Reunion! How quickly a life can change.

The next day was a little glum. While Iris was busy with work at the school, the girls had their own way of keeping their dad out of their minds. Despite their attempts though, Aerie was still rather upset about not being able to travel with him, she spent most of her time moping around with Humphrey.

After school the girls played for a bit, but not nearly as much as they usually do. Finally Aerie approached Claire and let the smile she struggled to keep stoop into a frown. “Hey sis, could you... Could you do my homework just this once? Please? I just can't think right now, I can't stop thinking about dad.”

After hearing her sister, Claire stared at her for a moment, they always did homework together. “Ok Aerie, just this once, but you have to share your piece of dessert with me.” “Deal” sighed Aerie.

As she began the homework Claire began to realize that she couldn't think either, she really wanted to go to the junkyard with him. “He should hurry up” she thought, “all that treasure is just waiting for us.” As she finished Aerie's homework and began copying it over to her own a shocking thought crossed her mind, “wait, why hasn't he called us yet!? He said he would call us by tonight...” Her shocked turned into sorrow as she remembered, “oh yeah, he's doing art stuff... That's why he forgot...”

Her thoughts were interrupted as the sound of water reached her ears. She turned to see Aerie swimming across the pool, then in a circle. “Sis is worried too” she thought, “she always does that when something is bothering her.”

Just then Iris opened the back patio door and called them in, “Claire! Aerie! Come inside, your dad's on the phone!” Excited beyond reason Claire bolted inside leaving her homework on the table, while Aerie swam to the ladder and climbed out of the pool as quickly as possible. Tattiel had arrived at the airport safely, but it was only to refuel at a mid-port, he still had another flight to catch before he arrived at the city.

Meanwhile outside the house Jodi stood smiling brightly, though after a moment she let it drop into a stern, concerned look. “No, I can't, it's just not right” she thought to herself as she turned to leave. “That's something she'll have to handle on her own...”

The next morning was a bit brighter, “want to go with me to the junkyard?” asked Claire, a hint of excitement in her voice. Aerie sat silent for a moment before taking a few sips and shaking her head. “Come on, it'll be fun!” Again she shook her head, “I'm going to play with uncle Salvatore in a little bit” she replied before finishing her juice. “I'll go with you next time ok?”

Later that day the two did play for a couple hours, before Salvatore started talking about the new computer he got for his birthday. Then the two chatted about it for the rest of the early afternoon, Aerie even gave him a few tips on how to beat Cog's of War 2.

Back at home Claire spent her time tinkering, she didn't know what she was looking for, what she was trying to build, but she was determined to create something. Something she could show Tattiel when he came back.

Before she knew it Iris was calling her down for an early dinner, though they ended up goofing around for a bit before Aerie arrived and started enjoying the meal.

After dinner the girls found themselves outside and Claire couldn't help but notice how cheery her sister was, “what did you guys do? Go to the candy store?” she questioned, trying to probe her sister for information. “Nope, but grandma & grandpa have a huge library at their house! There are so many books!” Claire smiled and raised an eyebrow at her sister, “I thought you didn't like reading?” “Huh, no you got it wrong” she said, shaking her head briefly. “I don't like to study boring stuff, I like books.”

As they continued on Iris was making her plans over the phone out in the front yard. She wished it could have been planned before Tattiel left, but Eowyn assured her they can always hold another after he gets back. After a few minutes Iris called the girls out front. “Let's go, we're going to spend some time at the park, the whole family's going to be there!”

Claire, being so full of excitement bolted for the front seat shouting “shotgun!” as she left a small trail of dust. Aerie hung up her phone and walked to the car slowly. “Well, it's not the whole family” she said under her breath, dad won't be back for another month...”

The sun had set just as they arrived, and everyone spilled out of the car to see many faces that they had not seen in a very long time. “Hey there kiddo!” shouted Liliah as a big smile spread across her face.

