France, Honeymoon and a Reunion

After several hours on a plane, Iris and Tattiel left the airport. It was a gorgeous day in the little french village. The air was sweet, a light breeze flowing through Iris' hair. As they finished unpacking and stepped outside it was clear that Iris was still trying to convince herself that she wasn't dreaming. Though she still managed to maintain conversation her eyes were locked on her wedding ring, constantly smiling and filled with excitement. The two discussed what they wanted to do during their month overseas.

They agreed to a match of chess in the village square to start things off and enjoy the weather. “Isn't Autumn's college located just north of here?” questioned Iris, “you should visit her after our match while I go mingle with the locals.” Tattiel nodded as the limousine pulled up front, “a limo?” questioned Iris, a little shocked. “No worries, we won't always take a limo” joked Tattiel. The two headed for the village square.

After what appeared to be a challenging match, Iris started laughing all of a sudden. “What?” asked Tattiel as he scratched his head, “nothing hun, I'll stop messing with you now. Checkmate.” Tattiel's eyes grew large as he scanned the board, it was clear she could have beaten him whenever she wanted.

With a peck on Tattiel's lips Iris drifted off, “I'm off to see some sights! Give Autumn a big hug for me!” Before Tattiel could convince her to come with him she was gone. He laughed quietly to himself as he stopped by the store first. The clerk whom couldn't speak much simlish waved his phone around indicating he wanted to take a photo. Being in a great mood Tattiel didn't mind, he shook the clerks hand after the photo and headed out.

He pulled up the map-quest on his cell and soon found himself in front of a rather large house. “This is the address” he thought to himself, “wow, it's pretty nice.”

A few moments after ringing the doorbell the door opened and Autumn stepped outside. Her eyes grew wide with surprise, “Tattiel!!! What are you doing here!?” She started to shake his hand and just decided to grab him into a hug. “Come in! Come in!” she shouted excitedly, “we need to catch up!”

Meanwhile Iris was mingling with the locals and indulging in conversation. She always wanted to travel abroad and she didn't want to waste a moment of it.

About an hour later she found herself enjoying a lovely meal at a quaint cafe'. Many thoughts were stirring and she wondered what else she wanted to do while she was here.

After a while she found herself at a little department store where she picked up a few outfits. Changing into one and heading out to see the sights, she worked up the courage to greet and thank the store clerk that helped her with her shopping. She then rented a vespa and drove off, it was getting late so she decided to head back to the hotel.

After a few hours of catching up, laughter and reminiscing; it was time to say goodbye. “Congratulations again Tattiel, I'm happy for you guys!” She hugged him tightly as he prepared to leave. “Be sure to come and visit after you graduate with your masters” laughed Tattiel, “we all miss you back home.” He then headed back for the hotel.

As he approached the steps, Iris pulled up right behind him. They laughed at the timing and headed upstairs for their room.

It was then that they spent a few intimate hours for the first time as a married couple, the sleep that followed was peaceful and fulfilling.

Tattiel was awake early that morning, reading a book in the kitchen as Iris stepped downstairs and began preparing breakfast. “What are you reading?” she questioned as she began preparing pancakes, “tips on fishing” he replied. “Fishing?” she repeated as if not sure she heard him properly the first time. “Yup, can you guess what we're going to do after breakfast?” The two laughed as she continued cooking.

A look of unpleasant surprise grew in Iris' face as she set the charred plate of pancakes on the counter. Tattiel laughed quietly, but the pouty face Iris gave him indicated that she heard him. “Smartest, most beautiful genius I've ever met, and it seems cooking is your cryptonite.” laughed Tattiel as he stood to grab a plate. Iris stood surprised as he grabbed a plate of the nearly pitch-black pancakes, “what?” he asked, you don't think I'll eat the food the love of my life cooks for me?” A warm smile spread across her blushed face as she grabbed a plate as well. “We'll just have to suffer together until I get better at it” she laughed.

After a short drive out into the countryside Tattiel took her hand and ran through the fields for a few minutes. After a little while they found themselves at a quaint little pond away from the the road. “It's so quiet and pretty” commented Iris as she took a deep breath.

Tattiel unpacked the fishing rods he rented and the two stood at the waters edge and fished, enjoying the peaceful surroundings and each others conversation. After feeling a little discouraged from not getting any bites yet Iris decided it was as good of a time as any to ask the big question that was on her mind. “So, how many children do you think we should have?”

Tattiel was surprisingly calm after hearing the question and gave it some thought. “1 or 2?” he said with a smile, “with you being accepted to work at the school and me with my art, I doubt we'll have enough time for a big family.” Iris nodded in agreement, “I like your way of thinking, I don't look forward to going through labor, not at all.”

Just as the two started laughing Iris felt a tug on her fishing line. “I've got one!” she shrieked in excitement, I'll reel it in but you're taking it off for me!” Tattiel laughed as he agreed, but his laughter quickly stopped and his eyes grew wide as she pulled out a large frog.

After squeamishly taking off the frog, they resumed fishing. It was then that Iris looked over to see a strange man approaching them from the other side of the pond. “Time to go” sighed Tattiel, “I knew it was only a matter of time before the paparazzi found us.”

They spent the rest of the month chatting with Autumn, fishing, tasting nectar, seeing the sights, and spending every moment with each other. Tattiel was often found reading the fishing book in the morning, despite his attempts Iris was the only one who caught a single fish. Though a tourist from China did ask him for his autograph, which made him feel a little better. His confidence grew a bit after hearing how word of his artwork was being heard overseas.

On the final day before their flight home Iris was out for her usual run, though halfway through she was forced to stop. Something wasn't right, and the nausea that followed caused her to hail a cab back to the hotel. After a shower she took some pepto to ease her stomach and sat down to enjoy a game of chess with Tattiel. A game that she surprisingly lost, she just couldn't focus, especially with her dinner hanging around the back of her throat; feeling like she would lose it at any given moment.

The flight home felt like an eternity, she had gone to the bathroom countless times to vomit, and the turbulence they encountered only made it worse. “Stomach flue?” she pondered to herself, the symptoms did match, and it was perfectly logical considering they were overseas for a while. After speaking with Tattiel about it as they drove home she agreed to go get a check up at the hospital to get a prescription.

After arriving at home Iris discussed a possible art gallery to show his work, they exchanged ideas for a few minutes before Tattiel headed to the computer to check and see what other artists would be attending.

Iris then called the school and found out she would be starting that monday. Excited, she headed to tell Tattiel the great news, though she was stopped in her tracks as her lunch rushed back up into her mouth. Covering her mouth with one hand she ran into the bathroom, spewing her lunch everywhere. She knelt in front of the toilet for a long moment. Vomiting again, this time stomach acid as she began dry heaving. “This is ridiculous” she moaned to herself as she wiped the remnants from her mouth. I don't have time to wait until sunday for the check-up, I need to go tonight.

Until next chapter...


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