A Day In The Life

With her errands complete for the day Iris spent the rest of the day with the girls. Their birthday was finally here and she knew they would be starting school soon, she knew that the days of spending free time with them would only become shorter and shorter; so she wanted to make the most of it.

Claire seemed more than willing to chat up a storm with Iris, the two enjoyed quite the conversation. Though most of it seemed to just be laughter spouting from Claire, Aerie on the other hand seemed quite content with her peg blocks.

Iris & Tattiel decided it would just be a small celebration without guests, the girls weren't really old enough to understand what was going on and saw no point in a large party. Claire wasted no time blowing out her candles and everyone cheered as Aerie blew out hers as well, though she did need a little help from Tattiel.

It was then that Iris & Tattiel walked the girls to their rooms, they had kept the girls distracted throughout the day while the renovators made the finishing touches. As Iris guided Claire through her door, Claire's eyes lit up with excitement. “Tinkerbell!” she shrieked as she ran in her room, gazing around. “I thought you'd like it” laughed Iris, “you are my little tinkerer after all.” Claire hugged her mom tightly and started for her toybox.

Meanwhile Tattiel rested his hands on Aerie's shoulders as he guided her into her room. A giant smile spread across her face as she opened the door to see her room shrouded in deep purples. “Unicorns! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she shouted as she jumped up & down with excitement. “I love you daddy!” she shouted as she hugged him as tight as she could. “You're welcome sweet pea” he whispered as he headed downstairs. “Now don't forget to prepare your clothes for tomorrow, then get in your PJ's and head for bed.”

He closed the door and met Iris in their bedroom, “have you seen them so excited?” whispered Iris, “that's a first” laughed Tattiel, let's just enjoy this before they grow up and start talking about boys. The two laughed and shared some intimate time before heading to bed themselves.

Aerie and Claire did as they were told and prepared their clothes for the next day. It was still hot for autumn so Aerie set aside her favorite shorts and tank top. Claire didn't mind the heat, so she wore her favorite sleeved t-shit and jeans. After digging through her dresser she found her favorite pink headband and headed for bed. Tomorrow was Sunday so they didn't start school for another day, and both fell asleep quickly.

Both Aerie and Claire began to stir in their beds when they smelled that familiar smell... Mom's pancakes! Though hungry Claire decided to enjoy 5 more minutes of sleep, while Aerie rose slowly from her bed. She was still somewhat sleepy from all the excitement the night before, but her empty stomach compelled her to wake up anyway.

Though breakfast wasn't finished by the time she was finished showering and getting dressed for the day, she enjoyed one of her favorite pastimes, gaming with Tattiel. Though everyone got along well with each other, Aerie and Tattiel seemed to grow closer with each passing hour.

A little embarrassed to be the last one up and about, Claire sheepishly stepped downstairs in time for breakfast. Though a part of her wished she had woken up to help set the table for breakfast. Just as Aerie and Tattiel were especially close, so are Claire and Iris.

As everyone enjoyed their breakfast Iris couldn't help but triple check with her daughters. “Are your textbooks all in you backpack? Did you remember to pack your pencil sharpener? Ruler?” Aerie managed an “uh-huh” between bites as she devoured the pancakes. “It's all ready mom, I even packed my flash cards.” Iris smiled, “I'm not your teacher, but I still have to worry, that's what mom's do" replied Iris as the two smiled and continued breakfast.

Meanwhile by the pool a different conversation was taking place. “Hey dad?” said Claire as she finished her pancakes, "how come mom is so good at cooking and organizing stuff? But she doesn't clean up anything, even though she always tells us to?” Tattiel laughed quietly to himself, “just do as your mom asks” he replied; “no one is perfect Claire, but your mom is right when she asks you to clean up after yourself, even if she doesn't do it herself.” Claire let out a small sigh as she nodded, “It's good to ask why” started Tattiel, “but you have to know when it's ok to ask.”

As everyone finished breakfast Aerie was grabbing another plate. “Where do you put all that food?” laughed Iris as she continued to sit and chat. “I dunno, but can I ask a question?” “Of course” replied Iris, she knew that even though Claire always had to find out why things worked, she knew that Aerie was the one who always had “different” types of questions. Questions that didn't involve objects, but rather, people.

