Following years

 Authors Note: The first two paragraphs are from Iris' P.O.V.

After managing to tell Tattiel to take me the hospital I've just felt like dead weight. The normal 20 minute drive took us an hour, I'm so glad Tattiel is a kind and considerate person. He had to have been driving 20 under the speed limit, and turned very slowly to keep me from throwing up in the car; and he still pulled over several times so I could vomit, *sigh * so embarrassing. It was definitely a life changing trip, I went to get antibiotics to help whatever virus I picked up in France, but they didn't give me any. Instead of medicine they gave me a book titled “a guide to parenting.”

Turns out I didn't catch a virus, I'm pregnant. Tattiel is head over heels about it, I haven't seen him this excited in a long time. Though I'm glad to see him so happy, he's not thinking clearly. We're not prepared for children, we haven't even spoken about having them yet. While I admit that even I'm excited, I know that we need to start thinking long term, he never plans anything longer than 48 hours ahead, so we'll need to have a talk about that. Still, I'm glad to see him this happy, though I wish I could work through my pregnancy. I know they'll put me on maternity leave soon, I'm apparently already a month along.

After hearing the doctors report, Tattiel immediately resumed the painting he left unfinished before the honeymoon. It was clearly his greatest work yet, but despite the paparazzi's pressing questions, he made it clear that this painting would never be for sale.

For the rest of her first trimester Iris worked as best she could, but it was soon noticeable that working a full day at school was too much of a burden and she was placed on maternity leave. Her 2nd trimester was spent in front of the computer screen, though being a teacher of the highest caliber is her goal; she always wanted to publish childrens books.

Before she knew it she was nearing her due date at the end of her 3rd trimester. She had gained much weight and was unable to sit at the computer desk for long periods of time. Despite Tattiels constant attempts to help in any way possible, Iris just could not find a comfortable way to lay down. The doctor offered to tell them the gender, but one stern look from Iris made it clear that they didn't want to know, even if Tattiel was curious.

Whenever she just could not sleep she always found her way to the piano. She remembered the day Tattiel brought her to it, she was concerned to see that her dining room table was gone, but the grand piano was just too beautiful. Apparently Liliana had told him of their days as teenagers and how she was part of the band as a pianist. So now Iris spent her nights playing, her fingertips dancing across the ivory keys until she finally felt sleep beckon to her.

Finally the night of her due date came, as they entered the hospital Iris' water broke right in front of the receptionist. 8 ½ hours later she gave birth to Aerie; though to both parents surprise, Claire was born 10 minutes later! While they knew there was a small chance of it, neither expected to actually have twins. The following day the family left for home, though Tattiel stayed a bit longer with Claire to get some tests done. There were some abnormalities in the infants neuroscan and they needed to be looked at.

Tattiel called ahead and had an extra crib moved in, and the nursery was all set and ready by the time they arrived at home.

Once he arrived at home roughly an hour after Iris with Claire, Tattiel switched infants with Iris. He had only been separated from Aerie for an hour and he already missed her, the two went to visit the nursery upstairs and tiny giggles were heard down the hallway. Iris had missed Claire just as much and was enjoying every moment with her.

Finally it was bedtime for the girls and it seemed Aerie was more than ready, as her eyes closed before she could even finish her bottle. Though it seemed she would be a stubborn one, despite the fact her eyes being closed and virtually asleep, she wouldn't let go of her bottle until it was finished.

Though it seemed Claire was quite different, as Iris walked up the stairs toward the nursery it seemed Claire was fighting with everything she had to stay awake.

Over the next several months Tattiel and Iris had developed a system, and much to Tattiels surprise it worked very well, causing both parents to lose minimum sleep. Even on nights when Tattiel was downstairs painting Iris would be found in the nursery. Despite her attempts to place it into logic, everyone knew it had nothing to do with planning or scheduling. Iris' “mommy mode” was in full swing and she just couldn't help herself.

About a year had gone by in a flash, and lately Tattiel had been discussing plans to start selling his artwork overseas with Eowyn. Though he always made time to pose for a photo when visiting, and Elvira always made sure to take one.

Back at home however things had changed, the girls were a much bigger handful and were always scooting around the house. Though they usually weren't hard to find, Claire was usually found playing with the dollhouse, especially when she knew she had to potty. Though Iris found that odd, Tattiel found it to be that much easier to potty train her, much to Claire's dismay.

