Unexpected feelings

A surprisingly soft voice flowed from the speaker as the tenant of apartment 501 answered the buzzer. “Yes? Is this Eowyn?” Still a little shocked from the voice Eowyn simply nodded, then realizing that the woman couldn't hear a nod she managed to reply, “yes.” “I'll be down in a moment” replied the voice, though Eowyn was already thinking of leaving. Even though she was safe & sound with Autumn, she missed Liliah immensely.

She really didn't know what to make of it, after hearing how this person was an old acquaintance of Melody's and a co-worker of Elsa, Eowyn figured she shouldn't be too surprised that the woman was so soft spoken. Still, Kai said that there were many nasty rumors about her, some sims even mistreated her on sight. This made Eowyn a bit nervous as well, though her thoughts were interrupted by a voice behind her.

“Eowyn I presume?” Eowyn turned to look into two compassionate blood red eyes. “Yes, I am Eowyn,” “Pleasure to meet you! My name is Elvira, Elvira Slayer.” Eowyn unintentionally stood silent for a moment, staring at the woman as her eyes scanned her. She was very, very fair skinned, almost beyond pale. Her eyes stern yet sorrowful, though there was a presence about her that she just couldn't put her finger on. “Is everything ok?” she asked, it was then that Eowyn realized she never responded to the woman. “Oh I'm sorry!” Sputtered Eowyn, “pleasure to meet you too.”

Meanwhile Tattiel was heading out to the mailbox when a moving truck drove past him towards the bridge. “Did someone just move in?” he wondered, jumping on his bike and cruising to the once empty house down the street. She saw a few sims carrying the remaining moving boxes into the house, but noticed one of them looked a bit confused. He approached her and greeted her, shaking her hand with a smile.

“Welcome to the neighborhood, my name's Tattiel, I live about 6 houses down.” “Thank you” replied the woman, “I'm Iris, we just moved in from Pleasantview.” As he initiated idle chatter Tattiel thought to himself, “she's kinda cute, but a bit too young for my taste.”

Just as he was about to leave a voice came barreling across the lawn. “Iris! Stop flirting and introduce me!” Shocked, Tattiel looked at Iris who's cheeks became flushed with embarrassment, her eyes trailing toward the house. “I-I wasn't flirting, I'm not like you Lili! I'm just having a conversation with one of our new neighbors!”

As she began fiddling with her hands Iris glanced back at Tattiel, “it was nice speaking with you, now if you'll excuse me.” She bolted off in a hurried walk before Tattiel could even thank her back. As he turned to see the loud one approaching all thoughts in his mind stopped, he took a deep breath, trying not to let his mouth hang open. “She's... Gorgeous” he thought, “who is she?” Almost as if the simgods read his mind, the woman was heading right for him.

“Hey there!” she shouted, a large grin on her face. “I'm Liliana, Liliana Campbell, nice to meet you!” “I'm Tattiel, Tattiel Ryuzaki” he replied, trying to keep his eyes on hers. “I don't wanna sound bold or weird or anything” started Liliana, occasionally looking back at the house. “But you wanna go have a drink sometime?” “Sure, sounds good!” replied Tattiel as they exchanged numbers, “wow she's a bold one” he thought, but before they could continue Liliana looked back as the front door opened. Her face changed a bit and before Tattiel could ask for the day she headed for the door. “I'll call you later” said Liliana as she trailed inside, almost as if avoiding something.

Just as he started turning to leave the person who opened the door turned and was headed straight for him. All curiosity and thoughts of drinking with Liliana left his mind when he saw her face. Whoever she was she didn't look happy.

“Good evening young man” said the woman, “I am Jodi, the lady of the house.” “Good evening” replied Tattiel, “so you're their-” “yes” interrupted Jodi. “I am their mother, would you care to join us for... dinner?” She said slowly, her eyes seemingly inspecting him from head to toe. “Sorry” replied Tattiel, “I already have dinner plans, maybe next time?” “Next time then” replied Jodi as she seemed to vanish, only the sound of the door shutting implying she returned indoors.  "Wow" thought Tattiel, "something is different about their mom, she's attractive for an older woman, reserved, but what was that I felt?  She was so...  Intimidating.  I'll have to watch my manners around her for sure."

Meanwhile at the park, Autumn was hanging out with Sarah yet again. Discussing theories and their plans for the future.

As the night grew deeper Eowyn and Elvira were enjoying a rather enjoyable conversation. Despite her dark & serious appearance Elvira seemed to be a gentle person who was surprisingly sensitive. Their conversation was very enjoyable indeed, then Eowyn mentioned, “so why all the nasty rumors?” Elvira's eyes dropped as did her smile, “oh I'm sorry” said Eowyn, “I didn't mean to-” “It's ok” interrupted Elvira.

