At Last, The Big Day.

After months of planning the big day has finally arrived. Elsa & Jodi were the masterminds behind the planning and Eowyn made sure that Tattiel and Iris were not to see each other the day of the wedding until it was time to meet at the alter.

His hands checking every last detail, Tattiel prepared himself for the biggest day of his life. His nerves were tingling and he could feel his stomach in the back of his throat. “Was dad this nervous?” he wondered as he probed in front of the mirror. It didn't matter though, he and Iris were looking forward to this day, and it was finally time. He headed out to meet the maid of honor at the wedding location.

As he pulled into the parking lot the maid of honor, Liliana, was already approaching him. Her eyes examining every detail as she drew near. Finally her eyes rose to meet his as she leaned in and whispered “good, you look perfect. I'm so proud of you two, you've both come a long way.” Her words drifted off as she went to help make final adjustments, just then Tattiel turned as he heard multiple vehicles. The time has come, the guests were arriving.

The wedding was to be family only, Iris made it clear that no one but family was to be invited in honor of Kai & Melody who were not able to see this day. Darius was the first to arrive and ran across the field to chat with Liliana about the details.

Claire was the next to arrive, a large smile on her face. She was grateful to be involved in a happy event, which she especially needed considering the last two family gatherings were funerals.

The next to arrive were Eowyn and Elvira, the two seemed to glide across the grass. Eerie yet elegant, their every move was smooth and unnaturally beautiful.

Liliah was not far behind, though she had her freshman mid-terms the next day, she was more than happy to attend the wedding instead of study.

Elsa arrived shortly after, her eyes examining every detail of the area. She had taken the planning very seriously and wanted everything to be perfect.

Though a little later than his father Darius, Ali came running as if thinking he was late. Relief was all over his face once he realized he was still a little early, though the look Darius gave him suggested he should arrive in a more timely manner.

Claire seemed to grow closer to Eowyn as she grew older, and found herself taking photos with her while they waited for the ceremony to begin.

Meanwhile Darius and Elvira were discussing house-sitting plans for the soon to be newly weds. While Ali did try to eavesdrop on the conversation, he knew the soon to be newly weds were going somewhere after the wedding. He just couldn't find out where.

Just as silent and eerie as Eowyn and Elvira, Iris' father Tyquane flew across the grass. Pulling Eowyn and Elsa aside, informing them that Jodi had been in a car accident on her way here. “No need to alert anyone, she's fine” he started, “she insisted on coming but I told her to get checked out at the plasma 601 wing at the hospital. We heal faster and she just has a few scratches, but we just want to be sure. Simgods save the poor soul who has to examine her though, she's beyond pissed about missing her daughters wedding.”

Roughly 20 minutes later at 9:00pm, right on time, the lady of the hour arrived. Her pure white silk dress gleaming in the moonlight, a 14th century medieval cut with lace, it was clear it was a custom job that no normal tailor could create.

A few minutes later she was walked down the aisle by her father, tears of what seemed like blood in Tyquane's eyes. As she stood face to face with Tattiel she forced her own tears back. After 24 hours of separation the time had finally come, the wedding had begun.

After exchanging vows which Elvira and Liliana made sure were not to be recorded by anyone, they exchanged their rings. Symbolizing their love that would remain for all time. As Tattiel slid the ring on her finger she couldn't hold them anymore and she let her tears fall. Luckily Jodi had instructed Liliana to use water resistant makeup, it seemed she knew that even her level-headed and calm daughter would eventually break down and cry.

As they both said “I do” the priest finished and instructed Tattiel to kiss the bride; and it was then, under the starry night sky that to two sealed their devotion to one another.

As the celebration began, Elsa was so overcome with happiness she thought her heart would burst, the wedding was a great success.

It was then that Tattiel saw Tyquane smile for the first time, even this dark mysterious figure couldn't keep a smile off his face.

Rice flew through the air as everyone celebrated, followed by a few laughs as Tattiel's stomach growled loudly.

Overwhelmed by so much emotion, Iris didn't seem to know how to handle such excitement, though it all melted into place as Tattiel asked for their first dance as a married couple.

A couple hours later it was over, the ceremony ended, the reception complete. Tattiel and Iris stood embracing one another, lost once again in each others gaze. “We did it” whispered Iris, still trying to settle all of the excitement that transpired. “We did” replied Tattiel, “but it's not over.”

Curious, Iris looked deep into his eyes, trying to find out the meaning of his words. “What do you mean by that?” she said with a smirk, “the budget I set us on didn't have enough room for a honeymoon.” “I know” whispered Tattiel, a devious look on his face. “Only my weekly stipend is in your budget, not the artwork itself.”

“What are you getting at?” questioned Iris as she laughed at his mysterious demeanor. “I sold my latest artwork and it sold for a stunning amount of money. Liliana already packed your bags and I have enough left over for you to buy some new clothes as well. So off we go to the airport Iris, France awaits us.”

Until next chapter...


  1. Awww yay! I love weddings. That is a beautiful dress! Love it. Great pics.

  2. ahw, this is cute ^-^ why has Tattiel got a hair cut? it was nice to see everyone stupidly happy this time ^-^ Liliah has grown up well ^-^ all in all very lovely indeed :3


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