Seed, Foam and Bonds

Warning: Strong Language 

14 hours, I don't think I've sat in one spot that long in my life, unless I was asleep. I unpacked and headed downstairs, I was stiff from being so idle for so long. After some nice stretches I threw on my favorite jeans & top and headed out.

The first thing I noticed was the smell, weird I know, most people notice all the crazy buildings; but the air was so... fresh. I see why the people looked down on using cars here, I rented a bike and took off looking like a total tourist. Soon after I found myself at the base of a mountain, one of many, after a nice climb I found myself at the summit. Needless to say I wasn't expecting a massive army of sculptures, “Terra Cotta Army” was printed on a stone tablet in front. Cool, I'll have to get a picture of this later.

Looking down the path I had a random thought, well memory actually. Of mom ranting about how I should get out of the gym and run outside, considering how fresh the breeze felt I simply thought “why not?” I'll admit I wasn't expecting it to feel this good, the feel of the ground was so real to me. The cool breeze flowed over me as I ran and it felt better than any air conditioner I've ever felt.

Seeing an old woman coming up the path with a cane I decided to take a quick breather, the path wasn't that wide and I didn't want to give her a stroke or something by running so close to her. My patience was running thin though, I mean seriously, how slow can some people walk!?

As she past me she turned to speak to me, “ooooh! A nice little seed you are, a nice seed indeed. Can you keep up to where we water?” I turned with “huh” written all over my face, but she was gone! I felt something blow right past me but I didn't see it, “no way” I thought, no old lady on a cane can be that fast. Hell, no one can move that fast! I turned back down the path to see a feint trail of dust, no way was she challenging me to a race! Me?

I took off at a dead sprint, almost slipped on a couple corners but I was at the bottom of the mountain in no time. I stopped for a moment looking around, nothing!? She was no where in the distance, it took a moment before I noticed a very feint dust trail. She was gaining distance from me? How!? It seemed to be headed to some sort of school, a little irritated I ran for it. I needed to know how she, or anyone, could possibly be that fast.

Sure enough she was there waiting for me when I got to the school. I could tell she was amused but I was too winded to say anything at the moment. Here I was fighting to catch my breath and she was completely calm! Once I gathered my bearings I simply could not help but ask, “how did you do that? I'm pretty fast and I couldn't even see you!?”

She stood there for a moment before responding, “when you have control of your mind & body you will understand.” I must have worn my confusion on my face because she started to explain. “You are not a student? Child? Such a waste for such a strong seed, come, you should learn.”

I gotta admit I was excited, surely she had to be amazing, if she could move that fast I'm sure she could beat 5 people at once! No, 10! I couldn't help myself as the words slipped out, “so I can take on like 10 people at once right? How to break bones & stuff!?” Well it didn't take a genius to figure out I should have kept my mouth shut. Her face fell as if someone she knew had died or something.

No... no no no. You don't get it at all, sim-fu is not fighting, and it is not a reason to fight. Come, I will introduce you to one of the students here.”

We approached a woman who I swore was some sort of librarian, but she was in an orange uniform so she was a student here I guess. After the cooky old lady introduced me to “Mrs. Hua” and said something to her in simnese, I'm assuming the part where I wanted to learn to fight 10 people, she explained.

Sim-fu is the art of learning yourself, mentally and physically. It won't sink in now, and it won't sink in after you start, but after a while it'll click and you'll get it.” I swear it was like a giant lightbulb over my head just turned on! “I get it!” I replied, probably too loudly, “so it's like learning my limits?”

Exactly!” shrieked to old lady, her face brightened again, though I had a feeling it was a bit more complicated than that. Mrs. Hua smiled and nodded, if you're dedicated enough, it'll be worth it.

So where do I buy a uniform?” I asked, I hadn't seen any shops with them at all. They both shook their heads in unison, the old lady left looking a little disappointed. I'm glad Mrs. Hua took the time to explain. “Just start as you are, in those clothes, if you are dedicated enough one will be given to you.”

So off I went to the nearest “dummy” as they called them. Mrs. Hua showed me two basic moves to work on, one looked like a slap and the other a basic kick. After that she left to her own training, and there I stayed hitting this weird wooden doll thing.

I'll admit, this felt really stupid, not to mention easy. Slap kick slap kick slap kick, after about 15 minutes I grew tired of it. This is too easy, so I made a nice tight fist. “Why slap it? A slap won't do any good in a fight.”

So I punched it as hard as I could, the dummy swung around and cracked me in the face. “Fuck!” I tried to cover my mouth fast enough but I didn't make it. “Damn it!” I was tearing up, I started feeling to make sure everything was ok. “Not bleeding, ok, nose doesn't feel broken, I think.” I started to feel light headed and used the dummy to keep my balance. “Dummy” I thought to myself, I'm starting to understand why it had that name... I definitely feel like one.