Why do you always go out and run? Why don't you just run on the running machine?” Iris thought for a moment, “it's really not the same hun. It's called a treadmill, and it is nice to have, but it's not the same. You can't feel the ground as you run, the wind, the smells, the experience. It's like having a swing in the house, sure it's the same as any swing, but it's not the same as having a swing out at the playground.” “Oooooh, ok. Wow mom, you're smart.” Iris laughed, “you bet! And don't you forget it!”

The rest of the morning was quiet for Iris & Tattiel, she studied while he painted the rest of the morning. Aerie & Claire were outside being... Well, Aerie & Claire.

As the afternoon grew late the girls finished their PB & J's for lunch as Tattiel called them into the living room. “Get ready girls, we're going to the park for a bit.” Excited, they both ran upstairs and grabbed their shoes. A short time later, everyone was headed to the car. “Shotgun!” yelled Aerie as they were at the street, Tattiel laughed and nodded. “Alright, I'll sit in back, but next time it's your sisters turn.

As they pulled up Tattiel saw Elsa's daughter Claire on the bench in deep thought. Something seemed odd so he went to say hello.

Aerie didn't waste any time as she made a beeline for the jungle gym. Claire was right behind her, but it was obvious that Aerie was much faster.

Back at the bench Tattiel had said hello to Claire and didn't waste any time. “What's wrong Claire? I don't mean to pry but your eyes are puffy and I know something isn't right.” Taking a deep shaky breath Claire managed to say it. “She's gone... I meant to tell you sooner, but Mom passed away 3 days ago.”

Thoroughly shocked Tattiel hugged her as he whispered, “oh Claire, I'm so sorry... If we can help in any way please let us know. How's your dad taking it? He and Elsa were inseparable.” “He's taking it pretty hard, but I know I have to stay strong for him, I know that's what mom would want. But now isn't the time...” she said as tears started to well in her eyes. “Ok, just let us know when the service is and we'll be there.” Claire nodded as she headed home.

Meanwhile Iris found a bench near the jungle gym and pulled out her study textbook “the revision: of E=MC2.” Though she found it a little difficult to study, she kept looking up at her 2 girls on the jungle gym. “They're growing up so fast” she whispered to herself as she watched them play. She soon forgot to study altogether as she just sat and watched the two play.

Their games transferred from the jungle gym to the playground itself as they seemed to be playing tag now. Iris laughed quietly to herself, “at least they get along well, it reminds me of myself and Lili...” Indeed the girls were having a great time with each other, though it was obvious that Aerie was winning the one-sided game of tag. As much fun as she was having, it was clear that Claire wasn't very athletic.

Once the girls tired themselves out everyone headed back home. “You can do what you want for the next hour” called Iris up to the girls as they headed upstairs, “but you have school in the morning, bedtime at 8:30!” They nodded and went their separate ways, Tattiel resumed his painting, and Iris decided it was a good chance to catch up on the studying she didn't do at the park.

Aerie didn't hesitate to change into her swimsuit and go for a swim. Ever since Tattiel had taught her how she had loved it, and was getting pretty good at it. Though it seemed she played a bit too much at the park and after swimming for a little over 30 minutes she was tired and headed for bed.

Claire on the other hand went into the spare room where her little “tinker bench” was placed. Ever since she was old enough this was where she spent most of her free time, and she didn't hesitate to enjoy every moment. Though it seemed she too had played a little too much at the park, and decided to go ahead and go to bed.

The next morning was exciting for Iris & Tattiel, their girls were starting school! Though it seemed the girls were not as energetic about it. As they enjoyed breakfast Claire glanced at Aerie, “hey Aerie, are you still sleepy too? My eyes feel heavy...” Aerie looked over sleepily and responded, “uh-huh, I think we played a little to hard yesterday... Let's not do that today ok?” The two nodded as they headed out the door.

Just as Tattiel and Iris had expected, the girls returned home from school and went straight upstairs, both of them falling asleep before they could even take their shoes off.

The girls awoke from their 4 hour nap to the smell of something good, “mom's cooking again” mumbled Aerie as she rolled out of bed. She laughed as she opened her door to see her sister Claire doing the same. “Your hair is everywhere” laughed Aerie, “you too!” laughed Claire as the two headed to the bathroom to take care of their frizzy issues.