Iris had returned to work and was excited to get back to her goal, though it had become secondary to raising the girls. Still, she was glad to be going back, even though she missed the girls dearly and couldn't wait to return home. She had only been back for a week when she was promoted to substitute teacher.

Since Tattiel is a self-employed artist there was no need to hire a babysitter, and Tattiel certainly didn't mind. He knew to grab sleep while Claire was asleep, Aerie was a different story however, it didn't matter if she was awake or not. She always played quietly and was quite content with not making much noise.

Claire enjoyed attention though, yet she never acted out when she didn't get any. Of course that didn't happen often, she always enjoyed father daughter time. Laughter could be heard downstairs as well, and he knew who it was. Whenever he had one of the girls, he knew Iris had the other, though Iris didn't hesitate to begin teaching her daughters the basics.

Claire was always a little different from her sister though, even while having fun it didn't seem like she was playing just to play. It seemed like even while playing with the simplest toys, she was trying to examine it and see why it was fun. Though a little odd, Iris found it to be adorable.

It took over a year, but the couple finally managed to get full nights of sleep again, and they enjoyed every warm moment.

Though the morning always came with two energetic girls that were ready to drain every bit of the parents energy when the opportunity came. Which suited Iris just fine, she was already concerned about losing all the weight she put on during her pregnancy, and she made sure to resume her routine jogs as soon as the doctor cleared her to resume exercise.

Of course even the twins had their differences aside from their personalities. Claire had clearly inherited her grandmothers hair, though they didn't know which grandmother to give the credit to, since both Melody and Jodi had blonde hair. Tattiel was just happy to see she had his eyes.

Aerie however had her mothers hair and eyes, though she looked more like Tattiel, especially her little nose.

Despite the lack of sleep, dirty diapers, and all the little things, Tattiel and Iris enjoy every moment of it. They knew they would only get these moments once, and the two had already had a long discussion about it. They essentially wanted 2 children, and they just so happened to get them both at the same time, so they wouldn't be having any more.

Even mealtime seemed to be different for the two of them, Claire seemed more interested in trying to figure out “why” her food tasted the way it did then just eating it. While Aerie quietly ate her food and made plenty of noise when she wanted out. She may be a silent child, but she is definitely capable of making plenty of noise when necessary.

A day finally came when Tattiel stopped for a moment and stood deep in thought. He had noticed the occasional gray hair and knew that he would eventually be as gray as his father. “Better gray then bald” he whispered to himself as he stared at the painting. He had called it “naptime with grandpa” and even though many art collectors were calling and offering large sums of money for it, this one was just not for sale. It was then Kai wondered what it will be like, to lay around and enjoy a nap with his grandchildren one day.

The words “papa pway!” snapped him out of his thought as he turned to see Aerie standing with her hands up. She had gotten better at standing on her own but still struggled with walking, so after playing for a bit Tattiel continued teaching her the basic steps.

That night was the same as any, and when it came time for bed Aerie fell asleep without incident. Claire however was as determined as ever to stay awake, though Iris knew the secret and used it without hesitation. It seemed a kiss on the forehead was all it took to do the deed, and Claire was sound asleep soon after.

The night was a peaceful one, the girls were asleep and Tattiel was painting while Iris enjoyed the evening news.

The following morning was bright and sunny, Iris had made sure to sneak down and enjoy breakfast bright and early. The girls had a habit of waking up around 8am and she knew she wouldn't get much studying done after that, her car pool usually arrived an hour after they woke up anyway.

As sounds of tossing and turning came through on the baby monitors Tattiel finished getting dressed and picked up the groggy Aerie while she wiped at her eyes. “Morning sweet pea” he whispered as he snuggled her close. She was getting heavy, and it wouldn't be much longer before he wouldn't be able to hold her like this. He wanted to enjoy these moments as much as possible.

After breakfast Tattiel heard those familiar words again, “papa pway!” Though it seemed to be closer than he thought, he turned to see Aerie walking towards him! His eyes widened and a large grin spread across his face. Her steps were wobbly but she was making her way towards him on her own. “Way to go Aerie!” he cheered as he scooped her up and laughed. Claire had seemed to take to walking with ease, so for Aerie to start walking now was great news.

That afternoon was a busy one, Iris was on the phone with the principal to her elementary school making plans. Aerie and Clair's birthday was only a few months away and they would be starting school soon. Even though she was only a substitute teacher she knew who the best teachers were, and she wanted to make sure her girls had the chance to learn from them.

Until next chapter...


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