As I stood in front of that familiar yard, the gorgeous yard with bamboo and other plants I didn't know the names of I'm sure I had the goofiest smile on my face.

As Ms. Wu answered the door here eyes grew a little wide, her face showed a bit of surprise for a brief moment before she relaxed back into her usual “composed” form. You would think I could come up with something better to say, but it took all I had to keep from crying like a child and spilling everything.

All I could manage was a wobbly “hi”, she must have seen the tears starting to well up and I feel so stupid for it. Just as I started to open my mouth to say something she raised her hand to cut me off.

“Shhh...” She whispered as she opened her arms, it didn't take a second longer before I buried my face in her arms and cried. I was just so frustrated I couldn't think of any other way to let it out.

After crying for about 5 minutes like my world was ending I took a step back and cleaned up my face. She waited patiently for me to finish and I spilled everything, from mom giving me the silent treatment while displaying her obvious anger to our major fight and the fact that she actually hit me.

Ms. Wu listened to every word I had to say, until I started to ask the big question. “I was wondering if I could stay-” “No” she interrupted, "I'm sorry Aerie but you can't stay here."  Her eyes looked sorrowful, like it pained her to deny me.

“Don't misunderstand, we love you like a little sister here, but it's not our place to do such a thing. You might not understand me, but I'm sure it hurt your mother a lot more than it hurt you when she hit you. Especially after hearing what you told her.”

It wasn't until now that I really looked at Ms. Wu, it was the first time I actually saw her dressed... Like a normal person. If she's not in her practice gui she's always dressed to impress, but it was clear she wasn't expecting anyone today. It made me think of what everyday life was like here, even Ms. Wu had her “dress comfy” days.

You can stay for a few days” she started, drawing my eyes back into focus on our conversation, “but after that I'm sending you back."  This took me by surprise since Lu always took me to the airport, "go for a jog, visit the temple of heaven and the school. Go clear your mind.”

I took her advice and checked out the temple, it always surprised me how huge it was, and how the hell they actually built it way back then.

I went ahead and jogged from there to the school, where I saw that librarian looking student from back on my first visit. Of course I just couldn't remember her name for the life of me, it was the first time I actually saw her practice. Apparently she had graduated to the same level belt as me.

I took my place at the dummy next to her and trained for about half an hour, I could tell it wasn't working and it was only a matter of time before the dummy found my face again. I just couldn't let my anger out on some object, I know I would never hit my mom, but someone needed to feel my fist.

Putting two and two together I “challenged” the student to a sparring match, though in reality I just wanted to hit someone.

It was an intense fight- * ahem * excuse me, “match”, and both of us looked like we needed to vent. We exchanged blows a for quite a while and it was obvious we both needed to let something out. In the end I lost the match 2 points to 1. Still, I felt pretty good afterward.

I'll admit I felt kinda bummed about losing the match, but it's not like I want to be some elaborate grandmaster or something. I knew I was still slacking in my physical strength, Lu told me about that a while ago, so I spent the rest of the afternoon working out.

By the time evening fell my stomach was practically screaming for food so I headed into town. The shopkeeper there was so insanely pretty it was almost unreal! Don't get me wrong, I'm straight and everything, but if I was a guy I would totally ask someone like her out. After gawking at her for a long moment I ordered my food and headed back.

Ms. Wu told me it would be unwise for me to stay with her, I called her again as night set in to see if she changed her mind but she made it clear. “I would love to have you stay here, but you know our family business isn't normal. I can't risk keeping you here, and it would be wrong for me to shelter you too much. You need to understand I'm doing this for your own good.”

I sighed as I hung up the phone just as something blew past me on what looked like a bike. I turned, shocked, “the hell?” Call me nuts but I swore that was a ghost... “Creepy much?” I asked myself as I put up a tent I bought. I decided I didn't want to be pampered at the usual resort. I wanted to “rough it” a little, and with a gorgeous night sky like this how could I say no?