As they went downstairs they took deep breaths, taking in the smell of the dish cooking on the stove. “Don't forget your homework after dinner” said Iris sternly, don't forget I'm a teacher too, I'll know. The girls nodded as Iris headed upstairs to change.

As instructed the girls finished their dinner and begun their homework, though it was a lot harder than they thought. As Aerie worked problem after problem she found herself looking up at the pool more and more. She could smell it, a slight mist peppered her face as the wind blew through her hair. As tempted as she was she knew, “mom would know” she said quietly to herself, “I can't...”

A short while later Claire joined her outside, “is it this hard for you too?” she asked, her eyes focused on her paper. “I had to come out here, I kept wanting to go upstairs to tinker for a bit...” Aerie nodded, “I know, I can smell the pool, I want to swim but...” “Mom will know” interrupted Claire, “I know” replied Aerie, “it's like she has powers...”

Meanwhile a slight itch tickled Iris' ear, “someone must be talking about me” she thought to herself as she adjusted her breath. The wind was great this night, a cool breeze flowing as her shoes traversed the sidewalk. The cool feel of the water beneath her feet as the wind brought it's coolness as she continued across the bridge. “This feeling, this is it” she thought to herself as she remembered the conversation she had with Aerie a couple days ago, “no treadmill can give you this.”

Back at home Aerie had ignored her temptation to take a quick swim before bed, she was really tired that morning and she didn't like it, so she decided to go to bed early. Claire on the other hand couldn't help herself, after finishing her homework she scurried up to her tinker bench and tinkered for a bit. Though it seemed it was a really bad idea as she spaced out and hit her thumb with a hammer, she bit her lip to keep from crying out and waking up the house. After sucking on the sore thumb and shaking it she realized it would be better to go ahead and go to sleep.

The next day the girls were up and ready for the school bus long before it arrived, they both learned quickly how important it was to go to bed on time. Though they were both a little excited, rumors of a couple new classmates had reached their ears and they were overcome with curiosity.

As Iris was at work and the girls at school, Tattiel's cell rang. “I don't recognize that area code” he mumbled as he questioned whether he should answer it or not. After a few moments he recognized it, “paris!?” Curious he answered the phone, greeted by an unknown voice. “Mr. Ryuzaki?” “yes” he replied, “my name is Francua Vouliere with the Chatou Le Simua gallery, we have heard much about you and would like to sponsor a gallery showing of your work here.”

Both shocked and excited Tattiel listened to the details, this could be the big break he was waiting for! France was not just fashion central, but a heavy hitter in the art world as well. He found out the possibilities, the potential financial income which astounded him, and then the drawback. “2 months?” he repeated as if he didn't hear it properly. “Yes monsieur, will that be a problem?” “No, no, not a problem” he replied. I'll see you next week.

A couple days later Iris was preparing dinner when she saw Aerie sit down with some juice. “I know that face” started Iris as she looked at her daughter out of the corner of her eye. “What is it hun? Homework trouble?” Aerie took a few sips from her juice before answering, “nuh-uh, it's just...” Iris pretended not to notice as she continued preparing dinner, “you know you can tell me anything, it will be our little secret.” This wasn't the first time she saw this face, deep in thought.

Ok...” said Aerie with a little sigh, “it's just that Mrs. Simmons asked me to join the swim team...” “That's great!” replied Iris with a smile, “I know how much you love swimming, what's the problem?” “Well, I want to mom, I really do, but... That means I won't be able to play with Claire as much...”

Iris looked up for a moment and nodded, “I see... You really care about your sister don't you? I know she cares about you just as much, I'm sure she would want you to have fun right? Besides, you two will still see each other here at home. I know you two will always make time to play.” Aeries eyes lit up as she smiled, “thanks mom you're the best!” as she scurried upstairs to tell Claire the news.

Before he knew it a week had passed and the night before his departure had arrived, as he was heading home from the consignment store he ran into Liliah and said hello. For a moment she stood shocked, not expecting to see him and obviously in deep thought. “Could you check up on everyone for me while I'm gone?” he asked, “I know the girls would love a visit from you.” “Sure! I wanted Iris to check my thesis anyway, I'll be happy to.”

Back at home Iris had called the girls down for dinner, the red herring and chips smelled great, and as usual their thoughts were interrupted. “Straight to bed after dinner, you girls have a test tomorrow.” “ok mom” they replied in unison, giggling at their timing. Aerie wasted no time grabbing a plate, it wasn't her favorite dish, but it was close to it.

