Boiling Point

Warning: Chapter contains strong language.

As the plane landed I couldn't help but feel the swarm of butterflies in my stomach. I only hoped mom didn't ask too many questions, I was over at a “friends” house over the 3-day weekend and to tell the truth, I really was. She just assumed that “friend” was in the neighborhood, not halfway across the globe.

After grabbing my luggage and hailing the nearest taxi I found myself at my lawn. I sent Claire a txt to meet me outside and I felt a relief to see her waiting for me. “How was the weekend at the mystery friends place?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “Good, but I'm more worried about whether you know who did any digging.” I mocked her expression and we soon found ourselves screwing around as usual.

I spent most of the day cooped up in my room listening to Diary of Dreams' newest album and hacked a few hundred simoleans into my account out of boredom. I was getting pretty good at it, and even better at covering my tracks so I didn't arouse any suspicion.

The next morning was way too stressful, it took me about 5 seconds to realize something was up. The three of us enjoyed our breakfast, but the usually talkative Claire was silent and I swear I could cut the tension in the dining room with a knife.

After finishing her pancakes mom pretty much shot up out of her chair and headed for the living room without even taking her plate to the sink. The hard steps she took as she speed-walked out of the room made it clear, she was beyond pissed-off about something, and I'm pretty sure I knew what it was.

Claire tried to calm things down by asking my about my new jogging routes, but it was pointless, it was only a matter of time before mom went off like a grenade.

The rest of the day was so slow it was almost painful, I played it smart and avoided the demon known as mom as much as possible. Claire caught me as I was headed over to Lilith's and blocked my way to the door. “You need to talk to her” she gestured towards the living room, “it doesn't matter what it's about, talk to her about your new workout regimen or something. You know mom's not stupid, she knows you're avoiding her. It would be easier to just talk to her instead of dragging it out.”

As much as I hated to admit it she was right, this tension bomb had a timer and it would be better to just deal with it now. “Alright” I told her as I knelt in to whisper “but if she ends up burying me I'm going to haunt you for the rest of your life.”

Following the aura of obvious anger & tension I headed to the living room where mom was at the piano, though she wasn't playing it, just staring at it. This made me nervous since she always “played” it when she was having a tough time with something, but she never just stared at it.

I tried to be as casual as possible as I approached, though even a blind man could tell she was pissed about something. I took Claire's advice about the new regimen I started about a week ago, but I knew she wasn't listening to a word I said.

I only managed to speak for about 20 seconds before she lashed out, cutting me off completely. “Aerie Lynn Ryuzaki! What on earth were you thinking!? I knew something was amiss when you asked to stay over for the 3-day weekend but I never thought you would do such a thing! I checked your browser history after you left, I saw the receipt for the plane ticket!

Do you have any idea how worried I was!? CHINA!? Are you crazy!? What if something happened to you? Why did you lie to me!? What were you thinking!? Where did I go wrong with you!?”

I was furious, in that brief moment before she lashed out a second time I could feel myself getting dangerously angry. Not physically, I'm not one of those psycho kids that swings at their parents, I think the word “invaded” would be better. She checked my history? That means she knew my password, guess that wouldn't have been to hard, it was just dad's name.

Before I realized it I was sneering at her, what did she mean “where did I go wrong with you?” What the hell was that supposed to mean? Who said there was anything wrong with me at all? Is this how she thought of me? I could feel myself wearing my feelings of anger and disgust on my face, and I didn't care.

As expected, she wasn't done chewing me out, and after a short moment she shot her finger out at me so close she almost took my eye out. “You... You are NOT to leave this house, do you understand!? No going out, no friends over, and no internet. You WILL come home straight after school and don't ask for how long, because it's going to be a while!”

I don't know what did it, but I definitely knew it when it happened. As much as my brain told me to head upstairs my body didn't move, and the minute my mouth opened I knew it, I snapped...

“What the hell!?” I shouted as my voice echoed through the house, “what for? I was gone for 3 days and I told you first! I said I was visiting a friend and I was! Why am I getting my ass chewed when I didn't do anything!? And what do you mean where did you go wrong with me!? Who the fuck said there was anything wrong to begin with!?”

It's not me with the damn issues the problem's YOU! You're the one who's constantly chaining me down with dirty looks and lectures for shit I didn't even do! You're the one who coddles Claire while you ride my ass for every tiny mistake I make! You're the one who doesn't give a shit about me. You're the one who enjoys playing favorites with Claire while you enjoy scolding me! You're the one who enjoys shackling me in your prison of rules for your own sick enjoyment!”

You're the one who needs to be grounded to clear your head! What have I done? Nothing! I'm not out there doing drugs, I'm not out there getting drunk, and I'm not out there fucking every guy I see and I'm not getting knocked up! So why do you enjoy treating me like I'm the damn plague of your life!?

You're the one with the damn issues! Sulking around the house not cleaning shit! Moping around for years playing perfect mom with Claire while blowing me off! Issues? I'm not the one who still sleeps next to the painting of her dead husband-”

My rant was cut off so quickly I didn't even realize it until I felt the sting. I should have noticed it but I was just too pissed-off, she “let” me rant, she took it and I should have noticed her hands folding into tight fists. I didn't even finish pronouncing the word husband when her hand lashed out so quickly I didn't see it.

My cheek stung and I was a little dazed from how hard she slapped me. When I glared back at her I was shocked to see she was tearing up, I could tell it was taking everything she had not to cry in front of me.

She didn't have to say a word, I already knew, I went way too far. I sulked away silently and headed upstairs, I'm still pissed, but I don't know what to make of it. Sure we've disagreed before, even argued once or twice, but never like tonight... And she had never hit me before...

By the time I made it to the top of the stairs my anger was brimming and I needed to vent somehow before I did something stupid. I found myself in front of her door and before I knew it I was at her computer. I figured I would give her something to think about while she logged on, and I'm sure she would log on to do something boring. Oh yes, this will give her something to think about all right.

After setting a little surprise with my tech skills I drifted into my room and called Lilith, only to get her insanely devious voicemail. I sighed and thought about leaving a message, only to hang up disappointed. I needed to talk to someone and vent, Claire was downstairs probably doing her best to avoid both mom & me. I'm sure she heard every word of our fight and probably the echo mom's slap left when she hit me.

At this point I just don't care, she made it pretty clear I'm just extra baggage anyway and tonight she tested me out as her slapping bag. Wiping away my tears of frustration I booked a flight that departs at 2am. I know I just left, and had been back for only 2 days, but there was only one person in the world who I could talk to and doing it over the phone just wasn't enough.

There's no telling what is going to happen and right now I don't care. I really don't. She can bitch and lash out all she want's when I come back. IF I come back at all, I didn't even plan a return flight & I could barely afford the ticket anyway. I only have two things to say, “fuck this prison she calls a home, fuck Bridgeport.”

Until next chapter...


  1. Wow, that was quite an arugment :-\ I hope the family does not break up permanently... Well written. Safe flight deary.

  2. wow what a mother :/ if i did something like that and dad found out that wouldn't happen yeah sure a good telling off and no dinner but you know, then again he doesn't play favourites with me and my brother, i'd say let her stay with her friends in China, to be quite honest it looks more friendly there for her

  3. Whoa, that is a lot of teen angst but I think Aerie had a lot to get off her chest and I don't think she deserved to be slapped. Maybe Iris needed to hear how her daughter really felt.

  4. oops!! I guessed she would probably get busted for going to china but i never expected the arguement to go so far!!

    1. Yeah, Iris let her vent, but the moment she started to badmouth Tattiel the line was crossed.


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