The Family

Watching her walk away holding her shoulder like that... I just can't find the words to describe how it felt, it pissed me off. I mean it really pissed me off... She isn't just my mentor of sorts, but a friend. Aside fom Lilith and Ms. Wu she's one of the few people I would consider a close friend. And someone hurt her that badly...

I could feel every muscle tense up as I walked to the board breaker blocks. I needed to break something before I did something stupid. Something or someone, but I know better. If whoever it was hurt her that badly, I knew I wouldn't stand a chance even if I knew who they were. So I trained, hard.

With each board I broke I could feel the anger calm down a bit, but I couldn't stop my mind from racing. “People like us” she said, I obviously knew what she meant by that. I'm not stupid, I know full well that their “family business” isn't something completely legal. But that doesn't change the fact that they're people just like I am.

Then it hit me, I've been thinking about it for a while now. As I crushed another plank of wood into the ground I confirmed it with myself. I needed to make a phone call and I needed to do it now while my resolve is still fresh.

Just out of spite I put two pieces of wood on the blocks for one last chop. I yelled so loud I surprised myself as well as the students there. I gazed down as the wood shattered and fell to my feet, despite the face I made I'm sure a blind man could tell I was furious.

After I jumped out of the shower I dialed her number so fast I'm sure my cell had to fight to keep up. I don't care if it's 3am, she needs to answer the damn phone. After a few more rings than normal Ms. Wu answered with a calm “hello,” though she couldn't hide the fact I had woken her up from her sleep.

Ms. Wu? It's me, Aerie. We need to talk tomorrow morning, it's important.” She said ok and started to question what it was about but I cut her off and hung up the phone. “Not now, I'm not in the mood.” I whispered to myself as I headed for the campsite to sleep.

The next morning I was up and cruising down the road hours earlier than usual. I couldn't sleep very long, my mind was racing. My mind was made up and I'm not changing it for anybody.

To my surprise Ms. Wu was outside before I even made it to the front door. She was still dressed down with her hair in a messy ponytail. “How did you-” I started before being cut off, “it's not everyday you call me at 3am, and hang up on me before I can ask why. I knew you'd be here earlier than usual. Come inside.”

As we headed inside I grabbed Ms. Wu by the wrist before she could make it to the living room. The look on her face changed a little almost in a warning not to test her patience. “It's that important?” she whispered, understanding that this was a conversation for her ears alone. “You're one of my few close friends” I admitted, “not just that, but you're like a big sister to me. You both are.” My eyes looking over her shoulder to where Lu was sitting.

Ms. Wu caught my glance and let out a sigh, “I see where this is going” she started; “I was wondering how Lu aggravated her injury. So you noticed and the fact you're obviously upset tells me that she explained how it happened, to a degree at least.” She took a deep breath making it obvious that I was never supposed to find out. “Aerie, listen, this doesn't concern you-” “It does concern me!” I said sharply, cutting her off though louder than I meant to.

I could tell my face was flushed, my eyes watery out of the sheer frustration. “I'm not some naive child, I know full well that the family business isn't exactly kosher.” She opened her mouth but I planted my feet and stood close to her, very close. I could feel her breath as I stared right into her eyes as I said it. “I want in. I want to be part of the family!”

Ms. Wu stood silent for what seemed like forever, she started to open her mouth in protest and I inched closer and shook my head. “I've already thought about it, I've been thinking about it. It's what I want and not just for myself either. I don't care if you scold me for this, I'm NOT taking no for an answer.”

Her eyes narrowed and for a moment I thought I went too far, I thought she was going to either hit me or kick me out for good. Then she turned and headed upstairs beckoning me with a finger. “Follow me.” She took me into her bathroom and left to her closet for a moment. She returned with some clothes and handed them to me.

