The house became a bit quieter during the following days when Eowyn and Liliah moved into a larger apartment with Elvira. Though initially furious over Eowyn's decision for a private wedding, Kai knew deep down the reason she had done so. Still, Eowyn began working for a local business firm and seemed to be quite happy. This was more than enough for everyone.

Tattiel and Autumn seemed to be growing much closer and spending more time with each other lately. When he was not out working or with Iris, he could be found with Autumn.

A couple of months after Eowyn's departure Autumn called Tattiel into the kitchen. “We need to talk” she started, fiddling with her hands as she usually did when nervous. “Alright” replied Tattiel, “what's up?” “Well as you know multiple colleges are bidding for me and I may have come to a decision...” “That's great!” laughed Tattiel, “which one are you going for?” “That's just it” answered Autumn, “the one I'm considering has requested that I go check out the campus...”

Her eyes drifted away for a moment, “well what's the big deal?” started Tattiel, “go check it out.” “Well I plan to, but... It's not in Bridgeport. In fact, it's not even in the country. It's an international college based in France. I would be studying abroad.”

That's great!” yelled Tattiel with excitement, “dad's going to be so happy to hear it! So why the long face?” “Well that means it will be years before I return, assuming I return at all...” replied Autumn, her voice trailing off. “I see...” sighed Tattiel, thinking of a way to cheer up his sister. “I have a selfish request” blurted Autumn, “I want you to come with me... To check out the campus...”

Tattiel thought for a long moment, “well I do have some vacation time saved up... Sure, I can tell this is important to you.” Without warning Autumn hugged him tightly, “thank you! Thank you so much!” she yelled as she refused to let go. An hour later she had both of their itinerary's printed out and ready.

I'll be spending a lot of time on the campus and with the administration” said Autumn with a look of concern, “so you'll be on your own for most of the trip, I'm sorry for dragging you with me.” “It's no big deal” replied Tattiel, “I'm sure I'll think of something to keep busy.” Moments later Autumn was on the rented vespa and on her way.

As Tattiel browsed through the shops he began thinking of Iris, “this is a nice little city” he thought to himself, I think Iris would love it. He then noticed a photo of a couple who were getting married on the wall. “That would be nice” he thought, “I wonder what Iris would say...”

Autumn on the other hand was at the bookstore on campus when one of the students recognized her. “You're Autumn Ryuzaki” shrieked a student, “your mom was the best guitarist I've ever heard! Can I have your picture!?” A little confused but grateful, Autumn struck a pose for the eager student.

The student then began humming a tune as she started to walk away. Intrigued, Autumn ran to catch up. “Can you teach me to sing that song?” she asked, “I love the way it sounds!” The student taught her the words which Autumn did her best. Though the students face said it all, daughter or not, Autumn didn't have any talent for singing.

Meanwhile, Tattiel was walking about the city admiring the sites when he stopped in mid-stride. His mind went blank and his eyes couldn't, wouldn't move. “Beautiful...” he whispered to himself before clamping his mouth shut.  "What am I thinking?  I'm taken!" he thought as he continued to explain to himself that he was no longer single and would never cheat on her.  Seeing someone stop walking in the middle of the road, the young woman looked over.

Tis best not to linger in the street” she called, embarrassed, Tattiel went over to apologize and say hello. “My name is Jeanette'” she said with a smile, after exchanging greetings the two seemed to get along quite well and enjoyed a few chat's & laughs.

Tattiel could see she was a little confused and nervous about the people taking photos of them. “Just ignore them” commented Tattiel, “that's what I do.”

Meanwhile Autumn was enjoying a read on the theory of sim evolution while the dean finished examining her application and transcripts.

On his way back to the hotel Tattiel had stopped by the local nectary. As he stared at the bottles he couldn't help but think of his mother, Melody. “She enjoyed making these” he thought to himself. Finding himself beginning to feel a little sad he departed for the hotel.

Dinner was a little quiet as the two enjoyed their meal. “How was it?” questioned Tattiel as he ate another fork full. “It went very well” replied Autumn, “I look forward to beginning my studies here.” She continued looking at him, “what's wrong Tattiel, it's not like you to look so depressed.”

Tattiel let out a long sigh before replying. “I stopped by the nectary today, I couldn't help but think of mom.” “Tattiel...” sighed Autumn, “mom was well over 60, even Elsa couldn't predict that.” “You know she would have been fine if it weren't for the accident” blurted Tattiel, “she died-” “She died of a broken heart! I know that more than you do!” interrupted Autumn. “It was bound to happen, we all knew it! Even now dad is walking on a thin line, he's almost 97! It's only a matter of time before-” “I know!” interrupted Tattiel, “I don't need you reminding me...” He let out a long sigh and the two went to their beds.

Autumn Spent the next day enjoying the sites and sounds of France, even taking the occasional photo for the locals.

