A Starless Night.

Writers Note: The first two paragraphs are from Iris' POV. Anything in italics will also be from Iris' POV.

(Iris in deep thought)
I'm worried, very worried. Despite my attempts to console him, the man I love just continues to fall deeper into despair. It's been 2 months now, and I still need to force him to eat. Even then it's only a meager amount, he won't even paint. I won't leave him alone to his own devices, not like this. I've been home for 4 hours total these past couple of months, and I'm glad my parents understood why I haven't made much time for them lately. I called Elsa for advice yesterday, but she just told me that I was all the medicine he needed. I know that she has her masters degree and I only have my bachelors for now, but I just can't gain an understanding from her words.

My bachelors is in education, not psychology. I'm doing my best but he just seems to retain basic functionality throughout the day. He seems to go to work, though I'm sure he's just going through the motions. The only time he actually shows his old self is when we're sleeping together, though I can tell he's paying attention to what I have to say. * sigh * I'll have a serious talk with him if I don't see any improvement by this weekend. I'm thinking too much, perhaps some reading will ease my mind.

For two months Iris has looked after Tattiel, whom has rarely eaten, never leaves the house, and has rarely spoken to anyone but her. Aside from going to work he does nothing else, Iris has had to take care of everything, including managing all of the finances. It took her 4 hours to balance his rampaging budget.

She entered Autumns old bedroom to air it out, everything was picked up and flown over to France except for her bed. “We'll have to strip the room eventually” she thought, “well, at this rate, it will most likely just be me.”

I couldn't do it, despite my own determination I just can't bring myself to lecture him when he's like this. I know I was prepared to, but watching him go to the cemetery and mourn over his parents and sister like that... There's no way I could just jump in and do that.

I heard him on his phone today, though it seemed like he didn't do much of the talking. He showed some concern throughout the call which I later found out was from Eowyn. After hearing my love laugh for the first time in months I simply had to call her. I guess she sat and had a long talk with Elsa as far as how they could help. I don't know what conclusion they came to, or why they didn't inform me, but I won't argue with the trivialities of it. Hearing his laugh is enough for me.

The following morning Iris had just finished a load of laundry when she heard the sound of chopping coming from the kitchen. Curious considering Tattiel was usually a “zombie” in front of the TV during this time she entered to quite a surprise. Tattiel was eating a rather large salad! “Tattiel...” whispered Iris as she slowly approached, “I can cook something if you want? Something a little more filling?”

Tattiel briefly shook his head before turning to look at her. “This is fine Iris, thank you though. I haven't been eating well lately so it's good to start of with something light for now.” Warmth filled Iris' heart at his words, “for now” she whispered to herself, though apparently he heard her anyway.

He finished his salad and turned on the stereo to Iris' favorite music station. “May I have this dance?” he asked with a smile. “I... sure” stammered Iris as they began to dance. She couldn't help but smile as they made up their own dance to the beat. “He seems much better” she thought to herself, “I hope this lasts...”

After dancing until they both couldn't help but laugh at the random moment, Tattiel turned off the stereo and gazed into her eyes. “We need to talk” he said softly, “of course we do.” replied Iris, you know "I'm all ears, whatever you have to tell me please do."

Tattiel seemed to wait a moment before starting, as though thinking of the right words. “Well” he started, “I've decided to quit my job, don't get me wrong the pay was good, it's just not... I can't find the right word for it, it's not me. I'm not going to sit here and wallow anymore though, I'll find another job, I just don't know what yet.”

“Tattiel” started Iris, “I don't want you to get a so called JOB, I want you to find a career you'll love.” “Thanks Iris, but you know I just love to paint, and let's face it. Many sims try to make a living that way and very few make enough to live on art alone.”

Iris let out a soft sigh as she explained her thoughts to him. “Tattiel you are not alone in this, don't try to hold it all on your shoulders alone. Wyn, Elsa, and I are here for you! We've seen you paint, you are very talented! I know you could make it if you made the attempt, we believe in you. I believe in you...”