I was about your size when I was your age, put these on. Let me make this VERY clear, you will NEVER speak to me like that again. That was bold, but trust me when I say I will not tolerate that again. You will always where this when we discuss business, understand? Now get dressed and meet me downstairs when you're finished. I stared in the mirror when I finished and couldn't help but laugh a little. “Seriously” I sighed, “I can't believe she keeps clothes from that long ago. Still, it's nice.”

As I headed downstairs I could hear Ms. Wu talking with the others in the living room. Probably letting them know what I did or that I decided to join.

As I sat down and turned to listen to Ms. Wu I saw Lu staring at me. It made me a little uncomfortable, she looked pissed, but worried at the same time. Like she wanted to say something but wouldn't, couldn't.

Ms. Wu smiled and introduced me as the newest member of the family. Though the way she stared at me told me to keep my mouth shut. “Welcome Aerie” she finished, “to the first day of the rest of your life.” She laughed and waved me off, “just kidding, it isn't that bad. But really, you've got 5 minutes to change your mind.”

After waiting for approximately 5 minutes to the very second her smile vanished. “Pay attention” she said in a calm yet demanding tone. “This is your first assignment, it's easy, so you shouldn't have a problem.” She gave me an envelope, “read this, head to the address on it and burn it when you finish reading it. Go on, shoo shoo.” She laughed as she gestured for me to leave.

I recognized the house immediately, it was the house to that old man that I pranked! “Mr. Hong” I whispered to myself, “this guy is my contact!?” He seemed to be spacing out when I approached him and I prayed he didn't know it was me who pranked him.

With a warm smile he told me what I needed to do. Just hack into a secure building and grab some documents, sounds simple enough to me.

Hacking the security locks was easy, and when I stepped in the room was just WOW. I couldn't help but take a moment to just stare at everything in it.

As Mr. Hong mentioned there was a tile with footprints on it. I did as he said and stood on them, and to my surprise an entrance with a staircase slid open! Seriously, it's like I was in some James Bond movie or something!

I headed down the stairs and slid the key he gave me into place. When I stepped through the door, wow, it was just too cool. I had no idea people could hide stuff like this under the market square!

He told me there would be puzzles down here, but I didn't think they would make me work so hard to solve them. I swear that statue weighed a crap-ton of kilos! It's a good thing I'm in shape or there would be no way I could move it!

I have no idea how long it was since anyone was down here but it wasn't my business. I'm just glad there was a pickaxe nearby, the rubble was in a huge mound and there was no way I was going to dig it out by hand. Still, I can't help but wonder if my martial arts training was linked in some way. Because there was no way I could get through this if I had never trained so hard.

I'm just glad he told me about the perks. “You can keep anything else you find in there” he said, and let me tell you I found enough in here to pay for another trip back here in the first 2 hours! I felt that familiar twitch in my stomach every time I saw a chest!

Still, I was getting more and more worn out with every damn statue I had to move. To be honest they were irritating the hell out of me. I mean seriously, who makes these puzzles!?

I stared at this hole in the wall after being able to translate enough simnese to understand the key to the door was in there. But still, who sticks their hand in some strange hole in an underground tomb-looking place?

I almost said screw it and left, but after everything I said to get Ms. Wu to let me be a part of the family there was no way I could just go back and tell them I didn't want to stick my hand in the creepy dark hole. So I took a deep breath and stuck it in, I felt something and pulled it. I heard a click and the door opened.

Of course I then felt a whole LOT of something, moving... on my arm. I pulled it out and screamed so loud I swear the shopkeepers above ground had to hear me. “GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF!!!” I freaked the hell out as I flung all the bugs off my arm. I stood there for a moment clutching my chest, waiting for my heart to stop feeling like it would explode before I stepped in the door.

After translating the sign that pointed to the weird stone pool looking thing I just shook my head. “You gotta be joking...” Don't get me wrong, I love to swim but this is a little ridiculous. There's no telling what's in the water!

I let out a long sigh as I dove in, it had to be several meters deep! It made me glad I was on the swim team, I made it down and found the damn key. I sat there after resurfacing and idled in the water for a bit. I forgot to take my cell out of my pocket first... “Damn it.”

