Frustrations & Lessons Learned (Part 2)

Warning: Mild adult language

Well needless to say Lu didn't kill me when I told her I trained a little after working out. I could tell she was disappointed at first but once I told her how my workout wasn't working she seemed to sound relieved. “Have you calmed down?” she asked, my silence must have told her the answer. “You're almost 16 right?” I nodded until I realized she couldn't see me, “yeah, I'll be 16 in about a month.”

“I see, just try to relax. Your full of unstable emotions right now, you're just at that age.” She sounded like an aunt or something, but she told me to go check out the scholars garden. I'd seen it's walls before, it's literally just outside the academy so getting there wouldn't be hard at all. “Just do what you feel once you get there, you'll feel better.”

I didn't get that last part, “do what I feel?” The hell is that supposed to mean? Still, I paid it a visit like I was asked. It was really... Quiet. I roamed aimlessly for a bit when I noticed no one else was here, guess it made sense, the sun was setting and most people were probably having dinner. That's when I saw them... A wooden dummy & board breaking set tucked under the patio of the small community hut.

I felt that familiar twitch... Heh, “do what I feel...” She did tell me to do just that... I could totally use these at home... After trying to figure out how to pull it off I disassembled the breaker set and set it in a corner. The wooden dummy was tougher to take apart and heavy, but I made it work. Good thing it's dark out, no one will see me lug this stuff to ship it off.

Once I finished I returned to the garden and took a seat on the bench, my legs hurt and I'm sure that it was a mistake to take a rest at the scene of my little crime. Still, the coolness of the stone bench was so comforting...

I woke up and wondered when I fell asleep, it was in the middle of the night now so I had to have been out cold for a couple hours at least. Must have been more tired than I thought. Wiping the sleepiness away as best I could I headed for bed.

The next morning I felt better, I'm pretty sure Lu didn't think I'd steal from the scholars garden and the thought of it all made me laugh. She was right though, I felt better, but that will be my little secret. I stepped into the training area of the school and stopped dead in my tracks.

I'm sure my mouth was gaping open but I didn't care, there was an old woman at one of the wooden dummies and she was simply insane! She had to be in her 50's, no, 60's and she was getting some serious air as she kicked the dummy square in it's chest!

She must have seen my clear shocked expression, because as I started training she stopped to watch me as she was heading for the showers. “It's not a person's age child, it's the limit each person places on themselves.” She gave me a few pointers about my form and left me to train.

I don't know when she did it, but I know that old lady came back. I could tell by the note she left, but it wasn't just a note, it was a fresh green uniform with a dark green belt! The note simply read “your form is strong child, it is your heart that lacks. Follow it and do what you enjoy, greatness will follow.”

I didn't really get it as usual, but I was definitely pumped! I spent the entire day training until the sun started to set. I was so focused I almost spaced out my flight!

I had just enough time to go say my goodbye's to Ms. Wu & Lu. When I arrived and rang the doorbell I was surprised to see Lu answering the door, I guess I was just so used to Ms. Wu answering it.

I told her how I felt much better after visiting the scholars garden but left out why. It sucked that I couldn't stay longer, and Ms. Wu was out on business so I couldn't even tell her goodbye. Lu gave me a hug though and I was pretty shocked by it. I guess I'm used to her being the stern one, but I guess she has her moments.

As I left the the airport I saw a little shack of a house with the front light on. I really don't know why it came to mind but it was just too tempting to pass up. I crept up the front path as softly as I could, only the softest crunch from the gravel revealed my presence.

Why it feels so good sneak around I don't know, it just puts a smile on my face. I stood at the door for a short moment listening and trying not to laugh too loudly. I rang the doorbell a few times and made a run for it! I jumped over the small stairs and across the front path in no time. By the time the doorknob turned I was outside of the yard and watching through a hole in the wooden fence.

An old man came out, balding, probably in his 50's or so; then I noticed his clothes... He wore the same blue uniform as Lu! I let out a slow, quiet sigh of relief. It's a good thing he didn't catch me, though I doubt he would kick a teenage girl's ass I'm still glad I wasn't seen. Guess I'll have to be more careful in China. My experience with the old woman today says it all, even the old people here are dangerous.

I stretched out and yawned, it was getting late and my late-night flight was departing in little over an hour. I went ahead and called Claire long distance letting her know I'd be home soon. “Pray for me” I said with a halfhearted laugh, “if mom finds out where I've been I'll end up in a graveyard.” We laughed and chatted until I arrived at the airport. I only hope my cover wasn't blown...

Until next chapter...


  1. I love her characterization. She is very bold with her sneaking and stealing but I don't she is all bad. It has been too long since I traveled to China, will have to give it a go soon, you make it so appealing.

  2. she is a crafty one going all that way to china, i wonder if her mum would click on :P awesome story as always!


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