backs, but after laying for about 10 minutes in silence I knew it wasn't her. It had to be mom, and I could feel her right next to my bed staring at me.

I could hear her whispering to herself, though it was clear she didn't intend for anyone to hear her.  "Not even a hello?  Not an I'm back, or hi mom...  Nothing?"  I could hear faint sniffles between her words and  at this point I was freaked out and a little scared. I was starting to wonder off in my thoughts and imagined her standing there with a knife waiting for the perfect moment to kill me. Of course she wasn't really, she was just staring at me, I could feel it.

After about 20 minutes or so (I think) I heard her walk toward where my chair was. It wasn't until I heard the familiar sound her grabbing a book that I decided to officially wake up, pulling off a fake yawn to make it seem real. I sat up expecting her to say something but she just sat there.

I figured she wasn't going to move again and just decided to get changed. It was a little weird getting changed with her in the room but her eyes never left the book. It wasn't until I finished getting dressed that I realized she hadn't turned a single page the entire time... I know mom's a bookworm and a speed reader, so it was obvious she wasn't reading whatever book she had.

I turned and looked at her to find she sat there staring at the book, as I looked closer I noticed her hands were shaking... Her eyes were bloodshot and stained tears ran down both cheeks, the page she had opened was almost soaked from what tears she shed. I turned and peered down at my dresser as I fought to keep my own tears from falling.

My heart felt heavy and I knew I had hurt her, badly. I don't think words can express how horrible I felt at that moment. It wasn't hot cocoa she was drinking last night, it must have been coffee... Did she even sleep? I took a deep breath and turned to approach her when she closed the book wiped her eyes and stood up.

Mom, I-” My words were cut off as she raised her hands and backed away a little. “Aerie, no. I owe you an apology, I should never have hit you, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, I just reacted, after hearing you speak like that about your father who went through so much. Who gave us both all the love in the world, I just reacted to his defense.”

But do you know how worried I was? I really thought I had lost you again!?” Fresh tears welled in her eyes as she continued to pour words out of her heart. “I can understand if you hate me for it, but try to see things from my point of view, I don't even know where we went wrong, we were so close once...” Her words trailed off as she fought her tears.

I started to notice how frail she looked, her eyes looked a little dark and puffy. Was she getting enough sleep? Probably from staying up waiting for me... She looked like she had lost weight too, as I started to realize how she had probably been literally worrying herself sick my heart grew so heavy I didn't think I could take it.

I'm sorry” I whispered, “I'll never make you worry like this again...” A single tear fell down her cheek when she heard me as a smile spread across her face. “I've missed you so much” she replied, her voice growing shaky.

A small smile spread across my own as I hugged her, “can we start again Aerie? We used to be so close...” I nodded which caused her smile to grow, but my heart felt a different kind of weight now. I'm starting to notice how doing such a childish thing like running away could really affect her, and I knew she didn't deserve to go through that. Thinking back, didn't I run away last time I experienced something unbearable? That had caused the accident and put her through more grief.

I wouldn't run again, I knew that the moment I realized this. But I also knew that as close as she wanted to get, I would always have one secret I would never allow her to learn. I knew it would break her heart to find out I was keeping something this big from her, but I loved my new family almost as much as this one, and that's something she must NEVER find out...

Here” I whispered, for fear that my voice would break and tears would fall with it. I reached into my pack and pulled out a box, “I thought you would like this.” I had wrapped a book I purchased from the bookstore in china, I intended it to soften her up during the lecture I was expecting, but it turned out much better this way.

She gave me the cheesiest smile I've seen in my life, but I knew she was really happy. “For me? Thank you Aerie!” I'll cherish this, thank you. Now come, come. Your sister is waiting for us.” I gave a confused look for a moment, I didn't even realize it was almost noon and that Claire was already gone somewhere.

Where are we going?” I asked trying to hide my confusion. She gave me a puzzled look and seemed a bit thrown off. “Aerie? Hunny? Have you forgotten? We're going shopping to buy you girls dresses, prom is in 3 days!”

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  1. Oh wow! That was so moving. I am glad there was no fight really but it was sad that she hurt so much. I do hope they become close again. Excited for prom xD!

  2. Thanks for the comment! There are some pent-up emotions, but hopefully they'll get through it ok.

  3. oh my goodness i was really terrified for Aerie, i thought her mother was going to give her more than just a lecture, but then i felt sorry for her mother =d but the other part of me is saying serves her right, shouldn't of slapped her =d

    yet another awesome chapter! :P


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