Talents, Hopes & Lies

~ Aerie ~

I saw the glow of the streetlights long before the skyscrapers were in view, still, it saddened me to see the stars gradually disappear as I drew closer to home. The memories were fresh, and I really wish I could have spent a couple more days there.

The moment I stepped in the door I already noticed Claire in her classic “I'm studying don't bother me” pose. The house felt empty as usual, it always had ever since dad died. Pressing the depressing memories aside I headed straight for bed, 14 hours on a plane is surprisingly tiring.

I was in the middle of a great nights sleep when the thought completely intruded my mind. I had homework due tomorrow! I completely forgot Mrs. Bruman assigned us extra work over our break to “keep us sharp.” * sigh * Times like these make me very glad to have a twin sister, a very “smart & gullible” sister who never learned to lock her door.

I was almost finished when I heard her stirring behind me, “huh... Aerie? What are you...?”

I furiously scribbled the last of the answers down while she was still half-asleep. As she wobbled her way over I put on my most innocent smile. “I just wanted to cross-check my answers with yours, sorry if I woke you.” She nodded sleepily and headed for the shower, I'll have to be more careful next time. She's not the type to let people copy her work, ever.

As we finished breakfast my mind was actually on school related matters. Our swim team made the quarter-finals but lost. Since I was only a sophomore it didn't really involve me, but it was our job to prepare for next years freshman.

My thoughts were interrupted by Claire with a nudge. “Mom got it” she uttered between bites of her pancakes. I managed a “huh?” since I wasn't really paying attention. “The Job” she continued, “she's going to be the high schools new science teacher.” I nodded in agreement, I was happy for her, I know she really wanted it. Then I realized that Mrs. Bruman was our old science teacher, so that meant mom would be grading our homework... I hope she doesn't notice my copy.

Almost as if on cue, I heard the sound of heels coming down the stairs. I headed for the bus that pulled up outside waving back at her yelling “congratulations” as I slid out the door. No matter how much I respect her for what she's been through, there's no way I'm going to be caught going to school with her.

After what felt like the longest day ever I found myself dragging like a zombie towards my bed. Thank simgods I didn't have swim practice today, I'm sure I would have died of exhaustion. While enjoying a nap I was positive I heard mom come in. Not sure why, and she didn't say anything, so I just lay there trying to fall asleep.

Once I was sure she left and I got a nice power nap in, I finally stopped procrastinating and tried overclocking my PC. Which went up in smoke... Literally.

After fixing the damage I caused I figured I would leave it alone for now and decided to enjoy some gaming.  Well, at least until later that evening. I knew mom was out on her routine run and Claire was creating who-knows-what downstairs. I had come up with a great idea to get the money I needed for my next trip to China.  

Ironically the idea hit me during my tech 303 class while Mr. Maloney was teaching us how to protect ourselves against hackers. Heh, he actually showed us how hackers try to enter our system as well as commercial offices and business in order to teach us how to defend against them.

Tech 303 was by far my most advanced class and computers are what I'm good at, so obviously I just needed to find the loopholes in Mr. Maloney's “defense system.” Once I did that, my first attempt at hacking commenced. Bit by bit, I would eventually have the money for my trip, without asking mom for a dollar.

$200 and 3 hours later I decided to call it a night, I learned a lot from the few mistakes I made, and $200 was pretty good for a first time I think. Still, when I woke up that morning I found myself sneaking into Claire's room again. Heh, why do the homework if it's already been done right?

As much as I hate to admit it, that's one of the only other things I was good at, being stealthy. Even when I'm just wandering around the halls at school people don't really notice me. I even gave Mrs. Bruman a few scares by tapping her on the shoulder to ask her a question. She always jumps before saying “oh! I didn't see you there.”

The way I see it, might as well use it to my advantage, and this time I made sure not to make a sound. 20 minutes later I placed Claire's homework back on the nightstand and headed for the kitchen.

The following Friday I wanted to put my skills to the test, after everyone left for home I stood at the doors thinking about it for a while. Well, trying to get rid of the butterflies actually, hacking was one thing, but this was totally different. I was physically there this time, and I would get in serious trouble if I was caught...