Hey” whispered Aerie to Claire, “wanna play after dinner?” She winked with an almost sinister smile, “it won't work tonight” whispered Claire. “I already thought about it, but mom's powers are strong tonight.” The two let out a sigh and chatted about their recess adventures as they ate.

After dinner Claire went to her room and turned off her light, Aerie however had other plans. She took out her favorite teddy and sat on her floor. “She said to go to bed after dinner, but she didn't say how long after dinner, right Humphrey?” She continued to play and chat with her favorite bear “Humphrey” until she heard familiar footsteps. “Sssh! Quiet Humphrey! She'll hear us, let's go to bed!” More tired than she knew, she fell asleep moments after touching her pillow.

The next day was a fun one as they left for school, “come on Aerie tell Claire to hurry up or we'll be late!” “Why don't you tell her?” Complained Aerie as she put her hands on her hips, “because I'm your uncle that's why!” Rolling his eyes as if she should know to get her already. “That's not fair!” she complained, “just because you're mom's little brother doesn't mean-” “oh yes it does” he said with a giggle.

Finally Aerie couldn't hold a straight face anymore and started laughing, “fine! But next time it's your turn.” The two laughed as they continued their “play fight” until Claire came out. “You always play fight with uncle Salva, you should be an actress!” She laughed as she pictured Aerie in movies. “Don't call me uncle Salva, just use me full name” he said with a small frown; “but Salvatore is so long!” complained Claire. The school bus arrived shortly after and the three stepped on, continuing their 3-way play fight the entire ride to school.

The night of his departure had arrived, and before he even said a word to Iris she cut him off. “You'd better go give them their hugs now, I can wait for mine, but you know they can't. He laughed a little as he turned and knocked on Claire's door. “I'm already knocking?” he thought to himself, “they're growing up too fast.”

He entered the room to see Claire sitting on her bed in deep thought, she glanced over at him as if she was expecting him. “You know I'm going somewhere important right sweety?” “Yeah, I know dad;” Tattiel could see her eyes were a little puffy, she had been crying a little and she thought she could cover it up. “I know 2 months is a long time, but it will be over before you know it.”

She climbed out of bed and hugged him, but continued to stare at him with a rather serious expression. “What is it hun?” he asked, curious as to what else she had to say. “Promise you'll take me to the junkyard when you come back?” Tattiel smiled, she had been wanting him to take her for a while now. “Ok, I promise, we'll go the same day I come back.” A big smile crossed her face as she wiped what was left of her tears and went to bed.

He then headed for Aerie's room and stopped just before he knocked on her door. He took a deep breath as he knew this wasn't going to be as easy. He knocked lightly and as he entered she was already staring at him intently. Before she could ask again he cut her off, “I can't take you Aerie, not yet.” Her eyes began to water as they drooped down, “but I want to go with you...”

I know you do, but like I said before I'll be gone for 2 months and you have school, you can come next time ok?” “But dad I want to go with you now...” Tattiel let out a long sigh, they have had this conversation 7 times already. He knew she was determined, but there was just no way she could come yet.

He took a deep breath before he continued, “Aerie, listen to me. I need you here to help your sister look after your mom ok? I promise I'll bring souvenirs back for you, and next time I go overseas I'll take you with me.” “Pinky promise?” she asked, wiping tears from her face; “I pinky promise.” She hugged him tightly as she whispered, “I love you dad.” “I love you too sweet pea.”

Feeling a little teary-eyed himself, Tattiel made his way to his bedroom where Iris stood tapping her watch. “Your plane leaves in an hour, you'd better hurry up.” “I know” he replied, rubbing the back of his neck, “you know how Aerie feels about this.” “I know” said Iris as her eyes lowered, “I swear she's attached to you at the hip, but she'll be fine. Her first swim competition is next week, I'll e-mail you pictures.”

Thanks hun” he whispered as he pulled her into a long hug. The two shared a long intimate kiss before she gently pulled him away. “You have a plane to catch” she whispered, “don't be late.” “I know, it'll be a long 2 months for me, but it'll be worth it. Take care Iris, I love you.” A warm smiled spread across her face as she replied, “I love you too...”

Until next chapter...


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