Once my head stopped spinning I figured I would call it a night and went to wash up in the bathroom. It was then I made up my mind, “I'm gonna do this,” no way I'm gonna let it end with the dummy kicking my ass.

I woke up the next morning with a chip on my shoulder, not sure if it was because of the fact I'm in mid-cycle right now or because the right cheek on my face still felt tender from the dummy. All I know is I wanted to take it out on the first poor soul available.

I found some old hair dye in the room I rented, the last tenant must have had leftovers, so I put it to good use and rigged the shower with it. Even if I wasn't there to hear the screams, just the thought that someone would get it made me feel better. I pretty much inhaled a bowl of cheerios and headed for the school.

Once I headed into the school I noticed another student there in the library area. I figured it couldn't help to ask for some pointers, she was nice enough to help me out, even though her face never cracked a smile. “Just go ahead and get started, I'll be out there in a moment.”

As I headed to the nearest available dummy I noticed the woman in the dummy next to mine. She was really pretty and had very long hair. Her uniform was blue, I wonder if that meant she was strong? I hadn't seen one that color before.

My thoughts were interrupted by a rough “ahem” behind me. It was the student I asked to help me, I stuttered an apology and began the boring routine of slap/kick. I heard her sigh, “your form is too lazy, tighten up and focus.”

Heeding to her advice I tightened my stance and focused on the pegs, though she sighed again. “It's not fragile, I promise you won't break it. Use more force, are you scared of it or something?” That's it... I was getting annoyed, couldn't she see I was a beginner? And all the sighs, very annoying. I wasn't paying attention and slapped at it a little too hard, causing it to spin around and hit me again. “Shit.” I could hear her sigh again and walk away as I struggled to regain my balance.

Grateful the dummy didn't cause me to bleed yet I took a moment to rest, I looked over at the lady in the blue uniform again. My eyes widened as I watched, not only was she punching the dummy several times, but she was really kicking it too! Each time it spun around I swear it was going to hit her and yet she'd catch it and punch or kick it the other way. She had to be good.

Again my thoughts were interrupted, “you won't grow by watching the water, you must soak it in yourself. More training.” It was that cooky old lady again, I don't know why but she seriously annoys the hell out of me. She patted me on the shoulder and whispered “yes, strong seed” as she dropped something at my feet. After she left I looked down to see a white uniform, “is this for me?” I wondered. No one else was near me so it had to be, a large grin spread across my now tender face as I left to go put it on.

How she knew my size I'll never know, but after making some fun sim-fu poses she came back out. “I see it fits, good, take this and go play with foam.” She handed me a purple uniform with a yellow belt, “really?” I asked, but she was already gone when I turned back around.

I went and changed again and asked a nearby student what “play with foam” meant. They pointed to two cinder-blocks and told me to use the foam boards nearby. “Foam? Seriously?” The student told me in a whisper not to worry about breaking it, but to focus on my form. Apparently they would get in trouble of they helped with hints, so they left soon after telling me. Still, I'm glad someone gave me a clue.

After watching a couple of other students go through forms and break real wood I went to the nearest open set and started my forms. I continued well until after nightfall, and to be honest, I enjoyed the workout.

As I was walking out of the showers I saw the lady in blue again, except this time she was in normal clothing. She was chatting with someone else, another student here who was in the same uniform I had. I had to admit the other student was pretty too, but what dawned on me was the fact it was another girl student. Where were all the boys?

They seemed to have some secret lingo going and gave each other “victory” signs. The other student seemed to catch me staring and I made the mistake of making eye contact. * sigh * Now I feel obligated to go say something, otherwise I would be known as the creepy foreigner who stares.

The lady in blue left as I approached and to be honest it bothered me. I wanted to at least catch her name, still, I gave the nicest “hi” I could and asked the student if she knew. “She can tell you herself if she wants” replied the student, “but my name is Wu Xio, but just Ms. Wu is fine.”

I didn't really know how to react, she seemed nice enough, but I felt like she was examining me with her eyes. She asked my name, though she seemed to twitch a little when I said Ryuzaki. She mentioned how that was an old name, apparently a family lived here by that name several generations ago. Didn't mean anything to me, but it was obvious she was pretty smart.

So how do you deal with this training?” I asked, her face looked flawless, like the dummy never hit her. She laughed a bit before replying, “just analyze yourself, calculate your strength, awareness & stamina. Then procreate a theory and utilize it.” I was stuck, I complemented her on obviously being very smart.

Once I mentioned how most of my knowledge dealt with tech & computers our conversation took the fast lane. Apparently she enjoyed computers just as much as I did, which is rare. It didn't even feel like 2 hours, and I've never chatted with anyone for that long except Claire. “Well it's getting late” she mentioned, “here's my number and address, feel free to pay me a visit tomorrow.” With that she was gone and I was in bed soon after.