Not too far from them was a different kind of smile, a pouty one. “Oh come on mom, it's obvious you're smiling” pleaded Iris as Jodi confronted her. “And how long has it been since you brought over my grandchildren?” she questioned, keeping up her facade.

You know, you can always come over and see them yourself. No one's stopping you.” “Ah, you know, you make a good point” she said with a smile, just before the two started laughing. “But you can still bring them over more often! Aerie only comes over to play with your little brother!”

Meanwhile there were 3 sets of eyes watching the gathering with a smile, one of which was Darius. “Everyone's getting so big” he thought to himself, “I'll just bide me time for now.” The second was Eowyn, she intended to join them all and mingle eventually, but this was the first time she had seen Iris' parents.

Even though they were all family Elvira had always told her to be very cautious of others who were “like us.” She had wished Iris had told her that her parents were the same, but then again she never really asked. She didn't think she would need to, what were the chances after all?

The 3rd was Ali, he mainly just sat and enjoyed the experience. Family coming together from across the city just to spend time with each other, “feels good” he thought, “I'll just chill and soak this in.”

Across the pathway giggling could be heard as Claire was chatting with Elsa's daughter. “So your name is Claire too right?” she questioned with a smile, “does that make me Claire the 2nd?” The older Claire just laughed a bit, as she shook her head. “I doubt they were thinking of me while your mom was in labor.

Tyquane was happy to be around family, many of which he was meeting for the first time, but he sensed Eowyn long before she arrived. “Why doesn't she come introduce herself?” he wondered, “we're all family here, not strangers...”

By the stairs, Youseff stood silently, a quaint smile on his face. “This is just lovely Elsa... Just lovely. You would have enjoyed yourself.” he mumbled to himself, “it feels good to be around this much family.”

As Tyquane and Iris played catch up, Aerie introduced herself to Ali. “Wow, you're so big!” she said as she stared up at him. Ali turned his head and blushed a bit, “how did your muscles get so big? You must work out a lot, you're bigger than my dad!” Ali laughed before patting her on the head, “it takes a lot of dedication and time. Maybe one day I'll see you at the gym.” Aerie laughed before running off to chat with someone else.

While Aerie was running around chatting with her aunts, uncles & cousins, it seemed Claire was far to busy goofing off with her grandpa. The two seemed to be having fun in their own little world.

After spending some time with Grandma Jodi, Aerie ran across the grass as fast as she could once she saw Eowyn. “Aunt Wyn!” she yelled as she ran & skipped across the grass surprisingly quickly. Eowyn smiled as she watched her approach, but was surprised when she saw Aerie take out her phone and take a picture of her.

What was that for?” she asked, “because you're so pretty” replied Aerie calmly. “You're like a flower that blooms at night.” Eowyn smiled warmly and kissed her on the forehead, “you don't know how right your are” she said with a wink.

As the night started to grow late everyone was preparing to leave, Jodi smiled as Claire continued chatting as her very legs started to give out on her. “You're tired, why don't you come lay down on my lap for a bit.” “I'm not tired” replied Claire, “I thought grandma's got tired first.”

Jodi laughed a bit before replying, “not this grandma, I'll always have more energy than you.” She tapped Iris on the shoulder to let her know it was time to leave.

But I don't want to leave yet, I want to spend more time with you grandma!” A large smile spread across her face, “don't fret, it's important for you to sleep. Besides, you can come see me anytime you want. Who knows? Maybe I'll convince your mom to let you grow your hair nice and long like mine.” She said with a wink to Iris, “you did get your hair from me after all.” With a hug and kiss on both cheeks the girls piled into the car and everyone drove home.

That night after the girls had gone to bed Iris stayed up to finish watching the news when they made a chilling announcement. “Firefighters were finally able to extinguish the flames on flight 465 from Champs Le Sims to Chatou le Simua this evening after 8 hours of fighting, more details including those who were lost to be announced tomorrow night.”