Slowly, carefully, I crept through the halls to Mrs. Sophies classroom and raided her desk. There was a HUGE history test coming up, and it was perfect for my first attempt at a heist. Not that I intend to rob people or anything, I just want to see how good I can be at getting stuff.

Half an hour later I stepped out of the school victorious. I had found the answer sheet, made copies and stuffed every locker with a sheet as well as a note threatening them not to say a word and to destroy the evidence.

I couldn't help but smile as I made my way home, it actually felt... Good. And I even helped people by preparing them for the test.

My usual nap was interrupted, oddly enough, by the sound of Claire rambling in her room. I snuck up to her door and leaned my ear against it to listen in. I couldn't hear much, but I certainly heard enough.

I know prom is in a couple weeks! What? No! I can't ask Aaron to go with me... You know he's like, one of THE most popular guys in school! I know, I know, but I'm sure he only sees me as a friend.”

My eyes widened as I listened in, Claire had a crush? MY nerdy sister had a crush!? Part of me wanted to burst in and squeeze every drop on info she had out of her, but at the same time I felt a little pissed. I didn't have any crushes on anyone, me, the upcoming prodigy for Bridgeport High's swim team. While my Einstein sister was having boy issues? 

 I sulked downstairs to where I could hear mom on the piano.  I needed something to lift my spirits a bit so I decided to go ahead and nag her to teach me to drive. Despite her many typical attempts to hold off, I pressed her hard until she caved.

As I stepped outside the hot muggy air was practically torture, still, I was finally getting my first drivers lesson so I couldn't complain.

The next hour was one of the most ANNOYING drives I've ever had with mom. “Don't hit the gas so hard, brake softer, double-check your rear-view and side mirrors before changing lanes.” Ugh! I swear mom was stressing me out, yet for some reason she was the one looking stressed! Why? All she had to do was sit there and leave me alone, but she just kept ranting!

Once we both reached the point where I swore we would pull over and kill each other she told me to head home. “Damn” I whispered under my breath as I saw Claire's door shut with the lights off, “she's already sleeping.” I wanted to probe her for questions about Aaron, * sigh * oh well, I'll ask her tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the night enjoying some gaming until mom went to bed, then I decided to “acquire” more money by paying a few business systems a little visit. $600 simoleans later I was halfway to the amount I needed and ready for bed.

~ Claire ~

Today's the day, I'm not even in the bath yet and my heart feels like it's going to burst through my chest. Prom's right around the corner and I still don't have a date, not like I actually expect to have one... I thought about asking Aerie if she's going with anyone, but she's not the type to ask anyone, and there's no way I'm mom find out. * sigh * If only I could ask Aaron...

As usual class was a breeze, I even managed teaching Mr. Grahm how to solve the Trigonometry thesis he was stuck on. After spending 10 minutes standing in front of the school like an idiot I remembered Aaron always left early, so I was left with no choice but to ask him to meet me at the park to hang out for a bit. Much to my surprise (and relief), he actually agreed.  Aerie wanted to talk to me about something, but she will have to wait.  This is definitely more important. 

I was soon waved down by the most gorgeous being in this city, well, at least to me. My brain told me to just wave and smile, but I ended up with the cheesiest grin and nearly tripped when I started walking to him. “great start” I mumbled to myself as he met up with me.

What's up!” he laughed, it took me a moment to remember to respond. I was preoccupied gazing at him, his chestnut colored hair, those gray eyes with what looked like a hint of violet... * sigh * before I knew it I was gazing aimlessly when he waved a hand in front of my face. “Hellloooo?” he called as I snapped out of it. “Oh! Sorry, had a blonde moment.”

He laughed a bit and I oogled over the sound of his voice, we chatted about the day and how we would spend our upcoming break.

We soon fell into our “routine” conversation and found ourselves making fun of our art teacher Mr. Smur. As usual we had a good time, we always do, but I don't know when or even if I should get to the point as to why I invited him here in the first place.

Hey, over here” he said as he took my hand and pulled me near the hopscotch courts. My hand, Aaron Harmond was actually HOLDING my hand! Even if it was just to lead me somewhere, my heart still skipped a beat.

He had brought his boombox and turned it to 101.4 rockabilly radio, stepped in closer than I expected and started dancing. “C'mon, join me!” He said in a loud laugh, not being the best of dancers I followed his lead and laughed at the thought of what other people would think, seeing two random teens dancing alone at the park. Still, I didn't care, I cherished every moment.