The next morning my alarm went off at 9am. I only had 13 hours until my plane departed for home, so I got a nice stretch and went for a short jog to get my morning started. I realized I wasn't far from Ms. Wu's home so I decided to pay her a visit. As I approached the home on the address I realized the house was huge! She was obviously someone with money.

Moments after ringing the doorbell she came to the door, in her uniform again and apparently in deep thought. Though the look on her face made me think it was something sinister, which made me feel pretty good considering I get those thoughts too. Hehehe. We exchanged hello's and she invited me inside with a smile.

There was no denying the fact that this house had a strange feel to it, well, I wouldn't call it “strange.” More like “different,” like it was more important than I realized or something. I tensed up as it made me not want to touch anything, but she seemed to see me and told me to relax. Before I could even ask myself why I though of it the words left my mouth. “Seed?”

She look at me a little confused, and with good reason. “This old lady keeps telling me that I'm a strong seed or something” I explained, “any idea what she means?” “Seed?” she repeated as she thought about it. “I have no idea what that could mean.”

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her, the lady in blue was in Ms. Wu's living room! “One sec” I said as I headed right to her to ask her name. She saw me coming and waited, though she didn't look to happy. “Straight to the point huh?” she replied, “Zhi, Lu Zhi.”

Can I practice with you?” I asked as I explained how I saw her at the school. She looked surprised and started to turn me down. I saw Ms. Wu look at her and nod as she sat down on the couch, it was a weird look, but Lu agreed to spar after seeing it, almost as though she needed "permission."

Spar?” I asked, “as in fighting me?” My eyes grew pretty wide, I wanted to practice with her and learn, not fight her! My face must be transparent or something because she explained everything to me. Apparently sparring was “practice,” the first person to get two clean hits was the winner.

After hesitating I finally agreed, I had gotten in a few fights in middle school so it's not like it's my first fight. I had to deal with the other kids who picked on Claire, and being a “teachers pet” didn't help her either. Still, Lu was strong, I could tell. She pretty much attacked the dummy, I know I'll have to give it everything I've got. As I changed into my uniform and mimicked her starting stance I could feel the butterflies going wild in my stomach.

I didn't know when to start exactly, but seeing her move I just acted on reflex, ducking as she tried to kick me. She went straight for my face!? Needless to say I felt pretty pissed off about that and retaliated. She blocked my backhand, but not with out taking two good punches to the stomach with my left hand. It hurt like hell, her stomach was pretty hard, but I won. I'll admit, if felt pretty good!

My feeling of triumph was quickly taken from me though, she didn't seem phased at all! She actually looked disappointed, but I wasn't sure if she was disappointed at herself or me. Then Ms. Wu turned from her seat on the couch.

Oh? Now this isn't like you Lu, I didn't think you would disrespect her like that by letting her win. How about you stop shaming both of us and take the match seriously? Who knows, she might beat you.” After laughing about it she looked back at Lu again who was looking pretty pissed off now. “Who knows?” Ms. Wu said again, “we might even celebrate if the girl actually beats you.”

I felt Lu pull me aside away from the couch and turned to face me, I was shocked to feel how strong her hand felt as she pulled me effortlessly toward her for another match. I tried to focus on her, she wasn't serious last time? She seemed plenty strong to me! Still, the butterflies came again as I prepared for the rematch.

As we bowed I noticed her face was different, she didn't show any emotion at all, but I could feel that she was pissed off. I really had to go all out this time, again. I didn't even see her move this time, all I felt was her foot across my face. I staggered back, but before I could even regain my balance I felt another kick to my face. Next thing I knew I was on the floor...

After a long moment I could feel Lu pulling me up back on my feet. She then waited in the formal stance, waiting for me to do the same. I couldn't help the tears from falling, I did everything I could to keep them in, and I'm really not the type to cry after a fight. It just hurt that much! Still, I took the same stance she did and bowed. She smiled and gave me a hug, “I'm sorry” she whispered as she gave me a tissue.

After wiping my tears from my face she went to the back room and came back with a brown uniform with an orange belt. “I was about your size when I was your age, try it on.” “Are you sure?” I asked, but before I could continue she had ushered me into the bathroom. When I came back out in it she smiled, “you were still standing after my first kick, you're strong enough to wear it.” I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was barely standing after it, but still thanked her for it.

We chatted for a while after that, she shared some tips for training and told me I should come back and train more. Ms. Wu agreed, and said she wanted to see me again as well. I'll admit, I wasn't expecting all of this but I agreed to. It felt weird becoming friends with a couple of adults who didn't even live in the same country as I did, but it felt good. I definitely felt a bond with them, more than with the “fake” girls at my little school.

As it grew late I headed back to the Terra Cotta army statues, I really liked it here. Much more than Brideport, I'd definitely spend as much time as I could here. As I called a taxi to take me to the airport I was already trying to think of another way to come back.

Until next chapter...


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