Worry began to wander in her mind when she shook it off. “Just because he was in the area doesn't mean he was on the flight” she said to herself, “though he should have called called already...  I'm just tired” she sighed to herself, “I'll give him a good lecture when he calls tomorrow morning.”

She awoke, showered, and headed downstairs to prepare breakfast when she stopped just before the refrigerator. “Ice cream? At 8 in the morning? What do you think you're doing young lady?” “But. I... I just...” as she stuttered for a response Iris glared at her, “just this once ok? And I will not see you doing this again, understood?” “Ok mom...” Replied Aerie, saddened that she was caught.

You're awake early this morning, what's the occasion?” questioned Iris as she enjoyed some juice before making breakfast. “I dunno, I just woke up on my own I guess.” Before their conversation could continue Iris' cell rang, “unknown number?” she thought to herself as she checked the caller ID. She picked up the phone, “hello?” An unknown voice on the other line began, “hello, am I speaking to Mrs. Ryuzaki?” “Yes, this is she, can I help you?”

There was a long pause before the voice continued, “This is the Bridgeport coroners office, I'm sorry to inform you that we just received a call from our branch in France, your husbands body was identified in the plane wreckage 2 days ago. Firefighters put out the flames last night, we're sorry. Your husband is gone.”

Her eyes widened as she was filled with anger, “What do you mean Tattiel is dead!? Explain yourself!!!” she yelled into the phone, tears welling in her eyes. Her very voice broke as she finished her sentence. She heard something like metal drop when she turned to see the spoon still covered in ice cream hit the floor as Aerie shot upstairs. “Shit...” she thought to herself, “she heard me say it!” Iris in her shock had completely forgotten that Aerie was sitting right next to her and heard the whole thing.

As she bolted up the stairs and into her room she shattered her piggy bank, grabbing the 10 simoleans and turned to see Claire coming in her room. “Good morning sis! Wanna pla-” “It's NOT a good morning!” Aerie shouted as she interrupted her sister. “It's a bad morning! A terrible morning! Get out of my way!!!”

Shocked and taken by surprise, Claire glared at her sister and quietly mumbled, “what happened? Are you ok?” Aerie's anger was quickly replaced by overwhelming sadness. Tears began to pour as she stared at her sister. “Aerie... You're scaring me, what happened?” “ds gone” replied Aerie, “huh? What's gone?” questioned Claire, “dads gone...” repeated Aerie.

Claire stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide open, her mouth gaping. “What do you mean... Dads gone?” Aerie walked past her now silent sister and looked back just before heading downstairs, “I mean dad's gone, and he's never coming back...” Tears began to pour again as she headed downstairs.

She just stepped out of the front door when Iris finished getting the details from the coroner and ran out after her daughter. “Where are you going!?” she shouted, “now is not the time to go anywhere sweety, we need to talk.” She tried to calm herself down, she needed to explain things to her daughters properly. Though her thoughts were shattered and shocked as Aerie lashed out.

I'm leaving!!!” shouted Aerie, tears still streaming down her rosy cheeks. “You should have let me go with him! It's all my fault! If I talked dad into letting me go with him he would have been on a different plane! He would still be here! It's my fault! Dad's gone forever and he's never coming back!”

Before Iris could even begin to cut her daughter off and try to calm her down she bolted. “Aerie wait!” shouted Iris as she started after her, she was already fast for her age, and as Iris reached out to grab her she missed, Aerie then bolted towards the front gate as fast as she could. “Wait!” shouted Iris, knowing Aerie wasn't thinking clearly, “Aerie! Wait!! AERIE!!!” All she saw was her child, one of her baby girls running with all of her strength out of the front gate. Across the busy street, not seeing the oncoming traffic.

Until next chapter...


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    1. Yes, Jodi did see it coming, she just couldn't bear to tell her daughter something like that moments before it actually happened. :/


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