“Many people judge me by the way I look, though you were kind enough not to ask why I look this way. I am... Different, but people tend to judge and avoid me before even trying to speak with me.” Elvira spent the rest of the evening explaining to Eowyn about what she called "her blessing and her curse" before taking her home.

That morning Tattiel suddenly felt it very hard to breath when he opened his eyes he realized he was underwater! He sat up quickly, gasping for breath as his lungs hurt. “How did I fall asleep in the bath!?” he thought to himself, though he remembered dreaming of Liliana. He couldn't seem to stop thinking about her.

Even during work she was always on his mind, “I wonder if I should call her tonight” he thought. Even though he was sidetracked the entire day his clients were overjoyed at the wonders he worked. “This is ridiculous” he thought, “this is nothing compared to real art, and they're happy with it?” He let out a disgusted sigh and went about his day, taking a nap after finishing with the last house.

After school Autumn was leaving with her friend Tracy when she received a call on her cell. “Hey William” she answered, “sure, I'll see you at the park in a bit. Bye bye.” Tracy stopped in her tracks glaring at Autumn. “What?” laughed Autumn, why are you looking at me like that?” “You said William? As in THE William!? Captain of the football team William!?” “Yeah?” replied Autumn confusion in her voice. “O...M...G! He has your cell? Are you two dating!?” The questions rolled out of her mouth like a fountain covered in excitement.

Huh? Wow, no!” replied Autumn, shaking her hands with a laugh. “We're just friends Trace, that's all.” “Uh-huh” said Tracy with a smirk, “suuure you are. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your boyfriend.” Autumn blushed for a moment, “h-he's not my boyfriend! We just hang out once in a while.” Autumn continued to walk to her car, sending a few txt's along the way.

Would he be my boyfriend?” thought Autumn as she waited in the park, “we do hang out a lot, but I'm not super-popular like the cheerleaders or anything. Heh, I'm in the book club for crying out loud!” Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. “Hey Autumn, what's up?” “Hey Will what's up...” she said quietly, still pondering her thoughts.

Their conversation quickly took the normal route, bringing up siblings, parents and other family topics. “It's too hot out here” replied Autumn, “let's go to the usual place. A few minutes later they were hanging out on the playground. “So my mom actually gave my baby brother a pair of DC's!” said William with a bit of excitement and humor. “I didn't even know they made them that small, he's only 4!” The two laughed at it and hung out for a few hours.

Back at home the living room was full of make-shift music as Liliah enjoyed her new xylaphone. She seemed amazed at how such a sound could come from it whenever she hit it, as if it were magic.  Eowyn quietely laughed to herself at the expressions her daughter made.

The day went on and before they knew it the sun had set. Tattiel invited Liliana out for a few drinks. It didn't take long for them to find themselves in a rather exciting conversation.

Tattiel wasn't the only one who wanted to go out for the night. After making sure Autumn could watch Liliah, Eowyn stared at her cell for a long moment before calling Elvira. “I need to get out more” she thought, “I hope she doesn't mind.”

She decided to wear the dress she bought that morning and arranged to meet her at Aquarius for a few drinks and some laughs. “It's been a while since I've had a girls night out” she thought, “I hope she comes.”

Back at The Grind, Tattiel and Liliana were enjoying themselves, getting to know each other better as they danced and chatted, sipping on drinks as the night went on. “You're a bold one, you surprised me when you approached me like you did” laughed Tattiel, “guess I'll be a little bold too if you don't mind?” “What's up?” asked Liliana, taking a sip of her screwdriver. “You seeing anyone?” Asked Tattiel casually; Liliana choked on her drink after hearing the question, but maintained her composure so he wouldn't notice. “I'm not, but I have... someone in mind...” she replied, her eyes lowering a bit.

Oh... Sorry to ask, I was curious” commented Tattiel as he played with his drink a little. Liliana laughed a bit before taking what seemed to be a pretty big swig from her drink. “Oh she owes me BIG for this one” thought Liliana. “Here I am out having drinks with this sexy man and you just had to let me see you talking to him like that... He's funny, cute, and seems like a great guy... You owe me for not taking him Iris, boy do you owe me. If only I didn't see you talking to him out there first...”

I knew you weren't flirting with him, I know you don't flirt at all, you don't know how; but you've never looked that comfortable with a guy before and I know you're too shy to ask him out, so I guess I'll play matchmaker this time for you... But damn... I want him for myself...” “You ok?” asked Tattiel, “you looked like you were spaced in deep thought for a bit.” “Oh! Sorry about that, I'm fine” replied Liliana as she took another massive swig.

