Frustrations & Lessons Learned

Warning:  Mild adult language

After throwing my small bag of luggage on the bed I headed for my destination. I knew exactly where I wanted to go first, I made it to the house in under 10 minutes and the door opened a few moments after I lightly rang the doorbell.

Ms. Wu stood at the door in her Gui (workout uniform) and I could see tiny beads of sweat on her brow. Before I could apologize for interrupting her training she had already taken my hand and led me inside. “No words” she whispered as she pulled me into a tight hug. I must admit I was a little shocked, this woman was someone of standing, she wouldn't admit it but I knew it. As she held me it had this motherly feeling I couldn't explain. I felt safe & secure, it felt like I was home.

It didn't take me long to spot Lu, “figures” I whispered to myself almost in a laugh. I knew if Ms. Wu was training, Lu was behind it. It's like Lu was her friend/bodyguard or something; I sat down and started watching the movie with her, it was some old fung-fu flick. I couldn't understand what it was about but I found the fact that some guy in a bunny suit kicking 10 guys to death quite entertaining.

I was getting anxious and couldn't help myself, though I wish I did. I stood up and asked Lu to spar with me a little. I wanted to test the waters so-to-speak, she showed her first signs of a smile and nodded.

As expected she didn't hold back at all, but I was completely aggressive. Still, it was over before I could figure out what happened. After receiving a kick that I swear went through my stomach she picked me up and glared at me. It didn't take a genius to figure out she was pissed, after staring at her for a bit I finally had to ask her, “what?”

Your form improved, but you feel weak, how often have you been exercising?” I must have worn the answer on my face because she didn't wait for me to respond. “You can't just work on your form and expect your body to grow strong on it's own. Work on your body while you are here, and do not train in martial arts until you have given your body a chance to catch up.

I was confused, I had no idea what she meant by my body catching up, how would I know when that happened? She left before I could question what she meant and the look she gave me as she stepped out the door definitely told me not to follow her. I looked at Ms. Wu who looked a little disappointed, almost like she wanted to comfort me but knew it was for my own good.

I knew there was a gym at the academy, and decided to get a head start by jogging there instead of riding a bike.

I don't know if it was because she mentioned my punches & kicks being weak or if I was just venting my anger, but I did nothing but hit the weights. Hard. I knew she was right, but she didn't have to be so blunt about it. *sigh* Well now that I think about it I guess she had to blunt. Lu wouldn't be Lu if she as nice & comforting.

As I left the school I noticed one of the merchants in the practice area. I don't know his name but he was really putting in work on the wooden dummy! I swore it was going to break, he was assaulting it with punches. It was a fresh reminder of how far I had to go.

As I received my order of shrimp with cocktail sauce I had a lot on my mind. Not just my workout or my scolding from Lu, but I was comfortable here... Too comfortable. I mean I didn't really know Ms. Wu and Lu that well, yet I felt like I was at a second home.

You seem like you have much on your mind, if you need clarity, exert yourself and it will become clear.” I looked over to see another woman, probably mid 20's, she was clearing her plate and smiled as she left. “What's with this place? Everyone seems to know the answer to everything” I whispered to myself. I could tell I was getting irritated so I just left the tip and headed home.

Some random Paparazzi found me on my way out and looked waaaay to excited to see me. I just gave him the evil eye and ignored his pointless questions, I needed sleep.

To make my night worse I couldn't even pee in peace, the damn toilet refused to flush! Ugh, just what I needed...

After a day full of things that just didn't go as planned I finally found the sweet sanctuary of my pillow. Too bad I tossed & turned for half the night... Damn it....

By the time the sun came up I probably enjoyed 4 hours of sleep and I felt like a zombie. After cursing the sun for shining on me so soon I showered and dressed for the day. I thought about paying Ms. Wu a visit but decided to head to the academy instead.

As much as I was complaining to myself it was actually a nice day outside, definitely better than the smog-saturated Bridgeport. I'm not an eco-nut but it's nice when you can enjoy some fresh air while running-. I cut myself off after I heard myself say that and the thought hit me... I sound just like my mom... Ugh. I tried blocking all thoughts of her as I jogged to the academy, I'll have to worry about her soon enough...

After hitting the weights for about an hour I started feeling better, “maybe this is what she meant by my body catching up?” I thought to myself. I started to wonder of Lu knew I was restless & irritated? Maybe that's why she had me focus on the weights? Gah, all this thinking, pondering & wondering is making my head hurt.

Just then I got a txt from Claire, something about what to wear for prom. Heh, prom... I haven't even thought about it even though it's only a couple months away...

I pushed those thoughts back as I continued to train on the wooden dummy, though it was more like my wooden victim. I needed to vent and it was a prime target, I didn't even notice the creepy paparazzi.

My little tantrum came to a quick stop when the dummy spun around and caught me on the face. Ugh, I swear I wanted to burn it after that..

At that point I could tell that this wasn't working, I still feel like waging war on the world and I swear nothing was going right. At this point I figured it's best I stop for now before I really do decide to burn it down.

After what felt like the best shower ever I stood thinking for a moment, I hope Lu didn't see me training, she might really let me have it. No, I'm sure Ms. Wu would help me somehow, it might seem odd considering I've only known them for a couple months but she's like a 2nd mom to me.

Still, I could feel the pang of guilt going to work on my stomach, so much so that I decided to give Lu a call. I had to tell her that I trained today, I don't know why I feel obligated to, it's not like she's my mom.

Heh, then again I did travel halfway across the globe without telling my real mom... The irony of it all nearly made me laugh out loud, but it was quickly overtaken by fear. Lu's not my mom at all, and she looked seriously pissed that I neglected my training, mom might kill me for leaving like that, but Lu might kill me first...

Until next chapter...


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    great chapter!!


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