New room, new battle.

Aerie's POV

As the sun started peeking between my curtains I wanted to just gun it down so it would be dark forever. But since I'm not old enough to own a gun I just rolled over and mumbled my complaints. Summer still has a couple days left and I intend to enjoy as much sleep as I can.

After tossing and turning only to be blinded by the sun again I rolled my eyes and got ready for the day. It was finally moving day and I for one have been looking forward to it. Mom's been talking about moving for years now, always reminding us how much the house reminded her of dad.

To be honest I have to say Claire and I are probably the only teens on the planet who actually have a lot of respect for our mom. She's been through a lot, grandma told us how she didn't really have a childhood due to an illness. She was apparently sick until she was a junior in high school.

To top it off she lost dad and then I'm almost killed when I ran in front of a car when I was little. She managed to plan a funeral after all that, organized to auction off what was left of dad's artwork, and still had to raise Claire and I. She's a middle school teacher so we all know that's not the highest paying job in the world yet she's never broke. I swear she's a master in the art of budgeting.

As I made my way downstairs I looked over just in time to see her power off the computer and turn around with a smile. “Make sure you and Claire have everything you need, today is the big day.”

A couple hours later we were out the door and on our way, though I could tell Claire was a little bummed. She always did like this house, and we did grow up here, but I was ready for something different. Besides, mom said our bedrooms are bigger, I'm all for that!

Oddly enough mom had Claire sit up front while the taxi drove us across town. She told us how she initially wanted to leave Bridgeport all together, but from what I understand Grandma Jodi and Aunt Eowyn talked her out of it. I had to ask her why she was sitting back here with me, but she just shrugged and said “because I sat back here with your father.” I just dropped the subject after that, it took her forever to smile again and the last thing I want is for her to brood over dad's death again.

As we pulled up to a brown house my eyes popped wide open as I couldn't help but question her. “You said this house was smaller! How is this smaller? It's huge!” Of course she gave me that sinister smirk of hers that basically says “despite the fact you're older now I'm still smarter than you.” Before I could keep ranting she simply replied, “it is smaller, we're moving from a 5 bedroom to a 3 bedroom. It's just more spacious.” As I headed for the front door only one thing was on my mind, my bedroom had better be a big one...

And it was definitely bigger, I could fit two of my old bedrooms in it! I knew to was going to look cool, mom asked us weeks ago what kind of paint and wallpaper we wanted. This apparently used to be Uncle Darius and Aunt Elspeth's old house when they first got married, so she had the whole thing renovated. Yes, I'm definitely cool with this, though I'm a little upset that Claire's room is downstairs. It's not like I'm gonna sneak out at night or anything... Yet.

Curious and kinda jealous I headed downstairs and peeked into Claire's room. Flowers & butterflies? Heh, yeah, she would want that; she's always been a girly girl.

I let my curiosity get the best of me and went to check out mom's room, it's freakishly huge! What is she gonna do with all that space!? What really got me was the fact that she told us she wasn't finished decorating it yet!

Our living room reminds me of some modernized Victorian room, none of us really watch TV so she didn't even bother buying one. She still went on a bit of a shopping spree though, the grand piano seemed a bit much but we all know how much she likes playing it.

Once I went to check out the kitchen I started to notice a pattern. Not just her room, but the living room and kitchen were all accented with baby blue... I know that's her favorite color but she's being a little biased here...

Somehow I wasn't surprised to see the dining room had a similar color scheme, how can I talk her into painting it something different? Hmmm... Anyway, it's nice, and she was right; definitely more spacious.

After exploring the house Claire and I stopped for a bit as she whispered in my ear, “mom seems a lot better now doesn't she?” I nodded as my eyes were fixed on her as she kept inspecting every little detail in the house. We both saw her when she was down, we both heard her from our bedrooms crying for weeks after the funeral. To see her this happy? Yeah, you bet we were happy for her.

Still, unpacking was a lot of work, and I don't know what Claire did afterwards but I definitely wanted some nap time.