A few margarita's later Eowyn found herself back out in the parking lot with Elvira. Without her realizing it Eowyn realized she was staring at Elvira's lips. “Is there something on my mouth?” asked Elvira, taking a napkin out of her purse and trying to see if there was anything. “No, no,” laughed Eowyn, “I just... I don't know...” It was then she also noticed Elvira was standing close, very close to her. “Why is my heart beating so fast?” thought Eowyn as she nodded in response to Elvira's conversation. “She's a woman... That's just... Wrong... Right?”

Her thoughts were interrupted as Elvira let out a soft giggle, “what is it?” asked Eowyn, curious as to what caused it. “I'm so sorry” Elvira whispered softly, “I really shouldn't have...” “Shouldn't have what?” asked Eowyn, a confused expression on her face. “Well, one of the gifts I have... Even though it's only for a short moment, we can read thoughts. And I heard yours just now...” Eowyn blushed and stuttered, trying to think of an explanation. “Don't worry about it” interrupted Elvira, “I'm actually flattered, I've... Been single for many years now, and I've never... With another woman...” The two of them stood silent, staring at each other, smiling.

Back at the grind both Tattiel and Liliana were feeling the drinks they've had, both knowing they were one glass away from being drunk. “Listen” started Liliana, “you're a great guy, and believe me when I say I'd rather steal you for myself. But I'm a caring big sister...” “Huh?” replied Tattiel as he let out a little laugh, “no no, just hear me out” said Liliana as she took another sip, her face growing serious as if she was completely sober.

I know we're about the same age, so there's a bit of an age gap between you and my little sister.” “Iris?” asked Tattiel, “what about her?” “Yeah, well she's a really good girl” started Liliana, “she's caring, compassionate, responsible, and a lot more reliable than me. Hehe, but she's really shy, especially around men.” “She didn't seem too shy to me” commented Tattiel, “I could tell she was a little shy like me, but we seemed to talk just fine.” “I know, that's why I'm gonna set you two up on a date. I've never seen-” “You're what?” interrupted Tattiel, “will ya just let me finish?” remarked Liliana.

Like I was saying, I've never seen her talk to a guy so calmly like that before! So that means you must have impressed her somehow, she must really like you a lot. She's the most caring and gentle person I know, so I want you to ignore the age gap and give her an honest chance. Do it for me, just don't tell her I told you ok?” Tattiel took another sip and nodded silently; “so you'd never-” “no” interrupted Liliana, “we wouldn't...” As Tattiel nodded and finished his drink Liliana thought to herself: “please don't ask me again... I wouldn't be able to say no to you twice... Simgods know I've fallen for you... Hard.” The two then said their goodbyes and headed home.

As the night turned into early morning, Elvira & Eowyn had gone back inside for a few more drinks until the club closed and found themselves yet again in the parking lot. As they stood there staring at each other yet again Elvira started to explain. “I'm sorry Wyn, but you know we're just too different, we could never-” Her words were cut off as Eowyn lunged at her, holding her tightly. “Wyn...” “Don't say that” interrupted Eowyn, “you always seem to be hurting yourself, separating yourself, and depriving yourself.”

But I-” “no” interrupted Eowyn yet again, “I won't let you, I don't care about your curse, your blessing. All I know is that my heart races when I'm with you, you know just as well as I do that we've both felt this before we had those drinks too. I... Don't know what to call it, but you know you are important to me. It feels awkward to say it to another woman, but I care about you, more than just a friend would.”

Elvira pressed her away gently, but Eowyn grabbed hold of her hands. Touched, Elvira then held onto hers in return. “You're not... Scared of me?” asked Elvira, tears welling in her eyes. “You don't understand, no one has ever had feelings for me before...” Eowyn shook her head in response, smiling warmly in return. “Forgive me for what I'm about to do” said Eowyn, “it's probably too bold and foolish, but-”

Cutting of her own words, Eowyn pulled Elvira in close, pressing her lips to hers embracing her in a passionate kiss. A single tear rolling down Elvira's face as the two enjoyed each other for a long moment.

Elvira stood there, staring at Eowyn, completely speechless as to what just happened. “I've never... but we're both women...” started Elvira, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Me neither” replied Eowyn, “but you can't deny your heart, that's something my dad told me when I was a kid.” Eowyn then took Elvira's hand, rubbing her palm with her thumb, “I have an important question; and I want you to answer it honestly.” “Of course” replied Elvira, her voice just above a whisper.