As they spent their last day in France Autumn approached Tattiel. “Listen, I apologize about the other day” she started, “it's not that I wanted to remind you, it's just that we all know that death is a part of life. I'm not saying it's easy, but I just wanted you to know that-” “Don't worry about it Autumn” replied Tattiel, “I'm more than prepared for everything.” Without another word the two headed for the airport.

Meanwhile back at home, Kai was on his way to visit family he had not seen in a long time. As he knocked the door opened and the sound of the heavy music nearly deafened him. “Gramps! What's up!” yelled the teen above the already blaring music. “Ali?” questioned Kai, a look of surprise on his face. “You look just like your father, you've gotten much taller since I last saw you.”

Yeah...” boasted the teen as he gave a cheesy grin. “Mom and dad are out right now, dad's at work and mom's helping out at the consignment shop.” “I see” laughed Kai, “house-sitting then?” “Yup! Just chillaxin' and soakin' up the sound” cheesed Ali. Kai then continued to chat with Ali for a while, catching up on lost time.

A few days later Tattiel was out in front of Iris' home. “Well... Ummm... I really don't know” said Liliana as she scratched her head. “She said she was heading out for a bit and just hasn't come back yet.”

As Tattiel started to head inside to wait for Iris' return he noticed her father Tyquane approaching. “Another visit?” he said, his face barely expressing emotion, by all means head inside and I'm sure Jodi will be more than happy to prepare something for you to eat.

Feeling chills go down his spine Tattiel declined and headed back home. “He seems so calm yet... Dangerous...” he whispered to himself as he jumped on his bike.

That night Autumn was invited over to Eowyn's house for a congratulations party. It was family only, but only Darius and Eowyn were present. Kai was already asleep, Tattiel had work the next day, Elvira was at work on emergency, and Liliah was at her friends sleepover.

I'm so glad you came!” laughed Eowyn as she pulled Autumn into a hug, “I can't believe you're leaving the country! It'll be hard to keep an eye on you, but I'll manage.” She laughed a bit before pulling Autumn to the living room floor to dance.

After a bit she enjoyed a long awaited chat with Darius, which turned out to be mostly venting. “Teenagers!” he yelled, “I swear I'll have gray hair before I'm out of my 40's!”

The following night Tattiel was enjoying a lovely dinner with Iris, “so what do you think of France?” he asked, sipping on his drink. “I hear it's beautiful” she replied, “why do you ask?” Tattiel gave her a flirty smirk as the two gazed into each others eyes. “You'll see” he replied as he ordered another drink.

The next day Tattiel slept nearly until the afternoon, “shouldn't have ordered so many drinks” Iris thought to herself as she enjoyed a good book.

The next few days grew worse and worse for Tattiel. Work was becoming all the more boring, and he was becoming more and more restricted as his clients grew picky. “There's no art in this anymore” he whispered to himself. “How long have I been doing this? There has to be some way...”

And it was at that moment, at 2:45pm that Kai Ryuzaki passed on at the ripe old age of 98 years old.

Autumn had been the first to find the body and dialed 119, the next person she called was Elsa. After gathering her bearings Elsa called Claire into the living room to give her the sad news, much to Elsa's surprise she took it better than expected. Claire didn't spend much time with her grandfather, but it was still obvious that she was more hurt than she seemed when she heard the news.

The next morning was one of mourning, as hard as she fought to do better this time, to do better with handling the death of a parent, Autumn still felt as if her very will had been broken. She did keep from breaking down this time, and she would do her best to comfort those who needed it.

Tattiel on the other hand was not taking Kai's death well, it hit him hard and he found himself parked in front of Elsa's house. Seeing her brother parked through the window, Elsa went outside and brought him in. “I thought I was prepared...” whispered Tattiel, “I thought I was ready... I thought... I thought... I...” his words were cut off as he broke down, unable to control himself.

The funeral was scheduled for that weekend, and throughout the workweek Tattiel drudged along. He went through the motions of his daily tasks like a speechless zombie. Speaking only when absolutely needed.

The night before the funeral Autumn forced him into the kitchen. “You haven't eaten since yesterday, are you trying to make me more worried than I already am?” She sat him down and made him a light salad, “I'm not letting you out of this kitchen until you finish it” she said sternly. Tattiel sighed and ate, slowly yet gradually.

After he finished his food Autumn approached him again, “look, I know the timing is very inconvenient, but I have to tell you. I've decided to start school early, my flight leaves the morning after the funeral.” Tattiel glared at her for a moment in surprise and gave her a hug, despite everything that happened, he knew she had to go. Moments later grief once again took him. He nodded and headed upstairs, dragging his feet the entire way.

As the day of the funeral arrived, the two stood in the kitchen silently preparing a late lunch. Everything that needed to be said had been, and though she had to force him to come and make lunch with her so he would have food in his body, Autumn was confident that he would get through this. He had to...

