Back from the grave.

To all of my readers & those who have been following my family, I owe you all an apology.  For situations beyond my control I have been COMPLETELY without internet!  And to make things worse my saved game was completely corrupted.  However all was not lost!  I am very grateful that I had multiple backup saves, and though I lost many hours of gameplay I am nearly caught back up to where I was!  So, having explained all of this I have both good news and bad news.

The good news is, my blog has not died, just consider this last month and a half a hiatus of sorts.  And know that I can once again write and produce chapters to continue the story.  The bad news however, is it will be another month or so before I have internet at home once again.  I will still be able to release chapters, just not every 4 days like I used to.  Not yet anyway, I will have to go to a friends house (as I am now) to actually upload the photos & text.  Again I apologize for this MASSIVE gap of silence.  I've seen many stories die out from that and I assure you, I will allow NO SUCH THING to happen here.  The Ryuzaki Family lives on and I will continue to keep you updated.  I will do my best to update with a long overdue chapter soon.  I haven't even been able to read the stories that I follow, and I haven't set foot in TS3 site since August!  I'll be paying my friends visits more often to leech their internet and update you all.  Again, my apologies, and keep your eyes peeled.  Who knows, the new chapters may be released sooner than you think.  ;)

 Sincerely, T.

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Welcome to the Ryuzaki family blog.

To all of you new and potential readers, welcome. As some of you may have some questions, I shall endeavor to answer them ahead of time as best I can. I accept and welcome all feedback & comments, both positive and negative. I am always thinking of ways to improve my writing, and your feedback directly affects the changes I may or may not make. If you are a new reader you will soon notice that the first 2 generations were not posted here on blogspot. I originally posted them in my LJ, but as I release newer chapters, they will be here on blogspot. I thank you for your understanding.

"Family History:" - Feel free to click the family tree to stay updated on the family as a whole throughout all it's branches. Regardless of the current posted chapter, the family tree will always be updated. So even if my sims are pregnant and have given birth, whether I've posted the chapter or not, you will see the baby in the family tree. It stays up to date at all times.

"Why is this called a bloodline and not a legacy?" - A legacy is a challenge with specific rules & requirements, often resulting in an assortment of names usually ending in "acy." For example: Legacy, hotacy, fatacy, etc. A bloodline is rather self explanatory. You follow the bloodline, plain and simple. Life is not restrained by rules and regulations, anything can happen at anytime. Houses may be bought, changed or sold, some may die, and some may marry, have children, adopt, etc. There are no restrictions in life, so simlife is no different. Therefore a bloodline is not restricted to the rules and regulations that tie down legacies in their many forms. As you follow a bloodline you will follow pure life, where anything can happen at anytime.

"Heirs?" - Voting on heirs is purely optional, like traditional royal families as well as family's that follow a generational tradition, usually the first born male is to be the heir. However, if he is unsuitable for the role, or has a twin brother, then I will certainly post a poll to vote. The results of the poll will not be set in stone, but will greatly affect my final decision. If no males are born, or if they meet an untimely death, then the eldest female of blood relation will inherit the role as head of the family.

"Authors Note:" - Just as people live and experience life as it comes, the same goes for my sims. If an unfortunate accident befalls one of my sims, regardless of status or relation, I will not intervene. (example: If my current head of household were to drown by accident or die in a fire, I will not exit and re-load my game. I would continue, just as life would continue.) The same goes for finances, traits and relationships. I do not, and will never use cheats in any way, shape, or form. All items & possessions you see are legitimately purchased with finances that were earned.

"Personal Note:" - I apologize if I seem long-winded, the reason why I mentioned the above information is simply so you understand the conditions that the family's life is progressed. If you've been reading then you already know things can become very interesting, I suppose my best advice is simply to read the first few chapters and see for yourself. To those that give my family a chance, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!