I don't know what to call us, and I don't know how to explain it, but will you go steady with me? We don't have to tell anyone yet if you don't want to, simgods know the things they'll probably say about us but I don't care what they think. All I care is what you think.” Elvira took a deep, shaky breath before answering. “Yes, I would love to.” They sealed it with a teary kiss, and both women dried their eyes and headed home.

Thanks dad!” yelled Autumn as she entered the house, “thanks for watching Liliah for me, just don't tell Wyn, she'd kill me.” Kai nodded as he let out a laugh, “so how was the surprise birthday party your friends threw for you?” “It was great, though they all conspired to make me cut my hair. I'm glad they did though, I love it!” Autumn then grabbed Liliah out of the highchair and put her to bed. “Night Liliah, sleep tight.” She kissed her on the forehead before heading downstairs for a bite to eat.

Nice haircut” commented Eowyn as she sat down at the table, “nice dress” commented Autumn. “You're awfully cheery” laughed Autumn, “oh? So are you” laughed Eowyn. The two finished their plates and headed for bed.

A few days later Tattiel received a phone call from Liliana instructing him to meet Iris at the bistro for their date. “Why am I so excited?” thought Tattiel, the girl I like is setting me up on a date with her little sister...”

H-hey there” stuttered Iris, “how have you b-been?” “Alright for the most part” replied Tattiel, just trying not to get bored to death at work.” The two didn't continue their idle chatter long, they soon found themselves talking about their dreams. How Iris wanted to be a teacher, a guide to lead the next generation to greatness, while Tattiel discussed his passion for art.

As they immersed themselves in conversation Tattiel saw his brother-in-law approach the bistro with his daughter Claire, though Tattiel ignored Youseff's attempts to draw his attention.

Seeing her uncle Tattiel was on a date, Claire sent her mother Elsa a quick text before smiling and leaving the two alone for their date; which, judging by the laughter, was going better than expected.

After a few drinks and some food, Tattiel and Iris enjoyed some Karaoke and shuffleboard. “May I have this dance?” asked Tattiel as a popular song played on the bar stereo, “I-I... Well... I can't dance that well...” replied Iris, her shyness getting the better of her. “Tell you what” started Tattiel, “I'll show you some books you might like in our study at my place if you dance with me.” “Ok!” replied Iris, who seemed to forget her shyness all together when he mentioned books.

Though after so many drinks, the two seemingly shy sims found themselves enjoying a little more than just the books... Enjoying each others kisses for a few minutes before heading down to the study.

The rest of the week seemed to fly by, Liliah was getting the hang of walking, and Eowyn was without a doubt the proudest mom on the planet.

Autumn was also in high spirits, she had multiple universities offering to pay her tuition if she attended their schools, and she was just loving life day by day.

While at the bistro she ran into Claire, “did you hear?” whispered Claire. “Auntie Eowyn is dating someone.” “What's so big about that?” laughed Autumn, “I'm glad she finally found someone special.” “True” whispered Claire, “but rumor has it it's another woman!” “What!? No way!” whispered Autumn, laughing it off. “That's Bridgeport for you, just full of rumors.”

Shortly after Elsa arrived to pick up Claire but found herself getting into an exciting debate about theories with Autumn. Though Claire was still grinning about the juicy gossip she heard.

Over the next few months Tattiel and Iris went out more and more often. Growing closer with each passing day. He'd often walk her to her door as well. “Such a gentleman” giggled Iris, “what ever shall I do with you?” She'd often walk him into her home inside the study and give him a kiss goodnight.

Several months later...

You know, we've been dating for a while now” started Tattiel, “and I've taken my time for a reason. I just... Wanted to be sure before I ask, because I don't want to ruin what we have. Will you go steady with me?” “I will” whispered Iris, as the two shared a passionate kiss.

That night Eowyn spent some quality playtime with Liliah before walking her downstairs for Autumn to keep an eye on her. “Heading out?” called Autumn from the kitchen, “yeah, I'll be back in a few hours” replied Eowyn as she headed out the door.

As she approached Elvira at the meeting place Eowyn didn't waste any time. “I need to talk to you” she started, “I want to go with you, to that club.” “You know I can't do that” replied Elvira, “it's a sanctuary for those who are... Like me... Taking you there would mean putting you in danger, and you know I won't do that.”

I never said I wanted to go as I am now” said Eowyn sternly. Elvira's face grew serious, gravely serious. “Wyn, no. Absolutely not, I would not have you suffer as I suffer, even for me, it's not worth it. Surely you-” “I know full well of what I'm asking you” interrupted Eowyn, “you've told me the good and bad of it over these past few months.  You've told me what you have to deal with night in and night out, my mind is made up.  I want to share everything with you Elvira, and I mean everything.

Until next chapter...


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