As the guests began to arrive Tattiel poured another old bottle of nectar. This time it was a bottle that Kai had made himself, the only bottle he had ever made.

As Elsa arrived Tattiel stood a little shocked at what he saw. He knew Elsa was getting gray hair, but he didn't realize how much. “Guess you did live a long life” he thought to himself. He knew Kai and Melody had Elsa when they were young, so for him to pass when Elsa was of this age truly showed how long of a life he indeed lived.

A little depressed and her eyes puffy from crying, Claire walked around the backyard as if lost. Seeing the same sorrow that he himself harbored, Tattiel went to raise her spirits, knowing his was the one that needed raising.

Weary-eyed and grieving, Darius arrived shortly after.

Ali wasn't far behind, and his anger could be felt meters away. “There was nothing that could be done” whispered Darius, “your grandfather lived a full life.” Ali held his tongue and stomped away, “this is how teens are” said Darius calmly as he placed a hand on Tattiels shoulder, it's just his way of mourning.”

Though only family was invited, Tattiel allowed Iris to attend as she would not stop insisting otherwise. “She's pretty much family anyway” said Autumn the night before.

As Tattiel heard the sound of the gate opening he turned to see Liliah. Everyone in the family was concerned about her considering how close she was to Kai. Her usual smile was nowhere to be found, and the usual feel of happiness everyone felt when they were around her was gone. She was just... Blank.

As Elsa greeted everyone she made her way to Autumn and gave her a long hug, holding her for a long moment. “I'm fine” whispered Autumn, “I'll manage to-” “I'm not holding on to comfort you” interrupted Elsa softly, “I'm letting you hold me...” She went silent and Autumn felt the dampness on her shoulder from Elsa's tears. She had never seen her big sister cry before, and she continued to hold her for quite some time.

The gate was heard opening again and Darius turned to wave, giving a cheesy grin in the process. “Well that's one way to make me smile on this sad day” commented Eowyn as she entered, “at least I know where Ali got it from.”

Focused, she seemed to glide across the grass to where the tombstone sat. Fighting back the tears that welled.

After letting Elsa cry to her hearts content Autumn felt Elsa pull away. “It's ok Autumn, we all know you've done much better and are doing your best, but you don't have to hold it in...” Moments later Autumn turned her eyes to the tombstone and broke down instantly...

Her eyes red & puffy, Claire looked up at Tattiel with a piece of paper in hand. “Uncle Tattiel... Can I... Get your autograph?” Confused, Tattiel looked at her blankly; “it's not for me, it's for a friend at school they want to be an art major and become a designer like you.” Tattiel let out a small sigh, it wasn't that he didn't want to, he just couldn't bear to tell Claire his true feelings about being a designer. Looking into his niece's hopeful eyes he couldn't help but smile. “Sure” he whispered as he signed it.

As everyone went into mourning, Darius looked over to see Iris crying at the tombstone. Before he could say anything Autumn approached him, “even though she's only known him for a little while, she always said dad treated her like a daughter. Apparently he meant more to her than we thought.” She then handed him her glass and went to hold Iris until the end of the service.

As the service came to an end Eowyn smiled as she departed. “It's good to see everyone together” she thought to herself, “I'll be keeping an eye on everyone...”

As Liliah left, signs of a small smile were seen. “Good” whispered Autumn, hopefully she will move past this soon, I miss her smile and her laugh.

As everyone continued to leave Ali finally made his way to the tombstone and wept.

As the remaining guests left and the yard was clear, Tattiel stood staring into the night as Autumn sipped from her glass. “It's... Over isn't it?” he sighed, “yeah...” replied Autumn between sips. “I see...” whispered Tattiel as he stood staring into nothing for a while, then departed towards the house.

Before he made it inside, Autumn set her glass down and hugged him from behind. “I love you” she whispered, “we will all get through this, just take care of yourself and let time heal it.” She let go and headed inside into the restroom, taking out her cell phone to make the call. The time had come for her to head for the airport, her next stop, France.

After standing silently for a few moments Tattiel drug his feet to the front door and entered the house. He stood there for a moment, shocked at the fact that Iris stood before him. “I thought you went home?” he whispered, “and leave the man I love alone on the night of his fathers funeral?” she commented. Glad she was indeed there, Tattiel approached her slowly, silently.

The moment he drew near, he broke, completely. She just held him, all she could do was hold him. His body limp as his tears streamed endlessly, his very spirit broken, his mind mourning in darkness.

Until next chapter...


  1. UGH! Kai! Oh no :-( I will sooo miss him.
    And Autumn too.. I am glad Iris stayed with Tattiel, on and Tattiel, you are never really prepared for the loss of a loved one. I hope everyone can see and show smiles again soon.

  2. :'O Kai's dead? already, he may be gone but his spirit will stay in everyone's hearts for many years to come.
    :O i have a good feeling about Iris and Tattiel *^-^*
    i hope Liliah doesn't get too upset later on :(

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