The next morning was bright, sunny, and by all means perfect. I felt a lot better, refreshed and the weather seemed to reflect how I felt. The campgrounds had a toilet and sink so I really didn't need much else.

If I needed to shower I could just do it at the school, I'm there pretty much everyday anyway. I roasted a potato on the fire pit and enjoyed an apple too. Then it dawned on me that I was enjoying this much more than that resort, and I didn't have to scale dozens of stairs to get here.

I saw an orchard on my way to the school, I remember it vaguely but never paid much attention to it. That feeling seemed to show it's face again and the thought crept into my mind. I suppose they wouldn't notice if I acquired a few of their fruits. I plucked enough fruits to hold me for a little while, I'm pretty sure no one would notice... I hope.

After jogging for a while I headed to the school to train, as I headed down the stairs I saw a pretty damn cute guy training on one of the dummies. This gave me more than one motive for wanting to train that's for sure, I approached him with hopes of a little sparring... Well, more like me flirting mixed in with trying to kick him in the face.

At least until I got closer and realized two things. One, I recognized him from when I was in town, with his wife and kids. Two, after seeing him beat the hell out of the dummy I decided it was best to just leave him be. We may be in the same level uniform, but I think I would break if someone hit me that hard.

I turned around and went inside to hit the weights a bit, I needed to get rid of more than just anger right now. I hadn't felt like this since lost my virginity at the “after-homecoming” party. I guess it was a little different, this wasn't the “why did I just do that” feeling, more like the “what did I almost do” feeling.

Feeling flustered in more than one way I hit the weights pretty hard, trying to get the fact that I almost flirted with a married man out of my mind. Once I felt like my arms were going to fall off I decided to call it a night. Showered up, grabbed some dinner and headed back to the campsite.

The next morning was just as sunny and after enjoying some breakfast at the firepit I decided to call Lu, I haven't spoken to or seen her since I arrived. We arranged to meet at the school in an hour, I made a little pit stop by the orchard to borrow some more fruit.

As expected she was already in uniform when she arrived, and I was all smiles. She was more than a friend to me, more like a friend/teacher.  The school was packed today, so I took her aside and pulled a present out of my pack that I bought her while I was at the market, I don't think I've ever seen her smile that big before.

After a hug and some catching up we made our way to the practice yard. “I'm really sore from my workout yesterday, wanna help me work it out?” I asked and she cracked another smile and gladly accepted.

As we took our positions I couldn't help but crack a small smile. This is the Lu I knew, cheery one moment and the minute we prepare to spar she get's this dead serious expression.

I started off sharp and quick with a few punches to keep her distracted while I tried to get a kick in through a blind spot that I soon found out was never there. I could tell I improved because it was clear Lu was actually trying, though I knew I still couldn't beat her.

It wasn't until then that I knew something was wrong, Lu raised her arm to block my backhand when she suddenly slumped over clutching her shoulder. She tried to hide it but I saw her wince a bit and looked as if she was in pain.

She raised her other hand and glared at me, silently telling me that she was fine. Once she stood up I still approached her, but before I could ask she already started to answer. “I'm fine, just a recent injury I sustained while I-”

She cut herself off, as if she was gauging how much she should tell me. After a moment she gave me a rather serious look. “Aerie, I know you're smart, you know our family business is not normal. It can be very dangerous at times and you need to think long and hard about what you're doing spending time with people like us. My eyes lowered a bit, I wanted to help her somehow, but she just pointed to the board breaker and told me to work on my forms. I watched her turn and leave, holding her shoulder as she headed home.


  1. Aerie looks really happy on that camp site :D
    it would be nice if she'd stay there think it would do her good :3

  2. She does look happy at the site, for sure. I really think she loves it in China, and would be good to stay - but on the other hand, she does not need to leave her mother with feelings of anger or embarassment of any kind. I hope they mend things up before (if) she moves there permanently!

  3. What is it whit that family buisness?


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