As the sun set and night fell I gathered the courage to pull him aside. “What's up Claire?” he asked, I had his full attention, it was rare for me to interrupt our fun to say something important. “Well Aaron, I was wondering... If you would... You know... Well... Would you want to go to prom with me?”

It was the longest silent moment in my life, his eyes fell to the floor and looked back up at me, I could already feel my heart sinking into a black hole. It was only a matter of what excuse he would use...

Wow” he said, now scratching his head. “I'm sorry, but I already have a date for prom. I was going to see if you wanted to go with me but Cheryl already asked me.” I had stopped listening the moment he said he already had a date, it took everything I had to keep from running home and crying.

Much to my surprise he stepped closer to me, very close. “You know” he started, “We could see a movie or something the day after though. My treat.” It was as if he reached into the black hole & pulled my heart out, was Arron Harmond actually asking me on a date!?

I was nodding before my lips could catch up, “ok, that sounds great!” I hope I didn't sound too excited, but I could barely keep it in! We said our goodbye's and headed for home, but not before he gave me a hug!

~ Aerie ~

After watching Queen Of The Damned for like the 100th time at the discount theater I headed home for some quality hacking time. As I started across the lawn I saw mom all dressed up, she did mention having a faculty party to attend, but she looked absolutely FURIOUS.

Someone must have hit on her” I sighed to myself as I avoided eye contact. She always got that look when someone did, and I knew better than to say anything, lest her wrath be unleashed on me instead.

I took the opportunity to enjoy my quality hacking time when I heard the familiar sound of footsteps galloping toward my door quickly.

I barely had enough time to switch my screen over to TH3 (The Humans 3) forums, where there were some threads of people ranting about how AE should fix their glitches and release a patch BEFORE releasing another expansion pack. Which I agreed, it would only make sense, and it was annoying how it felt like they ignored us.

Before I knew it I felt a pillow connect with the back of my head. “Oh? Someone's in a good mood” I said cryptically as I turned around slowly, “and bold.”

Our battle ensued with intensity, “I'll teach you not to enter without knocking” I laughed as we exchanged blows. She always started a pillow fight with me when something good happened, and much to my surprise, she was good at it.

I don't know what happened, but it must have been really good because she was really letting me have it, she might even win at this rate. “Ok, ok, I give” I uttered with a smirk as I held a hand up in surrender. She stopped and stood laughing, thinking she was victorious, “gullible as ever” I whispered to myself as I swung my other arm around, clocking her with a direct hit.

We laughed a bit, calling it a draw for now. As she headed downstairs my cell went off, I raised an eyebrow with suspicion as I saw the unfamiliar number. Then I noticed the name, it wasn't in Simlish at all. It was in Simenese!

Hello?” I answered, both curious yet excited at the same time. “Ah, good, you're awake” replied the voice on the other line. It was Ms. Wu! “I was wondering when you would be paying us another visit?” she questioned. “I almost have enough saved up, I'm halfway there, just another $700 simoleans to go.”

That's all?” she replied almost laughing, “consider it done, I'll cover the rest, your plane leaves in 3 hours. See you soon!” Before I could reply, let alone object, she had hung up. I want to go, I really want to, but how would I explain it?

10 Minutes later I was knocking on mom's door, she had just gotten out of the shower. “Can I stay over at a friends house for a few days? Just until break is over?” I could see the shock on her face, I never asked to stay over, and as far as she knew, she had never met any of my so-called “friends.” “I'll assume this friend is a girl?” she questioned. “MOM!”

Before I could rant she backed off by laughing, “just checking” she said with a smirk. “We wanted to hang out and do some group study too, especially with finals coming up. Once she smiled I knew I had her, just mention something academically ambitious and she was all for it. “Ok, but I'd better see a thorough report, show me the fruits of your group study.”

Making my way to the airport was easy, 14 hours later I stood at the foot of a very familiar staircase, that sweet, fresh breeze filling my lungs once again. It felt good to be back, but the more I thought about it the more it worried me, if mom finds out... I'm screwed...

Until next chapter...


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    Something smokin between Claire and Aaron huh? Cool, he is a cutie ;-)

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