Soaking wet and pretty pissed that I might have killed my cell phone, I placed the key in place and tapped my foot impatiently as the door opened. A clear case with some random papers were on a pedestal in a small empty room. “Seriously” I said to myself, “who leaves something like this way down here?”

I made my way back to Mr. Hong's house where I explained everything. He smiled as nice old people do and gave me a letter to give to Ms. Wu. Lu met me at the door and instructed me to give her the letter. I started to explain how Mr. Hong told me to give Ms. Wu the letter but Lu's face pretty much said it all. I bit my lip to keep from saying anything more and left.

The next morning came quicker than I thought and I found myself at the school again. Though instead of the usual sweaty students training and sparring I saw something that I was definitely NOT expecting. Two students were chatting and the woman pulled out some flowers! This kind of stuff normally didn't bother me, but here at a martial arts school? And why wasn't the guy giving her the flowers?

For a moment, I'll admit, I felt a little lonely. Especially since I've never had a real boyfriend. Well, not since... forget it, not worth thinking about. Still, I decided to go train before it really started to bother me.

I pretty much spent the whole day training, I got a call from Lu telling me not to bother coming over for a day or two. Everyone was going out on “business” so no one would be home. So as the sun set and night fell I decided to meditate. My boldness with Ms. Wu, joining the family business, Mr. Hong, that crazy tomb-looking place under the market, everything.

Once my stomach made that familiar sound I knew I couldn't focus so I jumped in the shower and tried to clear my head. So much happened the last few days I didn't really have time to process it all. I decided to wear the outfit Ms. Wu gave me so I didn't feel like a complete tourist. I've been here multiple times after all.

I thought about doing some hacking to give my account a little boost, but after nearly setting off a few basic firewalls I decided it would be best to get some sleep. I'm exhausted anyway.

I don't know what came over me, but I still felt bad. In the back of my head I knew I really crossed the line in my argument with mom. It just kept nagging at me until I couldn't take it, so I lost all teenage reason and called to apologize.

Well, at least that was my intention, frankly I'm just glad my cell worked at all after the swim it took. Good thing I let it dry before trying to use it again. When she answered the phone all I could say was “just calling to let you know I'm alive-” before I was cut off with so many words it made my head spin. Most of the typical parent reactions, “where are you, what are you thinking, etc.” Next thing I knew we were arguing all over again.

After a 20 minute shouting match I was starting to get depressed, “why won't you just trust me!? What did I do in the first place!?” I yelled, I could feel the tears coming and I needed to end the call before I broke down. Luckily for me I think she dropped her phone or something. I heard a crackle and the other line hung up. Needless to say I turned off my cell after that.

My flight home was tonight so as usual I spent my last day around the martial arts school. Watching the students, and I even saw that crazy good merchant get hit in the face by the wooden dummy! Guess even the experts slip once in a while.

Next thing I knew I was in a trance. Not literally, but I was super-focused. I trained non-stop and didn't realize how late it was until I stopped out of exhaustion. Just as I turned to hit the showers and run my ass off to get to the airport on time I saw the merchant. (black eye and all) “This is for you” he said as he handed me a blue gui. “Someone named Ms. Lu told me to give this to you.”

Needless to say I was excited, I smiled ear-to-ear and bolted to go try it on. After making a few dorky poses I changed and bolted for the airport. Thankfully the merchant offered me a ride. My smile quickly faded though, everything was peachy here, but I was heading home... And that could only mean one thing, my mom is waiting for me...

Until next chapter.


  1. I am glad to drop by and catch up. She looks so beautiful in the purple dress. I love WA stories and this chapter was excellent! Hope you are well.

  2. Thank you for commenting! Yes, all is well. I figured she should go with purple since it's her favorite color. :)

  3. finally back in the groove with things, awesome chapter Tai! i really did miss reading your stories.


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