“If you seem to struggle, use me as a support, if your finances are endangered tell me and I will help you. What's important is that you do something that you love. Everything else will fall into place.” A great weight seemed to lift from Tattiel's shoulders as he stood there, appalled at her words. “You're a genius” he whispered, “what?” asked Iris, as she didn't hear him. “You're a genius” repeated Tattiel, “a beautiful genius who has been too good to me.

They stood for a moment, holding hands as they gazed into each others eyes. Fighting to hold the tears back he pulled Iris close. “Thank you Iris, for everything you've done for me. You've been so patient with me, I'm sorry I've made you wait so long...” Iris didn't say a word, she just wanted to soak it all in, his touch, his words, everything.

“I have something to do and I want you to come with me” Tattiel whispered as they headed to the living groom. Iris nodded and the two headed to take a shower, shortly after they headed into town to the cemetery. After a long moment of silence Tattiel began to speak. “Mom, dad, I'm so sorry. I have wallowed in grief for far too long, effecting those I care about as well as putting myself in danger as well. I will always think of you, and I won't mourn anymore.

Ana, I know if you were still here you would probably give me a lecture I wouldn't soon forget. I will carry your dreams with me, I will not let my life wither away without leaving my mark. Grandma, grandpa... I know I never got to meet you, but mom and dad told me all about you two. I will keep moving forward and make you proud, and when I'm old, gray and pass on, I will see you and tell you everything.” As they prepared to leave, Iris walked silently hand-in-hand, while taking a tissue out of her purse to catch her tears before her makeup ran. Tattiel never shed a tear that day.

Graves in order (from left to right): Kaze, Amy, Kai, Melody, Anastasia.

As the afternoon went on Tattiel told Iris not to make any plans tonight, they were going out for the evening. Relieved and excited, Iris dressed and gussied up for the first night out they've had together in months. They didn't go to the bistro as she suspected, but a quaint Chinese restaurant with the best fried rice she'd ever tasted. Though they did head to the bistro for dessert.

Tattiel then drove toward the coast, taking her hand and walking down a small unpaved path. As they approached the beach they stared into the night sky, though starless, the lights from the city illuminated the sky in a lovely shade. They held each other close as Tattiel pulled her into a deep passionate kiss.

After long moments of heated deep kisses they lost themselves in each others eyes, Iris soaked in every detail of the moment. Her legs felt as if they could give at any moment, her knees weak. The moisture in her undergarments indicating that she would be more than willing to let him take her now, to share heated intimacy right there on the sandy beach. His scent, the feel of his gentle hands on her hips, she lost herself completely in the moment.

Her thoughts interrupted only once he began to speak. “Iris... I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. For staying with me in my darkest times, even when I was just an empty shell of myself falling through life without a purpose for anything. Though my family tried, you alone postponed your entire life for over 2 months just to look after me and shower me with more love than I deserved.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she listened silently, Tattiel raising a gentle hand to wipe her tears as he continued. “I don't know if I will every be able to repay you enough for everything you have done. I don't even know how, but I intend to try. You gave me everything, you gave me all of you, I can't even find the words to explain it, I'm not even sure if the words I need exist.”

He then knelt down as though to pick up something without breaking eye contact, sliding a hand into his pocket and pulling out a small box, black suede with a thin silver trim. Before she could even react he had it opened as he spoke. “Iris Renee Campbell, will you grant me the greatest honor of becoming your husband?  Will you marry me?"

Speechless, tears falling, and in complete shock. A long moment went by when all she could do was nod and cry, a few moments later she managed to say it, “yes.” She could barely speak, genuinely surprised, as the two had never even spoken of marriage yet.

For seconds, minutes, many minutes, possibly hours, neither of them knew how long they stood there. Time beyond counting, almost as if in their own world with no sense of time they stood there. Holding each other, eyes closed, just cherishing that precious moment. Of course there would be plans to make, arrangements to prepare for and invitations to send, but right then, right now none of it mattered. All that matters is this very moment, when two people who truly love each other beyond reason embrace each other. Cherishing, relishing, and taking in the very essence of their love.

Until next chapter...


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