When I woke up I found mom browsing some investment figures, well at least until she saw me coming. She logged off and asked me how I liked the house, of course I told her I loved it, which I really did. It was big and not nearly as cramped, I complained about not having a pool anymore but to avoid the “budget speech” I just dropped the topic.

I'll admit that mom and I have a good relationship, we chatted and laughed for a bit. She sounded like a school girl when she whispered: “did you see the size of my room? It's huge!” I laughed and asked her what she was going to do with all that space, she just laughed and said “sleep in it!”

Since we both share active lifestyles we eventually wound up talking about fitness as we always do, though she kept trying to get me to go on a jog with her. I declined of course, why run all over town when you can jog on a treadmill in a nice air-conditioned gym? Right?

Our conversation was going nowhere and I wanted to open my gym membership so gave her a hug and hailed a taxi. I saw Claire heading for her as I closed the door and I already knew she was at it again. I'm sure she was probing mom about her upcoming childrens book. She loved the fact that mom wrote them in her spare time, but I think she should give mom some breathing room, or at least do something social outside of the house.

I was at the gym before I knew it and as I stepped off the elevator I had to cover my mouth to keep myself from laughing. This guy was soooo fat! Seriously, how is he struggling with that little bit of weight, he lifts more than that picking his fat self up from the couch! Heh, he'd better be glad I'm busy, I'd definitely take a photo and post it on my blog. Hehehe.

After signing the paperwork for the membership I changed into my gym clothes and pulled the hair back into a pony. School starts tomorrow which means tryouts for the swimteam start the following week, no way I'm gonna be out of shape when it starts!

I'll never eat another oatmeal crème pie again as long as I live... I was only jogging for a few miles and I felt like I was going to die. Just before I could power the treadmill down I biffed it pretty hard. I'm just glad no one from school was here...  Or my social life would have ended before it could even begin...

When I made it home I smelled the familiar mixture of spices and scorched metal... *sigh * Who the hell smells something like that? I could tell mom was making spaghetti, and Claire was out back making “something” again. I swear, I don't even think she knows what she's making.

I couldn't help but listen in on what Claire & mom were talking about while I was making my plate, I'm not the “gossip” type, but I don't mind keeping tabs on that sister of mine. She was just as sneaky as I was in middle school, and I'm glad I caught wind of their conversation. I listened in just in time to hear Claire say it.

That driver was a total psycho! He almost hit me when we turned the corner, it's like he had a date with death or something!” I couldn't believe my ears, she was learning to drive before me!? I knew it... She is up to something... And of course mom knew I was listening, she would just nod and reply very quietly so I couldn't hear.

I tried to hold it back as I ate my food but I couldn't help it, technically I'm the older one by 8 ½ minutes. So when I started to question why Claire was already learning how to drive before me she cut me off. “Aerie, you'll get your turn too. Are you already jumping to compete with your sister again?” I knew better than to answer, it was a trick question, we've had this “talk” of hers a million times before. She just stood there and sipped her tea while I finished my food.

Screw it, I'm going to bed.” Before she could lecture me on my language towards her for the 100th time I was already up the stairs, in my pj's and jumping in my bed. Tomorrow was the start of drama central. Boys, homework, nerds, and the everlasting battle for popularity. Ugh, I could seriously do without it all.

Before I drifted off to sleep I could hear mom out on the patio. She was at it again, Claire and I knew she was applying to be the new high school chemistry teacher, I just hope she's not my homeroom teacher... That would suck beyond all reason.

I swear this cursed alarm clock is working my nerves, before I knew it the blasted thing was already screeching and the sun was up. I dragged my corpse into the bathroom and somehow managed to summon the strength to brush my teeth. The first day of high school... Oh joy.

Showered and dressed with just enough time to get a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries in before the bus pulled up. Ugh, this felt sooo stereotypical. I can't wait until I can just drive to school. She would never admit it but I'm sure Claire felt the same way. She always had this carefree look on her face, but I knew better.

As soon as we were seated I heard her whisper “great, an empty bus, we're the first stop.” I sighed and we looked at each other for a moment. You ready for this? I asked, “yeah, ready as I'll ever be.” We just stared at each other blankly because we knew better. The war was on, the first day of high school had begun.

Until next chapter...


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