Surprise Trip

Iris POV

As the bus pulled away I just couldn't help but smile, I know they will have two very different “first day's.” I'm sure Claire is excited to get a fresh new academic challenge, it's Aerie that worries me. She doesn't like to show it but she's smart, very smart. She's just so lazy about it and I'm sure she get's that from her father. * sigh * If only he were here... Still, I think I'm doing pretty good for playing the roll of both parents. I'm sure they'll be shocked to see me on campus, my promotion could not have come at a better time.

Aerie POV

I am SO glad that's over, I swear I'm in the smallest class ever. You would think that with a city like Bridgeport the school would be huge! But no... I'm in a classroom full of a whopping 6 students, 6! And one of them is my own sister! I guess it kinda makes sense, this really isn't the place to raise a family. Dad told us that our family is originally from Twinbrook, I wonder why we left in the first place? Hmmm... Well I'm thinking too much I guess, as soon as the bell rang I wasted no time running out of there, I even heard a teacher yell across the hall “no running!” Call me crazy, but I swear it sounded like my mom.

To make things worse the subway smelled like a mix of vomit & urine, I swear mom needs to hurry up and teach me how to drive, that was just... Ugh, horrible.

As I left the subway station to hail a taxi I saw uncle Salvatore dart past me on his bike. I waved and yelled at him but he had his headphones with him, again. I swear all he does is listen to music.

As I made it home I bee-lined for the espresso, my head was still pounding from the stink of that subway. I was a little shocked to see mom enjoying a cup when I went to sit down but I didn't mind, to be honest I'm surprised that we get along as well as we do. The only thing we have in common besides our looks is the fact that we both like to keep in shape. And in all honesty I find it a little embarrassing that I look so much like her, I feel like a clone or something.

Still, at least I know I'll look pretty good when I'm her age. Claire & I even asked her if she tried dating again, we're both old enough to know she wouldn't try replacing dad. I'll never forget the look she gave us, without a moments hesitation she replied with a sharp “no.” Before we could say another word she explained. “Your father is the love of my life and always will be, I'm perfectly content living my life until I can see my love again.” We never brought it up again.

As the warmth of the Chai Latte spread through my body we shared workout tips with each other. “You really shouldn't bother with a tradmill” she persisted, “just go for a run, I'm telling you, I know you'll enjoy it.” We laughed and chatted for a bit longer until she finished, shortly after I heard music coming from the living room. “She's at it again” I thought as I heard the melody from the piano drift into the dining room.

A couple of minutes later Claire came in and started her homework. I started to say something but after seeing her classic look of frustration I decided not to. I saw this look of hers every time a new school year started, of course once she got into the swing of things she was fine. Heh, I'll try my best to get a sneak peek and see if I can't get a few answers from hers. Why do the work if someone else already has right?

After getting our permission slips signed and sneaking a few peeks at her homework that she left on her nightstand I joined her for a bowl of rice krispies. I tried talking her into joining me at the gym but she declined. I swear if there was such a thing as anti-athletic she would be it, she's not a couch potato though, thank the simgods. Yet she somehow manages to stay at an average weight, how does she do it?

Today was our field trip and despite my straight face through the morning classes I was pretty excited. Though not as excited as I was when I boarded the bus, I'm not the type to get all giddy over boys, but Brock was definitely one to catch my attention. He was a little to “nice” for me, but something about him was just attractive. I would never go for him though, I'm only a freshman and he's already in his senior year, it would be pointless. Still, I didn't mind the eye candy though.

This is probably one of the only cool points about our school, the field trip was to the graveyard, yeah... The graveyard. Hell, I had a blast, though I think I'm the only person who enjoyed it. Maybe I'm a little weird? Oh well, I made sure to give Claire an earful while I was there, scared her a couple of times too, man she was way to innocent to be there. I had a field day!

She must have been pretty jumpy after we got home, she had plenty of scrap to mess with and left to the junkyard anyway. According to her, aunt Elspeth was working there now.  I wonder what she's been up to? I guess she chatted with her for a while before she went to collect stuff, I really need to visit her, I haven't seen her since I got out of the hospital after the accident.

The rest of the week was pretty bland, I started my diet, (I was serious about cutting those oatmeal crème pies) the espresso maker tried to kill Claire, and mom was absorbed in the new school curriculum. I was upstairs playing the latest expansion of TH3 (The Humans 3) it's super addicting. I pretty much play god and rule people's lives, telling them to go to work, have kids, etc. It's like playing with life, hehehe.

I was just about to update my blog for TH3 when mom called me downstairs. She just sat there for a bit, speed-reading. Me being the impatient one couldn't stand it when she did this... “Yeah? You called?” Without even letting her eyes leave the book she smiled for a bit. “Your sister already declined, but I've set some finances aside for you to spend some time overseas during your 3-day weekend.”

I just looked at her dumbfounded for a bit before I scrambled for the best reply I could, “huh?” Se then finally looked up and clarified. “I planned on sending the two of you overseas for a 3-day weekend together, but Claire insisted on staying to work on her latest invention. So I canceled her ticket and yours is ready. Since you always liked those old sim-fu movies I figured I would send you to China. What? Do you want to turn me down too?”

I don't even remember giving my brain a chance to respond, I yelled “no!” on reflex. “China? Seriously?” I don't think I've been that excited in a while, I probably had a huge cheesy grin on my face. “I'll go! When do I leave?” “Tonight if you want” a questionable smirk on her face. This was probably her way of giving herself a vacation too, but I didn't care.

I bolted upstairs to pack my things, I didn't need much, just clothes and stuff. By the time I was wrapping up the phone call for the taxi and I swear mom's suspicious smile got bigger, she was definitely doing this to give herself a vacation too. Still we were both satisfied, besides, this is CHINA we're talking about! I can't wait!

As the taxi rolled along towards the airport I couldn't help but feel anxious, not only was this my first time going anywhere out of the city alone, but my first time overseas as well. My passport was tucked in my purse and I was all too excited. I'll admit I was a bit nervous, but I knew one thing for sure, I was going to make it a vacation I would never forget.

Until next chapter...


  1. TH3? O.o makes you wonder, great chapter! i hope she'll be alright going to China on her own, i don't trust those crazy planes O.o, but still TH3? lol awesome :D

  2. TH3 ROFL Great.
    Ooo yay! Trip to China! Love it. Wonderful update.

  3. The two girls have grown up quite differently. I hope Aerie has a good trip.

  4. The Humans3 - oh Tai lol - that just cracked me up!!!!

    1. Yes, Aerie does enjoy games from time to time. xD


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